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Can I Control My Android Phone From A Remote Location

How to remotely control Android Phone Tablet from PC on Windows 10 7 8

Absolutely. There are quite a few popular apps that let you control your Android phone from a remote location. This is especially useful if theres an issue with your phone that only a professional can solve remotely. Some of the best apps for Android remote control include TeamViewer, Mobizen, and LogMeIn Rescue.

Remote Desktop Connection Details:

Their are two apps that I recommend to setup a remote desktop connection with an Android tablet and a PC. One is TeamViewer, and the other is Chrome Remote Desktop. Both of these apps are available in the Google Play Store for free.

You can download Chrome Remote Desktop from Google Play Store here > Chrome Remote Desktop. Next, you will need to download a program to your PC. Go to this link to download the desktop program from the Chrome Web Store > .

To download the free Android app for TeamViewer . Next, on your desktop computer or laptop, go to and download and install the full version of TeamViewer. As long as you are using TeamViewer for personal reasons, and not for a business, the software is free. Enter your computers TeamViewer ID and password directly in the TeamViewer interface on your Android device to connect.

If all you want to do is connect your Android phone or tablet to a PC, then check out this post Connect your Android phone or tablet to a PC.

Make Your Remote Easier To Access

Get rid of the lock screen

Now that your apps are streamlined, let’s make the tablet even easier to use. When you grab your remote, you want it to be easy to access your app controls, so the lock screen on your tablet needs to go.

  • Go to the tablet’s Settings screen.
  • Tap on the Lock Screen option.
  • This step may vary a bit, depending on what type of tablet you have. Generally, you should see an options that says something like “Lock Screen Type.”
  • Choose “none.”
  • Remove extra home screens

    Most tablets also have more than one home screen. Chances are you don’t have enough apps to fill up more than one screen, so let’s get rid of the extra screens to streamline your remote. This step is even easier than removing the lock screen. Simply go to your home screen, press your finger to the screen and wait for the screen options to pop up. Swipe to your unused screen and drag it to the trashcan or tap on remove.

    Get a third-party launcher

    Another way to simplify and customize your home screen is by using a third-party launcher app like or Apex Launcher. With these types of apps you can customize your icons and folders to make searching for just the app you need intuitive to the way you search for things. So, say the device’s launch icon on your tablet’s home screen doesn’t make any sense to you or you would like an icon that’s easier to spot, these launchers can help you customize the icon to your liking.

    Enable voice commands

    Add gestures

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    How To Control One Android Device With Another

    This article was written by Jack Lloyd. Jack Lloyd is a Technology Writer and Editor for wikiHow. He has over two years of experience writing and editing technology-related articles. He is technology enthusiast and an English teacher.The wikiHow Tech Team also followed the article’s instructions and verified that they work. This article has been viewed 37,808 times.

    This wikiHow teaches you how to use an Android phone or tablet to control another Android phone or tablet. You can use the free version of TeamViewer for Android to do this, or you can use an app called RemoDroid if the Android from which you want to control the other Android is rooted.

    How Can I Remote Control An Android Tablet From A Windows Pc

    Alba 7, 8, 10 inch Android Tablet Wireless 2 in 1 Remote ...

    Looking to have access to a tablet that I bought for my stepmom who is in a nursing home in another state. Tablet is running Jelly Bean 4.1 and a I have a few PC’s running Vista pro, Win 7 Pro and XP pro and a MAC running Tiger OS X. Is there something I can do in Microsoft or another app where I am NOT paying a fee every month like Go to my PC charges?

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    S To Remotely Control Android Phone From Pc With Teamviewer

    There is a long list of amazing screen options that you can opt to remote control your own Android phone from PC. Teamviewer is one of them. What makes it great is that it is very easy for someone without previous tech knowledge. And here’s how Teamviewer work:

    Step 1: Download Teamviewer latest software for Windows on your computer. Now open the app afer the installation is complete and you need to enter a unique code of your Android.

    Step 2: Next, download TeamViewer QuickSupport app on your Android phone from the Google Play Store. You will be required to enable some permissions on the device. Now you get to the screen where you can find your unique ID and enter this code into Teamviewer App on your computer and start the Connection.

    Step 3: In Android, there is a pop-up click and you have to give permission to allow the remote support feature.

    Step 4: Once the connection is successfully made you can see your Android in PC. In the upper menu bar, you can click “Remote Control” button to access your Android from PC.

    So, the actual procedure of how to remotely access Android phone from PC is very simple, you just need to tweak the settings properly. In the following part, we have prepared some great apps that are popular among the market.

