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Do It Later Text Message Automation

How to Schedule Text Messages to Send Later on Android #shorts

Do It Later extends beyond just scheduling text messages, you can keep track and schedule for other social apps as well. Download the app here.

The schedule settings will be available right underneath the text box, simply schedule the date and time from there. You can also customize the apps actions from here in case you want to be notified and decide the frequency of the messages.

Thats all!

Option : Use The Iphone Reminders App

If youd rather not download anything new, you may want to consider using your iPhones pre-installed Reminders app as a workaround. The Reminders app wont send your text message at a desired time, but it will give you the option of writing out your message in advance, and you can set up a notification to send the message yourself.

Step 1. Open the Reminders app. Pull down on the Home Screen and enter Reminders in the search bar if the app isnt easily accessible.

Step 2. Add a list. Tap on Add List in the bottom right corner.

Step 3. Enter details. Title your list and choose a color .

Step 4. Add a reminder. Tap on + New Reminder in the bottom left corner and title your reminder .

Step 5. Choose a time, date and write out your text. Tap the details icon to the right of the label to include a date and time to get your notification. If youd like to write out your text so you dont have to do it later, enter it in the Notes section. Tap Done. Or if you just want a general reminder to send a text, tap on the calendar icon that appears right above the keyboard , and choose to send the reminder to yourself today, tomorrow or over the weekend.

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Step 6.When you get your reminder, copy and paste the text into iMessage. Open your reminder when it pops up at the scheduled time.

How To Schedule A Text On Android

If you think that this is in any way complicated, think again. It just takes a few seconds writing the actual text takes longer.

Start by opening the Messages app and write your message. However, when youre done, dont just tap the SMS button on the bottom right side of your smartphone screen. That would just send the message straight away.

Rather than that, hold your finger down on it.

You might be surprised to see that a menu will appear. Said menu is what will be used to determine when your smartphone will send that message on your behalf.

As you can see, there are some predefined times when the message can be sent. If any of them suits you, just tap it. In the likely situation that they dont, just tap Select date and time. You will be presented with a screen that allows you to select the exact date and time when you want the text to go out.

Once your mind is made up, tap the SMS button. Youll notice that the icon looks a bit different now. It includes a clock-style icon.

What if you change your mind? Well, nothing is set in stone. The message will stay in the conversation until the time youve scheduled arrives. If you want to change anything, tap the clock icon next to it. This will allow you to delete it, send it straight away, or Update message. You can use this latter option to reschedule, should you need to.

Personally, I would call this an extremely useful feature, no matter what you decide to use it for.

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Schedule Via Googles Messages App

2. Now, open Messages and tap on the Start chat button from the bottom.

3. Select your contact and then start typing the message in the box.

4. Once youre done, tap and hold on the send button.

5. It will show you the option of Scheduled send, tap on it.

6. You can then select your preferred time to schedule the message.

7. After selecting the time, hit the send button.

Thats it! You will see a clock icon next to that message and this means your message will now be sent at the selected time.

If you want to edit the message or delete it, you can do that as well.

Just tap on the clock icon next to the scheduled message and it will show you three options- Updatemessage, Send now, and Delete message.

You can select the desired option and youre good to go.

How To Schedule A Text On Iphone

How to Schedule Text Messages Android

The Shortcuts app is a simple way to schedule a text message on your iPhone. It allows you to automate and schedule text messages to individual contacts or groups. This is an easy and free solution, but it lacks features compared to business text messaging services.

Here’s how to schedule a text on iPhone using the Shortcuts app:

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Schedule Texts On Samsung Smartphones

Samsung Galaxy and Note smartphones users can schedule texts messages using the default Samsung SMS app that comes pre-installed on these smartphones:

  • Open the Samsung SMS app
  • Draft your text message
  • Tap the + button near the text field, or the three dots in the top right corner of the screen to open the calendar
  • Select the date and time
  • Tap Send to schedule.
  • Option : Use The Samsung Galaxy Messages App

    If you have a Samsung Galaxy phone, you can schedule a text message using the default Messages app.

    Step 1. Open Messages. If the app isnt easily accessible, pull down on the home screen and enter Messages in the search bar.

    Step 2. Compose your message. Tap Compose in the lower right corner, then select your recipient and write your text.

    Step 3. Schedule the message. Tap + or tap the arrow on the left side.

