Ios Development Vs Android Development


Android App Development Permits More Feature Flexibility

iOS Development is Easier than Android Development (VLOG)

As we learned in the previous point, Android is an open-source platform. Accordingly, developers are provided with more flexibility for app customization.

On the other hand, such an open system is more vulnerable to malware. Although Android is a better choice for customizing applications, its security isnt as high as iOS offers. And thats why especially large enterprises give preference to security.

Development Speed And Costs

Providing any estimates for Android and iOS development is very complicated.

Nevertheless, we can easily point out several factors that must be considered:

  • It takes up to 40% more time to make an Android app.
  • The longer the app is developed, the more it costs.
  • Publishing an iOS app is more time-consuming because of the strict acceptance processes.

Apart from these points, a huge role is played by the features that are implemented in the software, its design, usability, goals, and a ton of other details. Do not forget any of them when calculating the time and expenses.

So Which Platform To Choose First

When deciding between iOS or Android development, consider the following factors:

  • user location,
  • your budget and development time requirements,
  • how unique you want your interface to look, and
  • your target audience.

Although there are many more Android vs. iOS development differences, this list covers the most critical points when picking the initial platform for your application. Overall, both operating systems dominate the market, have a good future outlook, and appeal to extremely large audiences in all fields.

With two platforms walking so tightly in lockstep, distinguishing which one is right for you can be difficult and time-consuming. At Eastern Peak, we have extensive expertise in delivering custom mobile solutions that correspond to the smallest specifics of our clients businesses. Contact us today to get a free consultation and bring your mobile app idea to life.

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Cons Developing Android Apps Vs Ios Apps

  • Fragmentation – Although it was listed in pros, fragmentation can be cons as well. Just think about all those different screen sizes, resolutions, and aspect ratios that have to work the way they are supposed to after every update. You don’t want the app not showing to end-users the way you don’t want to.

  • Testing – It’s almost the same as fragmentation. Because so many different devices run on various android versions and have different hardware, it’s hard to test everything as fast as developers would want to. It’s a time-consuming problem.

  • Costly – Add fragmentation and testing together, and you have higher costs than you have on iOS that has fewer versions and fewer devices that run it

Benefits Of Each Platform

Android vs iOS: Comparison Of App Development cost

As you can see, theres no clear winner when it comes to comparing whether Android or iOS is a better platform. The majority of iOS and Android mobile app development companies believe that the choice of a platform depends on the audience you want to reach. Lets look at some of the advantages that Android and iPhone app development provide to business owners:

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Hardware Usage Control For Employee

On the same note, if the company is providing users with mobile devices, they have the flexibility to choose which phone brand to distribute among employees, eliminating the device proliferation problem for their workplace at least.

This makes testing easier as well, ensuring uniformity and greater control for the business.

Round : Releasing Your App

The release of Android applications is incredibly simple. Eclipses tools allow you to build the application promptly and once you do, youve already got an APK file that you can send via email, post online, or download on Google Play, making it available across the world within just an hour.

In addition, there is an opportunity for Android developers to track the system statistics and crash reports up to a specific line of code. If necessary, you can make updates instantly.

Publication in the iOS App Store is a real nightmare and a significant disadvantage. You will spend at least a day fighting with certificates and distribution profiles.

No matter how many times youve done it before, and how you are trying to facilitate the process with the next version of Xcode, you will still face a lot of problems. Application testing becomes even more complicated unless you use Test Flight. Add to this iTunes Connect, which is not even comparable with the Google Play Developer Console.

By the way, if you want to distribute iOS apps distribute apps on the App Store you need to pay 99 USD annualy for the Apple Developer Program membership or 299 USD for development companies. But you dont need to pay a penny for releasing your app on Google Play.

Here Android wins, unconditionally.

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Ios Vs Android Arkit Vs Arcore

AR/VR is the hottest trend in technology today. It is no longer a mere gimmick and has proven itself a viable technology with the potential to revolutionize our day-to-day operations as well as some of the most challenging industrial needs. For example, Google recently came up with Depth API, whereas Apple came up with their audio patent that shows how seriously both these giants take AR/VR integration.

ARCore and ARKit are development kits for Android and iOS apps, respectively. Google was first to try AR with Tango, an AR platform that stayed operational from summer 2014 to spring 2018 without getting much hype or attention. After wrapping Tango up, Google came up with ARCore. ARKit came into existence in June 2017. Let us compare and contrast both these tools for their potentials

Consider The Device Screen Size When Designing

Android vs iOS | Comparison Between Android and iOS | Mobile App Development Training | Edureka

Screen and device sizes are also an important consideration when selecting the app development platform.

