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Set Clear Expectations For Anyone Using Your Tablet

How to Hard Reset SIVER JOY 7 3G – Bypass Screen Lock in Android Tablet |HardReset.Info

If you hand someone a tablet with unrestricted access to games, social media, and more, they might think you will be OK with them using all of the apps they can access. Especially at work, thats definitely not true, and runs the risk of coworkers seeing personal information.

On the other hand, if you hand someone a locked-down tablet, it will be clear what you intend for them to do with it. Even if someone manages to find a workaround for your lockdown method, this is a clear violation of the rules you have set, meaning they have no way to defend their actions.

How to do it: You can lockdown Android tablets one-by-one using screen pinning, but this requires you to manually activate and deactivate the pinned app after each use. Plus, restricting users to a single app may be too restrictive. An easier approach is to use a mobile device management solution, which provides much more flexibility in regards to device lockdown. You can restrict devices to multiple apps, or just block specific ones. This way, if whoever is using your tablet needs to use multiple apps, they can do so.

Dont Let Anyone Change Your Preferred Settings

If you work hard to get your tablet settings just right , you dont want anyone to mess with them. Nothing is more frustrating than finding a borrowed device is now changed in some way. After all, if your device settings are perfect, then any alteration makes them worse.

How to do it: MDM-based lockdown solutions let you implement an additional password to protect your settings, on top of your main password. This password can work alongside device lockdown, ensuring that no one can bypass device lockdown by altering settings.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Even though Microsofts Surface Pro 7 two-in-one computer tablet is not radically different from its predecessor, our previous favorite, the Surface Pro 6, theres plenty of overall improvement in the newer model to recommend it as a great business tablet. It offers everything you need for workplace versatility both in the office or while traveling. The Surface Pro 7 features the new Intel 10th-generation Ice Lake processor with three options, starting with the dual-core Core i3-1005G1. The screen is crisp and color accurate at 2736 x 1824 resolution on a 12.3-inch screen with equal pixel density as the iPad Pro, making it a great display for video watching as well as working.

With this model, Microsoft has swapped its mini-DisplayPort for USB-C. Because few monitors include mini-DisplayPort anymore, this USB-C could require fewer dongles and cables since the new port handles power delivery, video output, and data transfer simultaneously.

While the bezels may be too large for some users, they include components like the Windows Hello IR camera, the 1080p webcam, and a pair of 1.6-watt stereo speakers. The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 comes in seven main configurations, including the Intel 4 i3 with 4GB RAM, three Intel Core i5 models with 8GB and 16GB RAM, and storage from 128GB to 256GB, and the Intel Core i7 models with 16GB of RAM and 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB of storage. Prices range from $729 to $2300. It comes in Black and Platinum.

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What Is Single App Mode

Definition: Single App Mode is a mechanism in Kiosks that enables IT admins to lock down mobile devices and tablets into one single application. It restricts users from unauthorized access that may result in device tampering and cybersecurity risks.

Single app mode is broadly used for commercial and company-owned devices. Businesses like retail, healthcare, public services, and even delivery services are all applying Single App Mode to streamline their operations. The introduction of Kiosk Mode within a Mobile Device Management solution has helped organizations minimize device downtime and cut down on troubleshooting expenses. You can now lock down your Android tablets and phones into Android Single Application Mode using AirDroid Business MDM solution.

How To Choose A Tablet

Kiosk Mode for Android Devices

When you start shopping for a tablet for yourself and your team, dont be mesmerized by all the flashy products that are available. Youll be happier with your purchase and it will serve you better if you set a few parameters before you start looking. Determine what will be the primary use of the device, how much you are willing to spend on each tablet, which operating system syncs well with your other computer systems and smartphones, and which features and specs mean the most to you.

Companies can use tablets for all kinds of operations including payment processing, fieldwork, and media consumption. You may also want to differentiate between executives and employees who need different types of tablets for their differing roles in the company . Also consider size, battery life, processor, storage, and external ports for accessories.

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What Is Android Kiosk Mode & Lockdown

Gokiosk Kiosk Lockdown app helps to manage all Android devices by turning them into dedicated Android kiosk mode. This helps the business to save the infrastructure cost and improve the productivity.

Thus, the Kiosked device shows the customizable screen by limiting the user to only selected apps that are enabled by the Admin. It will help ensure safety and security of corporate as well as personal data and devices.

Android Kiosk Mode for Enterprise Use

Fire Os Tablets Vs Android Tablets

Fire OS
A mobile operating system developed by Amazon based on AOSP.A mobile operating system developed by Google.
Instead of Google Mobile Services, Fire OS boasts of Amazon Services. Amazon Services include Amazon Play Store and Silk Browser.Includes proprietary software like Google Mobile Services. GMS includes Google Play Services, Google Play Store and Google Chrome.
The latest Fire OS version is Fire OS 7 based on Android 9 .The latest Android version is Android 11.
Examples of Fire devices include Fire TVs and Fire tablets.Android smartphones, tablets, watches and many more devices are powered by Android OS.

