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How To Optimize Your Google Play Store Listing For Aso

Battery Optimization | Android App Development Tutorial For Beginners

A perfect Google Play Store listing for ASO can improve keywords rankings, improve conversion rate to install and drive organic downloads. As simple as that.

Besides optimizing your app for Google Play Store, ASO will also help your app rank higher in Google web search results . Read more here.

Lets take a closer look on the anatomy of the perfect Google Play Store listing:

Happier Users In A Couple Of Clicks

I hope that this article helped you better understand how Android App Bundles work and why theyre becoming so popular. Migrating your app to use App Bundles can take you only a couple of clicks, resulting in happier users who have to use less data to download and store your app.

Also, Google announced that supporting App Bundles will be mandatory for all new apps, starting sometime in 2021., making this the perfect time to make the switch!

Finally, make sure to check out the sample App Bundle project on Github for more info.

Enjoy the soothing effect of Marijana imag’s green artwork.

The Impact Of Apk Size On App Store Success

The Android application package plays a central role in the number of app downloads. A smaller APK size usually prompts more people to download the app. With more and more Android app developers willing to include advanced features, the APK size is more important than ever.

According to an analysis by Google, if an apps size is more than 150 MB, the chances of downloading reduces to 30%. In other words, you need a lightweight APK to increase app downloads. And the fact remains equally useful whether its native android app development or hybrid apps.

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What Does It Mean When An App Is Optimized

App optimization is done by developers on a regular basis to ensure that the performance of the app is standard across screens and operating systems. Developers often need to optimize to certain screen sizes and capabilities. In many cases, it could mean that your experience wont be that different at all.

How To Remove Android Apps From The Battery Optimization List

How To: Fix Android is Starting (Optimizing Apps) Issue ...

Android 6.0’s standby mode does wonders for battery life, but the feature may cause some of your apps to not function as you’d like. Learn how to remove those apps from standby mode.

Android Marshmallow came with a whole host of new features, including battery optimization via the app standby mode. This feature puts apps to sleep so they cannot use precious resources on your device. I can attest the app standby mode works very well the increase in battery life from Lollipop to Marshmallow is significant.

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Google Play Store Optimization + A/b Testing

Implementing an ASO strategy for Google Play is a process that embraces optimization of your apps on-metadata and off-metadata.

  • On-metadata factors are the ones that are under the control of the developer: title, developer name, description, icon, screenshots, feature graphic.
  • Off-metadata factors are the ones out of your control : installs volume, ratings and user reviews.

Later in this post we will take a close look in the details of ASO on-metadata and an anatomy of a perfect Google Play Store listing of an Android app.

It doesnt matter if you have already published your app, or if you are just preparing to launch it, you will need to implement the Google Play Store optimization. You will work on different elements of your listing, to improve both visibility and conversion rate to install.

And here is news for you: what you think is not the same as what your users think.

You may have created a great icon, but as Ogilvy said, If it doesnt sell, it isnt creative. You cant trust your own intuition here, and the user response is not always going to be as good as you expect.

This is whyyou need to perform an A/B test before implementing any change in the listing elements that are affecting the conversion rate. Those elements are primarily the graphics: icon, screenshots, feature graphic, and the localized texts.

What is A/B testing?

You should always have an a store listing experiment running.

Easy Steps To Optimize App Load Time When Implementing Code Obfuscation

Please follow these 3 easy steps to Optimize App Load Time in Android apps

  • Upload an Android app
  • Click the Build > Security. Under TOTALCode Obfuscation, Toggle ONDex Relocation and Favor Loading Time
  • Click Build My App
  • The technology behind Build My App has two major elements a microservice architecture filled with 1000s of code sets needed for mobile integrations, and an adaptive code generation engine that can recognize the development environment, frameworks and methods in each app and match the app to the relevant code-sets needed to add the requested service to the mobile app in seconds.


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    Learn How To Optimize Android Apps For Tablet

    Registration is now open for the following European cities:

    • Berlin September 28 and 29.
    • London October 3 and 5.
    • Paris October 27 and 28. Sometimes late October, but you can register now.

    This ADL series isnt another set of introduction-to-Android sessions, nor any other kind of general overview like you may have at Google Devfest. Its specifically aimed at optimizing Android applications for tablets, in particular creating high-quality tablet applications to provide a polished user interface and an enjoyable user-experience.

    Registration is open to anyone, but as Google can only accommodate a relatively small number of attendees, they will select attendees who already have an high quality Android app with the potential to be a top-tier tablet app.

    • The best practices to build high-quality applications for tablets running Android.
    • How to design your user interface by taking advantage of the tablet screen size.
    • How to migrate your applications designed from mobile phones to tablets.

    What Does It Mean Apps Not Optimized

    Optimize your Android games and apps to run on Chrome OS | Session

    Possible reasons for this error You are running the app on a device that doesnt support the required screen resolution. You may be running a dated or old version of Android. Developers at times dont support all the old versions hence the issue. Your phone or tablet may not have enough horsepower to run the app.

