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Challenges While Porting Ios App To Android App

How to convert an Android app to iOS ? || Android app development company in USA

Porting iOS apps to Android isnt the easiest thing to do. During the process, you may encounter a hundred different challenges. Here are a few of the most common ones.

Creating an Android application based on iOS UI for different screen sizes is certainly one of the biggest and most common challenges that developers face while porting an app. Thats because when it comes to iOS, devices have certain screen sizes and hence developers choose various bitmap sizes based on the device. On the contrary, Android apps can work across a multitude of devices meaning, several different screens.

Furthermore, Apple devices have fewer variances in screen sizes when compared to Android. Thats because all the devices are developed by one company. On the other hand, Android phones are manufactured by hundreds of companies each comes with unique specifications and screen sizes.

Thus, packing in all the required functionalities can be really intimidating. All of this makes porting apps from iOS to Android quite challenging. But these challenges shouldnt turn you off from porting your app to Android as it has several benefits altogether. Lets look at a few of them.

Can I Submit My App To The Apple App Store & Google Play Store Do You Offer An App Publishing Service

Yes. WebViewGold comes with an Apple App Store/Google Play Store Approval Guarantee. 96,4% of all WebViewGold apps get approved by the Review Team in the first attempt. Please take a look at our example apps. However, the Apple App Store/Google Play Store approval highly depends on the content you provide in your app, as WebViewGold does not provide content by itself. Please make sure to submit an app using a website/web app that behaves like a mobile app . Make sure that your content does not contradict the legal requirements of the Apple and Google guidelines. If Apple or Google rejects your app, we can offer you a full refund of the WebViewGold license . Please feel free to send all the details of your app â we are 100% here to help you! Moreover, you can book our full, all-inclusive App Publishing Service â 100% approval guarantee included.

Entering An Exclusive Brand Ecosystem

Apple has formed a unique, exclusive market and user ecosystem that Android doesnt have a counterpart. And its main advantage is that it covers multiple areas of use across various user segments and demographics. Common iOS users are a different breed that must be treated appropriately. And elaborating a proper focused approach pays off significantly in the long run. So an Android app ported to iOS is just a first step of comprehensive product creation that covers the entire Apple product line, given that Macbook and iPad rapidly move to the Apple M1 chip.

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Implement A Design Overhaul

Numerous essential design elements of the existing Android application will have to be revised and changed following the Flat Design guidelines. The important aspects include the Android-native UI mirroring feature and prior design segmentation into assets. The design for app porting should concern a separate patch of project workflow.

When it comes to the UI mirroring, which helps properly display left-to-right and right-to-left languages, you should know that less common RTL interfaces are default and automated in systems since Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and iOS 9, respectively. And you will have to implement the automated text flipping for custom elements yourself.

The Flat Design-driven overhaul will mostly include moving object placements and making visuals more 3D-esque. The other essential thing is adjusting font types Android uses Roboto as the basic system font type while iOS is built on San Francisco.

Should You Focus On Using Tools For Porting Ios Apps To Android

Currency Converter

You can explore using tools for converting iOS applications to Android applications. However, we dont recommend you focus exclusively on this option.

We suggest you undertake a well-planned mobile app development project for this conversion. We say this due to the following reasons:

  • You created an iPhone app to cater to a target audience. The app meets specific business requirements like monetization, compliance, etc. You should focus on your users first and not the development tools. Concentrate on implementing your business logic first.
  • A conversion tool can only help with some parts of the project. Undertake a full-fledged Android app development project to meet customized business requirements.
  • You need to factor in the different OS versions for both Android and iOS. Conversion tools cant handle the complexities of different iOS versions. They cant manage the complexities of different Android versions either.
  • The Android platform differs widely from iOS. There are different mobile devices with different screen sizes. You need to offer an excellent user experience when you launch an app for Android devices. A conversion tool cant do the job, and you need to follow comprehensive software development processes.

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Is Porting The Ios App To Android Easy How Can It Be Done

The foremost thing that must be considered while deciding to convert an iOS app to Android or vice-versa is the method by which the conversion is to be done. Will it be a ready-made server or some tool by which it is to be done manually via coding?

  • Plan for it Check out the features, design, process, workflow, problems, extensions, scalability, modules of the current app, along with module requirements, tools, and libraries, animations and graphics, UI/UX that you want to see in another app etc.
  • Evaluate and execute the plan Check all the technical issues with code, libraries and third-party services, selection of appropriate tech stack and starting the development. Its like creating a completely new app which cannot be completed in a weeks time. It usually takes 1 to 6 months for an app with normal features to be converted. The time and cost of app conversion depend upon app features, UI/UX functionality, setting up of the front end, back end, monetization tools etc. the approximate cost of conversion of a normal feature application ranges from $6000 to $20000.
  • Testing and Deployment of the app The app must be tested thoroughly to be similar to both platforms.

