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Kroger Digital Coupon Restrictions

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There are some catches to using Kroger digital coupons in addition to the inability to use the same paper coupon on the same item.

Consumers can only load up 150 digital coupons on the Kroger app at any one time. It is possible to remove a coupon to make room for another, but do keep the limitation in mind.

Unlike paper coupons, Kroger digital coupons do not double. Keep this in mind when you decide which coupon you want to use.

If something is suspect, the store manager can decline or limit any digital coupon or offer.

Dont Need A Smartphone For Digital Coupons

Even if you dont have a smartphone you can still use Kroger digital coupons. Because the coupons are loaded to your Kroger Plus card you can clip the coupons on a computer or a tablet at home and then use them in store by scanning your Kroger Plus card.

A smartphone is helpful, but you dont need one to use Kroger digital coupons.

This is an excellent way to save on groceries without spending money on a smartphone, and something that many users will enjoy.

If you do have a smartphone or a tablet you can download the Kroger app, but if you dont just go to the Kroger website to clip your digital coupons right to your Kroger Plus card. With this solution you also never have to worry about leaving your coupons at home.

Kroger Digital Coupons: 7 Things Shoppers Need To Know

Its easy to use Kroger digital coupons to save big on your grocery purchases, earn more Kroger fuel points and you dont even need a smartphone to use these digital coupons.

Well explain how to use Kroger digital coupons and what you need to know to save more on your groceries by combining digital coupons and paper coupons.

The Kroger digital coupons link to your Kroger Plus card or Kroger Plus credit card so you can still earn Fuel Rewards Points and other bonus items with your purchases.

Everything you need to know about Kroger digital coupons. Susan Montgomery /

Shoppers that want to save money on groceries without spending Sunday afternoon clipping coupons from a paper or printing out limited time coupons from the web need to start using Kroger digital coupons right now.

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Answer Surveys For Extra Points

Save big with Kroger digital coupons.

Kroger sends out a weekly survey that you can fill out for extra Fuel Points. These surveys come by email to the account you used to set up the Kroger Digital Coupons.

When you fill this out you can earn added Fuel Points without making any purchases. The surveys are often easy to fill out and only take a few minutes.

Use The Barcode Scanner To Check Prices Or Add Items To Your List

apk share: kroger digital coupons sign in

Scan any item to pull up its current selling price and add it to your shopping list or online order.

You can also use it to find where an item is located in the store by looking at the aisle number listed.

Unfortunately, the Kroger app will not tell you if there is a coupon available for an item scanned.

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How To Best Use The Kroger App

To reap the benefits of the Kroger App, you must first download it from the App Store onto your smart device. The app is free to use however, Id argue that the effective cost is negative, as it will save you money!

How To Save Money With The Kroger App

One of the best features on the app is located in the middle of the bottom bar: Savings. In this section, you will find exclusive Kroger Digital Coupons. Hear me out, yall: before you buy it, look for a coupon.

Enjoy learning How To Best Use The Kroger App?Grab some ingredients in-store and check out my recipes here!

I save a lot of money at the gas pump when I use my Kroger Rewards Card I often wonder how many points I have . With the Kroger App, theres no second guessing: the Rewards tab will show you both your current fuel points + community rewards.

As my Granny taught me: a penny saved is a penny earned, yall.

Other Helpful Features Of The Kroger App

Enjoy learning How To Best Use The Kroger App?Grab some ingredients in-store and check out my recipes here!

I LOVE making my shopping list on the Kroger App before going to the store I am so very absent-minded and my shopping list keeps me in check. Further, when you choose the store that you plan to shop at, your list will update the items to show their location in the store . This makes grocery shopping so much easier + faster!

Enjoy learning How To Best Use The Kroger App?Grab some ingredients in-store and check out my recipes here!