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    How To Optimize Your Android App Development Process

    With Windows phone and Blackberry becoming practically non-existent, it is the Android which is ruling the apps market. Since it offers third-party application support to users, it has become even more popular over time.

    According to research, 81 percent of Android market share rests with user-friendly apps which are completely different from their desktop counterparts. They are meant for the world on the go. Their touch interfaces are intelligent which employs the devices hardware to its best, in addition to, the creation of customizable and wonderful experience.

    Due to this fast paced Android apps development scene, a huge number of entrepreneurs are investing heavily to capitalize on it. Not every app that comes out on Google Play is stellar some lag while some exhibit slow interface floating. Why? Because developing an awesome app for Android is not a cakewalk.

    In this day and age, mobile users are smart and hence the name smartphones. They are tech savvy beings and will be quick to point flaws if does not meet their standards. So as to cater to this new generation a need for well-optimized applications is the need of the hour.

    Creating optimized versions of the apps means staying clear of common mistakes that will never allow your app to function at its optimal efficiency. If you avoid these mistakes you can automatically optimize your app development process.

    Consider Low Configuration Devices

    Its a good idea to keep low-configuration devices in mind while building apps. Every Android user is unlikely to have more than 2GB of storage space. Memory-intensive apps can have a significant impact on smartphones. Developers optimize their apps for the high configuration devices all the time. To maximize the android app performance, its a good idea to take into consideration a low-config device.

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    Native Animated Image Decoding

    In Android 12 , the NDKImageDecoder API has been expandedto decode all frames and timing data from images that use the animatedGIF and animatedWebP file formats. When it was introduced inAndroid 11, this API decoded only the first image from animations in these formats.

    Use ImageDecoder instead of third-party libraries to further and benefit from futureupdates related to security and performance.

    For more details on the API, refer to theAPI reference and thesample on GitHub.

    Remove Bloatware And System Apps


    Anyone whos ever bought a carrier-locked phone will be intimately familiar with the bloat that carriers add to our beloved Android devices. And thats on top of all the superfluous apps loaded onto Android phones by default. However, in addition to overclocking, another major benefit that rooting gives you is the ability to uninstall bloatware and system apps.

    On a rooted device, all you have to do is download an app. It may sound contradictory that youd need to download an app to uninstall apps, but the reason for this is because root access doesnt make system apps uninstallable. Instead, rooting a device gives you access to administrators privileges, and you need an app that can essentially uninstall bloatware and system apps as an administrator. There are numerous apps available that can do this, most of which are free, but System App Remover and All-in-One Toolbox will definitely get the job done. The first time you open the app you will probably be prompted to grant it administrative or superuser access, which you should allow. After that, the app will populate a list of all your apps and you simply choose the ones you want to uninstall like you would do in the settings of your device.

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    Android App Optimization: Gradle And Yaml

    With millions of Android developers who develop over a million apps every year, it has become crucial for these mobile app developers to make the apps feature-rich, small in size, and robust all at the same time. But there are endless variations and combinations between devices, operating system versions, compatibility features, and more.

    How do you make sure your apps are built for your diverse audience, are fast, and give you the power to cater only the resources that are needed to each specific user, all while keeping the app size as small as possible? The answer: Gradle. Lets find out how!

    To Make Your App Launch Faster On Android:

    • Dont inflate parts of UI that you dont require on the first launch. Use placeholder for hierarchies that can be optionally inflated later
    • Avoid memory churns due to allocation and garbage collections whenever possible
    • Use tools like Apteligent to monitor and optimize your app launch time
    • Avoid initialization code in your apps object
    • Remember, an app that has been launched recently, and an app that is launching for the first time will behave differently

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    Its What’s Inside That Counts

    A single App Bundle consists of several key files and directories. The base directory, together with a variable number of feature directories, encapsulates classes, resources and everything else required for a certain module.

    Unlike APKs, Bundles also divide the Manifests and dex files per module. There are a bunch of other files laying around, like BUNDLE-METADATA and Module Protocol Buffer files, but theyre mostly used by Google Play and shouldnt bother you too much.

    This new approach allows for several key benefits:

  • Smaller and more efficient app
  • Dynamic feature modules
  • Google Play Instant
  • Were not going to be going into details on the last two, but feel free to find out more about instant-enabled App Bundles or Dynamic feature modules.

    Minimize The Use Of Library Resources

    Optimize Your Android Smartphone And Get The Best Performance

    The use of external libraries among Android app developers. From creating better layouts to extending functionality, developers use libraries for a diverse array of needs. But the problem is most of these libraries are designed for desktops or servers. They are not optimized for Android app development and other apps. Most such libraries have heavy methods and objects that add up to your apps size.

    In order to reduce the size of your app after using libraries, you need to edit the code. Keep only the components that are central to the apps functionality. You could also hire Android app developers or use mobile-optimized libraries to keep your apps size smaller.

