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How To Backup Sms On Android With Sms Backup & Restore App

How to Backup Your Android Phone to the Cloud

Owned by SyncTech and bought from Carbonite, SMS Backup & Restore is totally free and readily available in Google Play. With it, you can backup your text messages to your Android phone locally, and transfer these backed up SMS to the computer or Google Drive.

Here’s how:

Step 1. Download SMS Backup & Restore to your Android phone and launch it.

Step 2. On the main interface, tap on Backup.

Step 3. Tick on Text Messages/ for backup. You can edit the name of the backed up files. The MMS and Emojis/Special characters can be included as well if needed.

Step 4. Select Local backup or backup to cloud storage. Then confirm your selection by tapping on OK. Click BACK UP NOW to start the process. Please don’t forget to check Over Wi-Fi if you want to upload files.

– If you want to upload the backed up files to Google Drive/Dropbox, you need to download another Add-On-SMS Backup & Restore app on your Android device.

– You can also setup a schedule from the Schedule recurring backups choices. The new backed up files will cover the old ones. However, if you have many MMS and SMS, these files can occupy a large space of a limited storage. So it is a good idea to save text messages from Android to your computer.

Backup Android Photos With Google Drive

Google Drive is compatible with many Android models. By using this way, you can upload the photos on your Android phone to the Google Drive. And here, you are suggested to download the photos from the Cloud to your computer after completing the uploading process to ensure the safety of the data. Now just download and install the Google Drive on your phone at first and then go with the steps below to backup your wanted photos.

Step 1. Move Photos from Android to Google Drive

Launch the program and then sign into the Google Drive on your device. Next, tap on the “+” icon and select “Upload” option from the menu. Then a popup with different categories will appear. Just select the “Images” or “Gallery” folder to open your files. After that, you need to tick the photos you want and hit on “Done” button to sync or save the photos to Google Drive.

Step 2. Download and Save the Synced Photos to Computer

Run the Google Drive on your computer and type in the username and passcode to enter it. Then click on the icon with three dots to open the menu. Next, select “Download” option to download the pictures to your PC.

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Best Cloud Storage For Android : Storage On The Go

Managing the storage space on your Android smartphone or tablet can be tedious. Apps battle with photos, videos and other documents for space, and games take up more storage as they become more involved and better looking. Running out of room on your phone or tablet is a common concern, and finding the best cloud storage for Android can be tricky.

However, weve ranked the best cloud storage for personal use on Android below. Before we dive in, though, we want to quickly cover how we decided on the best cloud storage for Android. We also like spoilers here at Cloudwards, so we chose Google Drive as our best cloud storage app for Android. Find out why after the break.

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Back Up Data With A Microsd Card

If you’d rather use a method that doesn’t require the internet, you can try using a microSD card. Simply insert one into your phone or tablet and then copyyour files to the card with the My Files app, so they’ll be safe and sound.

Restoring backed up files is as easy as backing them up! Just copy them to the phone or tablet, or even copy them to another device.

Note: Not all phone or tablet models support microSD cards.

How To Transfer Contacts From Android To Icloud Via Leawo Itransfer

How to Backup Android phone to Google Cloud

As for how to sync Android contacts to iCloud, Leawo iTransfer does provide a professional solution. Enjoying a user-friendly and intuitive interface, Leawo iTransfer is a powerful transferring tool that enables you to transfer a plethora of files including movies, apps, contacts, TV shows, bookmarks, notes and so on between iPhone, computers and iTunes. You can also adopt it to back up your iPhone information to iTunes and computer. Besides, Leawo iTransfer allows you to transfer purchased and non-purchased items at once. Before transferring Android contacts to iCloud, you have to export contacts to SD card by following the above method we introduced before. Now let’s see how to transfer contacts from Android to iCloud via Leawo iTransfer.

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How To Access Playstation Plus Cloud Storage

For $60 you can purchase a year’s subscription to PlayStation Plus if you are not already a member. Along with the free games you can download every month, and the ability to play online with friends, PS Plus members have access to Sony’s cloud storage. You can upload your save data to the cloud and be sure that you will have access to it for as long as you are a member.

To upload your save data:

  • Navigate to your PlayStation 4 settings menu.
  • on Application Saved Data Management to access the menu.
  • Select Auto-Upload.
  • Select which games you would like to have automatically uploaded.

  • No more worrying if you’ve remembered to save your data after the power cuts out during a storm. As long as you enable “Stay Connected to the Internet” in the power settings, your system will upload all relevant data whenever it’s turned on or enters Rest Mode.

    You can also quickly upload saved game data to the cloud from your PlayStation 4 home screen by clicking your “Options” button while the game is highlighted. The top option in the pop-up menu is “Upload/Download Saved Data”.

