How To Secure Android Phone From Hackers


How To Know That Your Phone Is Hacked

How to secure Android phone from hackers

Whether you have an iPhone or Android smartphone, there are some signs that can indicate that your device has been hacked. If you notice such things on your smartphone, there might be a chance that a cybercriminal has targeted you:

  • Unusual data usage spikes.
  • Apps that you don’t remember installing.
  • Strange phone calls.
  • Unusual activity on the accounts connected to your phone.
  • However, there is no need to panic right away. Not all cases like this are linked with hacking. For example, if it’s taking a long time to load an app, maybe there’s just something wrong with the phone’s performance, or you’re running an older version of the app and need to upgrade it.

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    But if you notice strange activity on your bank account or any other accounts that you have access to from your phone, then there is a chance that you’ve become a cybercrime victim.

    Another way you can find out whether your device has been hacked or not is to use antivirus software to run a security scan on your phone. If there is anything suspicious, it will detect it.

    Limit Permissions To The Apps

    Certain apps ask for a lot more permissions than they should ideally need. This includes permission to read your emails, text messages, access to your gallery & call logs.

    So you should keep an eye on what permissions you are giving to the apps on your Phone.

    If you feel some app has more permissions than needed, revoke it immediately.

    Enable The Find My Device Feature

    Google has come up with a great solution that will help you in case your phone is lost or stolen. The Find My Device feature will help you track your phone, lock it, or play an alarm. In case you cant find it, you can use it to wipe the device remotely and keep your data safe from harm.

    To activate this feature, go to Settings and find the feature under Security.

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    Download Apps From Trusted Sources

    Well, this is another one of the best security measures you can take. You should download an app only from trusted sources like Google Play Store. However, be sure to check an app’s ratings and reviews before you hit the Install button because the Google Play Store also hosts several apps that are risky.

    Clicked On A Malicious Link

    how to protect your android phone from hackers

    If you receive an email or text from a sender you dont know, avoid clicking any included links or downloading any attachments. Theres a chance they may include malware.

    If youre browsing the web and come across a link you think may be suspicious, plug it into a site scanner like Norton Safe Web before clicking on it.

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    Put An End To Ad Personalization

    Google uses data it collects about you to offer personalized ads. Part of this is assigning you a personal advertising ID that they use to accumulate data about you. We can turn that off too. At least, tell apps not to use that ID to build profiles or show you personalized ads.

  • Go to the Privacy settings, then tap Ads.
  • In the screen that appears be careful to turn On the slider to Opt out of Ads Personalization. If you leave the slider in the Off position you are telling Google to continue to apply Ads personalization.
  • Note: If you disable Ads personalization you will still be forced to see ads but they wont be customized for maximum impact on you. In addition, if you clear your cache, it will automatically turn Ads personalization back on.

    Use Strong Protection For Authorization

    Whether its about locking your smartphone or protecting your applications inside it, strong protection is the first line of defense.

    Depending upon the manufacturer, the security method varies from pin, pattern, biometric to facial ID. Always use strong, complex, and not easily guessable passwords for authorization.

    In case the device gets stolen, the adversary wont get his dirty hands on the personal information in the first go. Usage of Multi-factor and Two-factor authentication is a good way to secure your smartphones from attackers.

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    Last Year Cyber Security Company Kaspersky Detected Nearly 35 Million Malicious Attacks On Mobile Phone Users

    But how do you know if your phone has been targeted? And what can you do?How does a phone get infected?phone virus

    A virus can limit your phone’s functionality, send your personal information to hackers, send your contacts spam messages linking to malware, and even allow the virus’s operator to spy on you by capturing your screen and keyboard inputs, and tracking your geographical location

    Is either Apple or Android more secure?Watch out for the signsSteps to prevent the damageHere are some simple troubleshooting steps:Protecting your phone from infection

    Why Mobile Use Is Increasing In Popularity

    How to protect Android phone from Hacking

    To put it simply, mobile = convenience. Nowadays, we use mobile phones to do bank transactions, pay bills, and to send personal and professional emails. But mobile is great for more than that we also use mobile apps and browsers to shop, book cabs, monitor our health and fitness goals, order food, etc. Simply put, mobile is integral to our modern lives.

    For the sake of convenience, you may find yourself enabling the auto-login or credential auto-fill features on your mobile apps and browsers. You also may store sensitive information such as photos, videos, conversations on social media apps, health and fitness information, personal or work-related documents, etc. on your personal and company devices as well.

