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Devices Compatible With The Square Reader

How To Use The Square Credit Card Reader for Android or iOS. Unboxing.

Square Point of Sale is compatible with most Apple devices running iOS 12 and above, and Android devices running version 5 and above.

We dont currently support:

  • BlackBerry devices

  • Non-mobile devices, such as laptop and desktop computers

  • Unreleased or beta software versions for your device

  • Amazon Kindle devices

Check if your device is supported from Squares Device Compatibility page.

Square Does Not Support

There are devices that Square has outright stated they do not support, and those are good to know before buying. The brand doesnt support any BlackBerry devices except for one. BlackBerry KEY2. Thats because its powered by Android. To stay on the safe side, its best to not consider the BlackBerry brand at all if you want to run the Square reader.

Square will not integrate with any Amazon Kindle devices. It will not function on any unreleased or beta software version for your device as well.

Its incredibly important to understand that Square is explicitly built for mobile devices. The system will not function on a laptop or desktop computer, despite having a phone jack. The programs are not compatible, and the reader doesnt respond to Windows OS.

Is Squares Credit Card Processing Right For You

Square offers several solutions for businesses at every stage. That means if youre a one-person shop now, you dont have to worry about finding a new solution when you grow because Square offers so many scaleable hardware options. When it comes to taking payments at your storefront or on the go, there are many ways to go about it. And with a transparent pricing model, there are no surprises on the back end. Because Square offers an all-in-one solution with payment processing and PCI-compliant security built right in, you dont need to worry about jumping through hoops to keep up with the latest global payment security regulations.

So is Square right for you? Sometimes the best way to find out is to see for yourself! Consider setting up a Square account and playing around with the possibilities. Its free to set up a Square account, and there are zero commitments or contracts required.

If you are still weighing all of your options when it comes to processing, check out this Mobile Credit Card Processing Comparison table for a quick side-by-side view of some top-rated companies.


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Square & Payment Security

Right out of the gate, we need to take a quick minute to cover payment security. Its that important. Regardless of how you accept a payment keying in a card, swiping with a magstripe reader, a dip or tap, etc. Square provides secure and PCI-compliant payment transactions. Square is fully compliant with the latest Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard . And that also means you wont have to pay additional PCI fees or hire a team to manage ongoing compliance, either.

This out-of-the-box payment security is just one reason why Square is such a powerhouse for the millions of small business owners who trust it.

Lets take a look at the Square reader options next.

What Is Square For Android

Square Mobile Debit Credit Card Reader Smart Phone Android ...

Square can be used with Android smartphones and tablets in the form of the Square magnetic stripe card reader. It works in tandem with the Square Point of Sale app, which is available for free in the Google Play store. The Square Stand is not an option for Android devices, it is only available for iPad.

There are several options for using a Square card reader: it’s available as a standard magnetic stripe reader, as an magnetic stripe and EMV chip reader, or with an additional NFC payment reader . All Square devices are available from Square’s website.

Card reader: Free

NFC payment reader: $49 With optional dock: $78

Square is priced at 2.75% per card swipe . See Square’s website for more details.

Compatible Android Devices:Square is compatible with smartphones and tablets running Android 4.0 or later. See Square’s Compatibility Configuration to check if your device is compatible.

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Devices That Square Does Not Support

As for right now, there are many devices that the Square point of sale system does not support. As for right now, the Square reader does not currently support Blackberry devices, except for the BlackBerry KEY2, as it is uniquely one of the compatible Android devices.

In our opinion, however, you’d be better off without a blackberry device at all, even this Android device, if you want to run the Square card reader.

The Square reader also does not integrate with Amazon Kindle devices, even if you have some strange beta software versions that you want to get away with.

Lastly, Square was created to operate on phones, including Android devices and Apple devices. You cannot use it on a desktop or laptop, even if you have a headset jack.

When You Dont Have A Headphone Jack

When you dont have a headphone jack, to accept magstripe-only cards and gift cards it requires another piece of equipment. The Apple Lightning to Headphone Jack adapter is included with the iPhone 7 and works great.

There are other options available online as well. This isnt something that will set you back a huge amount. Any third-party USB-C to 3.5mm audio adapter can work. Just understand that Square has not officially tested compatibility between the magstripe reader and any other third party adapters.

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Star Micronics 654ii High

The Star 654II receipt printer prints a receipt per second, which is 60 a minute. What makes this printer even more special is the interchangeable interfaces. If you chose, say, a Bluetooth version, you can swap just the connection interface to another instead of getting a whole new printer.

