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Thanks to smartphones, its no longer necessary to stick your credit card into a grimy machine to pay for gas. There are a couple of different methods you can use to pay with your phone. Well show you how.

The two different methods are physically tapping your phone to the pump or paying from an app. With tap-to-pay, your phone essentially becomes your credit card, and you simply tap it to the contactless reader. The latter involves paying from an app from the comfort of your car.

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Is Apple Pay Secure

Yes. Apple said it doesn’t save your transaction information or card numbers on its servers, though your most recent purchases are kept in the Wallet app.

Apple Pay, which has a tokenised backend infrastructure, makes card payments secure by creating a number or token that replaces your card details. More specifically, it creates a Device Account Number for each one of your cards.

According to Apple, the Device Account Number is assigned, encrypted, and securely stored in the Secure Element, a dedicated chip in iPhone and Apple Watch, and when a payment is initiated, the token is passed to the retailer or merchant. The retailer or merchant therefore never has direct access to your card details.

Where Can You Use Apple Pay

Apple Pay works anywhere that accepts contactless payments. If you see the contactless payments symbol or the Apple Pay symbol near readers at the checkout, they will accept Apple Pay.

It’s supported by hundreds of thousands of stores and restaurants worldwide. Over 75 per cent of stores and restaurants in the US support Apple Pay and over 85 per cent in the UK. Australia has support in 99 per cent of its stores and restaurants.

A few of the US stores and restaurants that accept Apple Pay include: Bloomingdales, Disney, Duane Reade, Macy’s, McDonalds, Nike, Petco, Staples, Subway, Unleashed, Walgreens, Whole Foods, etc. You can view a complete list of stores here.

The UK has an established contactless payment system and you’ll be able to use Apple pay at all of the stores and restaurants you already use contactless at.

You can also use Apple Pay within many apps and through the Safari web browser, as well as on public transport and at some non-profit organisations like Cancer Research UK, RSPCA, WaterAid and WWF, among others.

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Why Should I Use Apple Or Google Pay

There are numerous reasons why these contactless payment systems are a great option for merchants and customers alike. Here are a few you should know.

1. Quick checkouts

Nobody likes to wait in line for a long time. It becomes discouraging and people become impatient. Some people may not even make a purchase because they dont want to wait in line.

Apple and Google Pay allow you to check out faster. These payments process faster than card payments even when you must sign or input your PIN!

With these contactless payment systems, you can speed up checkout time. For customers, this is great because it gets them out the door faster. As a merchant, this is beneficial to helping you serve more guests.

Its a win-win situation for both parties. Since it comes at no additional cost to the merchant, its a great option for your business.

2. Its safer

These credit cards contain all your bank information in the magnetic strip on your card. It makes it easy for hackers to steal your information by placing card skimmers on top of the normal card reader. Even with chip cards, there is still a risk of your information being read and compromised, especially if the retailer doesnt have a chip card reader.

These contactless payment systems also keep your information encrypted. Each time you use your card, the data changes. This prevent hackers from stealing your information because the data is constantly changing and becomes invalid by the time they would get to the information.

Use Apple Pay On Your Apple Watch To Confirm Purchases In Apps Or In Safari

How to use Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay

You can also use your Apple Watch to approve Apple Pay purchases on other devices, either in apps or on the web using Safari. You wont often need this on an iPhone, iPad, or Touch ID-equipped Macs, but its useful to know.

  • Tap the Apple Pay button in the app or website when youre ready to buy.
  • Enter or verify your billing and shipping information, and tap > next to your card if you want to use a different payment card.
  • Confirm the payment by double-tapping the side button on your watch. Youll receive a confirmation on your watch screen if the purchase is completed successfully.
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    How Do Digital Wallet Payments Work

    A digital wallet is accessible through an app on your phone or your wearable device such as a smartwatch, so start by downloading a mobile app. There are many different apps to choose from, and phone companies such as Apple and Android offer versions of a digital wallet.

    The digital wallet payment function is enabled for Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay on our NB Debit Mastercard®, and both of our , NB Rewards Mastercard® and NB Credit Advantage Mastercard®.

