How To Start A Conference Call On Android


Provide Options For Call Access

How to set up conference call on Android phones

Though you may find that you prefer using your Android to make conference calls, you must recognize that not everyone else in your company feels the same.

Some people may have iPhones instead.

Thus, you need to provide different options for call access and not just assume that what works for you works for everyone else.

Some of your colleagues may prefer to call in from their laptop or their tablet. This is where using a conference call service comes in handy, again, as it makes it easy for everyone to access the call no matter what device theyre using.

The calls will have a URL link and access code that can be used from any device for the duration of the scheduled meeting time.

Hosting A Conference Call

If your group is just a few people , you can do it from your mobile phone using the steps above. With a bigger group, you’ll need to turn to a conference call service., and a host of other companies will allow you to set up a conference call line for groups as small as three to as large as 1,000 callers for free. You simply set up an account and log in. Then, following prompts, add all the email addresses of the people who will be in the call, as well as the date and time of the call. The service will send email invites to all the participants along with a special number and PIN for them to use on the call. The call can be recorded for a fee.

These companies also offer free web and video conferencing if you want to take your conference call to the next level.

How To Make A Conference Call On Your Galaxy Phone

A conference call enables more than two people to be on the same call. You can easily create a conference call using the phone app. Follow the below guide for more information.

Before you try out the below recommendations as to your solution, be sure to check if your device’s software and related apps are updated with the latest version. Please check how to update your mobile device’s software in the following order.

Step 1. Go to Settings > Software update.

Step 2. Tap on

Step 3. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Note: Device screenshots and menus may vary depending on the device model and software version.

Type in the number you would like to call then tap on .Once the first contact number has accepted your call, tap on Add call.Enter the number or name of the contact you wish to call and then tap the Phone icon to start the call.Tap Merge to join the two calls.The two calls are now joined. If you would like to end the Conference Call tap on

If you’re experiencing unusual behavior on Samsung mobiles, tablets, or wearables, you can send us an error report or ask us a question in the Samsung Members app. This allows us to take a closer look at what is happening. The data is anonymized and only held for the duration of the investigation. Find out more about how to send an error report here: How to use the Samsung Members app

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Choose A Quiet Location With A Strong Signal

Take the time and care to find a spot that is free from noise and interference so everyone on the call can participate effectively. Additionally, a headset can be an effective tool for eliminating ambient noise. Make sure your location has a strong signal. If it appears unstable, consider changing locations.

Tips To Help You Make Conference Calls Like A Pro

How To Make a Conference Call On Android In 2021

The success of an audio conference call doesnt end when you click the call button. There are a lot of other moving parts involved.

For example, 33% of all conference calls are wasted dealing with distractions and interruptions so youll need to get the best value from every minute of your call.

Here are 10 tips to help you make successful audio conference calls on a consistent basis.

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Unmerge Or Drop A Caller If You Want

On the conference call management screen, you can see the names and numbers of all of the current participants in the call. If you want to remove someone from the conference call, but still keep them on the line so that you can talk to them privately, tap the Unmerge button beside their name. If you want to kick someone out of the conference call, tap the Disconnect button beside their name.

You can also tap the Back arrow in the top-left corner of the screen to return to the call.

Stay Connected Anytime Anywhere With Ringcentral

Maintaining close relationships in business is more important and yet arguably more challenging than ever before. Holding essential meetings and conferences on a face-to-face basis through video conferencing is a way to redress the balance.

Stay in touch as often as you need to with RingCentralsvideo conference solution.

The next best thing to meeting in person, collaboration is made possible through cloud communications, and youll be able to screen and file share, as well as to conduct full presentations or training sessions. Take your conversations further, and stay connected on a global level, no matter what challenges the outside world may bring.

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Manners Of The Conference Call

As you prepare for a business meeting, it is important to present yourself professionally and formally during a conference call. Below is some point you should be kept in mind:

  • Be preparedOn the business conference call, you must be on time to attain the conference call. Make sure you are logged in, set up and ready to discuss topics before the scheduled time of the call. If you use a website or application for a conference call, test and ensure that everything is running well.
  • Choose a silent location with a strong network signalBefore starting the call, find a place that is free from noise and interference so that every participant is involved effectively. Besides this, the use of headphones can also eliminate unwanted outside noise. Also, ensure that your location catches strong and stable network signals.
  • Make sure your phone is fully charged already:If possible, keep chargers and outlets close to you.
  • Turn off your ringers:Make sure to remove any unnecessary interruptions by switching your smartphone and laptop to silent mode before making a call.
  • Stay focusedMost smartphones support multitasking and allow you to perform another job during your phone call. Instead, other participants cannot see you doing another task, but you have to present them effectively.

