How To Program Your Own Android App


Do Competitive Market Research

CREATE your own Android APP! Easy and Free!

Now we need to figure out if the problem that your app solves is being solved by other apps.

**NOTE** If your reasons to make an app is to get some good ol experience with the process you can skip to the next step

Dont be disheartened if you see other apps in the App Store that already tackle the same problem that your app does. Remember what I said earlier, there are no new ideas and there is always room for improvements.

Actually, this can be a good thing because that tells you that your idea is viable and there is a real need for it. Thats why there is competition!

The key is to uncover HOW WELL the need is being met by these other existing apps.

Potentially, these apps may be out of date or the app author may have stopped updating them.

Or maybe none of them meet the mark of what the audience REALLY NEEDS and WANTS.

Scroll through the ratings and reviews of any competing apps you find. Take note of the following:

  • App Name
  • Ratings and Reviews

You might want to create a matrix or spreadsheet to keep track of your results. This research that youre doing right now is going to create the starting point for the features to include in your own app and which ones to focus on first.

Heres what youre looking for:

How To Create An Auto Clicker App Which Can Click On Other Apps

I have seen so many apps that provide auto tapping feature. But they don’t provide some specific customization so I decided to create a one. I have seen many tutorials that offers auto tapping, but they are supposed to be used in the same app. But I want to create an auto tapping app that can click on other app’s View. I am an intermediate java developer but new to Android studio, so I don’t know much about Android APIs. Is there any class or package which can provide this feature. For more clearance, I want to do auto tap, when the color at the specific location on screen, for instance, becomes green. Thanks in advance!

  • 1

I am not an expert on the subject, I have experience as a BackEnd developer, I am new to the Android world, just like you I am interested in building an app to automate some farming mechanics in Android games with specific behaviors, so I investigated on the subject and the solution you are looking for is the AccessibilityService API, from Android 8.0 it includes several functionalities to make touches without the need for Root, I leave you links with examples of some open source repos that can guide you.

I’m currently working in my own implementation, when I have something to show I will gladly share it.

Mobile App Development With An App Builder

App builders are the app version of web builders like Wix or Squarespace.They make it easy for companies to create apps without writing a single line of code. You just choose a template and then add the features your app needs.

You can see the AppInstitute tool in the image below.

You can customize the design of your app with text, images, color schemes, and logos. In the end, you get a fully personalized app for your brand or business.

There are several big benefits to using an app builder.

These include:

Theyre great if you want to build an app for your business using a proven feature set. For example, building a coffee shop or a restaurant app.

But if you have your eyes on creating a brand new idea, like the next Facebook or Uber, youll have to develop your app from scratch.

How Much Does It Cost to Build an App like This?

Using a builder for app development is cost-effective as the cost is lower than building an app from scratch. The app templates you use to create an app have already been developed and you essentially just pay a fee to use them.

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How To Create An App For Android & Iphone: Step

How to make an app? To create an app, click on the Create Your App button in the menu and select Shoutem app builder.

Once the template is chosen, you must register or log in. If you dont have an existing account already, you need to create one a verification email is sent upon registration and once the verification is completed, you can proceed to create an app, like in the video below:

Do Magic With Over 400 Formula Functions


We took a simple concept that everyone knows and spiced it up with some magic. By combining the “spreadsheet type” formulas with built-in support for full application context, we’ve built the most powerful algorithm editor you’ve ever seen. Combine hundreds of data transformation functions with relevant data such as the device and system info, GPS location, sensor values, data properties and the application state. What can you do with it? Calculate a distance between two coordinates. Convert date field to a local format. Predict future values based on historical data. Calculate interest rates on a mortgage. Confirm the total price when checking out a shopping cart. Basically anything you can think of, and then some.

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Understand The Final Goal For Your App

First and foremost, you need to know what you want to learn before you start coding.

Then you can use the right development tools to assist you.

I see a lot of people who say they want to learn how to code app but dont know what their real goals are. You can spend your whole life learning new pieces of app development.

In truth, new features are being developed so fast, nobody will be able to keep up with it all the time.

And when you only have 30 days to learn how to code, you need to be really clear on what your goal is. Exactly what will your app do, and how will you get that process to work?