    Choose The Backup File

    Choose the backup file that you want to restore to the Android device. The data backup information is shown on the screen such as file backup size, name, model, serial number, and latest backup date.

    If you cannot find the backup file or it is not listed, click the Select button found on the bottom part of the window in order to load the backup. To preview and restore the data from the backup, click the Start button.

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    Android Cloud Backup: How To Easily Cloud Backup Your Phone

    Android phones have safety features to protect your photos, videos, messages, documents, and other data. However, theres still the risk of losing your phone, which means that everything inside it will be lost too. While you can back up these data in hard drives and other local backups, the better and more convenient alternative is to use Android cloud backup.

    Backing up locally can be a hassle. It takes more time and effort to back up, transfer and share files. A cloud backup, on the other hand, is faster and safer. With cloud backup, you can easily store, backup, transfer and restore data and access them from anywhere with mobile data or WiFi.

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    There are various methods on how to back up your phone to the cloud. For Android users, the simplest and most convenient way is to back up to your Google account. You can use Google Photos, Google Drive or Android Backup Service.

    However, a more comprehensive alternative is to use a third-party app. In this article, well feature a few of the best apps for Android cloud backup.

    Here are the best methods to carry out various types of android backup

    The Best Way To Backup Android To Computer You Can’t Miss

    How to Transfer Photos, Videos from Android Phone to My Cloud

    If you have tried both the aforementioned methods to sync iCloud backup on Android and you are not yet satisfied with the results, you might want to try the best solution in this case, i.e. dr.fone – Android Data Backup & Restore.

    This tool is an amazing option for backing up varied range of data files including contacts, WhatsApp chat history, as well as applications, and call history. It can selectively back up your data and restore on your Android mobile phone without much hassle.

    Moreover, unlike iTunes or iCloud, when you backup the data with this powerful tool, the old data doesnât get replaced by the new backup. What we love most about this program is, it allows you to preview the backup data, and allows you the liberty to restore them as you desire.

    How to use dr.fone to backup Android phone to PC

    Step 1: Install, Launch and Connect device

    First and foremost, install and launch dr.fone – Android Toolkit on your computer. Select the âData Backup & Restoreâ tab. Now, connect your mobile phone to the computer and tap continue.

    Step 2: Enable USB Debugging

    Allow USB Debugging on your Android device, so that the program can connect to it. Tap the âBackupâ tab on the software window.

    Step 3: Scan data and Backup

    Next, select the data types you want to backup by marking the check boxes against each data type or else tap âSelect Allâ. Letâs say you chose âContactsâ, then push the âBackupâ button to initiate the backup.

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    Setting Up A Backup Schedule

    At this point, you can call it a day if you want. But, if you want to make sure you always have the latest messages backed up, youll need to set up a sync schedule.

    To do that, first tap the three-button overflow menu in the top right, then choose Preferences.

    A little ways down this menu, theres an option for Scheduled Backups. Tap that little guy.

    Flip the toggle on the right to turn Scheduled Backups on, then specify your schedule. You can have it scan as often as every minute , or as infrequent as every 30 daystake your pick! I think once a day is a good schedule, personally.

    You can also specify when youd like the backup to run. Choose whatever time works best for youthe middle of the night makes the most sense to me. Like, 3:00 AM. Hopefully Im sleeping at that point and not texting anyone.

    The backup will generate a notification to let you know all went well, but if youd rather not see that, you can disable that option.

    Once youve got your schedule set, youre pretty much done. Tap Save, and thats that.

    From now on, all of your texts will be backed up to your specifics.

    Other Reasons We Like Pcloud

    pCloud is a straightforward, secure cloud storage service that works well for those who want to store and play back media in the cloud all from one app. Kodi users can also set up an unofficial plugin to stream videos from pCloud. Read more about the Kodi plugin in our best cloud storage for Kodi guide.

    The ability to purchase up to 2TB of storage for a one-time payment further reinforces pClouds use as a media storage and playback service. Purchasing a lifetime plan brings peace of mind that you can save your photos, videos, movies, music and family moments forever in the cloud without worrying about keeping up with a monthly subscription.


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    Backing Up Messages To The Cloud

    While your device will automatically backup your Android phone SMS messages, several apps claim to do it better.

    SMS Organizer can sort out your messages and ensure that spam and promotional messages stay tucked away in a corner. It is clever enough to sort out bank receipts and credit card statements in separate tabs so that you can quickly look those up when needed. Finally, yes, it backs up all your messages to Google Drive and lets you easily sync those messages back whenever you want. Ive been using the app for years and can vouch for it. It just works.

