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How To Use The DocuSign App For Beginners (Tutorial)

    Sign documents or get signatures quickly from your mobile device! Sign documents and get signatures quickly and easily from your iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows 8, or Windows Phone. A must-have app that will save you time and eliminate the need to print, fax or mail documents and forms for signature.

    Safe, secure and legally binding, DocuSign’s mobile apps empowers you to sign documents and get signatures from anyone, anywhere, whether they happen to be standing right next to you or are halfway around the globe.

    You can sign any document for FREE directly from your device no pen or paper required. The application also allows you to electronically send documents for signature and manage the documents you send.

    There are hundreds of ways to use DocuSign’s Mobile App:

    • Sign school forms and permission slips
    • Sign and fill out insurance forms
    • Review and approve project estimates, POs, and change orders
    • Sign lease and rental agreements
    • New job? Sign your offer letter and new-hire paperwork
    • Solutions for every department: HR, finance, sales, purchasing, legal

    Key Features

    • Fill out forms and templates
    • Create and adopt a signature
    • Access and import documents from multiple sources
    • Complete face-to-face signing with multiple signers


    How We Sourced Our Data

    To accurately assess each of the tools covered in this article, we went over 50 different websites to calculate the aggregated value for each entry on the list.

    The types of websites covered in the analysis include software review websites, user-review websites, along with websites of the mentioned SaaS tools.

    To tackle this issue, the data sources were grouped into five cohorts based on monthly visitors :

    • > 1.000.000 visitors

    Finally, the websites of the respected tools were used only for factual data such as pricing, free trials, the exact features, etc. To keep the article objective, their own perceptions of their tools were not taken into consideration in any way.

    Hello World System Service

    To facilitate the understanding of how to build and extract your own SDK Add-on, we will create a simple hello world service so that later we can use an application to connect to it.

    An AIDL interface is needed for a client app to connect to.


    The service also needs a set of permissions that will be installed on the /system/etc directory. When the client app is installed, it will look for this file to determine if the HelloWorld library exists. The service library is installed in the /system/framework directory.


    If helloworld-permissions.xml does not exist, then the app will not be installed and adb install will return an error such as:


    Also, AndroidManifest.xml needs to define the service interface.


    Unfortunately, the SDK Add-on does not recognise the library if its defined in an Android.bp file, so the .jar must be defined in an We will still have a .bp, but it only defines the service APK that will be built and will not be a part of the add-on.


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    Best Electronic Signature Apps

    Mobile app: iOS | Android

    Award-winning online software PandaDoc is known for its streamlined user interface and ease of use. Its eSignature solution is offered as part of a larger document management tool that includes drag-and-drop form integration, automated workflows, and full audit histories. A number of integrations are also available, including CRM, payment, and file storage apps.

    If you’re looking for a comprehensive solution for the management of contracts and documents, all with a built-in eSignature feature, PandaDoc is worth considering.

    Price: Free plan paid plans starting at $29/user/month

    Best Electronic Signature App For Cloud Users

    eSign en verstuur vanaf Google

    HelloSign, now owned by Dropbox, is one of the simplest to use electronic signature apps around. As soon as you log in, you’re presented with two options: send or sign something, or create a template. The things you’re going to want to do aren’t hidden away in deep sub-menus.

    The simplicity of the user interface, however, hides some pretty powerful features. Of all the apps we tested, HelloSign has the best integrations with cloud storage platforms. While you’d expect it to play nice with Dropbox, it also works well with Google Drive, Box, Evernote, and OneDrive.

    To sign a file in your Dropbox, for example, you can head to HelloSign, click Sign or Send, then click on the Dropbox icon to bring up a file browser. Navigate to the file you want to sign, and click Choose to import it into HelloSign. Alternatively, you could open the file in Dropbox, select it, click on the dropdown, then click Send for Signatures. You’ve got similar options with Google Drive too. You can upload a file directly from HelloSign or, with the Chrome add-on, sign files through the Google Drive app.

    And all this file handling works both ways. When someone signs a document and sends it back to you, it can get saved back to your cloud storage platform of choice.

    HelloSign Price: Free for 3 documents/month with one user from $20/month for the Essentials plan with unlimited documents

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    Can I Programmatically Configure Read

    You can only set the Read Only property for the tab in a template from the DocuSign web portal. From the web, when you place the tab on the document, you will find the tabs properties on the right side of the UI. There you can select the Read Only property for that tab.

    If you prefill tab labels and values when converting the template to an envelope, these fields become read-only during signing. In the DSEnvelopeDefaults classs tabValueDefaults parameter, you can provide the tab label and the value.

