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How To Stream Games On Twitch From An Android Phone

How to Stream Video From Your Android Phone To You PC
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In recent years, mobile gaming has seen a massive increase in popularity, with major releases such as Fortnite, PUBG, Call of Duty and even EvE Online getting mobile versions. Phones are also becoming more and more powerful each year, with more RAM and features such as high refresh rate screens and cooling systems becoming the norm.

If your phone is your main gaming platform, its only natural that you might want to stream your gameplay on Twitch as well. After all, PCs and consoles have been doing it for years, so why not phones?

This article is going to show you how to easily start streaming your mobile gaming sessions on Twitch. All you need is your phone and an internet connection.

Stream With A Streaming App Designed For Mobile

If you need to capture the screen while streaming from your phone, streaming apps will help! There are different apps for iPhone and Android devices, and you can choose the one you like, as Restream supports any that uses RTMP streaming. You will need to use your Restream stream key and URL in the way required by the application.

If you are having trouble finding a good streaming app, try using Larix Broadcaster or Streamlabs! They are available on iPhone and Android. You can see our guide on them here:

How To Stream Audio From Pc To Android

I was watching a movie last night on the laptop and my wireless headphones decided to die. I didnt want to wake anyone up by blasting the audio through the speakers and then it hit me. There should be a way to stream audio from PC to an Android smartphone. Turns out, there is. It works similar to Rokus Private listening but for your PC, All you need is a good Wi-Fi connection. I found 3 apps that let you do this. Lets see how it works.

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Best Apps For Mobile Streaming

Professional mobile streams require some help from a dedicated mobile streaming app.

One of the essential elements of mobile live streaming at a professional level is a dedicated app that allows you to encode your video files before they are transmitted to your online video platform.

Here are a few of the top apps for mobile live streaming:

  • Larix Broadcaster
  • Airmix Solo
  • Broadcast Me

Head over to our comparison of the Top Apps for Live Streaming with RTMP ingest for an in-depth comparison and review of these applications.

How To Mirror/cast Android Phones Or Tablets To Your Fire Tv Stick

How To Use DLNA To Stream Videos To PC In Any Android ...

Android has built-in mirroring functionality, so using it is straightforward. However, the name used for the mirroring feature may differ from one provider or device model to another.

  • On Android, go to Settings, whether you use the drop-down option from the top or click on Settings directly from your app drawer.
  • Select Connected Devices.
  • Tap on Connection preferences.
  • Choose Cast from the list or look for a variant like Screen mirroring,Cast screen,Wireless display,Wireless mirroring,Smart View,Screen Sharing, etc.
  • In the Cast screen that appears, choose your Fire TV Stick from the list of mirroring-capable devices.
  • In the prompt that appears , tap on the Start now option or whatever launches the mirroring feature.
  • Once you enable the mirroring service on your Android device, your Fire TV Stick should begin mirroring whatever is on your devices screen.

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    S To Stream Windows 10 Screen On Vr Android Phone:

    1. First of all download and install the trinus VR windows 10 Server on the computer/Laptop.

    2. Now download the Trinus VR lite Client App on your Android Phone.

    3. Both Server and Client should be connected to the same network i.e. Connect both the computer/Laptop and Android Mobile to the Same Wi-fi Router.

    4. After you have installed the Trinus VR server and client app on the respective devices, Start first the Server App on the Computer, Then Launch the Trinus VR Client app on the Android device.

    5. Now the Server and client will try to connect to each other based upon the type of connection. Now either select the Method A or the Method B to get the devices Connected.

    6. If you are using the WiFi mode of connection, Please open the Trinus VR App on server and Client

    7. Now, press the start button on Server and wait until it detects the client automatically. If it doesnt detect the client automatically copy the IP address.

    8. Now select the IP option on the computer and Enter the IP address of the client.

    9. Now click on the OK button. the Trinus logo will now be Blue instead of the previous grey.

    10. Thats it you are done, now you successfully streamed your normal windows screen to your android phone in VR Format. Simply navigate your mouse to change the screen streamed to your Android Phone.

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    Alternative Way Using USB Data Cable To Stream:

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    How To Set Up And Use Steam Link

    First things first: youll need to install the app on your phone or tablet. So go ahead and do that now.

    Next, youll need to set up streaming on your PC. Fire up the Steam client, and then click over to Steam > Settings.

    In the Settings menu, choose the In-Home Streaming option.

    If youre using an NVIDIA graphics card, click that Advanced Host Options button, and then enable the Use NVFBC capture on NVIDIA GPU option. That should improve streaming performance.

    Now, go ahead and fire up Steam Link on your device. If you havent already paired a controller with your Android device, youll need to do that now. You can optionally use the touch controls on your phone or tablet, but the experience isnt that great. Youll have a much better time with an actual controller, and the app is compatible with many popular Bluetooth controllerincluding the Steam Controller.