    • Apple Pay: Apples mobile payment and digital wallet service allows you to make payments in person in iOS-specific apps and online using Safari. The Wallet app is supported on the iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Mac.
    • Google Pay: This app is similar to Apple Pay but for Android devices and is Googles digital wallet platform and online payment system. The app allows you to pay in-app, online and in-person with Android phones, tablets and watches.
    • Samsung Pay: Samsungs mobile payment app and digital wallet allow you to carry your favorite cards on your devices so you can pay in-person, in-app or online. The Samsung Pay app is available on some Samsung devices.

    Then, all you have to do is enter the information of the Needham Bank cards into your digital wallet app. After adding your cards, look for the contactless symbol, which looks like the Wi-Fi symbol turned on its side, at payment terminals in stores. With your digital wallet app open, tap your phone to the contactless symbol when you are checking out.

    Alternatives To Google Pay

    There are a lot of mobile wallets and digital payment services you can use to send and receive money and make purchases. Competitors include Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Cash App, Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, and more.

    For example, Venmo and Cash App are popular apps and may make it easier to send money to people who dont have Google Pay. Both apps offer debit cards, too, which means you can make in-store purchases as well as online ones.

    As for budgeting capabilities, Google Pay is relatively barebones compared to services like Mint or You Need a Budget. Although Google Pay lets you view transactions and get some insights, you cant create a budget, which is an important element of financial planning.

    Each of these services has both benefits and drawbacks, so its important to compare options to find the best fit for you.

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    Are There Any Other Options

    If you have certain iOS apps you love but only have an Android device, you may want to consider purchasing an older iOS device. Purchasing a refurbished device made in the last five years is often hundreds of dollars cheaper. For instance, an iPhone 6S on Amazon starts at just over $100. And, itll still run iOS 14. If you buy an unlocked device, you wont need a mobile carrier but can only use it on Wi-Fi.

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    How To Pay Someone With Apple Pay On Your Iphone

    Apple & Android Pay Now Available To All ClickFunnels Accounts

    Need to send some money to a friend or family member? Follow this guide to pay someone using Apple Pay.

    Since so many people have an iPhone, sending them money or requesting cash through Apple Pay could be useful. But how do you pay someone with Apple Pay?

    If you havent sent a payment this way before, it can seem confusing. However, once you set it up, future payments and payment requests are easy. This guide will show you how to use Apple Pay if you havent before.

    Note: Paying friends and family members through Apple Pay is only available to those in the US.

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    Tired Of Getting Your Credit Card Stolen Use Apple Pay Or Android Pay

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    It seems to happen more and more often. A retail store is breached and loses its customers credit card numbers. Use Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, or another smartphone payment solution and youd be immune to these breaches.

    Were not endorsing any one solution here. Use Apple Pay if you have an iPhone, Android Pay if you have an Android phone, Samsung Pay if you have a Samsung phone, and so on. They all have the same security advantage.

    Option : Using A Public Ip Address

    In order to connect to your Mac no matter where you are, youll need to set up port forwarding, which opens up a part of your internet network to the outside world. As long as no one else knows your public IP address, you should remain safe. By using your public IP address with weMessage, youre allowing weServer to bypass the firewall on your networks router.

    Unfortunately, every router handles this process differently, so youll need to check your routers manual or do a quick Google search to see how to access your routers settings. In general, to reach your router settings, there will either be an IP address or text URL that you need to type into the address bar of your web browser

    For instance, Netgear routers would visit or , while most Belkin routers would use To find the address easily, you could use the ipconfig/all command in a Windows command prompt or netstat -rn in Linux or macOS, then look for the IP address by Default Gateway.

    Digital Trends has a good list of common router addresses with default login credentials, but the address you need to log into, as well as the default router credentials, can sometimes be found printed right on the router itself. Some routers even have mobile apps you can use.

    Now that all of thats done, the only thing left to do is find your Macs public IP address. You can do this simply by going to a site like IP Chicken or WhatIsMyIP.

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    Drivers License And State Id

    Add your drivers license or state ID to Wallet, and with just a tap of your iPhone or Apple Watch you can present your ID at select TSA checkpoints without handing over your device.5 The security of Face ID and Touch ID means only you can show your ID. And you can see which identity details are being requested and then choose whether to present that information. In the future, youll be able to use it at retailers and venues. Have a safe trip in more ways than one.

    Add A Card To Apple Pay On Your Apple Watch

    اÙدÙ?ع اÙØ¥ÙÙترÙÙ٠ع٠طرÙÙ " Apple Pay"  Ù " Android Pay ...

