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Apple Pay And Samsung Pay

Android Pay is here – Check out Google’s new service!

You can now combine Bank of Yazoo credit or debit cards with the convenience of Apple Pay to change the way you pay. Make easy and secure payments at thousands of stores and participating apps using the latest iPhone devices.

Follow the steps below to set up your Bank of Yazoo credit or debit cards.

Pay with Samsung Pay almost anywhere you can use your Bank of Yazoo credit or debit cards. Samsung Pay is a simple and highly secure way to pay using the latest compatible Samsung devices.

When you use Samsung Pay, every transaction is authenticated by your fingerprint, iris, or PIN number, and a random token is used instead of your actual card details, so your information stays safe. Your actual card number is never shared with the merchant and is not stored on your device.

Simple to Setup. Simple to pay.

To add your card to Samsung Pay:

  • Open the Samsung Pay app.
  • Tap ADD at the bottom of the screen to access options to add your card.
  • Position your Bank of Yazoo credit or debit card in the camera frame, or you can choose to manually enter your card details.
  • Enter your card’s security code and accept the terms and conditions.
  • Provide requested information to verify and activate your card.
  • To pay with Samsung Pay:

  • Swipe up on your screen to launch Samsung Pay.
  • Select the Bank of Yazoo card you want to pay with.
  • Hover your device close to the terminal where you would usually swipe your card.
  • How Do I Install Apple Pay On My Android Phone

    If youre not sure, open up the Apple Wallet application, which is pre-installed on your phone. If you dont see any credit cards under the Pay icon, tap the + button at the top-right of the screen to add one. If you dont have Touch ID setup yet, youll be walked through registering your fingerprints.

    Ways Google’s Android Pay Is Better Than Apple Pay

    Google IO reveals tighter rewards integration and authentication

    Believe it or not, Google’s Android Pay makes it simpler and more rewarding to pay for things with a phone than the already easy-to-use Apple Pay.

    With more than one billion active Android users, that’s going to give mobile payments a big boost in 2015, at least in the US. This is no half-hearted Google Wallet.

    At 2015, I tested the reinvented contactless payment system on a Coca-Cola machine and a mock online store in the press room.

    The result? One 20oz bottle of Coke and three ways the better-late-than-never Android Pay is slightly better than Apple Pay.

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    Which Is The Best Bitcoin Wallet For Android

    Best Bitcoin Wallets for Android Review Coinomi. Type: Mobile wallet. Overall score: Edge. Type: Mobile wallet. Overall score: Legder Nano X. Type: Hardware wallet. Overall score: ZenGo. Type: Mobile wallet. Coinomi. Type: Mobile wallet. Edge. Type: Mobile wallet. Legder Nano X. Type: Hardware wallet. ZenGo. Type: Mobile wallet.

    Where Can I Use Contactless Payments


    You can use mobile contactless payments anywhere that accepts contactless cards and is compatible with the various payment apps. This includes most retail stores on the high street, as well as pharmacies, restaurants, cafes, cinemas, and more.

    You can also use payment apps over the internet, on public transport , in some schools, and between people to transfer money.

    Shops and other places can reject your contactless payment, though, even if they support them, so its useful to have an alternative payment method with you just in case. Likewise, there could always be a connectivity issue between your phone and the terminal which could prevent the payment from going through.

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    How To Use Apple Pay On Your Watch

    Once Apple Pay is set up on your device, making purchases is simple. As long as you are shopping at a participating retailer, follow the steps below.

    • When you are ready to checkout, double-tap the side button on your Apple Watch. When your default card appears, you can swipe left and right to switch cards.
    • Turn your wrist, so your display faces toward the contactless payment terminal and hold it close until you hear a sound and feel a slight vibration.

    Some countries have transaction limits for Apple Pay, so you may still need a physical card to make large purchases. Additionally, some stores may require a signature or PIN even when using contactless payments.

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    How To Authorize A Card For Apple Pay

    Different banks have different procedures when it comes to authorizing cards for Apple Pay.

    Capital One, for example, automatically adds and activates your card for Apple Pay after you accept the terms and conditions.

    Citibank and American Express, however, require an activation code to get it, the bank will robocall, email, or text the number you have on file.

    Also, if your bank has an app for mobile banking, you may be able to launch the app to authorize your card.

    Add A Credit Or Debit Card

    How To Setup Apple Or Android Pay Through ClickFunnels And Stripe Tutorial
  • Go to Settings

  • Tap Add Cards. You may be asked to .

  • Do one of the following:

  • Add a new card: Position iPad so that your card appears in the frame, or enter the card details manually.

