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Monitor Screen Time iOS and Android: 5 Best Free Apps to Limit Screen Time

As weve mentioned above, the Digital Wellbeing features are only available on a handful of Google Pixel, Android One, and other devices. Even on these, Focus mode in Android 10 is quite limited.

What if you want to use these features on other Android phones? Or what if you want to schedule Focus mode to block apps automatically at certain times? You can do both with third-party apps.

Set Up Parental Controls On Your Phone

You can start setting up parental controls from the Digital wellbeing settings page, but then you’ll need to install Family Link, a Google app. The app requires that both you and your child have a Google account.

  • Go to Settings> Digital wellbeing & parental controls.

  • Tap Set up parental controls at the bottom of the screen.

  • Tap Get started on the next screen.

  • Tap Parent.

  • Youll see a prompt to download the Family Link app. Download it and follow the on-screen prompts.

  • Browse Web Search History

    When kids get access to smartphones and the internet, they are always looking into new things and gaining knowledge about the things happening around them. They can get into somewhere that might not be appropriate for them, so parents should adequately check their browsing history in such a situation. This will make their kids online presence safer and wont let them get into the wrong things.

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    More Screen Time More Movement

    Even when stuck at home, staying active is critically important. Studies have shown exercise sets children up to live healthy lives in the long term, warding off obesity and improving their cardiovascular health. So how to get moving while stuck inside? Give them a challenge. Record a custom workout session using the talking to the screen like youre a personal trainer to your kid. Focus less on push-ups and burpees and air squats and more on getting them movingdown to the floor and into the air and back again. Later, your kid can follow along without your assistance, while giving you some much-needed time to yourself.


    Use A Parental Control App

    Screen Time

    Parental control software can give you quite a bit of control over the content that your little ones can access, track their locations, and also restrict the time they spend online. Qustodio is a great example, with plenty of granular settings that allow you to tailor your childs app and web activities more appropriately to their ages.

    With a free account youll be able to not only set the hours each day when the device will work, but also allocate particular durations to certain apps. This means if you dont want them endlessly flicking through TikTok, but are happy to have them work with Duolingo, then you can set the individual time limits as you see fit.

    There are plenty of other benefits to Qustodio though, with the aforementioned location tracker letting you know where your kids are at all times, plus a wealth of content filters, SMS and call monitoring, plus a panic button if your child should find themselves in trouble.

    To unlock all the features youll need a premium account, which currently costs £35.95/$44.95 per year. This does cover five devices, making it a good for those with more than one child. If you just want to put some screen time limits in place then it might not be as cost effective as one of the simpler apps listed in the next section. But, if you want to control and monitor your childs device then a package like Qustodio or any of those listed in our Best parental control software roundup would do a fine job.

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    Limitly Screen Time Control

    Limitly enables you to block apps, set time limits for apps, schedule device use, review which apps your child is using and how often, and prevent your kids from using apps that you havent reviewed and approved. Another useful feature is the quarantining of an application the child has downloaded so that the parent has had a chance to review the app before use. And it doesnt hurt that the app is free, and has neither in-app purchases nor other costs.

    Devices: Android

    Manage Your Digital Wellbeing On Your Galaxy Phone Or Tablet

    It’s an undeniable fact – we spend a lot of time on our phones or tablets. If you are worried that you’re spending too much time looking at a screen, the new and improved Digital Wellbeing feature on One UI 3 and One UI 4 can monitor your usage times and even set timers for some apps. Take advantage of this helpful tool so you can take control of your digital habits.

    Note: Available screens and settings may vary by wireless service provider, software version, and device model. Your device needs to have Android 10 or later to use these features.

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    The 5 Best Apps To Limit Screen Time On Iphone And Android

    Start looking up at the world more often

    Many of us feel we could do with much less screen time. Yet because of the addictive nature of our smartphones, putting a stop to overuse of them can feel difficult without help. iPhone and Android phones both have features available to help you reduce screen time, but there are also lots of free apps available to limit screen time as well.

    The apps you can download on your smartphone usually will provide you with more features and settings than the built-in ones, so its worth looking into if youre seriously considering cutting down on smartphone use.

    Digital Wellbeing Bedtime Mode

    Set Time limit on Specific Apps on Android

    Bedtime mode can do multiple things to help you keep screen time to a minimum. For starters, you can turn Do Not Disturb mode on, set the screen to grayscale, and keep the screen dark. Bedtime mode allows you to pick which of these features are activated. You can set the times and days you want to use bedtime mode, and itll automatically turn on and off, so you dont even have to worry about remembering it. Additionally, you can make it so that Bedtime mode only turns on while the phone is plugged in during charging.

