How To Remove Books From Kindle Library On Android


How To Delete A Book From Kindle But Keep In Library

How to Delete a Book from Kindle App for Android

You know, Amazon has released many Kindle versions, and some older devices still works. However, you should not do the same operation to delete books from Kindle Keyboard devices, with 5-way controller contained. Moreover, the new released Kindles have similar requirement towards Kindle books deletion. Therefore, there are slightly differences to delete Kindle books among Kindle groups.

How Do I Access My Kindle Cloud

To open Kindle Cloud Reader, go to Sign in with your Amazon account to access Kindle Cloud Reader. Your Kindle Library will be displayed on the main page. To start reading, choose a book.


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How To Delete Audible Books From Your Mobile Device

1. Bring up the Audible app on your iPad, iPhone, or Android device.

2. Go to the “My Library” section of the Audible app.

3. Swipe your finger from right to left over the title you wish to remove.

4. Select the “Delete from device” on iOS devices and “Remove from device” on Android when it appears.

5. You can also remove downloaded titles in the “My Library” tab by tapping the trashcan icon labeled “Delete.”

6. Select a single book or multiple titles you want to delete by pressing the red minus symbol next to each.

7. Hit the “Delete from device” button when it appears on the right side of the app window.

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How To Permanently Delete A Kindle Book From Your Amazon Account

The instruction below show you how to permanently delete a book from your devices, Kindle library and Amazon account. Before taking the following steps to permanently delete a specific book, please note that you will need to buy the book again if you ever want to read it again. If youre absolutely sure you want to proceed, heres what you need to do:

  • Log into your Amazon account on a laptop or desktop computer.
  • Hover your mouse over Account & Lists at the top to display the drop-down menu.
  • From the list of books that appears, locate the titles you want to delete from your device and your Kindle library.
  • Once youve selected all the books, click Delete near the top of the page.
  • When the pop-up appears, confirm by clicking Yes, delete permanently.

With all your newly-found storage on your Kindle, why not refill it with books for free?! Head over to the free Kindle books page to access thousands of books currently available at no cost from the Kindle store!

Get Free and Bargain Books

Delete Books From Kindle Cloud: Delete Kindle Books Permanently

Learn How to Delete Books from Kindle *

Update: If your Kindle firmware was updated to 5.12.5, theres also the option to permanently delete purchased ebooks and personal documents from the Kindle itself.

Before you do this, please make sure you understand that if you delete a book from your Kindle Cloud, you will not be able to read it any more unless you purchase the book again. In other words, you are giving up your ownership of this book by deleting it from your Kindle Cloud.

If you navigate to this part, I can see you really have a pretty strong mind to clean up your Kindle archives. Now let’s remove contents from Kindle Cloud permanently.

1) Login to and go to “Manage Your Content and Devices” page. In this page you can see all the items in your Kindle Cloud, which means they can be synced to all your registered Kindle devices and apps.

2) Select the books you want to delete, and then click on “Delete” button.

3) Then it will pop up a warning window, just click “Yes”.

Wrapped up:

If you delete books from Kindle Cloud, you can never have the books back. This means that you have to purchase for a second time if you want to read them again. Still want to delete kindle books from your Kindle account but need a back-up? Please use Epubor Ultimate tool which helps remove the drm from your Kindle books and back up them to your computer for good.

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How To Remove Books From Kindle

Here’s how to delete a book from your Amazon Kindle.

  • Turn on your device. On the Home screen, select Your Library.

  • Press and hold the book you want to delete.

  • Select Remove From Device.

    To remove a book permanently from your Kindle device and , instead of selecting Remove From Device, select Delete This Book. Then follow the steps below to delete a book from your Amazon account.

  • How To Permanently Delete Books From Your Amazon Account

    When you remove a book from your Kindle, it still exists in your Amazon account and appears on your device in the ALL category of Your Library. You may want to keep some books in this state to download again later .

    If you want to delete a book from your account for good, here’s how:

  • On a computer, open a browser and navigate to .

  • In the upper-right corner, hover your cursor over Account & Lists and select Your Content and Devices.

  • The Manage Your Content and Devices screen opens. In the Select column, select the check boxes to the left of the books you want to delete. Toward the top of the screen, select Delete.

  • A dialog box appears, asking if you’re sure you want to delete the titles. Select Yes, delete permanently.

