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The audiobook is getting more and more popular, partly because you can get the knowledge anytime and anywhere. Moreover, audiobooks are more accessible than ever before. If you search for audiobook app in App Store or Play Store, you will get a lot of results. Then how to discover the best audiobook player become a new problem.

Don’t worry. We have listed top 5 audiobook player apps for iPhone and Android users to enjoy MP3 and M4B audiobooks on mobile devices. All you need to do is reading our reviews carefully and find your favorite player app.

Audiobook Player

How To Play Itunes M4b Audiobooks On Android

If you want to listen to iTunes audiobooks on Android, you can use an iTunes M4B converter to remove DRM and convert M4B to MP3 format, which is fully supported by all Android devices, such as Samsung Galaxy, Pixel, OnePlus, Huawei, etc.

Don’t know which M4B converter is capable of DRM removal?

TuneFab Audiobook Converter is highly recommended here. It can bypass Appleâs DRM and convert M4B to Android supported format easily. You can use this converter to convert M4B files to MP3, M4A, FLAC, AAC, AIFF, and more. What’s more, the greatest advantage of TuneFab Audiobook Converter is that, it can keep all audiobook chapters in the output M4A files while a lot of converters canât.

Tips: If the M4B files are not DRM-protected, then the quick solution is to convert M4B to MP3 with a free audio converter which you can easily find online.

Let’s start converting M4B to MP3 for playing on Android!

Top 5 Audiobook Players For Android And Iphone

A good audiobook player for Android or iPhone should be able to play both MP3 and M4B audiobooks. The latter is a MPEG-4 file extension to store audiobook. An M4B file is encoded with the AAC compression format and encrypted with Apple FairPlay DRM. So, it is only accessible on computer and iOS devices.

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Android Mp3 Player With Bookmarks

So far I’ve only listened through the Audible app but I have a few books in mp3 format that I’m ready to start. Is there a player that remembers where I stop and continues on from there when I start again?

Sorry, I should have done a quick Google search first…

I found “Smart AudioBook Player” which looks like it will do exactly what I want.

Is this the app that’s usually recommended?

this app is great. using it as i type this. THe free one works, worth the few $$ to support the maker.

And yes, it does bookmarks and remembers where you stop and start.It will even remember as you switch books. It will play more then mp3’s, but it will not work on Audible files, you will have to convert them to another sound file to work.

How To Use The Audiobook Player In Overdrive For Android Devices And Fire Tablets

Music Player

You might like the Libby appthe easiest way to borrow and enjoy ebooks, audiobooks, and magazines from your public library. Get started with Libby on Android, iOS, or in your browser, or learn more about it.

You can use the OverDrive app to listen to borrowed audiobooks on your Android device or Fire tablet.

Note: If you’d rather listen to audiobooks in your mobile browser, you may be able to use OverDrive Listen instead.

Once you’ve in the app, go to your app Bookshelf, then tap the audiobook to start listening.

How to use the audiobook player:

Audiobook player options include:

  • Return to Bookshelf
  • Title menu
  • Sleep timer
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      Audible And Other Audio Book Clubs

      is a popular commercial option that lists an innumerable amount of professionally voiced audiobooks. You can transfer your books from device to device, including non-Android devices. The books are protected by DRM, and you’re restricted from using non-Audible apps or downloading the file to too many devices at once.

      If you’re an audiobook buff, the quality is good, and the selection is fantastic. To find out if you like the service, sign up for the 30-day trial and then pay after that. The pricing is similar for other audiobook clubs, but Audible has the largest selection.

      Listen To Audible Audiobook On Android

      1Listen to Audiobook with Audible app

      Audible is the audio book provider of Amazon ebook reader. It has thousands of audio books. Like most ebook readers, Audible also has an Android app.

      Step 1: Install Audible App on Android

      Search “Audible” in Google Play and install it on your Android device. The first time you launch the Audible app, you’ll be asked to fill in your account information. Just sign with your Amazon account or you can register a new one.

      Step 2: Purchase and download the Audible books

      The interface of Audible looks like the Kindle app for Android. You can see the CLOUD and DEVICE category. Tap the cart icon to enter book shop. You can search the book title directly or find books through different filters.

      If there are any books you want to buy, just tap a book title and go to the purchasing page. You can either add the book to wish list or buy directly. Once the purchase has been finished, the book should list on cloud in your library page. You just have to tap the book title you’ve purchased to download it.

      Step 3: Listen to Audible books on Audible for Andoid

      Once the downloading proccess has been finished, you can play it on your device. The Audible player provides various options for adjustment. You can set the speaking speed, take notes and add book mark.