Rewrite The Underlying Code And Optimize Software Architecture Throughout

Because the Android app code cannot be simply recompiled to fit the iOS architecture specifics, you will need to almost completely recode most of the software piece. The most important thing here is to keep in line all the compatibilities and sync every step of the process with new platform requirements. The main workload here goes for technical specialists . There is specific software that converts Android code to iOS . However, these automatization solutions generate code with a quality that is far from ideal and requires complete revision and optimization by iOS developers.

A bunch of necessary third-party integrations you will have to fit into your solution include:

  • a payment gateway
  • social integrations with the most popular platforms
  • data analytics modules
  • order delivery integrations.

All the rest of the code porting routine is about revising and implementing assets step by step, making sure that the workflow is flexible enough to tackle all the essential project stages along with extra work factors that may appear along the way.

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Cost Of Converting An Iphone App To Android

The cost of developing a mobile app plays a significant role in deciding its conversion from iOS to Android app. It depends on the project size and features.

Lets go through some of the factors to be taken into consideration while calculating the cost of conversion.

  • Programming Languages used
  • Apps interaction with the device hardware
  • Types of devices and Android version support

As a standard consulting approach, our development team can enable you to analyze project requirements, study target groups, map the potential challenges, and work with you to port the app based on your chosen key features. Our extensive experience in custom software development of varied scope enables us to create a cost-effective model that fits in your budget.

Learn how we helped one of our healthcare customers to convert iOS EMR app to Android for a robust system. We designed and developed an Android version of the existing EMR iOS app to reach more customers and achieve higher ROI.

Set The Os Versions In Line

How to convert an Android mobile app to iOS | Convert your android to iOS ?

In contrast to the variety of Android operating systems, all iPhone devices use a single iOS that iteratively updates along with the new iPhone. Moreover, as soon as a new version is released, all devices compatible with it are updated simultaneously worldwide. So, the best option is to pick the last stable iOS version to transit to tackle the required user audience segment. More than 75% of iPhone owners already use the latest versions of iOS 14, according to Statista.

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Audio Converter Extract Mp3

This application, created by Huamei Xi, is one of the best decisions you can possibly make to convert a voice message to an MP3 format.

This is a truly universal service, it works with all the formats, including pictures, photos, audio files, videos. So you can make all the types of conversions at the click of a button.

How to use the service efficiently?

  • and give it all the permissions it will ask for. You must give the permission to use your gallery if you want to convert photos and videos or to your audio files.
  • The converter wont ask for your personal information, Once you downloaded the app, you can open and start using it. You dont have to sign up or create a profile and add your real name and email address.
  • The process of convertion wont take too long, its average time is 15 seconds. Once the process is completed, you need to download the file on your smartphone or tablet.
  • The app isnt too big, its size is about 70 MB only.
  • Audio Converter is free of charge with its basic functions. To remove the ads and add more options, such as converting multiple files at a time, go premium. One month will cost you 1.99$.

    You can get the converter now on the App Store.

    How To Convert Android App To Ios And Vice Versa

    Letâs talk about how to port Android app to iOS and conversely. The best option is to find a reliable software development vendor. In this case, you should be ready to provide the , media resources, and documentation.

    There is no way to convert an app via any kind of app converting platforms. Youâll get the unstable solution with lots of issues at best and not functioning one at worst. In-house developers or software service vendors is the best way to convert apps.

    At Cleveroad, all the provided files pass through Business Analysts, UI/UX designers, and mobile developers to plan the development process as well as ensure correct conversion on each layer.

    Unveiled: All the truth about mobile app builders and how they can harm your project

    Porting Android apps to iOS reminds of constructing two different buildings. No, seriously. Imagine youâve built a fancy hotel in Mexico City and you want an exact copy of that building in Barcelona. Sure there are some blueprints left from the previous project but you have to build it from scratch anyway and comply with local laws.

    As you understand, itâll take some time for a development team to build your application. The may be pretty complicated, especially for fast-growing applications.

    Let me name just a couple of examples:

    • Airbnb. It took 14 months for this company to convert iOS app to Android.
    • . This social network appeared on Android only 4 years after the launch on iOS.

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    Distinctive Aspects Of Programming Languages

    Its a common misconception that all it takes to convert an Android app to iOS is to translate the code. Programming languages, like other languages, have their syntax and semantics, rules, algorithms, etc. Both mobile operating systems use different languages.

