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How To Send a Fax from your Android Device with eFax

The state of faxing on Android isn’t fantastic. You won’t find one must-have app that does it all at no cost. But these two options provide you with a solid app for document management and faxing if you do it often, or a quick one-off fax for those times when you don’t have another choice. Hopefully you don’t think about faxing more than a few minutes per year. When you have to, though, these two services should cover your needs just fine.

Looking to get even more out of your Android device? Check out our list of the best Android apps.

Do you send faxes anymore? When you do, have you ever sent faxes from your Android phone? Let us know if faxing is still important to you down in the comments, especially if you prefer another app!

How To Send & Receive Faxes

A lot of businesses still use fax because it’s easy to use however, the same applies to online fax! Just follow those simple steps, and you’ll find out how simple it is to use a fax on a mobile device.

1. Download the App

The FaxBurner app is completely free, and if you have a device with Android, you can download it from the Google Play Store or from the App Store if your smartphone or tablet has iOS. You can also

2. Start Sending Faxes for Free

Once you’ve signed up, you can request a fax number at any moment that will expire after a 24-hour period. With the free account, you can send up to 5 fax pages and receive up to 25 per month. If you need to use fax more often, you can always upgrade to one of our premium plans that will allow you to send and receive more fax pages. Youll also get a permanent fax number.

How To Send A Fax On A Windows Pc

To send a fax via Windows 10:

  • Type Windows Fax into the search bar and select the Windows Fax and Scan app.
  • At the top of the window, in the toolbar, select New Fax.
  • In the To field, enter the recipients fax number.
  • Complete the cover page information if you wish to include one.
  • Choose and attach the files you wish to send.
  • Click Send.
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    Genius Fax: Pay As You Go Or Subscribe

    If youre interested in a pay-as-you-go fax app, check out Genius Fax. You can purchase credits for the number of pages you want to send and receive a discount for buying in bulk.

    Send a Fax With Genius Fax

  • To send a fax, tap New Fax on the top right.
  • Select the country for the recipients location and then enter the number or choose a contact.
  • To use a free cover page, turn on the Cover Page toggle and then enter the details.
  • Tap Pick Document to scan a page or upload a photo or file.
  • When you finish, tap Send on the top right.
  • Genius Fax is a good option if you dont plan to send faxes daily because you can simply purchase credits when you need them. The app also offers paid subscriptions, so you can choose that option if you decide to send more faxes later.

    Genius Fax is free on iPhone, iPad, and Android with in-app purchases for fax credits and subscription plans.

    Is Faxplus A Hipaa Compliant Fax Service

    How to send fax from Android safely and easily with ...

    Yes, it is. If you are looking for the best online fax service to transmit patients sensitive data without having to worry about any data breach or unauthorized access, FAX.PLUS is the online fax service you should go for. Learn more about FAX.PLUS HIPAA compliant fax service.

    So, with a FAX.PLUS subscription , you get to easily and securely send a and store all your documents in an encrypted tab.

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    How To Send A Fax From Gmail

    First, find a suitable fax service in the Google Workspace Marketplace. I recommend Fax Plus.

    When you install it, its icon will appear to the right of your Gmail screen. Click it to open it.

    This will now open up the fax service in a sidebar to the right of your Gmail inbox. Type the recipients fax number on the line indicated . Dont put any spaces between the numbers. Then click New Fax.

    A new Gmail email window will open upon clicking New Fax, with the fax number formatted as an email address. The body of the email is the cover sheet, and any documents you wish to send should be added as attachments. PDF files are best. Now send the email, and itll be sent as a fax through Fax Plus.

    Within five minutes, you should get a confirmation email that the fax has gone through. In my case, it took only 34 seconds.

    You can fax ten pages for free using Fax Plus. Then you have to pay. The pricing is very reasonable, and obviously, it all depends on how much faxing you plan to do every month. If you want to get a fax number to receive faxes, you need to sign up for a paid plan.

    Many other fax services are available for Gmail, but we cant possibly test them all. But if youre looking to send a one-off fax to someone, Fax Plus will get the job done for you. Keep it under ten pages, and you wont have to pay a thing.

    What You Will Need To Send And Receive Faxes

    To complete the process without any problems along the way, you will need to have an Android phone with either active and stable data or an internet connection whether it is cellular data or WiFi.

    An excellent piece of advice is installing the latest software version, helping with any app compatibility issues. Afterwards, you will need to find a free service, if available, or choose a subscription to an online fax service of your choice. Once thats done, just choose your document and then youre all set.

