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What Connection Types Are Supported

How to send Android SMS Text Messages from any computer with Google Messages for Web – TheTechieGuy

DesktopSMS supports wide range of connection types that can be used to connect DesktopSMS client and DesktopSMS Lite remote device. Wireless connections such as Wi-Fi or bluetooth are the most common and well known, but it is also possible to connect over USB cable or even over wired LAN network using USB-C Ethernet adapter . All of the connections are easy to set up but some of them, such as USB connection, requires additional setup on Android device.

Read more about DesktopSMS connection types and their requirements.

Send Texts Using Google Voice

You can also send texts using to U.S. and Canadian numbers for free.

  • On your smartphone or PC, go to your account page and select the messages icon on the left. Here’s where you also see your text history.

  • Select Send a message to create a new one, or select a conversation to continue a thread.

    The texts show up as sent from your Google Voice number.

  • The Google Voice interface looks very similar to Google Hangouts in fact, you can link Hangouts to the Voice account:

  • First, make sure you’re signed in to each service using the same username and email address.

  • Go to, then go to Menu > Settings.

  • In the Google Voice section, check Receive SMS and voicemail in Hangouts.

    When you receive texts in Hangouts, they’re labeled SMS via Google Voice.

  • You can also open Hangouts in Gmail. At the top of your Hangouts list, select the Down arrow next to your name and profile photo, then scroll to the bottom of the Settings screen and check the box next to Receive SMS and voicemail in Hangouts.

    Similarly To Send And Receive Sms From Your Computer Through The Airdroid App Follow The Below Steps:

    > Click on the Messages app in the browser window. It will show you all the text messages.

    > To send new messages, click on New message and type the message. Click Send next to send the SMS.

    > To view any received messages open the notification to view the incoming SMS.

    So you can now easily make calls, send and receive SMS from your computer using an android phone.

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    How To Send A Text From Your Computer Using A Business Text Messaging Service

    Your business or organization will need more advanced texting tools. Especially if interested in SMS marketing or using text messages to provide customer service.

    But what makes a business text messaging service different from any other way to send text messages?

    Business text messaging services like MessageDesk make it easy to:

    • Text from a shared team inbox with multiple users.
    • Send mass text message broadcasts to multiple recipients.
    • Schedule text message sends.
    • Automate text message responses with keywords.
    • Manage opt-in and opt-out TCPA compliance.

    Hereâs how to send a text from your computer using MessageDesk:

    How To Text Message From Your Computer Using Your Phone

    Internet and Computer Hacks: Send and Sync SMS from your ...

    Microsoft’s Your Phone app allows you to sync text messages, phone calls, notifications, and more through your PC. Syncing text messages lets you keep your smartphone in your pocket and use your PC’s keyboard to send text messages. To make this work, you’ll need an Android phone. If you’re running certain Samsung Galaxy phones, you can also sync RCS messages. All other Android phones can sync, send, and receive standard SMS messages.

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    How To Schedule Or Repeat Text Messages

    • Press the orange + button, then select the contact you want to send a text message to.
    • In the conversation window, tap the three vertical dots icon in the top right corner, then tap Schedule Message.
    • Set date and time via calendar interface
    • Write your message. When you’re done, click Add to Program.

    Link Your Phone To Your Computer

    Next, head over to the new Android Messages website on your computer. The website will work on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Opera. If you plan on messaging from your computer often, this link is definitely worth bookmarking:

    Image via Android Messages

    Now, open the Android Messages app on your phone. If everything went smoothly with the app update and the server-side update, all you’ll need to do is tap the three-dot menu button in the top-right corner and choose “Messages for web.” If you don’t see this option, you’ll have to wait for the server-side update.

    If the “Messages for web” option is present, go ahead and tap it. On the next screen, tap “Scan QR code,” then simply scan the QR code on your computer’s screen. After following the prompts, you’ll see a message stating “Connected to Messages for web.” The app will now show your signed-in computers take note of this menu, as you can use it to disconnect this computer later if you need to.

    Images by Mighty Quinn Apps/Imgur

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    How To Text From Your Computer To An Android Phone

    If youre an Android user, you can send a text message from a PC with the Android Messages web app, known as Messages for web. The web version offers a lot of the same services as Android Messages for mobile, like emojis, GIFs, photos and videos, but you wont have the ability to use some of the more advanced features, such as Google Pay, file attachments or predictive text.

    To get started, youll need to set Android Messages as the default texting app on your phone and ensure that you have the latest version installed.A few tips to keep in mind before using Messages for web for computer texting.

