How To Use Google Backup And Sync Android


Select Which Data To Back Up

Backup Your Android Phone to Google Drive

Figure 1. Make sure you restore identity, app data, and settings data for users returning to your app.

Users generate a lot of data when using your apps and you should take care toback up the appropriate data. Only backing up some of the data canfrustrate users when they open the app on a new device and discover somethingmissing. The important data to back up for your users is their identity data,user-generated app data, and settings data, as described below.

How To Use Google Backup And Sync App To Sync Files

In general, it is easy to set up the Google Drive for desktop. First of all, get and install it on your computer. Then, lets get started!

Firstly, sign in your Google Account.

Then, it will give you a general introduction of this application. It says you can find the backed up PC folders in the Computers tab in Google Drive.

Then, you get to the My Computer section. Here, you can choose which folder you would like to sync to Google Drive and specify the upload size of your photos and videos. See more detailed description about the

After setting up sync from computer to Google Drive, you will go to set up synchronization from Google Drive to My Computer.

Here, you should decide which folder to be synced to local computer and specify a location on your computer to save the synced items.

Finally, click START to begin file synchronization. Then, in the future days, the Backup and Sync tool will automatically sync files in the Google Drive folder on local PC with your Google Drive cloud.

â Notes:

Synchronizing Apps Between Android Devices

In addition to viewing the apps on your device that can be backed up via your desktop browser, the Carbon Backup client can browse the contents of other devices via a Wi-Fi network. In the Restore and Sync tab, tap Refresh Device List. This will cause your client to check your LAN for other Android devices that are running the Carbon Backup server. Tapping on any of the devices that appear allows you to browse the list of installed applications. Items in the list of items on another device can be selected and restored to the device youre currently using.

Note, therefore, that the device to device restoration model is a Pull method rather than Push. This is good from a security point of view as you have to deliberately copy data form another device to yours, rather than anyone else having the ability to inject app data to your device.

This is useful, for example, if youre playing a game and have it installed on multiple devices. You can maintain your progress by manually pulling data from the last device you played on. Also, you can quickly install an app on your device by restoring it from another device, which may or may not be more convenient than looking for the device in the Play Store. I have not tested this with two devices configured with different Google accounts, but I expect that DRM limitations will apply if you try to copy a paid app from another device to your device.

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Choosing What Folders Get Backed Up

One neat feature Google Photos has to offer is the ability to choose what gets backed up automatically. On most Android devices, there are many ways to save a photo. The most common is to take one with the camera app. Another way is to download photos to your device. Doing so creates another folder in Google Photos that doesnt automatically back up to the cloud.

If you find that youre saving pictures through an app and the images arent showing up in the Photos tab in Google Photos, you may need to make sure that the folder they are in is set to Back up & sync. Heres how you can do that:

  • In the Google Photos app, tap on the Library tab at the bottom of the screen.
  • Next to , tap on View all.
  • Choose the folders that you wish to back up.
  • Note: If there is a cloud icon with a slash through it in the bottom right corner of the folder cover, that means the folder is not being backed up to the cloud.
  • In the selected folder, tap on the toggle beside Back up & sync.
  • You have to repeat this step for every folder you want to save to the cloud. Once this is done, your photos should start backing up immediately and be visible under the tab in Google Photos.

    After you go through the steps to make sure your photos are backed up in Google Photos, youll be able to view your photos from almost any device. Not only that, but if something happens to your phone, all of your precious memories and images stay safe and sound.

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    Easy Way To Backup Your Samsung Gallery: Drfone Phone Backup

    How to Backup (and Restore) your Phone Contacts to Google ...

    If you have failed to back up all your photos to Samsung through other methods, quickly use and trust Dr.Fone – Phone Backup. This unique tool can backup all the data present in your Samsung device, and you can also restore it anytime you want. To be more precise, you can pick and choose the data and have a selective backup.

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    How To Restore Android From Google Backup

    You can always restore any lost or deleted data of your Android phone from Google backup. Immediately when you reinstall any application, the settings or any data backed up on your Google backup is automatically restored. Restoring apps is straightforward if you’re using a handset running Lollipop and above. This setting is available to phones as they’re booting up for the first time, or after they’ve been factory reset.

    Step 1 When you got your new Android phone, log in to your Google account. You’ll see a list of all your previous devices, and when you’ve last used them. Select a device to see all the apps available for restore.

    You can take a look at the amount of app data that’s being stored. Here’s how you can find out:

    Step 1 Open Google Drive from the home screen or app drawer. In My Drive, select the hamburger menu from the top left corner. Navigate to Settings.