    Hackers and cybercriminals know this, and they like to use our love of convenience and connectivity to their advantage. If someone gets access to your phone physically or virtually they can do a lot of damage. They can choose to sell your information to other cybercriminals. But it gets worse they can also:

    • Steal your identity,
    • Use the data for ransomware attacks,
    • Use your device as a zombie in botnet attacks,
    • Harm your reputation by posting inappropriate things from your account, etc.

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    Keep Your Apps And Operating System Up

    Not only should you only download your apps from Google Play or the App Store, but you need to make sure theyre up-to-date. Hackers can take advantage of an outdated app, finding weaknesses in its infrastructure and gaining access to your personal data.

    For a similar reason, its also important to keep your operating system current. These updates often contain patches for any security vulnerabilities detected in the operating code that further protects your phone from hackersbeing hacked. Though it can be annoying to wait for your phone to successfully update, doing so significantly reduces your phones chances of being hacked.

    Browsing Privately With A Vpn

    Using a VPN while connected to the internet is vital to staying away from trouble. It masks your IP address and encrypts your traffic, thus enhancing your privacy and security. Since hackers wont be able to identify you online and monitor what youre doing on your smartphone, they will have fewer ways to harm you.

    VPN is also useful if you use public Wi-Fis, which are not always safe. It encrypts your traffic and you can browse safely wherever you are.

    But dont be enticed by free VPNs, as they usually have a hidden agenda behind their complimentary services. Most free VPN services may collect your data, use it for marketing purposes or even pass it to third parties.

    NordVPN is an easy-to-use app designed for both novice and expert users. Not only does it provide you with top-notch encryption, but also blocks suspicious ads and pop-ups, which are a common way to distribute malware. NordVPN also has the KillSwitch function, which will disconnect you from the web in case you lose a VPN connection. Moreover, a single NordVPN account allows you to protect up to 6 devices, so you could have your entire household protected.

    If youre looking to turn your smartphone into a fortress, a VPN service is the answer.

    Online security starts with a click.

    Stay safe with the worlds leading VPN

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    Always Have A Backup Of Your Data

    Backing up your phone is the best thing you can do for your Android smartphone, as attackers may want to corrupt your data so that it is not available to you. There’s nothing worse than losing everything on your phone and realizing you never backed up anything. So, you just needed an app that allows you to backup your app images and all your Android data.

    Tip : Dont Open The Links In Text Message

    How to protect Android phone from hackers on a public wifi?

    As we all know that, most of the firms used to send links via message for promotions. Few URLs are in the short & some of the links come in a long-form.

    But let us tell you that short links are dangerous or unsafe for your Android device. This is because nowadays hackers are using short links to attack the devices.

    So, it is our recommendation to not open these fraud messages which contain these links. If you tap on these untrustworthy links then youll get into a hacking trap.

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    Dont Jailbreak Your Phone

    Jailbreaking or rooting your phone can be tempting, especially if you own an Apple iOS-based device. Bypassing your phones operating system lets you install all sorts of apps that arent approved by Apple and even change wireless providers. Unfortunately, jailbreaking comes with serious security risks that can leave you exposed to hackers and other threats.

    For one thing, accessing Google or Apples official security updates may become more difficult since installing them could remove the jailbreak. Youll also need to be 100% sure you can trust the apps you use, as they will have full access to your device once installed.

    While there are certainly benefits to jailbreaking your phone, its simply not a good idea if you care at all about your online security and privacy.

    Block Ads Tracking And Malware

    Once you have a new web browser installed and set as the default app, consider powering it up a bit. There are a few browser extensions or add-ons that can help shield your Android device from ads, tracking software, malware, and malvertising. In addition, some browsers now have protection against some of these problems built right into the app. The options you will have available depend on the browser app you choose. Firefox, for example, has protection against trackers built in. And uBlock Origin is a Firefox add-on that can block a wide range of ads as well as malware domains.

    Note: We also have a guide on how to modify Firefox for more privacy.

    Another great option is to use a VPN with ad blocking. Well talk more about VPNs below, but a VPN ad blocker offers these advantages:

    • It is more efficient with blocking ads than browser extensions
    • It is easy to use and can block ads on your entire Android device
    • It is more powerful than most other mobile ad blockers

    Take advantage of the built-in settings and available add-ons for whichever browser you decide to use, and browse more safely and securely.

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    Don’t Root Your Android Phone

    There is a reason why your Android smartphone does not come rooted. Rooting an Android phone literally means breaking through all the security measures of the operating system. Security measures are taken to prevent hackers from hacking into your phone. By rooting your device, you are simply giving an invitation to hackers to get through.

    Of course, rooting your device will give your privileges like never before, but it is not worthy to compromise your phone’s security. Therefore, we strongly recommend you not to root your device to install certain apps not available on Play Store. If you do, you will never know if those external apps are snooping on your personal data and putting your privacy in jeopardy.