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    Samsung Dex Dual Mode

    Object desktopModeManager = context.getApplicationContext.getSystemService if   catch  } else 

    The above code checks for the three states a device can be in.isEnabled: True if the device is in DeX mode.isDualMode: is used to determine if the device is in dual mode, isEnabled will also be set to true in this state.isStandaloneMode: This is an alternative case to dual mode for a Tab S4 that launches Samsung DeX mode withoutan external display.

    A broadcast can be received when the device changes from mobile to DeX mode. Now with DeX Dual Mode you canget additional information about the display types.

    • Intent for entering DeX mode

    • Intent for exiting DeX mode

    • Intent for the different display types as described above

    • SemDesktopModeState.DISPLAY_TYPE_STANDALONE : Intent for the standalone display as described above

    • SemDesktopModeState.DISPLAY_TYPE_DUAL : Intent for the dual display as described above

    Enabling Mouse And Keyboard

    Do not explicitly declare the touchscreen support as it may disable the mouse and the keyboard interactions. This explicit declaration is shown in the code below.

    < uses-configuration android:reqTouchScreen="finger" /> < uses-feature android:name="android.hardware.touchscreen" android:required="true" /> 

    If you explicitly declare touchscreen support, the app won’t launch in Desktop mode and will display the message below.

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    Tips For Optimizing Your App

    Once youve decided on an app strategy, there are some key considerations when it comes to optimizing your app for these devices:

  • Making sure your app functions without ANRs and crashes
  • Targeting Android Oreo
  • Keeping your installed size below 40MB for apps, and 65MB for games
  • Keeping PSS under 50MB for apps, and 150MB for games
  • Keeping your app or games cold start time under 5 seconds
  • Lets dive into each of these performance indicators with examples from existing Android developers.

    Bonus Tip How To Backup Android Data To Pc/mac

    Guide to Optimize Any Android Device for Best Battery Life ...

    During the process of fixing Android is starting optimizing app 1of 1, there are chances that you may lose some important data on your Android phone. To keep your Android files safe, transferring Android data to the computer as a local backup is a good option to go. Then AnyDroid is exactly what you need to backup Android data to Windows or Mac computer within steps.

    Step 1. to your Mac/PC > connect your Android device. Then you will see your data as the interface below shows and select the data categories you want to transfer, or just click Content to Computer to back up in 1 click.

    * 100% Clean & Safe

    Connect your Android Device

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    Tip 2 Reset Network Settings On Android

    This will reset all the settings related to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and mobile data. Make sure have a note of all this information.

    Step 1. On your Android device, open the Settings app.

    Step 2. Find and tap on the Backup & reset option.

    Step 3. Hit Network settings reset.

    Step 4. Tap Reset settings and confirm.

    Solution: Turn On Hermes To Benefit From A Better Performance

    While React Native application takes care of a native interface, it still requires JavaScript logic to be running at a runtime. To do so, it spins off its own JavaScript virtual machine. By default, it usesJavaScriptCore. This engine is a part of WebKit and by default is only available on iOS. Now itâs also a preferred choice for compatibility purposes on Android. Itâs because using the V8 engine could potentially increase the differences between Android and iOS, and make sharing the code between the platforms way more difficult.

    JavaScript engines donât have an easy life. They constantly ship new heuristics to improve the overall performance, including the time needed to load the code and then to execute it. To do so, they benchmark common JavaScript operations and challenge the CPU and memory needed to complete this process.

    Note: The V8 team has recently published a blog post on improving the regular expressionsâ performance. Be sure to check it out.

    As you could see in the performance diagram presented in the previous section, a JavaScript virtual machine consumes a big chunk of the appâs total loading time. Unfortunately, there is little you can do about it unless you build your own engine. Thatâs what the Facebook team ended up doing.

    Before we go into the details of enabling Hermes in existing React Native applications, letâs take a look at some of its key architectural decisions.

    No JIT

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    Android App Optimization: Modular Architectures And Reusable Code

    Gathered while building multiple apps consisting of a vast variety of features and modules, this article is a summary of key learnings and best practices for modular application architecture. It is highly relevant for Android app development if you are aiming to achieve modularization or even white-label solutions.

    How To Optimize Android App Performance In 2022


    The most important aspect of developing an Android app is its performance. Users are likely to reject your application if it is slow. The better your app performs, the more likely it is to succeed in the market. Its critical to the performance people expect in a world where users are connected to their phones 24/7. if youre wondering how to improve your android app performance, this is the right place for you.

    According to Statista, more than six billion people are using android phones today. Which will grow rapidly in the future. It makes no difference when, where, or how the content is accessed. The user expects constant stability in-app performance. If your application is slow and takes too long to load, the majority of users will abandon it.

    The first step is to identify the root cause of the apps delay. Once youve fixed the fundamental problem, you can give users a better experience. In this post, well go over the steps youll need to take to improve the performance of your Android app.

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