    Best Apps To Control Android From A Computer

    Each of these apps will share your entire Android experience on a computer. Whether thats just mirroring the display, or giving you full access to send messages, control the screen, and do more with your device. You could even do this to play Fortnite in your living room if an Android is all you own.

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    Make It Your Live Window Into The World

    Don’t have the greatest view from your desk? Let your old Android phone or tablet be your window to wild and exciting locales.

    To get started, grab the EarthCam Webcams app from the Google Play Store. It’ll give you one-touch access to an impressive list of live streaming cameras around the world, from the hustle and bustle of New Orleans’ famous Bourbon Street to the swooshing serenity of Niagara Falls. Pull up any view you like, then tap the icon to go full-screen and gaze the day away. If you find yourself craving some variety, you can consider upgrading from the app’s free collection to a set of 175 live cameras for a one-time $5 fee.

    JR Raphael / IDG

    EarthCam lets you gaze down Niagara Falls or a slew of other webcams around the world for a break from the mundane.

    You can find quite a few mobile-friendly live cameras on the web as well: Pull up your device’s browser and try out the San Diego Zoo’s assorted animal cams including a penguin cam, koala cam and tiger cam, among other exotic views or the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s extensive underwater cams for even more “aww”-inducing options.

    Turn It Into A Remote Computer Terminal

    Tablet Remote (Control Your Tablet from Your Phone!)

    Want easy access to your home computer from the office or vice-versa? Your old Android phone or tablet can be a splendid stationary screen for keeping a remote system at arm’s reach.

    The newer version of Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop program doesn’t support Android, oddly enough, but a third-party app called TeamViewer handily fills the void. To get started with it, for your desktop computer. Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS are all supported.

    Once the program is in place, open it, and you should see an access code and password for remote sign-ins. All that’s left is to install the companion app on your Android device, tap in those same credentials and within a matter of seconds, you should be staring at your desktop computer from your Android device’s screen.

    You’ll find commands for advanced forms of interaction in a toolbar at the bottom of the screen. You can pull up a virtual keyboard by tapping the keyboard icon in that same area, meanwhile, and if you need to use the computer’s mouse, you can tap once to click, tap and hold to right-click, double-tap to drag and drop, and drag with two fingers to scroll. You can also pinch to zoom on any particular area.

    TeamViewer is free for personal use . If you’re using it in a commercial context, plans start at $49 a month for a year-long business license.

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    Turn It Into A Kitchen Command Center

    Hard to believe, but my ancient 2011 Motorola Xoom tablet was one of the most used devices in my house until it finally kicked the bucket some six years into its life. That’s because I converted it into a multipurpose command center for our kitchen a role my 2012 Nexus 10 tablet then took over for another couple years after that.

    So how to make a kitchen command center of your own? Easy: First, use a third-party launcher like Action Launcher or to simplify your old tablet’s home screen and add in some easy-to-perform gestures like double-tapping anywhere on the screen to launch Android’s voice search function for on-the-fly info-gathering and other hands-free commands.

    Second, populate the home screen with the right apps for the purpose. Netflix and other video-streaming services will effectively turn your old tablet into a cooking-time television. Recipe apps can also be useful, as can cloud-connected note-taking services like , Evernote, or OneNote for quick viewing of personal recipes or editing of always-synced family-shared shopping lists.

    Transform It Into A Free

    Who needs a fancy-schmancy connected camera when you’ve got an old Android phone sitting around? With the aid of a third-party app, the camera on your dated device can let you keep an eye on your home, office, or top-secret crime lair from anywhere and even perform advanced functions like video recording and motion detection.

    Just download the free IP Webcam app or get the fully featured $4 pro version and follow its instructions. Within moments, you’ll be able to peek through your device’s lens from any compatible web browser and cackle with glorious glee.

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    Ways To Control Your Android From A Pc

    You might find that you want to control your Android phone right from your laptop for one reason or another. Maybe you have dreams of playing mobile games on the big screen, or perhaps you need to answer messages. Either way, the process is straightforward with a little bit of software help. There are a few mobile apps you can try as well as a few web apps to consider. Here are the best ways to control Android from a PC.

    Price: Free or $4.99 per month

    Pushbullet doesnt go so far as to grant you complete control over your Android phone from a PC. However, it does put all of your notifications right at your fingertips. You can send and receive files and messages with optional encryption and use universal copy and paste to manage messages faster. Pushbullet even lets you control multiple devices at the same time.

    Although the basic platform is free, youre limited to 100 messages per month if you dont pay. Pushbullet Pro will run you $4.99 per month or $39.99 if you pay annually.

    What Can You Do With Chrome Remote Desktop

    Touchsquid Talk: Touchsquid remote control app now ...