Video And Audio Settings

How to use Conference Call with Android – Mobistar

While most conference calls require that your audio is put on, not all of them require the same for your video. While setting up for your conference call, you can check if the call requires your video. If your video is necessary, ensure you confirm that both your audio and video functionality are operational.

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Making Conference Calls Through An App

Many people prefer making conference calls through services and applications instead of their phones. While some have a 10-user cap, others allow you to connect up to a hundred people simultaneously, depending on the plan you subscribe to.

While the steps will differ depending on service or application use, Ill discuss how you can hold a conference call on Android on two of the most popular services: RingCentral and Zoom.


The RingCentral app is one of the most reliable conference calling tools you can get your hands on. It has several collaboration features designed to make phone calls and conference calls more productive.

Once you subscribe to the RingCentral Office plan, youll be able to make free conference calls for local and international numbers in real-time directly from the app.

Select the contacts you want to start a conference call with from the directory, then tap on the + icon. Click on the New Conference option, and thats it!


After downloading the Zoom app from the Google Play Store, sign up for an account. Once thats done, click on New Meeting. You can protect a meeting with a password and turn your audio call into a video call if you choose to share video.

To hold a conference, you select Participants and click on Invite. You can then share the conference link via SMS or instant messaging apps like Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, and so on.

The recipient can then join the chat by simply clicking on the link.

The Basics Of Setting Up Your Next Audio Conference Call

Depending on the tool you want to use, there are a few steps to follow when setting up a conference call. If youre using Whatsapp, or another instant messaging app with audio conferencing capabilities, the process is quite straightforward.

However, if youre using an audio conferencing app, like grptalk, there are three key steps to getting started.

Step 1: Subscribe to a service of your choice based on your requirements. Log in to your account and head over to the audio call section.

Step 2: Create a group, add in some contacts, initiate the call right away, or schedule one later.

Step 3: For a scheduled call, send invites to the participants. You can do this via SMS or email.

Well explain both processes below.

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How To Conference Call On Android

Android phones can handle up to five callers in a single conference call. Starting one is just a matter of dialing up the individuals one by one and merging the calls as you go.

  • Open your phone app.

  • Tap on a contact or dial a number to start your first call.

  • Once your party answers, tap Add call.

    The Add call button will remain dimmed until the party answers the call.

  • Tap on a contact or dial a number to start your second call.

  • Once your second party answers the call, tap Merge.

  • You can add more recipients to the call by repeating steps three, four, and five for each new caller, up to a maximum of five.

    How To Make A Conference Call Using A Third

    How To Make Conference Call on Android Phone

    There are numerous third-party apps you will find on the Play Store that allows making a conference call on Android. One such app is the RingCentral app using which you can easily make a conference call.

    Below we have mentioned the steps to make a conference call on Android using RingCentral app:

    Step 1, Download: app from Play Store on your Android smartphone. Once the downloading and installation get finished, create a new account or sign in if you have already created it.

    Step 2, Select contacts: Select the contacts from your phone directory or enter a number to make a conference call. After that, click on the “+” icon, and you will see an option of “New Conference”, from there, you can add contacts to connect in a conference call.

    You can also convert your normal ongoing call to a conference call by clicking on the + Add icon to add more contacts to your call.

    You will get other useful options by clicking on the “More” option. From there, you can put someone to hold, transfer a call, record a call, etc.

    Step 3, Add more contacts to the conference call: Now tap on the + Add icon to add more contacts to your ongoing call.

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    A Guide On How To Do A Conference Call On Iphone And Android

    Modern technology hasn’t only made the concept of remote work possible but easier too. An essential feature of remote working is communicating over long distances with multiple people through conference calls. Understanding how to do a conference call is important to ensure you can communicate easily with colleagues regardless of your location. In this article, we explore how to use mobile devices for conference calls, identify features of an iPhone conference call, discuss what a conference call is, highlight tips for preparing for conference calls, outline etiquette for professional conference calls, and provide tips for choosing conference call hosting services.