    How To Sign Docusign On Android Document Tools

    Looking for How To Sign Docusign On Android?Companies and individuals use electronic signature software application tools to build and handle their legal documents online. With many electronic signature options offered, it can be tough to pick the best one for your organization.

    Weve produced this guide to assist you comprehend the distinctions in between DocuSign and PandaDoc, and simplify your purchase choice. Listed below, we share the types of clients each service was constructed for, and evaluate their rates and crucial features.

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    What Makes A Great Electronic Signature App

    Any good eSignature app has to do a few things.

    • You obviously have to be able to actually add an electronic signature to a documentthat’s the whole point of these apps. But, the simpler and easier it is to do, the more different kinds of documents and devices that are supported, and the deeper the integrations with other apps and software platforms, the better. While many apps can simply add a signature, we were looking for ones that were great to use that could fit into a lot of different workflows.

    • Most of the apps featured enable you to send a document to someone else to have them sign it. This is a really important feature for a dedicated eSign app and, like when signing a document yourself, we wanted it to be easy and pleasant for the recipient. The recipient also had to be able to do it without being forced to sign up for an account or install any apps.

    • We were looking for apps that will work for small businesses. You can find plenty of eSign apps with expensive plans, crazy contract lock-ins, and a focus on enterprise clientsbut not on our list.

    • Security was a concern. Although we weren’t looking for a specific set of features, any app that could store sensitive documents like contracts needed to address it in some way. Things like encrypted or password-protected documents, U.S. or EU government compliance, and digital signature support were all enough to make the grade.

    Now, with all that out of the way, let’s look at the eight best eSign apps.

    How To Sign A Pdf On Your Android Device

    DocuSign Ink Android App Review and Demo – Sign Documents on your Phone

    1. Download the Adobe Reader app from your device’s Google Play Store. The app is free, and won’t take up much space.

    2. Once the app is downloaded, open it and go through the initial setup. When it’s ready, open your PDF in the app. You can do this most easily by going directly to the PDF file and selecting Adobe Reader as the program to open it.

    3. Tap the pen icon at the bottom right of the app screen, then tap “Fill & Sign?”

    4. Tap the fountain pen tip icon, then tap “Create Signature”

    5. Sign with your finger in the “Sign Here” area, then tap “Done.”

    6. Tap the fountain pen icon again, then tap the signature you just created.

    7. Tap anywhere on the PDF to place the signature. Tap and hold your finger down on the signature, and then drag it to where you’d like it permanently set.

    Now tap the check mark at the top-left corner and you’re done. The PDF can then be exported via email, text, and more.

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    How To Sign Documents In A Mobile Browser

    Electronic signature makes it possible to sign documents on practically any device, from almost anywhere, at any time. It is possible to sign documents using DocuSign eSignature on a mobile device without using the DocuSign free mobile app. In this blog we are going to demonstrate how to sign documents using a mobile web browser. You may find yourself in a pinch and not have access to the DocuSign app on your own mobile device, but if you borrow a friends mobile device and get on the web, you can still sign those mission critical documents.

    • From your email, click on Review Document. You will see a list of the documents you need to sign.
    • To begin signing the document, select Start in the upper right corner of the screen.
    • Sign the document as you normally would in DocuSign.
    • Fill out the required fields, tap the signature field to place your signature on the line, and select finish when everything is completed.

    If you dont have the DocuSign mobile app you can download it for free.

    Have The Signer Complete The Following Steps:

  • If you have a DocuSign account, tap LOG IN TO DOCUSIGN and enter your login credentials. Otherwise, tap BEGIN SIGNING.
  • Tap a signature tag and tap a signing option.
    • Draw your signature:Draw the signature using your finger or a stylus.
  • Rotate the device to landscape mode.
  • Tap to select the color and draw your signature using your finger or a stylus.
  • To clear the signature and try again, tap Clear.
  • When finished, tap the check mark.
    • Take picture of your signature: Use the camera to take a picture on a signature.
  • Write the signature on a piece of paper and tap the Capture button.
  • To accept the picture, tap the retake button.
  • Tap the blue check mark to preview the signature.
  • To delete the picture, tap DISCARD.
  • When finished, tap SAVE.
  • Tap FINISH, then tap OK.
  • Hand the device to the next signer and repeat steps 1-3 for any other in-person signers.
  • Once all signers have signed, tap FINISH, then tap OK.
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    We Dont Want Our Users Sharing The Organizations Docusign Credentials To Use The Integration What Are Our Authentication Options

    To avoid implicit login or authentication, use an access token for login instead:

    Obtain the access token using one the following:

      The JWT Grant authentication flow requires server support. Once the server authenticates and successfully fetches the access token, pass that access token and the expiration time to your app, which in turn will invoke the login method referenced above.

