How To Send Group Text On Android Phone


Create Contact Group Using The Contacts App

How To Send A Group Text On Android

Follow the steps below to Create a Contact Group using the Contacts App on your Android Phone.

1. Open the Contacts app on your Android Phone.

2. Next, tap on the Groups tab.

3. On the Groups screen, tab on ADD located near the upper-right corner of your screen.

4. On the Next screen, type a Name for your Contact Group and then tap on Save to save your new Contact Group

5. On the next screen, tap on the ADD option, located near the top right corner of your screen.

6. On the next screen, select the Contacts that you want to add by tapping on them and tap on Done when you are done adding all the Contacts to your Contact Group .

Once you tap on Done, your Contact Group containing the selected Contacts will be saved and you are ready to make use of this Contact Group to send Group Emails or Group Text Messages from your Android Phone.

Extra Bonus: An Overview Of Other Third

Some social apps can also send out mass text from Android device, for example, Google+. Here is an overview of those third-party apps, and you may want to know which one is easy to send Android mass text.

Google Hangouts

This is a communication app developed by Google company. With it, you can send messages, start free video or voice calls, as well as send emojis and location to your friends.


* one person chat or 150 people Group chats.

* Send images, GIFs and emojis.


* Does not have Chromecast support for video streaming.

* It requires stable and fast-speed network.

* There are minor bugs from time to time.

* A Google account is a must in order to use it.

BBM, or BlackBerry Messenger, is an instant messenger and video telephony app for BlackBerry devices.


* Internet access to 2G, 3G and 4G in some devices and Wi-Fi connection.

* Good call quality, fast texting and good QWERTY keyboard.


* Many countries don’t allow BBM.

* It takes 5 to 10 minutes to turn on after unplugging the battery, because of the security check.

* voice notes take a long time to transfer or may fail to send.

* Only pictures saved to device memory or media files can be readable by this app.

* Not completely cross-platform .

* File sending limit.

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* Make voice calls and alive chatting with multiple people at the same time.

* Simple layout and easy to use.


* Must have a working network connection.

Dont Use Regular Text Messaging

First of all, theres really no way to fix the group text messaging problems if youre experiencing them. Its not even a bug per se. Its just how it works and how poorly iPhone and Android interact with each other, as well as how carriers handle group text messages for both platforms.

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With that said, if you want to do some group text messaging with people who have a mix of iPhone and Android devices, its best to avoid the regular text messaging and use another app.

Yes, everyone in the group will need whatever app you decide to go with, but its a small price to pay for finding a workaround for this annoying problem.

However, what app should you use? Here are some suggestions.

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Solutions For Not Receiving Group Texts On Android

  • You may have to enable the group messaging settings on your phone if youve never used this function before. Go to your messaging app, and you have to tap on the menu key at the bottom of the phone. By tapping the settings icon on the message, you will see the group message icon on the menu. If the group messaging is not on the first menu, it could be on the SMS or the MMS menus.
  • Check your blocked contacts list. Check to make sure some of the people you are trying to send a group message to didnt accidentally happen to be in your block list.
  • Reboot your phone. More often than not, if you made sure your group messaging setting is on, it can be a simple software glitch. Turn your phone off, wait for 1 minute, and turn it back on.
  • Ensure that your phone/messaging app is running on the latest software that allows you to send a group message. You could upgrade the software or go for a newer phone if the one you have does not support group messages.
  • Your group charges could require more costs to send a single group message since you could be sending it to many people, and it could be better to consider when sending a group text. Take care of the costs required to send a group text first before sending the message.
  • You could also put your phone in safe mode and check if you can send a group chat while using it. If your phone can send a group message while in safe mode, the problem could be caused by a third-party app.
  • Create Group Text Using Contacts Group In Messages App

    How To Send A Group Text On Android

    The contact groups, once created, can be accessed from the Messages app as well. So you dont need to open the Contacts or Phone app.

    To send a group text using contacts group in the Samsung Messages app, follow these steps:

    Step 1: Launch the Samsung Messages app. Tap on the Compose icon.

    Step 2: Tap on the add icon next to the Recipient text box. Scroll down a bit on the Recipients screen and you will find Groups. Tap on it.

    Step 3: Select the group to whom you want to message. You will be asked to choose the contacts from the group. So tap on the contact names. In case you want to message everyone in the group, tap on All at the top. Hit the Done button after selecting contacts.

    Step 4: You will be taken back to the message compose section of the Messages app. Enter your message and send it away.

    Tip: Find out what is the Easy mode on Samsung phones and how to use it.