    FaxBurner offers its customers two options. You can either use a free fax account or pay for a subscription. The first option is great for individual clients who dont send faxes very often. The latter will work brilliantly if youre a business client that sends hundreds of faxes per month.

    Once you pick your option, install an app, and take advantage of mobile faxing.

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    Send & Receive Faxes From Your Mobile

    Though there are more modern ways of communication, many businesses still use faxes. That’s because it is a straightforward and secure method of sending important documents. However, increasingly more people work remotely, which means that they might not have access to a fax machine. However, there’s no need to worry, as thanks to FaxBurner, you’ll be able to send a fax from anywhere using only your phone.

    A Note On Faxing Apps

    eFax Android App for Faxing Online from your Phone

    Unfortunately, most Android faxing apps are either wildly outdated or charge a high price for faxing. Years ago, we covered an app called FilesAnywhere that once offered free faxing from Android. However, the app has since eliminated its free plan and is visually archaic, eliminating it as a useful option.

    Lots of faxing apps have gathered angry reviews stating that users were overcharged, or had to pay for faxes that didn’t go through. Thus, caution is necessary when you’re downloading fax apps from the Google Play Store.

    We’ve found one that’s a good option — CamScanner. While it doesn’t offer free faxing, it’s a smooth app and worth keeping around if you manage lots of documents on your phone.

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    Simple Fax Free Page Send Fax From Phone

    Another simple fax app is here waiting for you. This time, it is Simple Fax Free Page. The first thing I need to mention is its policy. YOu have to register and log in with that to use this app. And you have to buy pages to send them a fax. YOu will get a free page from the first time you try. Though its not a free fax app for android, I can assure you that you will get a better fax handling service from this premium app. You can just enter the fax number and send fax instantly using this app.

    Important Features

    • You can send both single page fax and a multiple pages fax.
    • You can directly use the camera of your device to take a photo or choose a photo from the gallery and send it through fax.
    • Lets you make folders and archive documents.
    • This app will provide you with an international fax number and receipt for every fax you send.
    • It supports files of any formats, and you can open PDF files inside the app.
    • You can send and receive fax from over 120 countries using this app.

    Snapfax Send Fax From Phone

    Snapfax is another option for those who want to enjoy a low-cost fax app for Android with premium functions. Extracom Inc developed this app to help to send your personal and official fax in a very simple way. Thats why its built with a very simple user interface, and so anyone can use it. Bit for you to ensure a better internet connection. Here, you have to buy a fax page that you can use to send a fax. and The cost for the page is not so high like most other apps.

    Important Features

    • You can scan the hardcopy of a document using the phone camera and send it to others via fax.
    • Lets you select a high-quality cover page.
    • You can send multiple documents in one fax and to different people at a time.
    • Options for archive, save a draft, track sent files, and similar are available here.
    • Like an optimized file transfer app, you can use it to share documents of different formats.

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    You Can Currently Only Fax On Android Through Online Faxing

    Mobile devices rarely support fax machines. Android is no different: currently, there is no system or platform that allows you to connect a fax machine to your Android device.

    With that in mind, your only real way to fax on Android phones or tablets is through online faxing.

    Online fax service providers typically offer mobile-optimized websites as well as a wide selection of mobile apps. All you need to do is sign up for an online fax provider, or download their app, and then sending a fax from Android is as easy as sending an email.

    It Is Quick And Easy To Send Fax With Wisefax Fax App For Android

    How to send fax from Android safely and easily with ...

    To send faxes from your Android phone, you just install the Android fax app called WiseFax on your phone, upload the document you want to fax or take a picture of your document, preview it and mark pages to be sent, enter fax number and so thats all. WiseFax will do all the rest for you. WiseFax recognizes all most common file types like MS Word document, MS Excel spreadsheet, Adobe Acrobat PDF, OpenOffice and LibreOffice documents, ScanWritr documents and many other. So, you dont have to convert documents manually. It also supports sending JPEG, GIF, PNG, HEIC, TIFF and BMP picture formats, therefore you can easily take a photo of your physical document using your windows phone. WiseFax will automatically convert your document to fax and optimize it before sending.

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    Best Free Fax Apps For Android

    Today, if you have a smartphone in your hand, you dont need a fax machine to send or receive a fax. With the rising trend to go paperless, most businesses have moved towards online methods of faxing. But how is that achievable?

    Android has revolutionized the world, making the unimaginable come true. You can send and receive faxes using your Android device for fairly cheap prices. Find out some life-saving apps which are easy to use and fit right into your budget. Learn more details about the free fax apps for Android in this article now!