  • Add your previous cards: Select the card associated with your Apple ID, cards you use with Apple Pay on your other devices, or cards that you removed. Tap Continue, then enter the CVV number of each card.

  • Alternatively, you may be able to add your card from the app of the bank or card issuer.

    The card issuer determines whether your card is eligible for Apple Pay, and may ask you for additional information to complete the verification process.

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    Recommended By Our Editors

    To pay for an item in a store that supports Google Pay, hold your phone near the payment reader and confirm the transaction with your password, PIN, fingerprint, or face. To pay for an item within an app or on a website, select the item for purchase and tap the Google Pay button. Enter your password, PIN, or other means of authentication to confirm the transaction.

    What Is Google Pay

    Google Pay is a mobile wallet and online payment service available for Android and iOS devices. The app allows users to connect their credit and debit cards, as well as bank accounts, to pay at checkoutboth in-store and onlineand send money to others.

    Additionally, users can track their spending, get cash-back offers, and eventually open a new bank account through Google Pay.

    If you have an iPhone or iPad, you cant use the tap-to-pay feature for contactless payments. You can, however, pay in-store if the merchant provides a Google Pay QR code.

    Google Pay has three main features: Pay, Explore, and Insights.

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    Add A New Card On Your Iphone

  • In the Wallet app, tap the Add button .
  • Tap Debit or Credit Card.
  • Tap Continue.
  • Follow the steps on the screen to add a new card. If prompted, choose your bank or card issuer from the list or find them using the search bar.
  • Verify your information with your bank or card issuer. They might ask you to provide additional information or to download an app before approving your card for use with Apple Pay.
  • If you have a paired Apple Watch, you have the option to also add the card to your watch.
  • Question: How Do I Accept Apple Pay Cash On Android Phone

    Apple Vs Epic Games: The Latest in Fortnite Developer

    Unlike its competitors, Apple Pay Cash doesnt work on Android devices. However, you can send payments using the service via an iPhone, iPad, or an Apple Watch. Apple said in a tweet that it would roll out Apple Pay Cash to iPhone users over this week. We could use it on Monday, but its not available to everyone yet.

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    But Will Android Pay Be A Success

    Android Pay is a little more streamlined than Apple Pay, but that in no way means Google’s new mobile payments push is going to be as much of a success.

    First, it’s only being promised for the US. Like iPhone’s digital wallet, Google is staying silent on its UK and Australian launch plans. Country-by-country rollout may decide the winner, especially when it comes to China and India.

    On one hand, Google’s security is akin to Apple Pay. Its tokenization method means retailers never see your actual credit or debit card number, just a virtual account number. On the other, Android users have proven to be more susceptible to hijacking and data mining apps.

    Then there’s the fact that while Android Pay is getting a bigger push than Google Wallet, it won’t get as much attention out of the gate with one single device launch. And Apple could add these Coke and other loyalty rewards in iOS 9 and catch up in an instant.

    Nevertheless, you can’t deny the appeal of a free Coke and tap-to-pay after bypassing the lockscreen. Right now, it’s refreshing to see Google pushing new ideas forward.

    Android Pay is set to be coupled with Android M when the new operating system update launches later this year, while phone users with Android 4.4 KitKat and above can expect it “soon.”

    Set Up Apple Pay On Your Watch

    Set up Apple Pay on your paired iPhone in the Watch app. You will need either a physical card or your cards information, including its security code.

    • Open the Watch app on your paired iPhone. Scroll down to and tap Wallet & Apple Pay.
    • If you already have a card loaded on another Apple device, tap Add and follow the onscreen prompts. If not, tap Add Card.
    • Review Apples information regarding data management. Tap Continue.
    • Select the type of card you would like to add by tapping either Debit or Credit Card or Transit Card.
    • Scan your card or tap Enter Card Details Manually and follow the onscreen prompts. You may need to verify your card with a numerical code you will receive via SMS.

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    How To Set Up Apple Pay On Your Mac

    Before you use Apple Pay on your Mac, you’ll need to set it up.

  • Open Safari on your Mac.
  • Click on Safari in the upper-left corner of your Mac.
  • Click on System Preferences.

  • Click on the Privacy tab.
  • Tick the checkbox next to Apple Pay and Apple Card to allow websites to prompt you with the payment option.

  • How Does It Work

    Apple & Android Pay Now Available To All ClickFunnels Accounts

    The wireless technology that is used for mobile payments to work is referred to as near field communications technology , which uses radio to connect. The payment terminals in shops are NFC-enabled, so are able to communicate and transfer data to other NFC-enabled devices.