    Even if it appears that a feature on one platform works the same way as it does on another, the reality may be quite different. This means that if you decide to convert an existing Android app to iOS, the same app functionality on the latter platform may be time-consuming. This is a friendly reminder to help you understand why a simple feature can sometimes take longer than expected.

    Any professional software developer understands this and optimizes app functionality for a new platforms best operation and performance.

    Why Convert Ios To Android App

    How to convert an app, iOS to Android or vice versa

    Expand Your Market Reach: Google Play generates considerably more downloads than the App Store. Android OS accounts for 70% of the mobile OS market, so if you only have an iOS app, youre missing out on a significant portion of your prospective clients.

    Higher Return on Investment : The ability to port an app from one platform to another allows it to reach a larger worldwide audience.

    Add-on Features: To gratify your target audience, switch the iOS to Android app and use features like back navigation buttons, widgets, push notifications, android intents, android wear, and more.

    Competitive Advantage: Many of your competitors may prefer one platform over the other, leaving the other free. Developing an app for both iOS and Android gives you a leg up on the competition.

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    Will My App Work Offline

    If you provide a local HTML folder, yes. If your web content is hosted on a website, your app will display a beautiful Offline screen with a “Try again” button instead. If you use a Progressive Web App as a basis, you can use the standard caching mechanisms as well. Moreover, WebViewGold offers a fallback mode that uses an HTML folder if the user is offline, and uses a remote URL if the user is online.

    Is It Easier To Build An App For Another Os If You Already Have A Well

    Even though porting an app to another OS is practically developing it anew, its significantly easier and faster because of several reasons.

    First of all, both you and your development team have something to lean on, meaning that you already have a concept and structure. All thats left is adjusting an app to another OSs requirements and finding alternatives to the features that cant be built in like they were for your existing product.

    Plus, during the development process, you will definitely find aspects to improve in your app and get a better product. Youll also get to look at your digital products from a new perspective, which might bring you new ideas.

    Furthermore, if you used specific programming languages to build your current solution, app developers might reuse some parts of the code to build a new one.

    For example, Objective-C and Swift are programming languages for iOS development while Java and Kotlin are used to build Android apps. Both Swift and Kotlin are relatively new programming languages. Thats why they have a lot in common and developers can use the same code for different operating systems in some cases.

    They also share a similar syntax. Therefore, developers who know Swift have rather high chances to understand the code written in Kotlin , which will definitely increase the development speed.

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    Converting Ios Apps To Android

    In similar fashion to that of converting an Android app to iOS, it is also possible for a developer to reverse the action with the help of MyappConverter. The converter provides the necessary support for mobile developers to port their native iOS application to Android platform. Therefore, for a developer who is concentrating on building an iOS app has an excellent opportunity to convert it to Android without the need to build from scratch.

    The automatic code converter supports iOS framework, which helps a developer to convert any application built on iOS SDK to the Android operating system. The developer will be developing the application using the Apple’s iOS SDK and then share it across web apps such as iOS apps and Android apps. However, the converter helps in converting the code of the application into the form that is recognizable by Java language. Once done, the developer can complete the rest of the features manually to make it a fully functional app.

    Brilliant Steps: How To Convert Android To Ios App

    How to Convert iOS to Android and Vice Versa?
    • Step # 1 Analysis of the app requirements and functionality
    • Step #2 Modify design for app porting
    • Step #3 Customize Coding and mobile app architecture best practices
    • Step #4 Well thought-out App Testing and Launch
    • BONUS TIP: Android App to iOS Conversion Tip

    Lets know about all of these steps in detail:

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    # 1 Analysis Of The App Requirements & Functionality

    As many components shouldnt slip from the attention of anyone, an up-to-mark plan is essential to port an Android app to iOS successfully.

    First of all, the mobile app development company together with the client garners and reviews all materials of existing apps. These materials are functional specifications, app design, and source code. It will help to align the applications functionality and business logic. Some technical elements may need to be modified. These components could be push notifications, content adjustments and 3D Touch use on iOS.

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    The app conversion process breaks down the project alteration in two perspectives: Business and Technical. So, the most efficient way is to assign two experts like Business Analysts and Software Developers to perform the gap analysis. This consideration allows for preparing the work scope to increase the new apps potential and performance.

    Here are some important tech points to consider:

    • Look for app optimization and potential improvement possibilities
    • Review business logic and apply it to the new project

    Here is a checklist of potential deliverables to port an app:

    • Design Review

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