    It Is Quick And Easy To Send Fax From Android Phone With Wisefax Fax App

    To send faxes from your Android phone, you just install the Android fax app called WiseFax on your phone, upload the document you want to fax or take a picture of your document, preview it and mark pages to be sent, enter fax number and thats it. WiseFax will do all the rest for you. WiseFax recognizes all most common file types like MS Word document, MS Excel spreadsheet, Adobe Acrobat PDF, OpenOffice and LibreOffice documents, ScanWritr documents and many other. So, you dont have to convert documents manually. It also supports sending JPEG, GIF, PNG, HEIC, TIFF and BMP picture formats, therefore you can easily take a photo of your physical document using your windows phone. WiseFax will automatically convert your document to fax and optimize it before sending.

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    How To Fax From Android Phone

    When it comes to the process of sending a fax, it will all depend on the service youre using. Keep in mind that there are many mobile fax providers, and each can come with different features. Nonetheless. As a general rule of thumb, it can be done in a few ways, including:

    You can download the Android app from the Google Play store for free. Similar to the conventional way of sending a fax, you enter the destination number, add coverage page comments, and attach your file from your device, Dropbox, Google Drive, or by using your phone camera as a scanner.


    • Put the fax number in the subject line
    • Add cover sheet in the email body
    • Attach the document you wish to fax as a PDF

    All from your Android email account and without even opening an app.

    As you can see, both methods are incredibly straightforward. Just choose the option that you believe suits you more, and enjoy sending documents via your mobile fax machine.

    Fax App: Fax From Phone

    Three Easy Ways to Fax – By Email, Online, or Mobile App

    You can relate the name with its function. FAX App is a very quick and easy fax sending and handling app that can be used in any smart device. This excellent fax app for Android will just simplify your life by letting you send any documents through fax, and the format of those documents doesnt matter at all. You can use your email to send a fax to anyone. But it requires an internet connection. And this app is not free, and you may have to pay for its premium service.

    Important Features

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    No Fax Machine No Problem Your Multi

    Your smartphone is one of the best tools you could have for working on the road. Its a mobile officescanner and fax machine included. On those rare occasions when sending a document via email or text message wont suffice, you could use your camera phone to photograph a document and use a mobile fax app to send it to a fax machine. Here are some helpful mobile fax apps:

    How To Get A Gmail Fax Number

    Youll need to sign up with an online fax service provider likeFAX.PLUS, eFax, or RingCentral to get a Gmail fax number. During the sign-up process, youll need to select the type of number you want to link to your Gmail address. E.g., A toll-free or local fax number.

    Once the fax company has linked your Gmail account to your new fax number, youll be able to send faxes from your Gmail account and access incoming faxes from your Inbox or the service providers app.

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    How To Fax A Document From An Android Phone

    Android apps make it convenient to fax documents directly from your Android smartphone. The Mobile Fax Free, mFax and PamFax apps are free to download and install from the Android Market. The Mobile Fax Free app allows you to fax single-page documents for free. Mobile Fax Free will convert a picture taken with your phone’s camera into a PDF document. The mFax app charges a fee for each fax, and you must have a PayPal account to use it. The PamFax app allows you to fax three pages for free, then charges a fee per fax.

    How Do I Receive A Fax To My Computer

    Genius Fax now available on Android

    To receive faxes via your computer:

    1. Launch the app you are using, but ensure you have a plan that allows you to receive faxes.

    2. Wait to be notified of the incoming fax, e.g., ringing fax line.

    3. Once this happens, the app will automatically answer to receive the fax.

    4. When the transmission is complete, the fax will display.

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    Simple Scan Free Pdf Scanner App

    Let me introduce you with the simplest Fax app for Android that will work even more than just a fax machine. However, I am talking about Simple Scan. Though the name suggests being a scanner app, this app works as a fax app ever better. Sending and receiving a fax with this app is a matter of a few taps and a few seconds. You can send a fax without being registered and for free. Besides, it works as a great scanner and email app. Lets see whats more it offers.

    Important Features

    • All your fax will be stored as either JPG and PDF files in the cloud storage
    • You can send emails, fax, documents, and files using this app and print them using a printer too.
    • A search bar will instantly search the fax and files you are looking for.
    • You can export texts using this app, and it supports OCR text recognition.
    • This app is integrated with Dropbox, Facebook, Evernote, Google Drive, WhatsApp, etc.

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