How To Sign Into Icloud On Android


Icloud Hacking Features Of Kidsguard Pro

how to log into your icloud account on android

KidsGuard Pro for iCloud offers a bunch of features. Almost all activities on iCloud will be accessible for you.

  • Have access to all photos and videos stored on the target iCloud, as well as the deleted ones.

  • Track the real-time location of your target remotely on an intuitive geographical map. With addresses, times and dates, you can keep tapping on the whereabouts of someone.

  • Check each existing or new contact from the monitored address book.

  • Monitor notes, reminders, calendars and all files in the iCloud Drive, so you won’t miss any important events!

  • All the iOS devices, even running the latest version, are supported.

How Do I Open Icloud On Android

Access iCloud Photos: Sign in to iCloud from any mobile browser and tap Photos. Access iCloud Email: Open Gmail and tap Menu > Settings. Tap Add account > Other and then enter your iCloud login info. Access iCloud Calendar/Contacts: Youll need an iPhone or iPad and a computer to transfer data from iCloud to Android.

What You Need To Know

Suppose you are using iPhone iCloud as iPhone or iPad user and now you want to move to Android and give iOS devices a break, then there is possibility for you to be contemplating on what to do with your iCloud email and how to login to iCloud on Android so that you can transfer all your iCloud files on iPhone to your new Android phone.

Meanwhile, using an Android phone means that you need popularly called Gmail.

But now, you want to use iPhone iCloud on your Android phone then you need your iCloud email account to log in on Gmail otherwise, you will have to use Gmail account to sync your iPhone files to your Android since you are not interested in iCloud alternatives for a replacement on your new Android phone.

However, the good news is that it is easy to log in to iCloud on Android phone to keep your iCloud email address active while you ditch iPhone for Android phone.

Needless say that you have limited assignment to perform to start using an iCloud account on Google Android phone.

And the purpose of this post is to reveal to you everything you need to know and do on your Android phone so that you can log in to your iCloud account as an Android phone user without registering for another Apple ID account using the same old iCloud Email.

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How To Access Your Icloud Data On Android

Some of it, anyway

Theres no official iCloud app for Android, but that doesnt mean you cant access your files and photos from your Android device. Sure, it wont be as seamless as accessing them from an Apple product, but a situation may arise where you need to venture outside of the walled garden and access your data from an Android phone or tablet. Heres how to get it done.

How To Safely Sign Out Of Icloud On A Mac Iphone Or Ipad

How to Access iCloud From Your Android Phone

Don’t want to use iCloud on your Apple devices anymore? Here’s how to safely sign out of your account.

iCloud is Apples cloud storage service, available for free or with a paid subscription. Apple devices require you to sign in to iCloud to benefit from all their features. Signing in during initial setup is simple. But, if you want to sign out of a device thats already set up, it gets a little more tricky.

Heres how to sign out of iCloud on your Mac or iPhone, whether you want to stop using Apples services or sign in with a different Apple ID account instead.

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Log In To Icloud On Your Windows Pc

Similar to the Mac, setting up iCloud on a Windows PC only takes a few steps. Instead of checking for an update like you did on the Mac, begin by downloading iCloud for Windows 10. You can find it available here non-Windows 10 users can go to Once the file is downloaded, go ahead and open and install the file just as you would any other Windows application.

After the file is installed, open and sign in using the Apple ID that you regularly use on your iOS or other Apple devices. Similar to the Mac, once you log in, you will have options to sync various iCloud services, like iCloud Drive, Photos, Mail, Contacts and Calendars, as well as bookmarks with Internet Explorer/Edge. Once you have selected everything you want to sync, click on Apple at the bottom of the screen so that your changes take effect.

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Log In To Icloud On Your Mac

When using iCloud on your Mac, its important to start by making sure you are on the latest version of macOS. To do that, go to the Apple menu at the top left of the screen , then About This Mac -> Software Update. If there is an update available, go ahead and complete the update before attempting to log in to iCloud.

When you are updated, go back to the Apple Menu -> System Preferences. When that menu appears, locate Apple ID which will be available at the top right of the System Preferences screen. Click on it and enter your Apple ID login.

After you enter the login, your iCloud will turn on automatically and begin to sync on your Mac. This will include everything from Mail, Safari bookmarks, contacts, calendar, iCloud Drive, Keychain and more. You can also go through this screen and check/uncheck anything you dont want backing up to iCloud.

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Icloud App For Android

8gb ram for programming. Turn on your new phone. Tap Start.If you don’t see ‘Start,’ you can copy your data manually. When asked, choose to copy apps and data from your old phone. If you have a cable to connect your phones, follow the on-screen instructions to copy your data. With the Move to iOS’ app, one can transfer messages, call logs, contacts from old Android devices to the new iPhone. First, you need to download the Move to iOS’ app from the Play Store.