    Step 4. Set a time and date. Tap the Schedule message icon and enter a date and time up to a year from todays date.

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    How To Schedule A Text With Google Messages

    There are many reasons why you might want to schedule a text with . Maybe you want to remind your husband to let the dog out in the morning, or perhaps you want to confirm that youre still meeting for drinks with a group of friends. Whatever the case, scheduling that message is pretty straightforward.

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    Schedule Via Do It Later App

    Android Messages: How to schedule a text

    If youre looking for an app for more than scheduling text messages, this is the app for you. Do It Later allows to schedule messages as well as it offers some extra features. Heres how to use it to schedule messages:

  • First of all, download and install the Do It Later app on your phone.
  • 2. Now, open and tap on the + icon below to create a new task.

    3. It will then show the features it offers, tap on Messages from the list.

    4. Give the app permissions to your contacts and phone.

    5. Now, select your contact to whom you want to send a message.

    6. Type the message in the given box and then from the below options select the time range for scheduling the message.

    Thats it! You can send the message right then or schedule it to anytime from 15 minutes to any custom date and time.

    Do It Later, apart from scheduling messages via SMS, also offers some extra features such as scheduling emails, or even Messenger chats, as well as autoreply texts to calls, fake calls, etc. The app is free to use, but there are ads.

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    These were two ways to schedule a message on Android. Since Google has started rolling out this feature in its native app, we recommend using that one only. However, if you want some extra features, you can go for the third-party app.

    For more such tips and tricks, stay tuned!

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    Schedule Messages For Any Time

    We’ve looked at how to schedule a text on Android using several different methods. Do It Later is great for anyone who needs this functionality, and we definitely recommend Pulse if you’re not happy with your current texting app. Whichever method you use, now you won’t have to suffer embarrassment thanks to a slip of the mind again.

    Using Samsung Text Messages

    If you are a Samsung Galaxy device user, then you are in luck as the default Messages app that comes pre-installed with the Samsung Galaxy devices has the option to schedule text messages. Just follow the below steps to schedule a text message on your Samsung phone.

    Step 1:

    Open the Messages app on your Samsung device and select the contact to whom you want to send a scheduled text message.

    Step 2:

    Type the text message you want to sent and then tap on the + icon on the left side of the text field.

    Step 3:

    Select the Schedule message from the resulting screen and now you would be able to schedule your text message from the calendar UI appears by selecting the time and date, up to one year in advance.

    Step 4:

    Once you have set the scheduled time to send your text message, select done and then hit on the send button. The message will now be automatically sent to the selected contact on the scheduled date and time.

    If you have set a wrong date or time by mistake or you want to modify the scheduled message, you can always long press on the text, delete it and try again.

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    A Note On App Security

    Because SMS text messages are not encrypted, you should always keep in mind that you are putting quite a bit of trust in any developer who offers you a text messaging app. Installing and using the app means you are giving it access to your contacts, messages and even information on who you call with the Phone app. Facebook made the news in 2018 when it admitted gathering data from text messages with its app.

    Google Message App Main Features

    Scheduled Text Messages Now Available on Android

    If you are just knowing about this app, the Google Messages application has over 1 Billion users worldwide, it can be used as an alternative to your regular phone message in-built app. It lets you send unlimited text messages with even more features like video uploads and knowing when a friend is online. So this is how it works, below is the key feature.

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    How To Schedule A Text Message Using Google Messages

    On many models of Android smartphones, is the native Messages app. If thats the case, scheduling text messages on Android becomes even easier.

    To schedule a text message in Google Messages, follow the steps below.

  • Open Google Messages and type your text.
  • Hold down the Send button until the Scheduled send option appears and select it.
  • Pick a date and time when you want the text to be sent.
  • Select Send to confirm. The button will now display a little clock icon that means your message is scheduled.
  • What to Do if You Cant Schedule a Text in Google Messages

    If you opened your native Messages app and didnt find the Scheduled send option, it could mean one of the two things. Your native Messages app is different from Google Messages, in which case you can simply download and install Google Messages to make it work.

    Alternatively, the feature may not have rolled out for you yet. You can either wait for the update to reach you or find Google Messages on the Play Store and join the beta program on the product page. The beta version of the app will include the feature.