    Once a book is permanently deleted, there’s no way to retrieve it. To get it back on your Kindle, you must repurchase it.

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    Where Are My Kindle Books

    The title is automatically saved to the cloud after you purchase a Kindle book or companion audiobook. You can access the titles you have purchased from Manage Your Content & Devices.

    • Kindle Books
    • Browse or search for the Kindle books you are interested in reading.
    • Do I need WIFI to read my Kindle books?
    • Both the Nook app and the Kindle require internet access for the initial download. Either 3g or Wi-Fi works. You dont need to have internet access to download the Book to your phone to read it.

    Where Are Kindle Books Stored On Android

    How to Delete an Ebook from Kindle App for Android

    The Kindle App will display your books in a carousel whenever you open it. These books are not necessarily the ones you have saved to your device, but they are the books in your Library.

    Long Press the book cover, and you will be able to manage the book properties.

    You can find the link to your kindle icon in the upper left corner.

    • to save the Book
    • Also, take out the Book.
    • You can also sync the Library between your Amazon account and Android.

    You can access the library section by tapping on the link ON DEVICE. You will then see a list of all books that you have downloaded and saved to this device.

    The tick also indicates that it has been downloaded.

    You can easily remove a book by long-pressing the cover. The top of the screen displays a menu and a trash icon.

    To remove the Book, tap on the trashcan.

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    Delete Audible Books From Kindle Device

    We know that Audible contents can be read on Kindle / Kindle Oasis / Kindle Fire HD / Fire tablets.

    Here take my Kindle Fire HD as an example to show you how to delete Audible books from Kindle eReaders and tablets devices.

    Tap on “Device” or “Downloaded”, then press and hold the title which you want to remove for one or two seconds. When a new small window pops up, tap “Remove from Device” options please.

    Another simple way you can use is connecting your Kindle devices to your computer via USB.

    Just delete those files from “Audible” folder. Done.

    Don’t worry that both methods only help remove audible contents from your local device, you won’t miss them and whenever you want to listen to them again you can re-download those titles.

    How To Delete Books From Kindle

    The is an e-reader and tablet device that allows you to download books from the Kindle Store. Sometimes, however, you may want to delete a book so it doesn’t take up space on your device. There are two ways in which this can be done: either manually or using third-party apps like “Delete My Books.” This article will teach you how to delete books from your Kindle account! It’s helpful if freeing up storage space or trying out new reading material .

    The Kindle is a great device because you can carry thousands of books on it at once. However, the downside to this convenience is that when we want to read something new or just get rid of old titles, deleting these items from your Kindle might be hard! If you’re having trouble figuring out how to delete ebooks and other content like games then never fear–we’ve got all the steps outlined below for effectively removing them off your reading list.

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    How Do I Add Books To My Kindle App

    Learn How to Delete Books from Kindle *

    Import ebooks directly from your Kindle

    • Get the Kindle app on iOS.
    • Register the Kindle App with your Amazon Account
    • Only import the books that you are interested in.
    • Cloud tab.
    • Save the article that interests you.
    • Select Send to Kindle from the open share menu
    • Select the option you prefer and then send the article.

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    Amazon’s Kindle App Finally Allows You To Permanently Delete Titles From Your Library

    Clean up your collection right from your phone

    If you use Kindle, you’ve probably got a few unwanted or embarrassing books floating around it’s okay, we all do. Previously, if you wanted to get rid of those unwanted titles, you’d have to go through a convoluted method on Amazon’s site to remove them. Now, it’s as easy as a long press and a confirmation, right in the app.

    In the past, in order to remove titles from your library, you’d have to navigate to Amazon’s “Manage Your Content and Devices” page. After that, you’d follow a long series of steps until finally the title was erased from your collection permanently. Amazon eventually added a simple way to delete titles directly from a Kindle in June, but app users were left in the lurch until now.

    The Kindle app’s latest update ads the ability to remove titles from your library by selecting them with a long press and choosing “Permanently Delete” from a drop-down menu. After selecting the option to delete the title, a confirmation prompt will pop up and ask if you’re sure.

    The update also allows you to filter your books by Family Library titles, as well as sync your reading across devices in both Page Flip View and Continuous Scrolling. By far, though, the biggest improvement is the ability to remove books. Happy reading, and enjoy your new, clean library.