    Steam Link immediately starts scanning for computers on the network that are running Steam. When its found the PC , just tap the one to which you want to connect.

    Your Android device will provide a PIN. The Steam client on your PC will ask for this PIN, so go ahead and key it in now.

    The app then runs a quick network test and gives you the resultif your network isnt fast enough, it will let you know that the experience may not be good. It will also let you know if youre running Steam Link on an untested device and warn you about potential performance issues.

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    Go Right To The Important Part Of A Video

    Quickly open content in the Stream app by tapping on any Stream video link. You can easily get to content shared by email by deep linking to the video in the Stream app.

    Note: Outlook mobile apps rewrite URLs to safe links which are forced to open in a browser before rendering in the mobile app. Organization IT admins can whitelist Stream video URLs in Outlook by following the directions in How to: Stream videos from your Android Phone & Tablet to Android TV

    Miracast is one of those tech features that feels a bit like magic when you first discover it. Built into most recent versions of Android, Windows, and Linux, it lets you stream video and audio to the majority of smart TVs without needing a cable. It has been described as HDMI over Wi-Fi, which gives a pretty good idea of how it works.

    Like an HDMI cable, Miracast mirrors your devices display on the television screen. The exact method for setting it up depends on both the TV and your devices operating system, but Ive outlined the general approach. below

    To get it working, youll first need to switch your TVs input so it starts listening for an incoming connection. The input will likely be called Cast, Miracast, or something similar. My TV calls it Anyview Cast, for example.

    To make the connection on Android, select Screen Cast from the Quick Settings menu, or go to SettingsBluetooth & device connectionCast. Ensure that Enable Wireless Display is checked in the hamburger menu, and you should see the television listed either by name or a generic phrase like Smart TV. Select it and wait a few seconds: all going well, a copy of your phones display will appear on the screen.

    Windows has a similar approach. On Windows 10, click the Action Center icon on the right of the taskbar, then click Connect. Choose the television from the list of audio/video devices that appears, and wait a few seconds for the connection to be made.

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    Connecting Your Phone To Your Tv

    In this month’s technical article, we will outline step-by-step instructions for mirroring your smartphone screen straight through your media player and onto your TV quickly and easily. Join us as we go in-depth to explore different types of streaming devices, and how to get them all synced up with your smartphone. We have you covered whether you have an Android, iPhone or a Windows phone. The process of screen mirroring occurs when you wirelessly create an exact replica of your smartphone or tablet’s screen and transfer it straight to your TV. Before you begin, make sure that your mobile device’s operating system is updated to the latest version. For newer phones, the most current updates are iOS 9.3, Android Marshmallow 6.0 and Windows 10. Here we go!

    Android to Roku

  • To begin, make sure your smartphone and Roku are running off the same wireless network. Roku model numbers 2, 3, 4 and the streaming stick will allow mirroring.
  • Next enable screen mirroring on both your Android and Roku streaming stick. To do this go under settings on your Android, then select display followed by cast screen.
  • Next, pull up the settings menu on your Roku. Select system and choose screen mirroring and make sure the box next to that is checked.
  • After that is completed, your Roku will appear under cast section. You will now be able to mirror your Android’s images, videos and other compatible apps through your Roku.
  • iPhone to RokuWindows Phone to RokuAndroid to Apple TViPhone to Apple TV

    Localcast For Chromecast Roku Fire Tv Smart Tv

    Localcast takes things further as it works across a whole bunch of devices from smart TV to Roku, Apple TV, Xbox, and basically any device that supports DLNA. Use a smartphone or tablet to browse and play media files from any computers or NAS with server clients, or cast them to a smart TV or other devices for the big screen viewing. Furthermore, users can also view files from cloud storages like Google Drive, Dropbox or even from a webpage.

    The app also has integration that works with Chromecast and Apple TV. Another experimental option called Route audio to phone lets you transmit the sound to a wireless headphone while casting media to the big screen.

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    Adjust The Streaming Quality

    The quality of the stream will largely depend on the type of device you are using based on what resolution its camera and hardware can support. That being said you can adjust the default streaming quality that is available to your device in the apps settings.

    Navigate to Profile> Settings, where you can scroll down to find the Streaming settings menu.

    The quality youre choosing here will be the highest available quality for playback. All lower qualities will still be present per our transcoding process. For example, if you choose 720p, your stream will be available in 720p, 540p, and 360p, but not 1080p. This can be useful if you are using a connection with poor upload speed or you are trying to reduce your data usage if on a 4G/LTE connection.