    Step 2 Tap Manage backup. You’ll see a list of all the apps that are using the backup service.

    How To Back Up Nearly All Android Phones

    Built in to Android is a backup service, similar to Apple’s iCloud, that automatically backs up things like your device settings, Wi-Fi networks and app data to Google Drive. The service is free and doesn’t count against storage in your Google Drive account.

    Google’s backup service is built in to every Android phone, but some device makers like Samsung provide their own solutions as well. If you own a Galaxy phone, you can use one or both services — it doesn’t hurt to have a backup of a backup.

    Google’s backup service is free and should be turned on automatically.

    Google’s backup service should be turned on by default after you set up your Android device, but you should double-check that’s indeed the case. If you have trouble finding the backup settings by following the steps outlined below, use the search bar in the Settings app to find “backup.”

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    Back Up Your Computer To Google Drive Automatically

    Google Drive for Desktop gives you several options during installation, which you can change anytime you like. One of these choices is which computer folders to back up to Drive. This option creates a continuous link between your computer and the cloud, plus you dont have to create two copies of every file.

    If youve ever used a backup service like IDrive, the next step will be familiar . Like IDrive, Drive will automatically find folders to back up, such as desktop, documents and pictures. From this menu, you can also click the choose folder button to back up any folder you like.

    The most useful thing about this method is that you can back up an entire partition. This means that if you have a separate partition with all your important files, you can just select it with the choose folder option, and it will keep your folder trees as they are. Heres how to do this step by step.

  • Open the Preferences Menu

    Youll find Google Drives app in the taskbar. Click on the apps icon and then in the top-right corner. You should see the preferences menu there.

  • Add Folders You Want to Back Up

    Youll be greeted with Googles preferences menu. Make sure youre on the my computer tab and click on add folder.

  • Select Folders to Back Up

    Once you click on the big blue button, youll get a pop-up window that lets you choose a folder to back up.

  • Save Your Settings

    Finally, just to start the backup process.

  • Google Backup & Sync Alternative Software Free Download

    Android 101: Google Account Backup and Sync (Galaxy S8 plus)

    Now that you’ve seen how to use google backup and sync, it is important for you to know that this app will not be helpful for you every time. It is because there are some major drawbacks of the Google Backup and Sync app, which can leave you disappointed. Some of the common drawbacks are as follows:

    1. It only backs up partial files on the computer to google drive.

    2. Google backup and sync app may not sometimes work, which can make the organization of files and folders haphazard.

    3. Enabled Sync feature may cause file loss on the computer when removed files in Google Drive.

    Now, you may think if there is an alternative for google backup and sync. Here’s good news for you. You can use the EaseUS Todo Backup tool for creating backups of your files or even your entire computer to Google Drive. The tool comes with an easy-to-use interface which makes organizing and backup a hassle-free process.

    Below are some popular features of this award-winning tool:

    • Supports file backup
    • Supports hard drive partition and disk backup
    • Supports backing up the operating system to Google Drive

    Support Windows 11/10/8/7

    Without losing any file, photo, or video, EaseUS Todo Backup will let you backup everything in a secured manner. To download it for your computer, you can simply visit the EaseUS Todo Backup tool website.

    Step 3. Follow the paths to locate the files, folders or directories you want to back up, select them all and click “OK“.

    Customize an advanced and automatic backup task here:

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    How To Restore Backup From Google Account On Android Phone Faq

    How do I restore my Android phone from Google backup? How do I restore my Android phone? Settings > System> ResetFactory ResetHow do I access my Google backup?

  • Type your Google account and password to sign in.
  • Then, you can see the backed up files in Google Drive.

    Does Google backup text messages?

      How To Back Up Music To The Cloud

      Google also has great ways to back up your music to the cloud. Of course, you can use Google Drive to store your music files. You can also upload to your YouTube Music account and use the official app to play up to 100,000 uploaded songs. To do this, go to, click on your profile picture icon, select Upload music, and pick the music files you want to upload. You can now play your music by going to Library > Songs > Uploads.

      Weve been showing you how to backup your Android phone to the cloud, but the truth is there are also benefits to owning your data and storing it on your very own hardware. NAS hard drives offer the best of both worlds. You can use them to store and backup your Android phone locally, but theyre also connected to the internet. This means you can access those locally stored files from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.

      Next:Here are the best external drives you can find

      There are multiple options, but we think the most consumer-friendly ones are Western Digitals My Cloud Home drives. These have very reasonable prices, look very nice, and are super easy to use, thanks to a friendly app. Of course, there are other options out there too. This includes internal ones, just in case you dont like external drives.