Download Icloud Photos To Android With Mobiletrans

How to Access Apple iCloud from Android

To transfer iCloud photos to android phone can be tricky, but let us introduce you to MobileTrans. MobileTrans is a lifesaver here. Like literally, it saves the part of your life you have captured and stored in your Apple device lovingly. MobileTrans is an app that allows you to transfer iOS photos, videos, contacts and messages to android. With MobileTrans-Copy Data To Android, you can download iCloud photos to android without using the PC securely and efficiently.

With MobileTrans, transferring iCloud photos to android phone is just a few clicks away. All you need is an iCloud backup and a stable internet connection. Yes, this is it!

Follow these steps to transfer iOS photos to android phone.

Step 1: Install App on Your Android

MobileTrans – Copy Data to Android is an application you need to have on your phone to access iCloud photos on android. To install the app, go to Google Play and install MobileTrans – Copy Data to Android to your android phone.

Step 2: USB or Import from iCloud

Open the app. It will show you two options namely, import from iCloud and import from USB cable. Since here you are concerned with accessing iCloud photos on android, choose import from iCloud. We will take care of import from USB later.

Step 3: Sign In

Step 4: Choose Data to Transfer

Now, it asks you to select the type of data to transfer from iCloud to android. Choose photos and move on.

Step 5: Start

Press Start Importing and Voila! You have done it!

Supported Versions

Additional Tips

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Access Your Data Via The Icloud Website

Getting to your personal iCloud data from an Android device is as easy as opening the iCloud website in your browser.

  • Go to in your browser. Image Gallery
  • Log in with your Apple ID and password.
  • You will be asked for a six-digit code for two-factor authentication. Image Gallery ExpandClose
  • Check your iPhone, MacBook, or iPad for a prompt asking you to verify the login. Select Allow and then enter the six-digit code on your Android device.
  • If the Android device you’re using is one you intend to use for this purpose again, select Trust so you won’t have to enter the verification code next time. Don’t do this on a device you don’t own. Image Gallery
  • You’ll now be taken to your iCloud account. Image Gallery ExpandClose
  • However, as Apple mentions on this support page, there are a few caveats to accessing your iCloud data from non-Apple devices.

    Can I Have Icloud Email On Samsung Phone

    If you switch from iPhone to Android, you dont have to ditch iCloud services, like iCloud Mail. While Apple doesnt make it easy to set up, it is possible to sign in and use your iCloud email address on Android. While we recommend Gmail, you should be able to add your iCloud email address in most email apps.

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    How Can I Access My Icloud Email If My Phone Is Broken

    Question: Q: Restore from iCloud if old phone is broken Go to your Apple ID account page and enter your Apple ID and password. On the Verify Your Identity screen, select Cant access your trusted devices? In the pop-up window, enter your Recovery Key. Go to the Security section and click Edit.

    View Icloud Calendar On Android

    How to view photos backed up on iCloud using iPhone ...

    You can publish the contents of your iCloud Calendar to Google Calendar, but note that this is a one-way sync. Any changes made in Google Calendar will not be reflected in iCloud. However, this shouldn’t be a problem if you’re making the entire switch to Android.

    Also note that the two systems are not fully compatible, so Google Calendar will not display all the information that iCloud stores.

    • Start by opening the iCloud website in your browser.
    • Locate Calendar.
    • Where the calendar names are listed on the left, tap the Wi-Fi style icon.
    • In the sharing box, select the public calendar and copy the link to your clipboard.
    • Open Google Calendar in your browser .
    • On the right, look for Other calendars And click on the plus icon.
    • Locate from url.
    • Paste the calendar link from your iCloud calendar.
    • my choice: If anyone else needs to view the calendar, check the Make calendar publicly available box.
  • When done, tap Add a calendar.
  • Your iCloud calendar should now appear in your phone’s Calendar app, but give it up to 24 hours for a full sync.

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    How Do I Sign Into Icloud Email On Android

  • How do I access my iCloud from another device?
  • The Gmail sign-in screen appears. Type your iCloud email address, and then tap Next. Type in the password Apple generated for you , and then Tap Next. If your email address and password are correct, Android signs in and starts to sync your iCloud email account to your device.

    How To Access Icloud Photos From A Web Browser

    If you don’t want to install and set up iCloud on your device , there is an alternate way to access your iCloud Photos. You can use any favorite web browser on your device to access them. To access iCloud Photos from any of your web browsers, follow the steps below:

  • Open any web browser application present on your device.
  • Visit via the address bar.
  • Log in to your iCloud account using your Apple username and password.
  • On the iCloud home screen, select
  • You can access your iCloud Photos library online, including other data you stored there, such as videos, files, etc. The application also allows uploading photos by selecting the Upload section, which is represented as an arrow pointing into the cloud.

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    Iloud Mail Login From Android Installation And Configuration

    Apple users have access to the convenient iCloud storage system. Often, changing an apple device to Android raises some questions related to the transfer of personal data. This instruction will be useful to those who have encountered similar problems. Or who, when asked for iCloud login from android, iCloud mail on Android did not receive an exhaustive answer.