      2Listen to Audible Books via Smart Audiobook Player

      Step 2: Copy Audible books to Android device

      Step 3: Listen to audiobooks on Smart AudioBook Player

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      Does Android Support M4b File Type

      The short answer is no. M4B is an audio format mostly used in audiobooks purchased from iTunes Store or However, you can’t play iTunes audiobooks on Android because these M4B files are encrypted by Apple’s FairPlay DRM. Because of DRM, you can only play iTunes M4B audiobook on authorized devices, such as iTunes, iOS devices, etc.

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      Listening to Audiobooks on Android and Kindle Fire

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      To Download An Overdrive Mp3 Audiobook To An Android
        To download an OverDrive mp3 audiobook to an Android phone or tablet Hereâs what youâll need to get started: 1. A Delta County Library card. 2. An Android device running version 1.5 or higher. 3. A Google Play account. 4. The free OverDrive Media Console app installed on your Android device. 5. An active wi-fi connection.

      How To Listen To Audiobooks On Android
        For a large selection of audiobooks, download the Audible app and listen to audiobooks on your device. If you like the option of audiobooks and ebooks, Amazon Whispersync provides access to both. Download the Libby app to borrow audiobooks from your local library and listen to them on your device.

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      Listening With Smart Audiobook Player

      When it comes to listening to audiobooks on Android, Smart AudioBook Playeris it. If youve copied in the books as stated in the step above, youre good to go. Just tell the app which folder they are stored in and it will take care of the rest.

      The app shows the book metadata and details like how long the whole book is alongside the current chapter. You can add bookmarks and details about characters you want to remember in real time. Theres also a sleep timer, lockscreen buttons, and a playback speed option.

      Just like any other good audiobook app, it remembers where you paused, so even if you come back days later it will pick up where you left off. A normal music player just takes you back to the beginning of the track .

      The app is free to download and you get a 30-day trial of the full version, which is a $2 upgrade. For that you get playback speed control, character lists, bookmarks, lockscreen controls, cover search and a lot more.

      Even after the 30-day trial ends, if you dont choose to make the $2 purchase, the app wont be unusable. The basic functions of identifying audiobook files, creating libraries, and remembering the pause points will work just fine.

      No3 Simple Audiobook Player

      Music Player

      Price: Basic version – Free, Full version – $1.99

      Simple Audiobook Player is built with a basic and clean user interface, but it is one of the most effective audiobook players for Android users to play M4B files on Android devices. It can play DRM-free M4B audiobooks perfectly and keeps track of all your listening history. It doesn’t have unnecessary functions and there’s a free or paid version for you to choose from.

      • Support for chapters in M4B files

      • Keep bookmarks for any episodes you’ve already started

      • Support playback control, you can pause at any time or jump forwards or backward to a specific position

      • Other great features: equalizer, nice sleep options, black mode, and low battery consumption

      Now you have got an easy way to free iTunes M4B audiobooks from DRM protection and 3 useful audiobook M4B players on Android devices. Just try them to make your audiobook listening experiences more wonderful!

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      What Is Mp3 Audiobook Player App

      MP3 Audiobook Player is a convenient app for listening MP3, MP4, OPUS, OGG, FLAC, AWB, AAC, WMA, M4B, M4A format books for any Apple mobile devices. No need to waste your time for books converting anymore!NOTE: The app is only a tool for listening – NO audiobooks are included!There are a lot of sources for finding good audiobooks dubbed both by amateur enthusiasts and professionals, many of them are offered as some audio fi. MP3 Audiobook Player is a Book app by Oleg Brailean. The app has an average of 4 stars on the appstore and has been rated by over 298 people over it’s lifetime. The latest version of the app is version 1.154 and it was updated on the Android Play Store about 4 months ago.

    • Is MP3 Audiobook Player free? The cost of the app is $0.00
    • Listen To Free Audiobook On Android

      1Get Audiobook on booksshouldbefree

      Step 1: Get free audiobook from booksshouldbefree

      Most audio books on in Audible are paid ones. So here I recommend you a free option: You can download many free audio books in this website. But most of them are not fresh ones. Old books are in the majority.

      Choose a book from the left filter or search book title in the search box. In the detailed page of the books, you can choose to download stream the audio book. Click “MP3 Download” in the left side to download the whole book or you can just download some chapters in the right side.