Start by learning about your target users. What will they be expecting in the app? What must you deliver?

Get a clear feel for what the app should offer at a bare minimum. Remove anything that doesnt fulfill this requirement. You can always add it later.

For example, you might want users to be able to login to your app with Facebook, Twitter, and Google. But you dont have to add that in the first version.

Instead, consider which one is the most important. Only learn how to do that, then you can build your skills once you release the first version of your app and see what needs to be improved.

Who knows? You might find that 99% of your users are on Facebook, and Twitter and Google login options are a waste of your time.

You want to understand what each button does. Write all this down to help you remember it later.

Think also about how you want to connect your databases.

Technique #: Improve An Existing App

Have you used an app and thought, It would be so much better if this could do X? If so, thats the creative spark of a really good potential app idea!

Theres always room for improvement so if you thought that an app was sorely lacking a useful feature, chances are that you werent the only one to think that.

If the original app author isnt constantly updating and improving the app, then theres an opportunity for you to create an even better app.

One way to figure out whether or not youre right about this is to check the reviews and ratings for the original app.

Are people complaining about the same thing? Are they complaining about something different? Is the app author listening to the feedback?

As youre going to see, listening to user feedback and improving your app based on that feedback is probably the singular driving force to the success of an app.

An absent app author is sentencing his or her app to a slow death of user attrition.

The next step is to validate your idea to make sure that it has a chance to thrive in the app store.


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Fix Errors If Necessary

If you edited the XML for the layout directly, you might see some errors.

The errors occur because the buttons have changed their id and now these constraints are referencing non-existent views.

If you have these errors, fix them by updating the id of the buttons in the constraints that are underlined in red.

Send The Count To The Second Fragment

How to create your own app on Android phone from scratch #1

The Next/Random button was set up by Android Studio to go from the first fragment to the second, but it doesn’t send any information. In this step you’ll change it to send a number for the current count. You will get the current count from the text view that displays it, and pass that to the second fragment.

  • Open
  • Find the method onViewCreated and notice the code that sets up the click listener to go from the first fragment to the second.
  • Replace the code in that click listener with a line to find the count text view, textview_first.
  • int currentCount = Integer.parseInt.toString) 
  • Create an action with currentCount as the argument to actionFirstFragmentToSecondFragment.
  • FirstFragmentDirections.ActionFirstFragmentToSecondFragment action = FirstFragmentDirections.actionFirstFragmentToSecondFragment 

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    Build A Monetization Strategy

    Development of a game demands resources like talent and hosting. All these elements come with a dollar cost. If you plan to earn from your game, choosing the premium way is not the only choice.

    You can earn with your freemium model but it becomes important to have a monetization policy in place when you are deciding how to make your own game app for Android, iOS. Some of the very popular ways to achieve that are:


    Another way to monetize your popular game is by incorporating a pay per click revenue model. Whenever the player clicks on a video or an Ad link, you get paid. Your game can also give in tokens or coins, in exchange of watching Ad videos and/or in exchange for inviting more family and friends to join the game.

    You can either offer the mobile game app free and give the option to allow the user to go for an Ad-free version with the paid app option, wherein the user enjoys Ad-free play while you make the money.


    Popularly known as in-app purchases are a great way to keep the players glued to the game while your app makes some money. So when you offer the players an option to buy gems or diamonds to unlock the next level, you render them competitive advantages for a dollar cost.

    How to make your own game app must always include a sustainable way to make money from the App. With a larger user base because of multi-player games, it makes even more sense to enable options to buy gems or tokens.

    Create Your App Store Listing Pages

    The first step is to create listing pages on both Google Play and the Apple App Store. This will make it easy for both Android and iOS app users to download your app.

    Assuming you tested your app on both these platforms, you already have your app developer accounts set up. Its then just a case of optimizing your pages.

    Your listing page consists of several main elements:

    App Name

    This is self-explanatory: its the title of your app. But you can optimize your title by adding descriptive keywords to help you stand out when people search for your app.

    For example, look at how DoorDash has added Food Delivery to its title. It makes it obvious what the app is for.


    Your app icon is important as its what stands out when people search on the App Store. Try to make one that is instantly recognizable to your users by using the same color palette and design features as your app and other branding elements.