    When you download a mobile payment app and set up your mobile wallet, your smartphone acts like a credit or debit card. The payment terminal can then read the data on the screen or back of your phone, and take the necessary money from your bank account.

    Laptops, tablets, and smartwatches can also become NFC-enabled, enabling them to share data when in close proximity to others. Think of it like Bluetooth – a wireless connection that can link two devices together and exchange whatever information is necessary.

    When youre not using it, you should turn NFC off on your device to save battery life, as well as to keep your credentials safe if your phone gets lost or stolen.

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    Set Up Google Pay On Iphone

    If youre using an iPhone, download the new Google Pay app from the App Store. From the apps start screen, sign in with your Google Account, if necessary, or confirm the account listed. Tap Continue and enter your phone number, then confirm the code texted to you.

    You are then asked to set up your privacy preferences. Choose if you want friends to find you when they search for your number. Decide if you want to earn cashbacks and discounts. Determine if you want to turn on personalization for Google Pay.

    At the end, the app asks if you want to use Face ID or Touch ID to authenticate your Google Pay payments. Youre then brought to the Pay screen, where you can read about different app options and manage your account.

    Is There An App Like Apple Pay For Android

    Google Pay is a service that allows users to pay for things using their mobile devices. Mobile wallet and online payment service Google Pay is available for Android and iOS devices. Through the app, users can pay in-store and online using their credit and debit cards, as well as bank accounts. They can also send money to friends and family.

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    Set Up Apple Pay On A Macbook Air Or Macbook Pro With Touch Bar

    If you own a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro with Touch ID, you’ll be able to authorize payments directly from your keyboard. But before you do so, you’ll need to add your credit card to Apple Pay. You should have been prompted to do so when first setting up your Mac, but you can still set up Apple Pay at any time through the System Preferences app.

  • Open System Preferences.
  • Click on the Wallet & Apple Pay icon.

  • Press the Add Card button to add a new credit or debit card.
  • Either position your card in front of your iSight camera to automatically read its number or manually enter your card information.

  • Click Next to verify your card number.
  • Verify the card’s expiration date and enter your three-digit security code.
  • Click Next.

  • Click Accept to accept your card’s terms and conditions.
  • Choose a Verification method to verify your card’s setup.
  • Click Next.

  • Enter the verification code sent to you via your chosen method.
  • Click Next.
  • Your card should now be added to Apple Pay. If it doesn’t happen immediately, your bank may take extra time to verify your information, in which case you’ll receive a notification when it’s been approved or with additional steps that need to be taken.

    If you need to change or delete Apple Pay cards, you can do so at any time in the System Preferences app.

    Setting Up Apple Pay On Your Mac


    The first thing to do is to enable Apple Pay in Safari. Open up Safaris preferences, switch to the Privacy tab, and enable the Allow Websites to Check if Apple Pay is Set Up checkbox.

    You should have been prompted to set up Apple Pay when you first set up your Mac, but if you didnt add your card then, or you need to change something, you can do so at any time by opening up your System Preferences and clicking the Wallet and Apple Pay option.

    From here you can add new cards, remove cards, change your default card, change your billing and shipping address, and view your recent transactions.

    To add a new card, just click the + button at the bottom:

    It will try to automatically read your card info from the camera, which is a nice feature, but if it doesnt work, you can enter it in manually.

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    How To Troubleshoot Apple Pay

    If you’re having trouble getting Apple Pay to accept your card, the simplest solution is to just try entering in your information again I had no luck activating my cards on Monday evening, but entering in the same information on Tuesday morning worked like a charm.

    Worst case, you may just need to call your card issuer. For example, the last card I tried to set up never sent the verification code to my phone number on file, so I had to manually retrieve it through the phone system. That call was pretty painless, however I had Apple Pay fully up and running on that card within ten minutes.

    Remove Your Cards From Apple Pay If Your Ipad Is Lost Or Stolen

    If you enabled Find My iPhone, you can use it to help locate and secure your iPad.

    To remove your cards from Apple Pay, do any of the following:

    • On a Mac or PC: Sign in to your Apple ID account. In the Devices section, click the lost iPad. Below the list of cards, click Remove all.

    • On another iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch: Go to Settings > , tap the lost iPad, then tap Remove All Cards .

    If you remove cards, you can add them again later.

    If you sign out of iCloud in Settings > , all your credit and debit cards for Apple Pay are removed from iPad. You can add the cards again the next time you sign in.

    Note: The availability of Apple Pay and its features varies by country or region. See the Apple Support article Countries and regions that support Apple Pay.

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