    How to set Bedtime mode:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Pick which features you want to be turned on during Bedtime mode.
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    Best Apps For Screen Time Restriction Android

    Flipd is an Android app that lets you turn off your phone while the app will send out auto-replies to people who contact you during the off time. As parents, you can remotely turn off your childs phone, but you need set it up first.

    App Detox is an Android app that help you limit the usage of particular apps, say one game app. It will send warning messages when you spend more time than the limit you set for yourself.

    Offtime is an Android app allowing you to block selected text or calls, and restrict your access to internet and apps.

    Examine How You Spend Your Phone Time Not Just How Much

    Conventional wisdom says that you probably need to put your phone down more than you do. However, one study from researchers at the University of Melbourne suggests that its not just how much time you spend on your phone that matters as it is what youre doing with it. If the time you spend on your phone is meaningful, then its not time wasted. In other words, chatting with a loved one or reading a book on your phone would naturally make you happier than arguing on Facebook or reading news that makes you angry.

    From this perspective, Apple and Googles tools become a lot more useful. The first component of iOSs Screen Time is a time tracker. In your devices settings you can find a chart that shows you when youre using your device most, how many times you pick up your device and which apps youre using most. It also shows you how many notifications you get from each app, so you can find out which apps are interrupting you during the day the most.

    Googles suite works similarly. Open the Digital Wellbeing section of your phones settings Googles own Pixel phones have it, but other devices may get it when they receive the Android Pie update and youll be greeted with a circular chart that shows which apps take up the most of your time. You can also explore charts that show what time of day you spend in apps, how many notifications you get and when youre getting them, and even how much time you spend on each app every day.

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    How To Use Digital Wellbeing To Monitor Screen Time

    • To find Digital Wellbeing on your phone, open Settings and scroll down until you find Digital Wellbeing.
    • Once you find it, tap on it and get into it. As soon as you get into it, you’ll notice a circular chart displaying Screen Time for all the apps you’ve used on that particular day.
    • Tap on the circular chart to gain the deeper insight of all the apps that were used.

    Best Apps For Screen Time Restriction Android And Ios


    Net Nanny is a Parental Control program works on both Android and iOS, as well as computers. It definitely has time limit features. In addition, it also has features to filter out inappropriate content for kids. It is subscription based. You pay each year, and the amount is based on the number of devices you want it on.

    OurPact is similar to Net Nanny. It works on mobile devices only. In addition to control screen time, it can also set restrictions on apps and texts. There are 3 price tiers, only the premium package has time limit feature, but it is still pretty reasonable at $5 per month.

    ScreenTime is another parental control app that works on both Android and iOS. For $4 a month, you can set time limit on each device, and monitor web and search history.

    BreakFree works for both iOS and Android. Like the other apps mentioned above, it monitors the time on screen or on one particular app, and when the time is over the limit, it sends warnings. You can also set downtime to have no internet connections, auto text reply, etc. It is also a good tool for parental control for kids devices.

    unGlue is a relatively new program in the market. It has similar functions as those mentioned above. The nice thing about unGlue is you dont need download the program on each device, and you can set individualized time limit for each childd device. It is available for both iOS and Android.

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    Practice What You Preach

    When it comes to setting and enforcing screen time rules, family online safety experts say one of the most important things parents can do is set a good example. When your child is old enough to start playing with your devices, start an ongoing dialogue about screen time and internet safety. Then lead the way. If your kids see you scrolling endlessly on your phone, theyll want to do the same. A so-called phone bucket can provide a chance for everyone to unplug. Parents and kids put their devices in it when the sun goes down or before dinner. Taking a break from screens in the evening is essential for good sleep and an opportunity to come together as a family.

    Limit Screen Time On Iphone

    If you are an iPhone user and want to limit the time you spend on your phone, Apple offers an in-built feature for the same dubbed as Screen Time. This allows two different ways- either limit the time on apps or set a daily period to block all apps except for essentials.

    Heres how to limit your time on iPhone:

    1. Launch the Settings app from your home screen.

    2. In Settings, look for the Screen Time feature and tap to select it.

    3. Here, find the App Limits option and tap on it, and then tap on Add Limit at the bottom of the menu.

    4. Here you can select apps on which you want to limit your time. Select a category like Social Networking or set limits on all apps by choosing All Apps & Categories.

    5.Tap Next in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and set the time for the apps to be used. Lastly, tap Add at the top of your screen.

    Thats it. When you set a limit for using an app, youll be locked out of that app after the set time. As mentioned above, you can also enable a downtime feature, just like Androids Focus Mode in order to take a break from your phone for some time.