My best,

How Do I Use Kroger Coupons

To use a Kroger coupon, copy the related promo code to your clipboard and apply it while checking out. Some Kroger coupons only apply to specific products, so make sure all the items in your cart qualify before submitting your order. If there’s a brick-and-mortar store in your area, you may be able to use a printable coupon there as well. Get Kroger coupons.

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Find Special Promotions To Earn More Fuel Points And Check How Many You Have

With the Kroger Fuel Points Program, you earn one point for every $1.00 you spend at a Kroger store and double points when you buy gift cards. Recently we saw a promotion for 3x fuel points when you purchase floral, produce, meat and seafood. You can check your points in the app under the Fuel Rewards tab.

So Easy And Completely Stress Free

New Scan, Bag, Go App | Scan Bag Go FAQs | Kroger

I love Kroger! Their prices remain consistently reasonable and they offer the best sales. Their stores are alway clean, organized, and have friendly helpful staff. Last but not least they offer a wider selection of grocery options and brand name variety than any other store Ive seen. However, even with all that, I still dreaded my weekly shopping trips. Having to zig zag through the store trying to locate my items was a huge stressor for me. Always very time consuming. Id then have to spend even more time comparing prices and trying to decide which brands were the best deals for my tight budget. All the while praying I didn’t somehow go over in the end. I can be so indecisive at times, and the entire process usually just leaves me frustrated and hating that god forsaken chore even more. Now with this app I can shop for my groceries and other household necessities from the comfort of my own home, and in a fraction of the time it takes me to shop in store. The have the picked, bagged, and ready for pick up exactly when my schedule allows. Also comparing prices is so easy, they literally do it for you and suggest cheaper options. Best part is I can check my running total in a matter of seconds, and adjust my cart accordingly to fit my budget. I cant say enough good things about their very smooth and extremely user friendly app. Its been a life save for real.

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Krogers App Upgrades Shopping List For Enhanced Planning Shopping Experiences

Supermarket chain Kroger is tightening the integration between the planning and in-store stages of grocery shopping through new upgrades to the shopping list feature in its mobile application that make it easier to find products.

Users of the updated app for iOS and Android can now find even more specific products for their shopping list thanks to the addition of popular items to the predictive text search capability. In addition, shoppers can now sort their shopping list by aisle location in their preferred store.

Were offering customers the option to sort by aisle in our shopping list in our iOS and Android mobile apps and on our shopping list within our .com sites, said Keith Dailey, a spokesman at Kroger, Cincinnati, OH. Our goal is to listen and be responsive to our customers, and aisle location was on the list of regularly-requested features.

Aisle location makes it easier for customers to shop in any of our stores and find the items on their list, he said.

Customers will find aisle location for their Favorites when theyre building their shopping list. Favorites are the items that are relevant to that shopper based on what they buy regularly.

Aisle locationThe new version of the Kroger mobile app adds popular items at a users preferred store to the predictive text search in the shopping list feature.

Another new feature is the addition of 18 months of prescription history within the Kroger pharmacy section of the app.

Final Take

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    New Coupon App From Kroger

    SN STAFF | Dec 22, 2010

    CINCINNATI Kroger Co. has launched an app that lets Android and iPhone users download mobile coupons directly to their loyalty cards. Users must have an active account on, and have their Kroger Plus Card number tied to their accounts. Once logged in, they can view, load and remove coupons.

    Current offers include $1.50 off Kellogg cereals, 50 cents off Green Giant vegetables and $1 off Pillsbury refrigerated cookie dough.

    The Kroger initiative move comes as other retailers are also getting into the app business. As reported, Food Lion just launched a new iPhone app that lets users view weekly specials and coupons, view alerts about new products and special events and manage their shopping lists.

    Also, shoppers of Safeway, Pleasanton, Calif., will be able to use a mobile product location app in 40 stores in the San Francisco Bay area beginning Jan. 4.