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    What Is The Difference Between Sms And Mms

    There are two standard text messaging formats, SMS and MMS. MMS supports multimedia content, whereas SMS only supports text and emoji. Most cell phones today support both types of text messages. SMS is the shorter text format, allowing you to send messages with up to 160 characters. MMS is a more flexible format, allowing you to send messages with multimedia content and emoji.

    SMS stands for Short Message Service. It is the earliest text messaging technology and is supported on virtually every mobile phone. SMS is the most popular texting technology, with over six billion messages sent daily in the U.S. alone. MMS is an extension of the SMS protocol and allows users to send video, GIF, and pictures via text messages. Unlike SMS, MMS does not have a standard length, so users can send as much or as little content as they want.

    As the two technologies are becoming increasingly compatible, it is easy to see why they are positioned as competitors. While both text-based messaging formats are widely supported, MMS is considered a better choice if you want to send multimedia content. The downside to MMS is that it costs two to three times as much as SMS, and not all telecommunications service providers offer it. As a result, MMS is not available everywhere. However, it is a good choice for those who want to send and receive multimedia content.

    Learn More Here:

    You Are Asked Where You Want To Save This Contact

    I went to an at& t store, and they first blamed samsung. Add a group name and add contacts using the add member option. You can add and remove participants. Open up your stock android text messaging app. How to add someone to a group text message. Tap the group message that you want to add someone to.

    Now, youll want to add every number that was in the previous group conversation. Quick video showing you how to add send a group text message on your android powered phone. Sending group text messages is a great way to save time when you. The second step is tapping the icon of messages and choosing the compose icon in it. I kept pressing, and another rep finally admitted that at& t has the 10 group text limit.

    Anyone in a group imessage can add or remove someone from the conversation. This will ensure that going forward all texts are sent to this group. Tap the gray arrow icon to the right of the contacts, then tap add contact. Open up your stock android text messaging app. It only needs five minutes to complete the steps to creating a group contact and enjoy mass texting by using the new samsung galaxy s21.

    On new android os versions, this can be located in the top left corner and may look like 3 lines. Tap the gray arrow icon to the right of the contacts, then tap add contact. Tap the create contact link. The second step is tapping the icon of messages and choosing the compose icon in it. There are two ways of sending group texts:

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    Integrations With Other Business Systems

    Integrations can help your business and team save time and scale day-to-day operations. But your needs will differ depending on your daily messaging workflows and how you operate your business.

    If youâre looking for text messaging for sales teams, then CRM integrations will most likely be important

    If youâre looking for text messaging marketing, then integrations with email providers and other marketing platforms might be valuable.

    Similarly, HR departments and staffing agencies who need to text job candidates and employees may require HRIS or HRMS integrations.

    And some businesses who book regular appointments may need their business messaging app to integrate with an appointment scheduler like Calendly or Squarespace Scheduling.

    And for those specialty workflows, many business text messaging apps also integrate with Zapier. Zapier is a slick tool that allows you to set up many different kinds of text messages and contact triggers.

    This is often the ideal integration for small businesses with specialty day-to-day workflows.

    What Is A Group Text

    Group Messaging: Android

    Also known as group SMS, this form of fast and efficient communication gives your organization the ability to market to the masses with the simple click of a button.

    A group text messaging service allows businesses to connect with assortments of people, large and small, all at once. Share special offers, announcements, all within a single text blast.

    98% of text messages are opened making it one of the most effective ways to reach people quickly. But unless you want all of your recipients on one thread, you cant use your phones built-in messaging app. Thats where our group SMS marketing software comes in. Our platform allows you to send a group text without reply all to any number of recipients. Plus, with our iOS and Android apps, you can send group texts while on-the-go.

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    Sending Group Texts With Your Existing Business Landline Or Phone Number

    The type of phone number you send group messages from is important. Short codes and âtext to joinâ campaigns used to be the only way businesses could send a mass text.

    But now, customers respond better to texts from businesses who personally message from a 10-digit phone number. These types of messages have high open rates because they look familiar.

    In either case, you have two options.

    First, you can look for a business group texting service that gives you a new 10-digit business phone number. Or you can find a mass texting service that allows you to âport overâ and text-enable your existing business landline.

    But what if youâre running a smaller operation and already using your personal cell phone to text contact lists and lists of phone numbers?

    Itâs not the best idea for you or your employees to text from your personal numbers. This is true for several reasons including privacy and security.

    Additionally, mobile phone numbers canât be ported over. Only businesses with established landlines or VoIP numbers are eligible for number porting.