    Use Editor Mode To Customize Your Stream

    Live stream of Android phone PART 1

    The Editor Mode in the Streamlabs Mobile App lets you add widgets, overlay themes, custom images, and more. The app is packed with all of the key features essential to mobile live streaming. Weve provided an in-depth tutorial for using Editor Mode. To learn more about it, please read our blog post.

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    How Can I Stream My Mobile Games Through Mobcrush Studio

    In order to stream from Android Devices:

    • Connect your Android device to your laptop or PC
    • Get one of many phone screen mirroring programs and you can follow the steps on this link .
    • Once you get that set up open OBS and make a scene. To add a source, go to the bottom of the source layout and click the + sign. From there, select Window Capture
    • You should be able to select the window that is mirroring the screen of your android phone. click it and it will pop up on OBS.

    In order to stream iOS games through Studio

    • Connect your device to your Mac using your Lighting to USB cable.
    • Open QuickTime Player and choose File > New Movie Recording. Windows users can download AirServer or Reflector
    • You can also select your device name in the Microphone section to record any audio coming out of your iOS device
    • Open OBS and under Sources click + sign and select Window Capture
    • Create new one and then select your QuickTime window in the popup menu that list all your windows open.
    • You can also add your FaceTime HD Camera adding a new Video Capture Device

    So How Well Does The Steam Link App Work

    During my limited testing, Steam Link was responsive enough and most games were very playable. Despite the app claiming my network speed wasnt good enough, I was able to play just fine.

    Obviously, the more detail the game has to stream across your network, the more of a performance hit games will take. Still, even bigger games run pretty well. Theres also going to be a bit of latency in controller response since your commands have to be transmitted across your network and back. Its barely noticeable in more casual games, but dont expect to the same kind of response in your shooters that you get when sitting at your PC.

    Our feeling about the Steam Link app is that its pretty cool technology. It works just fine for many games, but its probably best for killing time on your phone, or playing casual games with friends in your living roomespecially if youre streaming to Android TV. For bigger, more intense games, youre just going to wish you were at your PC.

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    What Is Screen Mirroring Android And Casting

    Today, most android devices are coming with a built-in screen mirroring feature which simply allows you to upgrade and enhance your viewing experience. With this, you can simply mirror the android screen on a PC via WiFi. And for this, all you just need is the right platform for both of your devices which means your PC, as well as your smartphone, must have some built-in cast screen or screen mirror feature or software as well.

    So, here you can say that Screen Mirroring is basically a process where you can actually replicate the screen of your android device on a larger screen like a Computer or Laptop. Not only this, but you can also present your android mobile screen on your Smart TVs or other wireless display supported devices as well.

    There is basically three wireless screen mirroring technologies for android. One is Chromecast, the second is Miracast and the next is third-party Software. With Miracast, you can simply enjoy the benefit of screen mirroring of your android device on your computer or Smart TV.

    However Screencasting is somehow different from screen mirroring where you simply are required to click on the cast icon of related apps on your android device and ultimately you will be able to view the content playing directly by the casting device like Android TV or Chromecast etc.

    Choosing A Camera And A Screen Source

    How to stream movies from Android phone to your TV

    After logging into your Twitch account, the app changes orientation to landscape mode and presents you with this screen:

    Make sure both options are checked if you want to have a facecam during the stream. If you dont want your face visible, just leave the Camera option unchecked. Dont worry too much, you can change both of these settings later anyway.

    The next screen presents you with a bunch of different widgets to choose from:

    Whether or not these are useful to you depends strongly on what kind of stream youre doing. If youre a beginner, we recommend leaving all these unchecked, with the exception of the Alert Box .

    Youll be able to add more of these later once you become more accustomed to streaming from your mobile device.

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    How To Stream Your Android Screen On A Mac

    Now that we have seen how to connect devices to a Windows operating system, lets look at the other operating environments available on the market. Another dominant player in this area is the Mac operating system.

    You can enjoy various benefits, like watching your favorite movie or Korean dramas, after streaming your android screen on a Mac. There is also a great opportunity for you to browse photos, videos or watch anything you want on your Android phone on a bigger screen.

    If you want to mirror or stream your Android screen on a Mac, you can do it using the methods given below.

    Just like in Windows, here are various detailed steps on how to do it on Mac.

    Connect Your Android Phone To Your Tv Using Dlna App

    This is our last method of how to connect your Android phone to your TV wirelessly. You can also find out more about other methods.

    A DLNA app helps users to stream media files from their Android phones to their TVs. Note that you can only stream files without Digital Rights Management. Read more here. This applies to videos that are DRM protected.

    With this method, you need to connect your TV and Android phone to the same Wi-Fi.

    To enable the DLNA feature on your Android phone, follow the steps below

    • Tap the Apps Key from the Home screen of your Android.
    • Go to Settings.
    • Click on Share and Connect
    • Go to Menu Key
    • Click the Menu Key once again.
    • Go to Settings.

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