    How To Best Use The Kroger App: Top Tips

    Kroger Digital Coupons App For Android Free Download

    Hey, yall. Those that know me in real life would all assert one thing about me: Im frugal . As such, Im so excited to be sharing some great money-saving tips while shopping for your groceries at Kroger further, Ill show yall some great features on the app to make your shopping experience as smooth as silk! Looking to learn How To Best Use The Kroger App? Keep reading!

    This post is in partnership with Kroger. Thank you for supporting those that make JCP Eats possible. All opinions expressed, as always, are my own.

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    Everything You Need To Know About The Kroger App

    Everything You Need to Know About the…

    Calling all Kroger shoppers: if you dont have the Kroger app yet, todays the day.

    The Kroger app is so helpful for keeping track of everything youll need for your shopping trip: coupons, grocery lists and even where to find your items in the store so you dont have to waste time searching.

    Works On Kroger Fuel Points

    Many of the digital coupons at Kroger are for grocery items, but you can also clip coupons for more Kroger Fuel Points.

    Make sure you maximize your Kroger Fuel Points with digital coupons.

    Currently there is a Kroger digital coupon for 2X Fuel Points that is good every Friday, Saturday and Sunday for the next two months.

    You dont always need to download a digital coupon at Kroger to get the fuel point bonus. Some special 4X Fuel Point bonuses are automatic, but the 2X bonus is one you need to clip at least once.

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    How To Use Kroger Digital Coupons

    After you sign up for the Kroger digital coupons on your computer, tablet or smartphone you need to clip the coupons. You can sort and filter coupons in the Kroger app or on the website.

    Load an offer to your Kroger Plus card.

    When you see an offer you want, tap or click on Load to card. This will put the coupon on your Kroger Plus card. The message will change to Loaded to Card when this is finished.

    When you go to Kroger scan your Kroger Plus Card or enter your alternate ID and the coupons will automatically apply to your order. You will see the coupon listed below the item on your receipt.

    Download the Kroger app for iPhone and iPad or Android for mobile clipping.

    Need To Sign Up For Kroger Digital Coupons

    How to Clip & Use Digital Coupons at Kroger… Creating an Account & Navigating the app!

    If you already have a Kroger Plus account or Kroger Plus credit card you are halfway to using Kroger digital coupons. You still need to sign up online and link your digital coupons to your Kroger Plus card.

    If you already have a Kroger account online, you will need to use this account to login. Go to the Kroger Digital Coupon site and sign up to link your Kroger Plus card with your digital coupons. You can even use your alternate ID to sign up with your phone number if you dont remember your Kroger Plus card number.

    This process takes about 5 minutes. You can do it in the app or on your tablet, but it is easiest to do on a computer.

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    Order Groceries On The App And Still Use Both Digital And Paper Coupons

    Once youve added items to your grocery list, send them to your cart to have them either delivered to you or ordered for pickup. This is a GREAT time-saver.

    Kroger also lets you use coupons with your pickup order. Save all the digital coupons youll be using in the app AND bring any paper coupons with you to give to an associate. Your total after coupons wont show up in the app when you place the order, but will show up on your receipt.

    Honest Review Fast And Friendly Service

    AN HONEST REVIEW I ordered delivery which was amazingly fast! Using Walmarts grocery pickup doesnt have half the personalization/ communication/ and friendliness. For delivery they keep you up to date each step of the way and if they have to substitute an item they text you and ask what you would like instead in pretty plain as day detail! I have a condition that makes grocery shopping difficult and being the only place that does grocery delivery Im exceedingly glad that it was such a great experience. The delivery fee is not that bad I live in the country so them getting me my groceries in a matter of a couple hours was astonishing after ordering. It was less than 2 hours from start to finish and the costs on many items were better. the convenience alone is well worth the difference which I have to say isnt very much. Thank you Krogers for the excellent service you provide its more than appreciated while I am trying to recover from my mental health issues. Ill be looking forward to using this app and service again! I recommend this to anyone looking for such a service. 5 stars, 10/10 service, America looks better with the ability to order burritos and have them delivered to your door lol!

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