    In this scenario, youâll want to look for a free group text app. Google Voice or these are all great options.

    How To Send Group Texts On Samsung

    Therere a few different ways through which you can send group text from a Samsung device, but heres the easiest one.

    Step 1: Open up the Samsung Messages app on your phone. Tap on the Compose button in the bottom right to start a new conversation.

    Step 2: Type and select the names of recipients to include in your group text. Alternatively, you can tap on the + icon to add recipients from your contact list.

    If you accidentally select a wrong contact, use the – icon to remove it.

    Step 3: After adding the recipients, type and send your group text in an usual manner.

    Once the group is created, you can send more text messages by opening this conversation.

    If you wish to add or remove the same conversation, open up the group conversation in the Messages app. Now use the three-dot menu icon in the top right corner to select Add or remove people option.

    Thats how easy it is. Again, if any group member replies to your message, itll be shown in their chat thread.

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    How To Leave Group Message Or Stop Receiving Messages From A Certain Group

    Technically, you cant leave a group message, and you cant delete yourself from a group messaging session. You can only stop receiving notifications from the group.To do this, open your messaging app then hold down on the specific group message. Toggle the notification settings so your phone wont receive any notification when it comes in.

    Group Texts Alternative: Facebook Messenger

    Android Group Messaging

    You can use an app that available group chat feature like . This is quite a realistic and simple option because there are many people who are already have a Facebook account. It is possible that all of members on your group may be easily agree to use Facebook Messenger to have discussion in a group because all of them already have the account.

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    How To Send Text To Multiple Contacts On Android

    How to send mass text individually on Android? If you want to send mass text without group message using Android phone, there is no shortcut but to send the text to each contact one by one or use a third-party messaging app. However, if you want to learn how to send a mass text on Android directly, you can refer to the following steps.

    How to send text to multiple contacts on Android?

    1. Turn on your Android phone and click Messages app.

    2. Edit a message, click + icon from Recipient box and tap Contacts.

    3. Check contacts you want to transfer to, press Done above and click Send icon to send text to multiple recipients from Android.

    Create And Send Group Messages

    Note: Functionality may be limited on devices purchased outside of the US, even with a US carrier SIM card installed.

    Need to make plans with family or friends? Just start a group conversation in the Samsung Messages app. Youll be able to send texts, pictures, and emojis back and forth.

  • Navigate to and open the Samsung Messages app, and then tap the New conversation icon at the bottom. You can select this from either the Conversations or the Contacts tab.

  • Input the name or number of the first person, or tap Add to add someone from your Contacts.

  • Next, tap Add to add the next person. Continue adding your desired recipients to the group.

  • Start typing your message, and then tap the Send icon. Your message will be sent to everyone you added to the group.

  • If you ever need to completely delete the group chat, just touch and hold the chat from the Conversations tab, and then tap Delete. Tap Move to Trash to confirm.

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    How To Manage Group Texts On Android Phones

    You are here: How To’s»How To Manage Group Texts on Android Phones

    With the number of cell-phone users with unlimited text plans increasing, group texting has become a popular option for people looking to communicate with their sales team or simply wish everyone a Happy New Year! However, it is annoying and sometimes embarrassing to receive a group text and reply, not realizing that you could be embarrassing yourself or even getting into trouble by responding, by accident, to other recipients of the text. Further, you may be included in responses sent by other people on the list, bloating your phone. Finally, your contact information may often be exposed to other people that you may not know when you or a friend send or respond to group texts.

    How can group text mishaps be managed and prevented? While the stock text message applications on Android offer the most protection from the mishaps of group texting, many people choose to use third party apps and are susceptible to problems associated with sending, receiving, and replying to group text messages. This how-to will talk through the basics of group texting, options available on the Android phone, and things to do to opt out of group texting.

    Edit Contact Groups From Web

    [SOLVED] Group text send Individually android

    If you’re using a computer rather than your phone, you can still edit contact groups through the Google website and the changes you make will automatically be synched to your Android devices if you have your contacts configured to sync with Google.

    To add people to a group online, visit the Google Contacts site and click checkboxes next to the people you want to add. Click the “Label” button and click a group or set of groups to add those contacts.

    If you need to create an entirely new contact group online, click “Labels” in Google Contacts and click “Create Label.” Type a name for the new group and click “OK.”

    To remove contacts from a group this way, visit the Google Contacts website and click the group name. Then, check the boxes next to the person or people you want to remove from the group. Click the “Label” button and uncheck the name of the group.

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