    The screenshots and images section is the first thing potential users see on your listing. Use this section to highlight some of your apps most important features and benefits.

    You can also add a video to this section that shows your product in action. You can see thats what Noteshelf did in the image below.

    App Description

    In this section, you need to write more about the features of your mobile app and why people should use it.

    Include user feedback

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    How To Make An App Create App Faq

    BuildFire has been used to create more than 10,000+ apps. Over the years, weve fielded countless questions from beginners and experienced app builders alike. Whether you want to make an iOS app for the Apple App Store, an Android app for the Google Play app store, or both, here are the answers to your questions:

    Note: This Version Of The Codelab Requires Android Studio 36 Or Higher

    CREATE YOUR OWN APPS for Android

    You can download Android Studio 3.6 from the Android Studio page.

    Android Studio provides a complete IDE, including an advanced code editor and app templates. It also contains tools for development, debugging, testing, and performance that make it faster and easier to develop apps. You can use Android Studio to test your apps with a large range of preconfigured emulators, or on your own mobile device. You can also build production apps and publish apps on the Google Play store.

    Note: Android Studio is continually being improved. For the latest information on system requirements and installation instructions, see the .

    Android Studio is available for computers running Windows or Linux, and for Macs running macOS. The OpenJDK is bundled with Android Studio.

    The installation is similar for all platforms. Any differences are noted below.

    Troubleshooting: If you run into problems with your installation, see the Android Studio release notes or Troubleshoot Android Studio.

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    How To Create An App

    Learning how to code an app from scratch yourself can take a very long time if you are not familiar with any programming languages or computer science. As mentioned above, hiring someone with enough coding skills to make a mobile application can cost a fortune, so what is the other way around this?

    Well, if your goal is to create a complex application or a game then there is no shortcut to it. That can only be done by professional developers. Even for them, it can take a while to code it. On the other hand, if your goal is to create a simple application that is more based on its content or creating a shop to sell stuff, it is advised to use these fairly easy-to-use platforms that will require close to none coding skills.

    Wumiibo Nintendo 3ds Homebrew

    This is one of the most niche ways to emulate an amiibo, because it really only works on the 3DS, and its kinda clunky. Dont bother searching for a Wumiibo version for Nintendo Switch, because there isnt one.



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    Shortcuts To Building The App Youve Always Wanted

    There are a few ways to increase the speed of development.

    If you dont have the months it will take to design the app on top of the 30 days youll need for learning the basics of coding, these are options you need to consider.

    The first is to use a library or template for your app. This is a body of work that you can use to speed up the process.

    If youre making a strategy game, for example, you can start with code someone else has already written for a similar strategy game. If its available to use, you can start with their code.

    This strategy wont let you learn as much about how the code works, but you can cut learning and development time by as much as half.

    The second method is simply to hire someone else to design the app for you. This is probably the easiest strategy, but its certainly not the cheapest.

    Hiring a developing team can be very expensive, with costs as high as $170,000. For a lot of would-be app developers, this is too prohibitive.

    Another alternative is using a builder that takes care of the basic framework for you, while allowing you to learn basic coding for your advanced features.

    This means you wont have to deal with the basics that are difficult to learn, but wont make much of a difference for your users.

    Tasks like creating users, building in security, and formatting basic layout elements will suck away precious hours without much return.

    How To Make Android Apps By Outsourcing

    How to Make an Android App for Beginners

    If you dont want to learn how to make Android apps at all and dont have an in-house development team, hiring an outsider may be the best option.

    Hiring a developer means you can create anything that you would be able to by building the app yourself. However, it does also mean you wont be solely in the driving seat. How well this turns out for you will depend largely on the quality of the developer you end up working with.

    My advice is to see samples of the developers work before hiring them. Ideally, choose someone based locally to make collaboration less difficult. Spend some time prototyping your app layout, and collect examples of apps you like the look of. This will all help you to communicate your ideas clearly with the developer.

    Ultimately, it is important that you relax just a little bit of your control when using an app developer, however. After all, this is their job so they tend to know what theyre talking about!

    As for where to find developers, you can try freelancing sites like Rent-a-Coder or UpWork, or alternatively use an app development agency. A quick Google will yield plenty of results!

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