It comes in off-white or dark grey and can be positioned vertically or horizontally. Its guillotine auto-cutter and drop-in-and-print paper load make it quite efficient, but that applies to other Star countertop models too. With this one, though, you can add a splash-proof cover and kitchen buzzer if you work in food services.

You dont necessarily have to choose the model name with II at the end, as the TSP654 LAN printer is also compatible with iPhone and iPad.

The pack comes with a vertical mount accessory, wall mount bracket, 58 mm paper guide, power switch cover, start-up paper roll and external power supply.

Compatible connections:

USB Android, iPad + Square Stand together

LAN by cable Android, any iOS

Bluetooth any iOS

How To Use Squares Countertop Pos Systems

How To Use The Square Credit Card Reader With Your Phone. Get It For Free.

If you are considering how you can use Squares countertop POS systems to make business flow, here are your options:

Square Stand For Contactless & Chip

When you use the Square Stand with the free Square Point of Sale app, you will need to bring along your own compatible iPad or purchase an iPad to go into your stand. The magstripe reader is built-in if you must swipe, but we recommend utilizing the Square Reader for contactless and chip payment for the latest payment security protections. The Square Stand also comes with a dock to keep the contactless reader charged and stable.

When it comes time to ring up an order, youll complete the sale just as you would through your mobile device, as the free Square POS app is still the engine thats running the whole thing. The Square Stand for Contactless and Chip makes a great choice if you are looking for a more prominent, bonafide countertop POS option. It has a simplistic design with minimal cords and offers more screen real estate to find inventory and add to your sale.

With the Square Stand, you can run your Square POS app or the premium options created just for retail and restaurants. Find out why these might be a better option for you by visiting our Square for Retail or Square for Restaurants reviews.

Square Terminal

Square Register

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Square Reader For Magstripe

Fast setup, no long-term commitments

Swipe all major credit and debit cards securely and accurately with the card reader. Swipe payments without an internet connection in Offline Mode at the same low rate.

Send receipts any way you want

Square Point of Sale is a free app that gives you everything you need to do business. Ring up customers, send or print receipts, and accept tips with an intuitive checkout experience. Make smarter business decisions with real-time inventory and sales reporting.

Accept every way your customers want to pay

With Square Reader for contactless and chip, you connect wirelessly to your device to accept contactless payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay, and chip cards, too. Square Reader for magstripe is included in the box, so youâre ready to accept every way your customers want to pay.

Understanding The Square Pos Platform

The Square point of sale app is very easy to set up and is great for just about any device. When you download the Square app from the app store or Google Play, you get a chip card reader for free. The beauty of Square is that they do not charge a monthly fee either.

The way Square makes its money is through payment processing. Every time you swipe a card through the magstripe reader, you pay Square a percentage of the transaction.

While the Square reader is completely free, you will have to pay a one-time fee of $49 to get access to one of their chip card readers.

The new reader processes transactions with chip cards, various phone payment types, and NFC and EMC payments. These chip card readers make use of Bluetooth technology called BLE . It should be noted that the new reader is not compatible with all devices. Square lists its officially tested compatibility on its website.

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How To Use Square With Other Ecommerce Platforms

You can use Square as your online payment processor for other ecommerce platforms like WooCommerce, Wix, Magento, BigCommerce, WordPress, and Drupal Commerce. If online sales are your focus, these ecommerce platforms offer a stronger set of sales features than the free Square Online store. Square doesnt charge a fee to integrate payment processing into these platforms .

A few platforms can fully integrate inventory, sales, and customer tracking data with Squarea major plus if you sell online, in-store, and through mobile.

To use Square with one of these ecommerce platforms, youll need to

  • Open your free Square account.
  • Choose your ecommerce platform.
  • Connect it to Square using the platforms built-in integration app.
  • Build your online store.
  • How To Use A Square Reader For Mobile Payments Square Reader for iPhone, iPad and Android ...

    To accept payments with Square, youll need a Square reader, a smartphone, and the Square app.

    • Step One: Download the Square app. After you have downloaded the Square app, its effortless to accept payment with your reader.
    • Step Two: Open the app on your device. You will already be on the screen that you need to make a charge. No fumbling required!
    • Step Three: Find the item. If you have entered inventory into your Items list, find the item and click what you need. The total will automatically update.
    • Step Four: Tap the charge button. Tap the Charge button when youre ready.
    • Step Five: Read your customers card. Swipe or insert the card or tap your connected reader. You can also manually enter the card number if necessary.
    • Step Six: Ask your customer to sign. Your customer will sign their name, and the sale is complete!

    Dont have a connection? Are you suffering from a spotty connection? Squares offline mode helps you avoid losing the sale. The app securely saves your customers data, and the transaction will process when you connect your device to the internet again . You must reconnect within 72 hours, though, or the transaction will cancel.