    Another option is SMS Backup+. This free app automatically sends your SMS threads to Gmail and stores them under the label SMS. Not only that, SMS Backup + also backs up MMS and call log entries. The setup process is a bit cumbersome, but its convenient. I like that you can glance at archived messages right in your email inbox. You can download SMS Backup + from the Google Play Store.

    With the sheer number of options available, theres really no reason not to backup your phone to the cloud. Even if you prefer local backups, theres no harm in maintaining a secondary backup. It takes a few minutes to set up and ensures your data is secure if you lose your phone.

    How To Back Up Android Photos And Videos To The Cloud

    G Cloud Backup: Easy cloud

    Adam is a full-time writer, blogger, videographer, and podcaster. By day, he hosts the DGiT Daily podcast and the Android Authority podcast. By night, he creates content for multiple sites including Android Authority, DGiT, LifeSavvy, Booredatwork, Reviewed, and more.Read more…

    Your photos and videos are precious memories, and you dont want to lose them. Here are four mostly-free services you can use to automatically backup your photos and videos and access them from anywhere.

    If youre like most people, your phone is your primary camera. As such, it contains highlights of your life or your childrens lives, and you dont want to lose those memories. If your phone gets lost, stolen, or broken, all of your photos and videos may go with it. But there are a few services out there, most of which are free, where you can safely store your photos and videos in the cloud. One of the best parts about cloud storage is you can pull up those photos or easily share them from anywhere.

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    Design A Strategy For More Complex Cases

    A more complicated case happens when your game allows the player to collectfungible items or units, such as gold coins or experience points. Let’sconsider a hypothetical game, called Coin Run, an infinite runner where the goalis to collect coins and become very, very rich. Each coin collected gets added tothe player’s piggy bank.

    The following sections describe three strategies for resolving sync conflictsbetween multiple devices: two that sound good but ultimately fail to successfullyresolve all scenarios, and one final solution that can manage conflicts betweenany number of devices.

    How To Back Up Data To Icloud From Android With Icloud

    What’s the meaning of how to back up android to iCloud with iCloud? Actually, it means that you can open the iCloud web page on your Android browser. But the operation is a bit different from visiting other web pages. Anyway, please follow the guide below to transfer data from Android to iCloud:

    Step 1. Visit iCloud

    Please go to your Android browser, and visit

    Step 2. Switch to Desktop Version

    – On most Android browsers, it cannot directly open the iCloud web. In this case, please tap the “Menu” icon, and choose the “Request Desktop Site” option.

    – Then you can successfully view the login interface.

    Step 3. Upload Android Data to iCloud

    Click a category, and click the “Upload” icon to choose and upload files from your Android phone. In this way, you can access Photos, Notes, Reminders, and the Find My feature only.

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    How To Backup Text Messages On Android Using The Built

    If you dont want to download a third-party app and dont mind using Google Drive to store the backup, then the backup feature built into Android will work fine. Itll also backup your call history, device settings, contacts and app data alongside your messages for a more complete backup.

    Although you wont be able to access this backup directly, you will be able to restore your messages on any Android device. You can do this by logging in to your Google account on a second phone and choosing the restore option.

  • Find Your Google Settings

    Launch the settings app, then scroll down and tap Google.

  • Choose to Use the Backup Service

    In the services on this device list, select backup.

  • Start Backing Up Your Data to Google Drive

    With the back up to Google Drive option enabled, tap back up now.

  • Manually Saving Your Data To A Usb Drive

    Android Cloud Backup – Do This Before You Wipe Your Phone

    If you don’t have PlayStation Plus and have no interest in picking it up, players have the option of manually backing up their save data. The easiest tool to use for this is a USB drive. You probably have one floating around in a junk drawer or clipped to a keychain.

    With your USB drive plugged into your PlayStation 4:

  • Navigate to your PlayStation 4 **settings **menu.
  • on Application Saved Data Management to access the menu.
  • Select Saved Data in System Storage.
  • Choose the Copy to USB Storage Device.
  • Select each file you would like to back up.
  • Pressing the “Options” button will bring up a “select multiple” option this way, you can select a whole game library with a single click if you want.
  • Once all the data you want to save is selected, .
  • With your files now saved on the PS Plus cloud or a USB drive, you can access them later or from other systems. When you’re ready to retrieve them, simply access the Application Saved Data menu once more and click Saved Data in Online Storage or Saved Data on USB Storage Device. Copying your files onto the PS4 works the same way as copying them from it.

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    Ways To Sync And Upload Photos To Cloud Storage On Android

    Here are the best apps to automatically upload Android photos to the cloud so you never lose precious memories.

    If someone stole your phone tomorrow, or you dropped it in water and destroyed it, how many precious photos would you lose?

    Of all the data you carry on your phone, pictures are often the most valuable. Thankfully, there’s no reason to ever lose a photo again, thanks to these automatic photo backup apps for Android.

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