    Remove Books And Samples From Kindle App Device And Cloud

    * This post is part of iPhone Life‘s Tip of the Day newsletter. . *

    How do you delete books from Kindle? If you really never want to see that book again, you can permanently delete it from your Kindle Library. There are a lot of different ways to remove Kindle books from your Kindle app or device and a few different places from which you might want to remove or delete them. We’ll cover them all below.

    Jump To:

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    S To Delete Old Or Unwanted Ebooks From Your Kindle

    The Kindle app is shown in this article. The process works the same for all Kindles, so you know it’ll work well!

    1. Open the Kindle app on your device

    2. Tap the book you want to delete

    3. Press and hold until a menu pops up, then tap Permanently Delete this

    4. You will get a confirmation message asking if you’re sure about deleting this book

    5. Tap Delete to confirm deletion of the selected book from your Kindle account

    With the Kindle, you have two options for deleting books. If you just want to free up storage on your device but do not want to delete it from your account, select “remove download.” This will remove the book from your device while leaving this option open in case of future use. Those looking for more permanent solutions and do not think they will read a certain title again or wish to start fresh with their library choose “permanently delete”. When choosing permanently delete- make sure that this is what you really want because if done so there would be no turning back!

    The Kindle eBook library can be a confusing place if you are trying to delete books. Library loans expire and un-download automatically, but they still show up in your Kindle app with an option for “Permanently Delete.” However, the only way to permanently remove them is by going into your Amazon account on their website!

    Check How To Remove A Book From Kindle Library

    Remove Kindle eBooks DRM Made Easy

    If youre running out of storage space on your Kindle, or your Kindle is overflowing with books youve already read, you need to clean up your storage. Kindle is Amazons e-book service that allows you to access books youve purchased from Amazon, as well as e-books youve borrowed from the library. Kindle is both an eBook device and an app that can be downloaded to any device. You have two options for deleting books on your Kindle. If you just want to free up space on your device, but dont want to delete the book from your account, you can select Delete download. This will remove the book from your device, but will give you the option to download it again in the future.

    If you want to remove the book from your account and all your devices, select Permanently delete. If you permanently delete a book, youll need to buy it again to read it again. Mashable had problems trying to remove books from the Kindle library. Library books automatically expire and stop downloading when the loan ends, but continue to appear in your library. When you press a book from the library in the Kindle app, you dont get the Permanently Delete option. To remove a book from the library, you need to go to your Amazon account.

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    How Do I Manage My Kindle Library

    Accessing Manage Your Kindle

  • In your web browser, go to
  • Hover over the Your Account drop-down menu. If you are accessing the Amazon site from the Silk browser on your Kindle Fire, tap instead of hovering.
  • Choose Manage Your Kindle. If prompted, log in using your email address and Amazon password.
  • Permanently Delete Books From The Kindle App

    To permanently delete books from your Kindle app, follow steps 16 in the previous section. Once you have selected the book you’d like to permanently delete:

  • Tap Permanently Delete to delete the book from your Kindle app and Kindle Cloud.
  • Tap Delete to confirm deletion.
  • Its good to be aware that if you delete a book from the Kindle Cloud, its gone. That means you will have to buy it again if you decide to go back and read that book. However, books removed or archived from your device remain in the Kindle Cloud in case you ever want to read them again. Archiving your books allows your iPhone or iPad to create more space while not permanently deleting the books youve previously purchased.

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    Send Books From Amazoncom To A Kindle App

  • You can use to send the book to each of the devices that have the Kindle app on them . The only catch is that the steps and screenshots used below are from Amazon US and they will differ from region to region. For example, I also use Amazon Canada, and the interface is slightly different. If youre using a version of Amazon that isnt the US version , you should still be able to follow along just dont be surprised if things arent in the exact same place. Start by signing into Amazon and navigate to your Account section.
  • Look for a section or link titled Your Devices and Content and select it.
  • This time click the Manage digital content
  • Place a check in the box next to the book that you want to re-download or send to a different device, and then click the Deliver or Remove from Device button.
  • This time make sure theres a check in the box next to each of the devices you want the book to be available on, then click the Make Changes button. If theres a device you dont want the book on, just make sure theres no check next to the box that represents that device.
  • A notification message will appear in your browser letting you know the book is being sent to your device and a reminder to make sure that device is connected to the Internet so that it can receive the book.
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