    Simply put, the Chrome Remote Desktop lets you securely access your computer running the Chrome browser, from any Android device. All connections are fully secured and you can also access your PC for as long as you want. Most competing products would cost a lot of money, or there would be limitations on how long you can use it.

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    Control Your Pc From Android Device With Anydesk

    Using AnyDesk is a lot simpler than some of the other similar apps Ive tried. When you launch the app on your desktop, you should see its AnyDesk-Address. It is just a bunch of unique numbers. Below that, youll see an empty field where you can enter the AnyDesk-Address of another device . Youll see similar things on the Android app as well. You may have to grant certain permissions to the app before you can use it fully. The Android app also allows a few default settings to be modified such as the display quality and input methods.

    Remote Help For My 94

    For several years now, I have been helping my 94-year-old Aunt who lives 2500 miles away with her PC problems using a paid service called Splashtop SOS that has allowed me to view AND control her PC to fix issues. I can even do it when she is not available due to the three-hour time difference.

    However, her use of an iPhone and iPad meant that I could not control those devices to assist her, due to Apples walled-garden approach.

    Splashtop and other vendors have offered a way that takes MANY steps on the remote users part to share their iPhone or iPad screen, but not to control it.

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    Install Anydesk Remote Pc/mac Control On Android

    At you will find further information on remote access and remote maintenance, directly from your smartphone or tablet and for all platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.


    Fast: AnyDesk is faster than all the others. This makes remote desktop operations possible that would be unthinkable using other remote desktop software. Video editing, image editing, computer administration, online teamwork

    Secure: Remote computer control and maintenance using AnyDesk is as secure as online banking, thanks to TLS 1.2 encryption, 2048-bit RSA Key Exchange and Erlang technology.

    Fair: Remote PC access with AnyDesk is free for personal use. For commercial purposes, AnyDesk offers transparent licensing models without hidden costs, without the compulsion to update and with all updates included.

    How To Remotely Control One Android With Another

    Remote Control Android Phones and Tablets from a PC | Bomgar Samsung

    Here’s how you can remotely control one Android with another.

    Lets admit, there are times when we just wanted to share our Android screen with friends & relatives. Maybe you need to share a screen just to guide someone on how to use certain features, or want to troubleshoot certain problems, etc.

    There could be countless reasons behind sharing a screen or controlling one Android with another. Whatever might be the reason, we have got you covered with the best Android apps to control another Android.

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    S To Remotely Access Someone’s Android Phone With Kidsguard Pro

    It is very user-friendly and only takes 3 steps to remote acces Android of others. Here’s how to access Android phone from another Android phone or any other device without knowing:

    Step 1: Register for KidsGuard Pro with your email address and get a premium license to access all advanced features.

    Step 2: Then, download KidsGuard Pro Assistant on the target device by visiting via any browser. You can follow the easy on-screen prompts to complete the installation.

    To better understand how to install KidsGuard Pro for Android, we also offer a 2-minute video. Just check it out below!

    Step 3: After finishing the installation, the app will become invisible on home screen automatically and you can go to the web control panel of KidsGuard Pro and wait for the syncing of the Android device. Then you will have access to all the following data of target device.

      • Social media applications like WhatsApp, Viber, LINE, WeChat, Kik and more

      Pin A Connection To Your Home Screen

      The Remote Desktop client supports using the Android widget feature to pin connections to your home screen. The widget adding process depends on which type of Android device and Android OS version you’re using.

      To add a widget:

    • Tap Apps to launch the apps menu.
    • Tap Widgets.
    • Swipe through the widgets and look for the Remote Desktop icon with the description: Pin Remote Desktop.
    • Tap and hold that Remote Desktop widget and move it to the home screen.
    • When you release the icon, you’ll see the saved remote desktops. Choose the connection that you want to save to your home screen.
    • Now you can start the remote desktop connection directly from your home screen by tapping it.


      If you rename the desktop connection in the Remote Desktop client, its pinned label won’t update.

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      The Key Advantages Of Helpwire:

      • The speed of connections. With HelpWire, youll be able to provide rapid responses to your customer needs. The software allows accessing remote Android devices with just a couple of clicks.
      • Secure communications over the network. The advanced encryption that HelpWire uses will protect all transported traffic from unauthorized access.
      • Competitive edge. By offering the support service with the remote access capability, you gain a significant advantage over your competitors that still rely on traditional methods of customer support.
      • White-labelling. You can add the solution to your offering and distribute HelpWire under your companys logo and name.
      • Live chat. To increase the efficiency of communications with your customers, you can exchange video, audio, and text messages in real time via a convenient HelpWire live chat.

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