    Its that easy. To see how Square stacks up next to other mobile credit card processors, check out our Mobile Credit Card Processing Comparison table.

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    Can I Use Square On A Laptop Or Computer Instead Of A Moblie Device

    The title of this post has been edited from the original: Can I use Square on my laptop instead of a moblie device?

    Hi – I am trying to find out the answer to a question below:

    Can I use Square on my laptop instead of a mobile device and plug the reader into the microphone? If so, how do I download the app on my laptop? It is not an Apple product.

    Hi everyone!

    Big update for 2021: You can now use a connected Square Terminal with Virtual Terminal! Once you have Square Terminal, you can use it to turn your Mac or Windows PC into an all-in-one POS solution.

    For additional information, check out our Square Terminal with Virtual Terminal product update.

    The Square POS app does not work on a computer and the Square swiper doesn’t work on a computer either. You can run credit cards manually when logged into your Square Dashboard.

    Read more about virtual terminal here.

    Sure you can. You have to use an android emulator like blue stacks. Then you can download the POS app and use your PC just like your phone. But unless you have a touch screen or a digital signature pad your customer can’t sign.

    I would like to have this option also. It is easier to look at my computer more than my phone. Do you think there will be an app for the laptops too sometime soon? I run on a Mac.

    If we type in the sales, then we get charged more by you than if we swipe them right?

    How To Pair Bluetooth Square Reader

    Turn on Bluetooth in your device settings by going to the Bluetooth section. Tap More from the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen when you open the Square app. You can connect a reader by tapping Settings > Hardware > Card Readers. Press the readers button for 3-10 seconds to put your reader into pairing mode.

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    What Is A Qr Code

    QR stands for Quick Response and works in the same way as a barcode. The QR code is a square shaped black-and-white grid containing certain informationlike web addresses or contact detailsthat you can access with your compatible device.

    You find these QR codes pretty much everywhere: bars, gyms, grocery stores, cinema halls, etc.

    A QR code has certain instructions written on it. When you scan this code, your phone displays the information contained in the code. In case the code has an action on it, say its the details for a Wi-Fi login, then your phone will follow those instructions and connect you to the specified Wi-Fi network.

    Mobile Credit Card Reader

    Square App Review And How To (for Android and iOS)

    What is it exactly?

    Mobile Credit Card reader, as the name suggests, is a mobile or phone accessory that enables your phone to read credit cards. Additionally, it will allow you to charge clients or cust0mers without the need for a POS System or any form of digital transfer payment.

    One of the most popular mobile Credit Card reader available on the market is Square. Visit the brands website to learn more about it.

    Additionally, these devices are more of an accessory and not an extra gadget that you should purchase. Although, they still do cost some money.

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    How To Use Square To Run Your Business

    In addition to payment processing, you can use Squares mobile POS app to help run your business on the go. The following management tools are available through the app:

    • Order and inventory management: Add items to your library, track in-stock inventory, and check order status. Square automatically updates your inventory when you make a sale, so your stock numbers are always up-to-date.
    • Sales reports: Sales are recorded and summarized to help you track growth and make key business decisions.
    • Customer management: Enter your customer information, such as email addresses and purchase history, so you can provide better service or grow your business via email marketing.
    • Team member profiles: Add and view team members to quickly reference contact information.

    Since your Square Dashboard is your business hub, this is where youll manage many of the payments-related aspects of your business. Use your Dashboard to access tools and features like:

    If youre ready to get started, read our Square POS guide for step-by-step instructions on setting up your account and using its POS features.

    Square For Android Basics

    Square, that small white magnetic stripe card reader you see all over on iPads and smartphones, can make it easy to turn your smartphone or tablet into a portable point of sale station. Figuring out everything you need to set it up and use it, however, can be confusing. In this Square for Android Basics article, we talk about everything you need to know about using Square with an Android device. We’ll go over:

  • What hardware is unofficially compatible
  • Also Check: How To Pay Apple Card On Android

    How To Use Square Mobile Payments

    Square in-person payments: 2.6% + 10 cents for every tapped, dipped, and swiped paymentCard-not-present transactions: 3.5% + 15 cents when you enter a credit card number manually in the Square Point of Sale app

    To use Square mobile payments, youll need to download and sign into the mobile POS app on your iOS or Android device. Once youre logged in, hit the Checkout button on the left side of your screen to log your sale. You can manually enter the transaction amount or select items from your Library if youve set up your inventory.

    When processing payments, either type in an amount or choose a pre-set item from your product library to automatically tally the purchase total.

    When youre ready to accept payment, hit the Charge button. You can process payments in several ways.

    • Cash

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