    • Before scanning the QR code on the Messages web page, toggle on Remember this Computer. Otherwise, youll need to pair your devices every time you use the service. If you forget to do this, go to Settings and toggle on Remember this device after you log in.
    • Keep your phone on when using the web app. If your phone is shut off or the battery dies, you wont be able to text from your browser. Your phone should have service and your laptop or computer should have access to Wi-Fi.
    • Use a compatible web browser. Messages for web is available to use with Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge.

    When you have unread messages, youll see a red notification and the number of unread texts in the Messages icon in your browser tab.

    Use Email Client To Send Texts From Computer To Phone

    Send Receive Call/SMS From Windows10 | By Using Android/iPhone from Your Phone App

    Want to simply text from computer to any mobile phone? Actually, you are able to use no third-party services and realize it via your email client. You can send text messages through an email to SMS gateway, as long as you remember the contact’s phone number and the service provider’ name. Have no idea about service providers’ names and their responding gateway address? And here, we have a list of the most common American ones. Let’s check it out.

    U.S. Service Carrier

    To let the method work, you have to limit the SMS text to less than 160 characters. If not, your message will be sent as an MMS instead.

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    Why Are My Imessages Out Of Order

    • 1. Bad network connection – If the network power is low, most likely your messages will not download and hence the problem is more common.
    • 2.
    • 3.
    • So if you are one of those who can find a solution to this phrase my text messages are not available on Samsung Galaxy S8 then you know that these factors can really be to blame.

    Take Steps To Send And Receive Android Texts On Computer

    Step 1. Connect your Android phone to the computer

    First of all, install and run the Coolmuster Android Assistant on the computer. Connect your Android phone to the same computer via USB cable. Once detected by the program, your Android phone, along with its data, will be displayed in the program window.

    Step 2. Send and receive Android short messages from computer

    Go to the “Contacts” tab and click “All SMS” on the left to enter the SMS managing window. Then, you can click the “Send” option to bring out the SMS texting window. Now, you can type the phone number who would receive the message or choose him from your contact list directly, type the contents and then press on “Send” to send out this message.

    That’s the way on how to send and receive text messages from computer for Android users. Quite simple, isn’t it? Then, why not free download the trial version of the software to give it a shot?

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    Sms Center Send Sms From Pc

    SMS Center enables you to freely create, send, and receive texts from your PC via connected Android mobile phone. You can connect via USB cable, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth. The application remains active in the task bar, which means youll receive a notification and quick preview whenever theres a new SMS or call.

    Here are the main features of this app:

    • Send SMS The app lets you check your messages with its spell-checking function. You also have the option to receive texts simply as email messages, and you can create notes or appointments by right-clicking on the SMS item.
    • Synchronized folders Once the desktop application connects with your phone, all of your SMS are automatically synchronized. You can manage SMS through PC.
    • Search, print, or export to archive The app comes with a search function that lets you browse texts in various folders and print them. You may also export your messages to an XML file, or save a backup and add them to an archive.

    SMS Center offers useful features to send text message from computer to cell phone. However, the main drawback is that the app tends to be buggy. Some users complain that the app frequently gets disconnected or rebooted. Other users find it hard to connect their Android phone with the desktop application, particularly through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It appears to be a good app but not guaranteed to work well on all types of Android devices.

    How To Send And Receive Text Messages Through The Your Phone App On Your Pc

    How to Send SMS from PC over an Android Galaxy S10 Plus ...

    You can now send and receive text messages from the Your Phone app on your PC. Texts you make directly from your smartphone will also sync to the Your Phone app on your PC now. Sending a text message from the Your Phone app is straightforward.

  • Tap the conversation you want to send a message in.
  • Enter your text in the box labeled Send a message.
  • Tap the arrow or press Enter to send the message.
  • The Your Phone app can also send photos, GIFs, and emojis. You can send these by tapping their icons and selecting the content you’d like to send in a message. Be aware that some providers charge extra for sending certain content. These charges will still apply since the text messages are being relayed through your smartphone.

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    Drag Media Into The Android Messages Conversation

    Sending a photo from Android Messages on the web is dead simple. You can either use the attachments icon to the right of emoji and stickers or just drag and drop media into the conversation window to send an MMS.

    This article was originally published on June 19th, 2018, and has been updated to include minor changes made to menus.

    What Is Sms Scheduling And How Does It Work

    Scheduling text messages is an incredibly useful feature that can make your personal and professional life so much easier. Whether you’re communicating with a customer in a different time zone or wanting your loved ones at midnight on a special occasion, this feature can save your life in many situations.