      Step 2: Listen to audiobook on Astro Player Pro

      Transfer the .mp3 files to Android device and then you can enjoy the audio books. The original music player of Android can play the audiobook but it’s not very suitable. Here we recommend you a professional audio book player Astro Player Pro. It has powerful bookmark feature that could record your reading progress. You can search “astro player pro” in Google Play of your Android device.

      2Listen to Audiobook via Browser

      As we know there are many websites provide free online audiobook listening, so if you can open these websites by the browser installed on your Android device, you can listen to the audiobook online. You can find 50+ websites with online audiobook listening service. Now you can listen to audiobook online without downloading any apps or audiobook when you have your internet connected.

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      Top : Smart Audiobook Player

      Smart AudioBook Player is the app designed especially for playing the audiobooks on Android phone. You can enjoy the full version in the first 30 days, and after that, you need to purchase to get the basic version. It is the player that lets you control the playback speed and saves the progress independently for all the books.

      • Add bookmarks and notes on the audiobooks.
      • Remember the position for return to the MP3 or M4B audiobook later.
      • Control the playback, such as change narration speed.
      • Pre-listen to free samples of audiobooks before purchase.


      • This audiobook player for Android and iPhone lacks some features, such as library organization.
      • It cannot download audiobooks to an external SD card.

      How To Transfer Itunes Audio Books To Android Devices

      How to Download Books & Audiobooks for Free! (Hoopla for Android Device)

      Why is it almost impossible to load and read iTunes Audio books on Android?

      Having audio books is one of the most interesting and exciting experiences that you can have nowadays. Being able to listen to the book content read aloud by a professional removes the hassle of having a book in your bag the whole time, and you can get thousands of them on your PC or laptop, which is really nice. However, many book readers are using iTunes to purchase and store their books, and when it comes to making a shift towards Android programs, then some issues tend to appear, and thatâs something you are going to appreciate for sure.

      The main issue that comes here is very easy to understand. Simply put, iTunes content, be it books games and so on has a specific DRM thatâs impossible to remove manually. Apple uses this DRM in order to make sure that the content here remains unpirated and untouched. Because of that, not only itâs very hard to perform this, itâs also illegal and you are definitely going to have a hard time doing so.

      Of course, if you do need to perform this, you can try a few applications that will bring you DRM removal capabilities, but it can be a little hard to determine and use them properly.

      Transfer Everything from Phone to Phone in 1 Click!


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      Where Can You Find Drm

      Audible may be the biggest name in audiobooks, but the site doesn’t actually give you full ownership over the titles that you buy. Instead of selling you books, it grants you a license to listen to them and supplies you with an app for doing so . This works for many people, but it’s still pretty restrictive.

      Even if it means going without a particular title, I recommend buying books from sources that give you complete access to files so that you can listen to them however and wherever you like, long after a site’s servers have shut down. Such options include Downpour, LibriVox, Telltale Weekly, and others. You can find a longer list over at

      For those books that you can’t find in an unrestricted format, you can always buy them on disks and rip them the old-fashioned way, and if you just want stuff to listen to for free, there are plenty of places where you could look.

      Where do you get your audiobooks, and what’s your favorite way for listening to them? Chime in below!

      Best Audiobook Players For Android And Iphone

      Just like e-book disrupted the market of traditional book publishing, audiobooks are going to do the same. The best part about listening to audiobooks lies in their production quality. The major publications include various sound effects to make your listening experience more enjoyable. The users will much more involved while listening to a well-produced audiobook than reading the same. The second thing that goes in the favour of audiobooks is that they allow you with more opportunities to consume your favourite books. I really love them. If you are still reading this article, chances are that you do too. So, which is one is your favourite audiobook app? Let us know in the comments section below.

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      Top : Librivox Player

      LibriVox is the free public domain audiobooks provider. It encourages you to join them to create your audiobooks, while you could listen to the free audiobooks from its catalog. You could find the audiobooks by the author, title, genre/subject and language. Though the interface is simple, it is the really free audiobooks player you will not miss.

      • Access to over 50 thousand audiobooks on mobile devices.
      • Stream your favorite audiobooks over the internet or download for later listening to.
      • Free of charge thanks to hundreds of volunteers contributions.
      • Search for audiobooks by title, author, genre or other keywords.


      • You have to listen to annoying ads when enjoying audiobooks.

      Book Mower Audiobook Player

      MP3 Music Download Player APK for Android

      Book Mower Audiobook Player is an audiobook player for iOS 11/10/9/8 and compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Its goal is to make getting, playing and managing audiobooks a delightful experience. This audiobook player app can keep track of your progress with automatically created bookmarks and work great with remote controls like Bluetooth or Apple headphone.

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