    Use Microsoft Outlook Or Other Email Apps

    How To Access And Use iCloud on Android Devices?

    You dont have to use the Gmail app to get your iCloud emails on Android. There are other alternatives, like Microsoft Outlook. The setup process is similar, no matter which app you choose.

    In the Outlook app, for example, tap the hamburger menu, and then tap the add account icon .

    Here, type your iCloud email address, and then tap Continue.

    Outlook automatically detects youre signing in with an iCloud account, so you shouldnt have to do anything else. Type your password, and then tap the check mark at the top right to sign in.

    You should now be able to view and send emails from your iCloud email address.

    If you want to use another email app, look for the IMAP sign-in option when you sign in to your account or the iCloud option. Use your generated password to complete the sign-in process, and you should be able to use your iCloud email as if you were on an iOS or Mac device.

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    Icloud Features Available On Android Devices

    iCloud works best when youre on an iPad or Mac. There, you can access all of your data, including your photos, notes, mail, contacts, and your iWork documents from Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. However, if you use iCloud via the web on Android, you can only access the following things:

    • Reminders
    • Find My iPhone

    So you can easily access important documents stored in your iCloud drive, browse through your Photos camera roll, and even locate a lost iPhone using the Find My app. Notes are known to be a bit wonky in practice, but at least they’re there too.

    Unfortunately, your calendar, contacts, and work docs cannot be accessed this way at least not officially.

    Use Sign In With Apple On Third

    If you see a Sign in with Apple button on a participating third-party app or website, you can use your existing Apple ID to quickly set up an account and sign in. Learn how to use .

    When you sign in to the App Store and other media services for the first time, you might need to add a credit card or other payment information. You cant sign in to the App Store and other media services with more than one Apple ID at the same time, or update the content you buy with a different Apple ID. Depending on how you created your Apple ID, you might be prompted to upgrade to two-factor authentication on an eligible device.

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    Log In To Icloud On Your Ios Device

    Just as you would on a Mac, start by making sure your iOS or iPadOS device is using the latest OS version. To do that, go to Settings -> General -> Software Update. If an update is available, go ahead and install that update before logging in to iCloud. Its important to note that the steps below are only available if you did not log in to iCloud when you first set up your iPhone or iPad.

    Start by going to Settings and signing in with your Apple ID. iCloud will automatically turn on and begin to sync. To check what is syncing, head to Settings -> -> iCloud and look over what is checked. Anything that is currently syncing will be indicated with a green mark. Applications like Photos, Contacts, Calendars and other third-party apps will likely be syncing. You can activate or deactivate any of these on iCloud by turning off the box to the right of the application name.

    How To Access Icloud Email On Android Phone

    How To Sign Into Icloud Email On Android

    People who use Apple ID often choose iCloud email as their default email service. However, after switching to Android device, you might find it difficult to access iCloud email on Android phone. Luckily, you can manually set up your iCloud mail to link your iCloud account on Android phone so that you can easily access iCloud emails on Android anytime and anywhere.

    Here’s how:

    Step 1. On your Android device, please go to “Settings”> “User & accounts”> “Add account”.

    Step 2. On the next screen, please choose “Personal ” option.

    Step 3. Next, please enter your iCloud email ID to add your email address, and tap “MANUAL SETUP” option.

    Step 4. Now, please enter your iCloud email user name and password, and other required information. For example, the server would be “”, the port number would be “993” and the security type would be “SSL/TSL”. Then tap “Next” option.

    Note: If you choose to set up the email via the SMTP protocol instead of IMAP, you might choose the server as “” and the port as “587”.

    Step 5. When you add your iCloud account successfully, you can check your iCloud email on your Android device whenever and wherever you want.

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    Set Up Icloud Email Access For Gmail

    With your separate app password set up, youre ready to sync your iCloud emails with Gmailthe default email app for most people who own Android devices. Remember, this process should also work in other email clients, though we cover more about that below.

    To start, swipe down from the top of your device to access the notifications shade, and then tap the gear icon. Alternatively, you can access the Android settings from your apps drawer.

    In the main settings menu, tap Accounts. Depending on your device and the version of Android it runs, this might have a slightly different name, like Accounts and Backup.

    If youre using a Samsung device, tap Accounts again in the next menu. For other Android devices, you should be able to skip this step.

    You see a list of the accounts synced with your device. Scroll to the bottom and tap Add account.

    Select Personal with the Gmail symbol next to it.

    The Gmail sign-in screen appears. Type your iCloud email address, and then tap Next.

    Type in the password Apple generated for you , and then Tap Next.

    If your email address and password are correct, Android signs in and starts to sync your iCloud email account to your device. You might have to confirm some additional settings, like how often you want Gmail to sync your emails.

    To see if the process worked, launch the Gmail app, and then tap the menu button in the top-left. You should see your iCloud email account alongside your others tap it to switch to it in Gmail.

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