      What Are Envelope Limits And Why Do They Matter

      DocuSign eSignature for Google Apps: Drive, Gmail, Docs ...

      In a nutshell, an envelope or transaction limit is a tool that many e-signature companies use to cap the number of documents you can send over the course of a year.

      For example, regardless of which DocuSign plan you choose, the company caps each account at 100 envelopes per user each year.

      These envelope limits even affect enterprise-level plans and content accessed through API tools.

      Often, the true limits on usage are hidden behind a companys Fair Use or Reasonable Use policies, but many e-signature companies are vague about these limits.

      You can raise the limit by purchasing additional seats for the account or by talking with the sales team for customized pricing, but the end result is the same: Youll end up paying more than you thought in order to send the number of documents you need.

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      Transition From Demo Environment To Production Environment

      If youâre using the demo environment, check that you set the environment after creating the DocuSign instance as follows:


      If youâre using the production environment, check that you set the environment after creating the DocuSign instance as follows:


      How To Use Docusign For Free

      For starters, to get into the app itselfyou have to create a DocuSign account and start its free trial. The trial lasts 30 days a paid subscription is required after this period, should you wish to continue using DocuSign. Check out our guide on DocuSign pricing for more information on costs and benefits.

      Once your account is set up and verified, you can simply head to the online application itself and start a signing process by dropping a document into the toolbox. DocuSign does a decent job at guiding users through the signing process, plus there is a dedicated support page should there be confusion regarding the tool itself.

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      A Simple Tutorial To Help You Get Started With Docusignfrom Creating An Account To Signing Your Documents Digitally

      Many are shifting to electronic signing in this day and age, from students and teachers to business professionals and clients. Its quick, its paperless, and its hassle-free. You no longer need to print out paperwork to posting itand then theres the waiting time for signatures. Electronic singing also omits the risk of document loss during the delivery period, lengthy identity verification processes, and the list goes on and on.

      DocuSign is one of the leading companies thats making an impact in the electronic signature industry. Aimed to make business easier for users, it caters to millions of users across the globe. And the process to create an electronic signature and sign a document with the platform is pretty simple.

    • Create an account with DocuSign.

    • Upload a document and create your signature.

    • Place it onto the document before confirming.

    • Alternatively, request a signature from another party.

    • Remember to download your signed document.

    • How to use DocuSign: As the UI states, drag and drop your file into the app to start.

      Best Electronic Signature App With A Pay

      How to use docusign app for beginners

      A lot of eSign apps limit the number of documents you can send per month without signing up for one of the more expensive plans. It’s pretty inconvenient if your eSigning needs vary throughout the year. You either can’t send all the documents you need to when you want to, or you have to overpay most months., with its exclusively PAYG option, bucks this trend entirely.

      As soon as you sign up for a free account, encourages you to send a sample contract to yourself so you can see how the service works. After that, things are up to youalthough the onboarding wizard helpfully guides you through.

      Unlike other services, isn’t really made for sending individual contracts to one-off recipients. You can do that if you like, but it’s really designed for businesses looking to batch or automate their contracts using templates.

      To make a template, head to the Templates tab. You can build your own from scratch, use a sample one as a base, or extract one from an uploaded Word doc. Just fill in all the legal details, add all the placeholders you need, and click Save Template.

      With a template set up, is almost ready to useyou just need to add credit card details. Head to Account > Billing and add them. Then you can start sending out documents without worrying about monthly fees or usage limits. Price: $0.49/document.

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      Best Electronic Signature App For Small Teams

      For many businesses, paperwork is a team effort. You may need people from different departments to collaborate on, or at least check out, documents before you send them off. Many electronic signature apps charge a significant per-user monthly fee. Adding two or three extra accounts doesn’t just double or triple your costs when compared to the single-user personal plans, it can easily quadruple or quintuple them. That’s why signNow is our favorite app for small teams. At $20/user/month when paid monthly, it’s at the more affordable end of the spectrum. And, if you pay annually, it’s just $8/user/month. As long as you’re prepared to commit to the platform and know you’ll need to work on a lot of contracts, that’s as good value as it gets.

      When you sign up, the first thing you’ll need to do is invite your other team members. Click Teams in the bottom left corner, give your team a name, and then add the email addresses of anyone you want to invite.

      Creating a team adds a option to the left sidebar. This is where you’ll want to store any templates that you want other team members to have input on or be able to use. You can also create a folder in the Team Settings that way, every team member will be able to see any completed documents too.

      signNow Price: Starts at $20/user/month for the Business plan.

      Originally published in April 2015 by Paula DuPont, this post has had previous contributions from Hannah Herman.

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