      Weve covered the best ways to backup your phone to the cloud, but there are other methods you can use to store your data locally. Check out more tips in the link below.

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      Why Is Google Backup The Best For Android

      There are a lot of applications on how to restore data on Android phones. However, Google backup stands out from the crowd because of its various features and convenience. This cloud storage is free to install on Android and iOS making it accessible to all users.

      You can use Google Drive to restore your android phone and backup content even on an iPhone and iCloud account. Google Backup is installed by default on any Android phone. With this app, its easy to sync your Google account and get back all the deleted or lost data on your phone. Google Drive backs up all your images, videos, messages, apps, files, and contacts for even when you accidentally delete your data.

      General Settings And Preferences


      When you powered up your Android device for the first time, you probably signed in with your primary Google account. This is critical because that same account is your key to the vast majority of your automatically backed up data.

      On the system level, that includes most of your Android settings and preferences everything from approved Wi-Fi networks and passwords to your language and input settings, date and time settings, and display preferences. You can confirm all of that’s being backed up by going into the System section of your phone’s settings, tapping “Advanced,” and then tapping “Backup.”

      On Samsung phones, you’ll instead tap the Accounts and Backup section and then select “Backup and restore” and look for the “Google account” area of the screen. Samsung confusingly offers the option to back up your data to its own service via your Samsung account in addition to backing it up with the standard Android backup system. Disregarding that and going with the standard, Google-associated setup is the most advisable option, as that’ll allow you to restore your data to any phone you might use in the future, whereas Samsung’s superfluous setup will work only with other Samsung-made phones.

      If you tap the name of your phone , meanwhile, you’ll see a breakdown of the specific types of data connected to your device and when they were last backed up.

      JR Raphael/IDG

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      How To Backup & Restore Android Apps With Google Drive

      If you want to backup Android apps to Google Drive, here is the instruction for you. And there is an alternative to better backup and restore Android apps.


      ⢠Filed to: Backup Android ⢠Proven solutions

      The small and smart tech devices are so powerful that they allow you to perform unbelievable activities at a faster pace. They have provided the mobility which allows you to perform any task anywhere. But there are chances like the accidental deletion of the important files, Apps data, and other documents can be very irritating and troublesome. Now the question arises on how to backup android apps to Google? Well, this article can assist you best in every aspect of this concern.

      Disable Chrome Browser History Sync

    • On the main Android home screen find and tap Settings.
    • Select “Accounts and Backup”. This may appear as “Accounts & Sync”, “Data Synchronization”, or “Cloud and Accounts”.
    • Tap “Accounts” or select the Google account name if it appears directly. This is usually designated with the Google “G” logo.
    • Select “Sync Account” after selecting Google from the accounts list.
    • Tap “Sync Chrome” to disable the Contact and Calendar sync with Google.
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      Benefits Of Google Drive Sync

      The main benefit of signing up for a google account and auto-sync google drive is that it can be accessed via the browser, on desktop and laptop or via smartphone also, which allows users to store & access data from anywhere as per their ease.

      Google also provides the auto-sync features so that all the data of a users device can be automatically synced & uploaded to Google Drive without asking users for permission every time.

      Moreover, accessing and storing data on the Google drive is much secure as all the data is encrypted and decrypted using 128-bit advanced encryption standard along with Transport Layer Security standard when it goes from a users device and reaches to Googles cloud storage.

      Want To Create An Android Application?

      Validate your app idea and get a free quote.

      Back Up With Google One

      How to Auto Sync Folder to Google Drive on Android

      If you are using an Android phone, the free version of the Google One service will back up device data, multimedia messages, and photos / videos in their original quality .

      • Install and open the Google One app.
      • You should see a page that says Storage and more with Google One. If the feature hasnt rolled around to your phone yet, all youll see is an offer to upgrade to paid storage. Try again in a day or two.
      • Tap on the button that reads Setup data backup.
      • You can now use Google One for free storage up to 15GB.
      • To begin, tap on Set up data backup
      • You can then choose among three types of data to back up via Google One.

      Here you can decide what data you want to be backed up to Google One, including device data, multimedia messages, and photos / videos in their original quality.

      Once youve backed up your data via Google One, you can easily access it via the app.

      • Select the Storage tab at the top of the apps screen. Youll be informed how much free storage you have left, how much youve used, and for what.
      • Scroll down to find out when your last backup was. If you want to immediately do another, tap on Back up now.
      • If you want to restore data from your last backup, tap on Get backup.
      • Choose what data you want to restore.

      Select the Storage tab and tap on Back up now.The Restore settings screen will give you access to your backups.

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