    Enable Find My Iphone

    How To Secure Android Phone From Hackers 2021 #Shorts

    If your smartphone is stolen, Find my iPhone will send you an up-to-date location of your iPhone, giving you a better chance at retrieving it. Whats more, you can also use it to completely block access to your iPhone by switching on Lost Mode. This means that if your phone is stolen, you can prevent it from being hacked while you track it. You can even track your phone offline if you have Enable Offline Finding turned on.

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    Dont Overshare On Social Media

    While its fine to use your real name on social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter, avoid sharing a ton of revealing information about yourself on social networks. Avoid listing home towns, specific addresses, specific work locations, phone numbers, family names, and other details hackers can use to track you. These days, Facebook lets you conceal the vast portion of information about yourself with its privacy settings and tools, including most photos, friend lists, and more. Curate and streamline your feed to get rid of old, outdated information that may reveal more about you than youd like. Revoke permissions and ditch apps on Facebook that you no longer need or use. Better still, use Facebook on your home computer, as opposed to accessing it on your phone, if you can.

    Tip : Download Applications From Secure & Trusted Sources

    Downloading applications from unreliable sources can put your privacy at risk. Therefore, you should download applications from the trusted sources such as .

    However, in Google Play, most of the malicious applications are removed before they get to the users.

    Note: Before downloading any application from Google Play Store ensure to check all the reviews.

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    Know Where Your Apps Come From

    Dont just download any old app to your phone. While your choice of iPhone apps is limited to Apples App Store, which vets all apps sold on the platform, it is easier to sideload apps on Android, which simply means downloading and installing them from a source other than the Google Play Store. However, you do have to dig into the settings and allow it. The best way to avoid malware on Android is to stick with the selections available from the Google Play Store, which are vetted by Google. Never download apps via text message, as that is an infamous method hackers use to inject malware directly into your phone.

    Use Those Privacy Settings

    How To Secure Android Phone From Hackers

    Android devices give you various ways to improve your privacy. But finding them has typically been a headache, as the options were scattered throughout the system. In Android 10, Google partially addressed that problem by putting a number of its main privacy settings together. Not surprisingly, you get access to them in the Privacy section of Settings.

    Unfortunately, this still isnt an all-in-one control center for privacy-related settings. For example, the Autofill service from Google option doesnt actually let you turn Autofill on or off. It simply shows you what Autofill data Google has stored in your account. Youll have to go to a different location to control Autofill. Further complicating things, not all the settings are available on all devices, and versions of Android earlier than 10 dont include this section at all.

    That all said, what we are going to do is look at the Privacy settings available on my Samsung S9+, and show you how to adjust them for maximum privacy. From each settings starting point here, well be jumping all over the place, but such is the state of privacy settings on even the newest Android devices.

    Were going to be coming back here a lot over the next few sections, so memorize these steps to return to the Privacy settings:

  • Open Settings.
  • Youll be doing it in your sleep before we are done. Here we go.

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    Check App Permissions Before Installing

    If you do decide to install a new app, one of the first steps you take should be to check the permissions it requires. You dont want to put find yourself in a position analogous to those people who installed flashlight apps that sent their contact info to some hacker in Uzbekistan. It is easy to check the permissions on an app from the Google Play store before downloading it. Heres how:

  • Find the app you are interested in on Google Play.
  • Scroll down the page, past the reviews to the Additional Information section.
  • Under Permissions, tap View Details. Google Play will list all the permissions requested by the app:
  • Review the permissions the app wants and be sure you are comfortable with them. If not, choose a similar app that doesnt ask for the permissions you do not want to grant.

    Why Smartphones Are Becoming Victims Of Hacking

    Modern smartphones come with many advanced features to safeguard your sensitive data from the prying eyes of hackers. The features such as fingerprint scanner, retinal scanner, face recognition, and more are now not limited to only luxury phones. These ensure that the security is maintained and privacy is intact for your phone. However, even after such assurances, we regularly came across the news of security breaches and malware attacks on Android and even iPhone devices.

    One of the reasons for it is that with advancements in security technologies, cybercriminals are also making themselves up to date and finding new ways to infiltrate modern gadgets, including IoT devices, smart TVs, computers, smartphones, and others.

    Another reason behind such security violations is the applications we use on our phones. Many apps, especially on Android, are data-hungry, even the legitimate ones like . They track and consume so much private information on our phones and use it for their benefits, such as targeting the ads.

    With the ever-rising cybercrimes, it has become essential to take measures to secure your phone from hackers. Though most of such security measures are easy to apply and practice, smartphone users usually ignore them.

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