Apple screen sizes are limited and can be easily found but theres a huge range of devices of different specifications using their own version of the Android OS.

Its important to include this as part of UX research activity and base the UX design on the findings.

Screen size determines how your app will appear on the and developers need to keep this in mind when selecting between android versus iOS app development because only an app with the best UX design has any chances of success these days.

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Arcore Vs Arkit Sparse Maps

For mapping, ARCore gets a distinctive advantage as it can manage larger maps. Both ARCore and ARKit make use of sparse maps. However, ARKit apps only store the most recently captured location data and discard the older data. This limits the stability with which any scene can be re-localized if a user directs the camera away from it.

ARCore also tracks more feature points than ARKit. This means mapped areas can expand rapidly in ARCore powered apps. ARKit is reported to be more accurate in differentiating between vertical and horizontal surfaces.

Why Ios Is Better Than Android

Most developers and users prefer iOS compared to Android as their daily driver and preferred mobile app development software. Here are certain points that favor iOS over Android

  • Apples closed ecosystem allows Apple to make both OS and Hardware, which no other company can use to integrate with their services. Hence, Apple always has better sync between software and hardware.
  • Easy to use iOS was developed with ease of use in mind. Since iOS barely pushes customization options, it adds simplicity to the UI, making users habitual to its design.
  • Regular and consistent updates -Apple has a better update timeline, and the update rolls out for every device on the same day.
  • iOS vs Android security iOS leaves Android way behind when it comes to security. No one can get into an iPhone without the users permission. In addition, iOS has memory encryption which enables data confidentiality.

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When To Develop For Ios First

iOS is a great choice if you want to build a minimal viable product as it can be cheaper and quicker. At the same time, if your target audience lives in North America, Western Europe, or Australia it might be a better choice to go for iOS. iOS is also a better choice if you want to monetize your apps without in-app ads and if you are going to offer in-app purchases and premium versions of your app as iOS users are more willing to pay for it.

As you can see, choosing between Android VS iOS depends on what kind of app you want to develop and for whom. If you have a project in your mind and cannot choose which one would be the best, our mobile development consultants can give you a free consultation. Once you have developed and launched the first version of the app and users of other operating systems start searching for it, it is a good sign to build another version.

Why Android Is Better Than Ios For Parental Controls

IOS Vs Android App Development Tutorial On Cost, Language ...

Though Android doesnt have many in-built parental control features, it comes with a lot of freedom for its developers due to its open-source nature. This gives third-party parental control apps on Android more access and capabilities to limit, monitor and understand a childs user behavior more than Apples restrictive parental control features can. Some alerts you can get access to with a third-party parental control app on Android are

  • Priority Alerts Scan all SMS and web browsing activities. If anything related to drugs, suicide, bullying or other such categories shows up, you will get immediate notification on your parent app.
  • App Control Ability to block access to any apps permanently or for daily limits and schedules. You can add an approval requirement for your child to be able to interact with that app.
  • Inappropriate Picture Detection Any pictures sent to and from a childs phone via MMS and saved on the phone can be scanned by AI-powered sensors that send an alert for a picture being potentially inappropriate.
  • Contact Blocking Block or allow SMS from any specific numbers.

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Android Vs Ios Development Future

When choosing a platform to learn you should put into consideration its ability to keep up with the constant change with technology.

Initially you could only build iOS apps in Objective-C programming. This language was pretty verbose, much to the dislike of many developers.

They realized this and developed a new programming language called Swift which enables iOS developers to implement a lot of features with minimal code and it is THE future of iOS development.


So if you want to develop an iOS app today, get started by learning Swift programming on Udemy.

For a long time the only language used to develop Android apps was Java.

But lately, the invention of Kotlin, an alternative language for coding Android application, has completely changed the field of Android development.

Kotlin provides a solution to the problems that Android developers face with Java. So learning Kotlin provides developers with inter-operability, safety, clarity, and tooling support.

So again here both Android and iOS win if you decide to learn either Android or iOS you are guaranteed a career in the foreseable future.

Return On Investment And Monetization

Finally, while choosing between Android and iOS, it’s crucial to think about app monetization. In-app purchases, a paid application, and an advertising-based model are the three most common ways to make money with a mobile app.

As for in-app purchases, Android apps make up the majority of spending with 22% versus 17% in iOS apps. On the other hand, iOS has a higher average transaction price of $30 compared to $10 for Android.

Overall, iOS apps have a better ROI than Android applications.

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Android Vs Ios Development Cost

In order to define the cost of developing a mobile app, well look at the cost of the hardware equipment youll need, and the cost of publishing your app on the marketplace.