    Conference Calling On Android

    Android operating systems have built-in conference call capability, allowing you to connect audio with up to 5 callers at once. Before getting started, swipe down from the top of your screen, click on the Settings cog, and Check for Updates to be sure youre running the most recent software version and prevent unnecessary glitches. Most service providers support the Android conference calling feature without an extra charge, but users with pay-as-you-go Vodafone or limited-minute Virgin Mobile plans may have trouble connecting.

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    How To Make A Conference Call Using Cell Phones

    With the development of technology, an increasing number of jobs can be done remotely. Since much business can be accomplished offsite, it has become more important than ever to be able to communicate effectively regardless of location. Smartphones allow you to conduct a formal conference call any time, any place. In this article, we will discuss what a conference call is, when and how to participate using a mobile device and how to keep it professional.

    If You’re Hosting The Conference Call

    How to Make a Conference Call on Android Phone

    Host your own Android conference call with up to 4 other people by following these steps:

  • Tap the phone icon to search your contacts or type a number and dial the first invitee.
  • Dial the next person from your contact list.
  • Tap the 2-tail arrow icon to Merge Calls.
  • Repeat steps 24 to include up to 5 participants in the call.
  • Note that your audio will mute automatically whenever you click to Add a New Call and unmute when the recipient answers the call and puts you into active call mode. If you want to adjust these settings manually, you may do so at any time from the bottom-right or left of the screen. Youll also note theres a Swap button that allows you to speak privately with one caller on a separate line.

    As the host, youll have full in-call management capabilities. If you want to remove a person from the group chat but have the caller remain on standby to rejoin later or speak with you privately, you can click the splitting arrows beside the Unmerge button. However, if you want to remove someone from the conference call altogether, you can tap the downward-facing phone beside the Disconnect button.

    To quickly return to the multi-way chat, tap the back arrow at the top-left corner of the screen to Return to Call. If youre leaving the call while everyone else is staying on, you can tap the red End Call button at the bottom of the screen to disconnect.

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    How To Make A Conference Call Using An Android Phone

    If you own a mobile phone running a recent version of the Android operating system, it’s easy to merge calls to create an audio conference for up to five people. However, not all cellular providers and plans support this feature. If you don’t see any of the steps we’ve provided for how to make a conference call using an Android phone, check with your service provider to make sure this feature is supported with your plan.

  • Dial the first person you want to invite to the conference call.
  • After the call connects, tap the “Add Call” or + icon on the left of your screen.
  • Dial or select the next person from your contact list.
  • Tap the “Merge Calls” icon to join the three parties on one line.
  • Repeat steps 2-4 to add more meeting participants.
  • Once you’re in the conference call, you can select the “Drop” button on the right of each caller’s ID to remove them from the call.
  • Did you know? You can set up a conference call using an iPhone as well. It also supports up to five callers at once.

    How Do I Setup A Conference Call

    To set up a conference call on your Android phone, you can use Skype. You can call up to six people at once. Simply start by dialing the first person and then the second. When the first person answers the call, the second person will have the option to join or not. Continue by adding more people to your call, if necessary. Once you have added the first two people to your call, you can join the conference as many times as you want.

    To setup a conference call on your Android phone, first open the Call screen. Then, select Conference call. Then, merge the phone numbers of each party one by one. When calling the first person, make sure that you inform them of the call. Then, look for the next person. Then, repeat the process with the other party. Once all the participants are on the call, you will be able to continue the conference call.

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    How To Video Conference Call Using Facebook Messenger

    Not all of your coworkers or clients will have Snapchat, but you can bet that they will probably have. When asking how to make a three-way call on Android, here are the steps youll follow to talk with a group using this app:

    Open Messenger

    Find the app on your phone and click on it. If you arent already logged in, input your credentials to get into your account.

    Step 1: Create a Group

    After you have logged in to your Messenger account, youll then need to create a group. Touch the pencil icon located in the right-hand corner of the screen.

    This will open a new window, and youll want to click on Create a New Group, which can be found near the top of the screen.

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    Step 2: Add People to Your Group

    Once you have clicked on Create a New Group, you will be taken to a screen that will allow you to add people from your friends list. Click on the open circle to the right, and this will add the person to your group.

    Continue doing this until you have added everyone to the group you want to have a meeting with.

    Step 3: Name Your Group

    After adding all of the people to the group, youll then click on the Next button. You will be asked to name your group, which you will need to do.

    You will then click the Create button located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

    Step 4: Place Your Video Call

    Step-by-step guide:

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