    These were the ways to limit your screen time on Android as well as on iPhone. So, make sure to follow a healthy routine while using all your devices. For more such tips, stay tuned!

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    Screen Time Requires Breaks

    Children might be capable of sitting contentedly on a tablet for hours on end, but that doesnt mean its the best thing for them. How much screen time for kids is too much? Clearly, pediatric guidelines, which usually clock in at no more than two hours of screen time a day, are out the window when a six-hour school day takes place in front of a screen. Instead of counting hours, look at how you structure screen time. To start, use a timer to set screen breaks at least every 45 minutes. When the timer goes off, you and your child can get up, stretch and give your eyes and minds a break.


    How To Check Screen Time On Android And Take Back Your Life

    How To Limit Screen Time On Android

    Extensive phone usage can have a negative impact on health, but Android users can analyze their screen time and make some positive changes.

    A key Android area that Google has emphasized lately is Digital Wellbeing. Put simply, Google is trying to apply a responsible approach to smartphone usage by helping users keep track of their activities and create an overall experience that’s productive rather than a situation where apps suck all of their time. A core element of Digital Wellbeing is screen time, which is used to inform users on how much time they spend looking at their phones screen.

    Screen time provides a detailed breakdown of the hours and minutes users spend interacting with different apps on their phones. The screen time dashboard also explains how many times a phone has been unlocked and how many notifications popped up each day. Screen time is accompanied by a handful of other tools that can help users disconnect for a while, including the ability to manage notifications, set up a bedtime schedule, or even activate a focus mode for some phone-free, no-distraction time.

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    Ways To Limit Your Screen Time On Android And Iphone

    Our smartphone usage has become so much more especially after the pandemic. We all know that the more we use our phones, the less we become active in our real life which is not good for our health as well. So, today I am going to share a few ways with you to limit your screen time on Android as well as iPhone.

    How To Manage Your Child’s Screen Time On Android

    With so many distractions on modern smartphones today, staying focused is a task much easier said than done. And it can be especially difficult for kids balancing classwork with downtime.

    The good news is that Android 9 Pie and the just-released Android 10 provide an extensive suite of tools to let you silence attention-grabbing apps and notifications. The tools can also help us drill down to understand what software and tasks are consuming most of our time. Thats especially important, because you can’t solve smartphone addiction unless youre mindful of it in the first place.

    Here are our tips for using Android’s Digital Wellbeing features to help your kids stay focused on their classwork.

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    Set Up Digital Wellbeing

    To find Digital Wellbeing as an app, open it in your Settings app and then turn on Show icon in the app list.

    The first time you open Digital Wellbeing, you need to set up your profile.

  • Open your phones Settings app.
  • Tap Digital Wellbeing & parental controls.
  • Under Your Digital Wellbeing tools, tap Show your data.
  • Tip: You can also manage a childs account if you are the default parent account on their device. Learn about Family Link.

    Add the screen time widget

    Use the screen time widget to find the top 3 apps you use each day.

    On Android 9 and later devices:

  • Touch and hold the Home screen.
  • Tap Widgets
  • Touch and hold the screen time widget. Youll get images of your Home screens.
  • Pull the widget where you want it and lift your finger.
  • Keep Your Screen Time In Check

    Screen Time on Android Devices

    The Digital Wellbeing app has two types of tools to help you reduce screen time and distractions: Ways to disconnect and Reduce interruptions.

    Ways to disconnect include app timers, bedtime mode, and focus mode. The Reduce interruptions sections has shortcuts to app notification management and Do Not Disturb mode.

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    Other Android Phones And Ways To Improve

    For those who own a Samsung phone, they need to open the Settings section and scroll down to find the Digital Wellbeing and parental controls option. On the next page, they will see a linear graph with the net screen time for that day and the top three apps that the user interacted with during the previous 24 hours. Tapping on the graph opens another page where a daily breakdown of screen time is available, along with separate graphs for the number of notifications and apps, as well as daily device unlock figures. On OnePlus phones, the path to accessing the screen time dashboard and associated Digital Wellbeing tools is similar to stock Android: Settings > Digital Wellbeing & parental controls> Show your data.

    If users want to do a comprehensive check of their screen time activity over the past few days, they can tap the Dashboard option below the graph to access their screen time figures for the past week. They can also check the number of notifications and device unlocks each day by tapping on the drop-down menu above the dashboard graph . For those concerned about smartphone usage, they can set a screen time limit, use focus mode , or enable app timers for the most problematic apps, such as social media apps where doomscrolling can easily end up eating a few hours. Activating ‘Bedtime mode’ on an Android device can also be particularly helpful when looking to avoid the feed scroll frenzy late at night.

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