    There are two ways to go about adding a credit or debit card to Apple Pay on your Apple Watch, but theyre both uncomplicated and share similar steps. Be sure to have your payment card and iPhone ready and ensure that your card provider supports Apple Pay. You may also need the official app for your bank or card company.

  • Open the Watch app on your iPhone.
  • Tap Wallet & Apple Pay.
  • If youve already added at least one card on another Apple device, tap it here and enter the cards security codes. Otherwise, follow the next steps to enter a new card.
  • Tap Add Card.
  • Youll have the option of either scanning the card or entering its digits manually. In both cases, youll need to add security codes.
  • Tap Next. Your bank or card provider will need to verify the card before it can be used. This sometimes requires an app from the card provider, but the verification is usually quick once that app is ready.
  • You might also need to verify that its you by receiving an SMS and entering a numerical code. Again, this is very quick and easy.
  • Once the card is verified, tap Next to enable Apple Pay for that card.
  • If you have multiple cards, be sure to return to Wallet & Apple Pay and tap Default card to choose the card you prefer to use for most transactions.
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    How Much Can I Spend

    Like normal cards, you can pay as much money out as you want throughout the day. Whilst there is no actual limit on how much you can pay in one transaction on Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay, some retailers might cap you as they do when customers pay by contactless card.

    Due to the increase in the use of contactless card payments, the single transaction limit will rise to £100, which may become the new capping for mobile payments too.

    How To Pay Friends

    Google Pay isnt only about paying at POS terminals. You can also use it as a simple way to send money to friends and family. Its a convenient way to split the food bill or repay a loan.

  • Open the Google Pay app.
  • Under the Home tab, go into Pay friend or group.
  • Select the contact you want to send money to. Alternatively, you can create a group or select the option that reads Split with friends.
  • Select Pay.
  • Select your payment method and finish the transaction.
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    How To Use Samsung Pay

    You can use Samsung pay in Samsung-owned apps, but you cannot use the mobile wallet to make direct purchases online or in other apps. Here’s how to get set up with Samsung Pay on your compatible phone or watch:

    • Open the Samsung Pay app.

    • Register your fingerprint, iris scan or set up a PIN.

    • Add your credit or debit card information.

    To use Samsung Pay for in-store purchases, swipe up on your phone from the home screen to select the card you want to use, then authenticate your identity with a fingerprint scan or password before putting your phone next to the card reader to complete the transaction.

    Another feature of the Samsung Pay app is the ability to send and receive money to and from contacts with an eligible and enabled Samsung Pay device. To use this feature, youll need to add Samsung Pay Cash through the app click the “pay” tab at the bottom of the app and then swipe left to the Samsung Pay Cash card.

    Youll be prompted to enter a personal information form and agree to the terms before you can be approved to use Samsung Pay. Once completed and verified, you can add funds to your card and start using it immediately to send and receive money.

    To send money, users can navigate to the “pay” tab in the app, and then tap “send.” Funds can be sent manually by entering the recipient’s phone number, or automatically to a contact on your phone.

    Samsung Pay Cash has the following payment limits when sending or receiving money:

    Android Pay Vs Apple Pay: How Do They Work

    Android Pay vs Apple Pay vs Samsung Pay Overview

    As with so many new technologies today, the biggest worry about something like Apple Pay or Android Pay is security. Doubly so when there are potentially big sums of money to talk about .

    Both systems appear to work in a similar way. They dont copy or emulate the signal used when you make a contactless payment with your debit card. Instead, they create a virtual card thats used to make the transaction, so that your actual bank details arent involved in the transaction. Of course, this is what makes the relationship between Google/Apple and the banks so important, since the interaction is quite different to the standard contactless approach.

    You wont have to worry about this end of the deal too much, though. Youll simply register your card with Apple Pay or Android Pay, then use the system and the required amount will be removed from your account.

    Both systems use NFC as their method of communication. This has been available in Android and Windows phones for years now, but Apple only added it to the iPhone range last year with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

    NFC stands for Near-Field Communication and is a wireless communications standard that uses a specific chip inside a phone or tablet. Weve been waiting for years for services like these to essentially validate NFCs inclusion in phones, although NFC is also widely used to aid pairing in Bluetooth wireless audio devices such as headphones and speakers.

    But back to the moneyRelated:

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