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    How To Send A Message

    You can open any message thread like you do on your phone to read and reply to your contacts. The messages can be decorated by adding fancy stuff like emojis and stickers.

    To write a new message, click on New Conversation on the left-hand side of the web interface.

    There are a couple of handy features in the Android messages web interface. You can add files stored on your PC in the messages. Also, if your device has dual SIM functionality, you can choose your preferred SIM card by click on the selector option present on the left-side of the text field.

    Add Media To Your Conversations

    Send Texts from Your Computer on Android

    Below the message box are three buttons to help you insert content into your message. The emoji button and the GIF button open menus where you can quickly search for what you want.

    The Image button also opens a menu where you can select from recent photos on your Android device. The menu also has an option for inserting an image from your PC.

    Select Browse this PC and navigate to the folder that contains your picture. Select the picture, then click Open.

    If you have a photo on your Android device that isn’t among the most recent, you can still insert it in a message.

    In the Your Phone app, switch to Photos.

    In the , locate the image you want, right-click it, and select Save as to save it to your PC.

    Follow the procedure above to add the picture from your PC to a message.

    Note: The Your Phone app supports SMS text messages and Multimedia Messaging Service messaging. This means you can still send photos and GIFs from your PC. RCS messaging is also available for select Samsung devices.

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    How To Use Google Assistant To Send Text Messages On Android

    Now, almost every major smartphone maker has its virtual assistant apps. Virtual assistant apps like Cortana, Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa, etc., have made our life more comfortable and fun. Android smartphone has Google Assistant app to perform wide range o tasks.

    You can use Google Assistant to perform a wide range of tasks like making a call, checking the cricket scores, reading the news, and more. Do you know that you can even send text messages with Google Assistant on Android? Lets admit, there are times when our hands are full, and we cant use our phone to reply or send a text message.

    At that time, you can rely on Google Assistant to send SMS with only your voice. If you are interested in sending text messages with Google Assistant on Android, then continue reading the article. In this article, we will share a step-by-step guide on how to send text messages to any number via the Google Assistant app.

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    How To Transfer Text Messages To Computer Via Sms Backup+

    SMS Backup+ can back up your SMS, MMS and call history in Gmail and Google Calendar. And you can restore the backup messages back to your Android phone easily. However, you need to set the IMAP first, so it is a bit complicated.

    Here’s how to back up text messages from Android to PC:

    Step 1. Download SMS Backup+

    Firstly, download SMS Backup+ on the Android device from the Google Play.

    Step 2. Set the IMAP

    Next, sign in your Gmail account and go to the “Settings” on the Gmail page. Hit the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” to choose the “Enable IMAP” option.

    Step 3. Export Text Messages from Android to PC

    Tap on the “Connect” so as to connect your Gmail. Choose your account and tap on “ALLOW” to grant the permission. Click the “Backup” option on the pop-up page. The transfer will start.

    – The process will last for several minutes or half an hour . But you can browse the SMS on your Gmail and needn’t have to wait until it is over.

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    What Does ‘lite’ Mean

    DesktopSMS Lite is a wrapper that sits on top of your default Android SMS messenger and provides SMS and MMS synchronization with DesktopSMS Client on Windows. It is not standalone messenger . This implies some limitations that are enforced by Android system design, because only default Android SMS messenger is allowed to make changes to the messaging store. This is the reason why you can’t delete messages or why messages are not even marked as read when using Lite version, although we would like to make it possible!

    S To Use Google Assistant To Send Text Messages

    How to Send a Text Message From a Computer

    Not just on Android, the trick which we will be sharing below works with smart speakers and every other Google Assistant-enabled device like smart speakers. So, lets check out.

    Step 1. First of all, launch Google Assistant on your Android device. You can tap on the Assistant app or say Ok, Google to launch the Google Assistant on your phone.

    Step 2. When the Google Assistant pops up, you need to say commands like Send a Message . You can even say Send an SMS to

    Step 3. If you have duplicate contacts, Google Assistant would ask you to select one. Say the name of the contact.

    Step 4. If the contacts have multiple numbers, Google Assistant would ask you to select a number. Just use your voice to select the number. After choosing the contact, Google Assistant will ask you to enter the text message. Say what you would like to send to your contact.

    Step 5. Once done, the SMS will be sent instantly. You will see a confirmation screen like below.

    Thats it! You are done. This is how you can send text messages with Google Assistant on Android. I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your friends also. If you have any doubts about this, let us know in the comment box below.

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