    How To Schedule Text Messages On Samsung

    If you have a Samsung phone, it comes with the Samsung Messages app pre-installed instead of the Google Messages. Luckily, you won’t have to switch as Samsung Messages could schedule messages for quite some time now. Here’s how it works.

    Step 1: Open up the Samsung Messages app on your phone. Tap on the compose message button or open any existing conversation.

    Step 2: Tap on the + icon on the left of the text field and select the Schedule message option.

    Step 3: Enter the preferred time and date and then tap on Done. Now type in the message in the text field before hitting the Send button.

    Thats it. Your message is now scheduled. Like Google Messages, if you wish to make any changes to the message before it gets sent, tap on the message and choose from the available options to send it right now, delete or edit the message.

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    Other Sms Scheduling Apps On Android

    Unfortunately, there aren’t a whole lot of other suitable apps that handle scheduled messages on Android. Some previously solid apps have disappeared from the Play Store, and others aren’t up to snuff. We tested one called Schedule SMS that immediately prompts you to download a random APK from Google Drive, which is extremely shady.

    Thus, we recommend you stick to one of the above solutions when you want to schedule a text message on Android. They should serve you well.

    Best Android Apps To Schedule Text Messages

    How To Schedule SMS Text Messages on an Android Phone

    Well, for one thing, this feature is not available natively. You need to download an app that will allow you to do this. Heres a list of apps and instruction that will help you to schedule messages on each on them.

    Related Best SMS apps on Android

    Check out the best apps to get the schedule text message feature on your Android device.

    Though, if you have a Samsung phone, then you dont need to install any app, as the default messaging app from Samsung already has the feature. Check out that guide below.

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    How To Schedule A Text Message On Android In Your Native Messages App

    So you wrote a text but decided to send it another time. The good news is, you can schedule and send your message later, no matter what Android device you have. However, depending on your model, youll either need to use a third-party app to do it or not.

    For example, if you have a Samsung phone, you can use your native Messages app called Samsung Messages to schedule your texts. To do that, follow the steps below.

  • Open the Samsung Messages app, find the contact you want to message, and write down your text.
  • Select the arrow icon on the left side of the text, then select the plus icon to reveal additional options.
  • From the options, select Schedule message.
  • Choose the time and date when you want your message to be sent. Select Done to confirm.
  • To finish scheduling your message, select Send.
  • Schedule Text Messages On Android With Ease

    I cannot tell you how many times I have used this feature to save myself. The human brain has a tendency of forgetting things when its the right time. Use this app to solve the forgetfulness problem and schedule text messages on Android to deliver them on time. Similary, you can also learn how to schedule messages on WhatsApp. Share with us your stories, when you forgot to send someone an important message at the right time. Also let us know if you know a better app which does the same but is not on the list, in the comment section below.

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    How To Schedule A Text Message On Iphone

    Yay, a section for iPhone! Well, dear readers, we do not want to be the bearer of negative news but the truth of the matter is there is no way for us to schedule a text message using our iPhones. At least not yet. But there are third-party apps that give iPhone users the chance to experience this feature, which weve listed in the next section.

    Android’s Battery Optimization Can Affect Scheduled Messages

    How to Schedule a Text Message on Android

    When you use an Android app to schedule texts, you must be aware of the operating system’s battery optimization feature.

    Newer versions of Android automatically put apps to “sleep” if you haven’t used them for a while. This can prevent them from working in the background properly. As you’d imagine, this poses an issue for these apps, as they could fail to send at the scheduled time.

    Because of this, we recommend you exclude message scheduling apps from Android’s battery optimization. It may result in slightly worse battery life, but there’s little point in using these apps if they don’t work properly.

    To tweak this for any app, visit Settings > Apps & notifications > See all X apps and tap the app you want to adjust. Expand the Advanced section on the app’s settings page, then tap the Battery field.

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    How To Schedule A Text Message On The Android


    You’re getting on a plane when you remember you need to get an update on your presentation. A quick text message to an employee or colleague will take care of the task, but it’s 3:00 a.m. at home. If you have a scheduling function on your message app, you can simply type the message now and put it out of your mind. Your Android phone will send the message automatically at the time you prefer.

    If you have a Samsung phone, you’re in luck. Samsung phones have this feature built into their Message app. You can _schedule a text f_or any date and time. If your phone is made by another company, you will probably have to install a new app or use a workaround. Google’s Message app, for example, does not have a scheduling feature.

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