The Android Studio IDE can be installed on a standard PC, which is usually cheap to obtain.

iOS apps, however, are developed using Xcode integrated development environment, and Xcode ONLY works on the Mac, which is an expensive high end device.

Therefore, the investment in buying a Mac as well as an iPhone or iPad can significantly add to the cost of development.

Additionally, Apple App Store charges $99 publishing fee, renewable annually, while Android only charges $25, a one-time registration fee.

So Android is much cheaper to get started with.

Round : Publishing And Restrictions

Android Development vs iOS – Should I Learn Both

As weve already seen, there are significant advantages to the open nature of Android. And the same can be said more broadly for Googles generally laissez-faire approach.

For starters, Android allows access to more of the systems inner workings, which lets you create things you just couldnt make on iOS. This includes all manner of customization apps, launchers, floating apps and more. And when it comes to actually publishing apps on Android and iOS, Android clearly comes out on top from the developers point of view too. See, when iOS itself doesnt limit what youre able to create, Apple probably will. Apple obviously has a very clear idea regarding what kinds of apps its happy to support and is much more stringent when it comes to checking apps that developers submit.

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Ios App Development: For Western Europe And North America

Who is a winner of iOS developer vs Android developer battle? As we said, everything depends on your target audience and monetization strategy. If your idea is to get the revenue out of ads inside the app, you probably need Android, and if youd like to create a paid app or incorporate in-app purchasing featurechoose iOS.

Here are some arguments. First of all, iOS users earn 40% more than Android ones. Second, they are generally more easy to sell your product to. Lets look on some most common iOS users characteristics closer:

  • iOS average user is younger than Android onemost gadget holders aged from 18 to 24 years use iOS
  • iOS has more women among users than Android, and 27% of them are 35 years old and elder
  • 37% of all iOS lovers have a university degree
  • Every second person with the iPhone has visited more than 5 countries
  • iOS audience has the best device engagement rate among other OS users
  • iOS user median annual income is $53,251
  • They work in marketing or media areas or run their business

What are the best regional markets to develop iOS apps? The OS is a leader in North America, Australia, and Western Europe. And most popular App Store categories are games, business, education, and lifestyle. However, they are also the most competitive.

Where To Get A Development Team For Android And Ios

So, did you come to the decision to create an application for any of these platforms? Maybe, youve chosen both?

It does not matter as long as you have a qualified team of specialists who cover all the processes. Finding such industry experts is a very difficult task, so here are some tips.

  • Search on freelance platforms and social mediaThere are many skilled developers who work in a task-based manner. They prefer developing certain apps without being responsible for other processes within the company. Apart from that, it is the best option when you are very limited in terms of finances.We highly recommend that you pay attention to such freelance platforms like Upwork and Fiverr. Here you will most likely find an iOS or Android developer for any task. The same goes for social media, like LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • Outsourcing agenciesThese are more expensive and are a bit harder to find. However, an agency takes care of all the documentation, and you get a specialist who is a bit more dedicated to the task. We cannot recommend any agencies because there are too many, and they have various specifications.
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    Disadvantages Of Ios App Development:

    • Customization. iOS provides strict guidelines for applications hosted in App Stores. So strict that customizing apps becomes a challenging task for developers. It will be really difficult for you to stand out from the competition by staying within the guidelines.
    • Publishing. Publishing an app in the App Store is not as easy as that of Android apps. In fact, there is no guarantee that your app will be accepted and added to the App Store at all. The review usually takes a few days. Your app must meet all the App Store requirements to get approval for publication.
    • Only for iOS devices. When creating an iOS application, you should keep in mind that you are cutting the distribution coverage of your app significantly. However, there are nuances here as well. According to Business of Apps, iOS users are more solvent and are usually willing to pay more for apps.

    Ios Vs Android For Business

    iOS vs Android App Development: The Pros &  Cons

    When it comes to launching an app for your business, there are many considerations before finalizing your strategy. Your first consideration will be

    • Who are your target audience?
    • What platform do you want to target? iOS, Android, or both?
    • What are your app requirements?
    • What type of app development agency you need? Offshore, In-house, Freelancers?

    To understand these aspects better, you can refer to our blog How to Find App Developers for your Startup?

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    When To Choose Android

    You can choose an Android platform because sometimes users want to replace the software that came with the original device with custom ROM.

    This is changing the operating system with a new operating system. Many Android users do that because the manufacturer is slow to upgrade the newer version of the operating system. Additionally Android provides a number of free applications and games. Therefore, users would prefer Android over iOS.

    If you are targeting for the audience by focusing on developing nations especially or urban environments then Android can work. Android apps also work well when you want full control over all hardware and software elements, or you want to customize an element of Androids operating system which is not available on iOS. Then android goes well.

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