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Restrict Access To A Single App

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If your device has Android 5.0 Lollipop or newer, you can pin a specific app to your phone or tablets screen. You can then hand your Android tablet or phone to a kid and that kid wont be able to leave the specific app until you enter a PIN.

This means you could launch a game and pin it, handing it over and knowing a kid wont go through your email or look up any inappropriate content. Or, if you want your kids using a specific educational app, you can ensure theyll stay in that app.

To use this feature, youll need to open the Settings screen, select Security, and activate Screen pinning under Advanced. Tell Android to ask for your PIN or unlock pattern before unpinning the app. Next, open the app you can to pin, tap the Overview button to show the list of open applications as cards, and swipe up. Tap the pin on the bottom-right corner of an apps card.

To leave a pinned app, hold the Overview button. Youll be asked for your PIN or pattern if you configured that option.


Android Lollipop offers restricted profiles, a feature that arrived in Android 4.3. Restricted profiles are only available on tablets not smartphones. With a restricted profile, you can create a special user account that only has access to specific apps and content you allow.

How To Prevent Tablet Users From Exiting Kiosk Mode

Using the Screen Lock Security Feature in Android 4.2 Jelly Bean | HP Tablets | HP

If youre planning on locking a tablet to kiosk mode, testing is necessary, especially if youre planning to create a custom template for provisioning devices. Do multiple tests to ensure users cannot exit from kiosk mode under any circumstances, including uncommon events like a device crash or reboot.

In addition, its important to evaluate kiosk mode app behavior when apps crash to determine the app and device behavior. Users should be in a lockdown and shouldnt access the device settings or force a factory reset when an app crashes. Esper offers a complete set of cloud tools to simplify and streamline the provisioning and deployment of Android kiosk hardware or other Android devices locked to single or multi-app kiosk mode. We also offer an extensive selection of enhanced, validated, and custom hardware to fit virtually all use cases. Click here to explore Espers Android hardware.

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What Is Android Kiosk Mode

Its worth repeating: Android Kiosk Mode isnt the same as Android Kiosk hardware. Android Kiosk Mode can include multi-app kiosk mode, where users can access a limited number of apps from the device home screen. It can also include screen pinning or single-app kiosk mode, where a single app is pinned to full-screen mode from the moment a device starts up.

Kiosk mode system settings define the actions a user can and cannot take on a device. Generally,

Kiosk Users CANNOT

  • View status bar or notifications
  • Perform incoming or outgoing voice calling
  • Send or receive SMS messages

And kiosk mode configurations also include settings to:

  • Avoid device sleep mode during downtime
  • Pin kiosk app to full-screen
  • Auto-load kiosk apps on device boot

To learn more, we recommend Android Kiosk Mode vs. Kiosk Software: Whats the Difference?

Seamless App Distribution And Management

Enable your employees to do more with Android devices. Power Android devices used for business with latest applications. Restrict app downloads on the user-end to minimize distractions and security threats.

  • Managed Play Store: Distribute business apps and PWAs from Google Play Store.

  • Scalefusion Enterprise Store: Publish private apps on devices by uploading Android APK on the Scalefusion dashboard.


Silent, remote app installation. Schedule app publishing.


Remotely update apps to the latest version.

App Config

Configure app settings suited to your business.

Kiosk Lockdown Software with Remote Control

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How Do I Activate Lockdown Mode

If you are wondering, How do I activate lockdown mode on Android? then youre not alone! Its available on some Samsung devices and a handful of Android phones. To enable this feature, you must be running Android version 9 or above. To activate lockdown mode, open the Settings app and navigate to the Lock Screen and Secure Lock settings. From there, select the Show lockdown option and toggle it on.

Once enabled, lockdown mode will prevent your smartphone from using many convenient features. For example, it will disable facial recognition, fingerprint scanner, and voice recognition, which are all options that are usually enabled when you unlock your phone. It also prevents you from using Smart Lock options, which allow you to unlock your phone in trusted locations or when connected to Bluetooth devices. You can still access your phone, but you wont be able to get notifications on the lock screen.

To enable lockdown mode, navigate to your phones power menu. On the power menu, choose Power off, Restart, screenshot, and Emergency. Next, select Security and location settings. Tap the Lock screen preferences section and toggle the Show lockdown option to enable the feature. This will lock down your device by preventing unauthorised access to the device. If you want to enable lockdown mode on Android, you should have Android Pie installed on your phone.

Work Work Work With Android Enterprise

Kiosk Mode for Android

Businessman using Android tablet as a work deviceAndroid Enterprise

  • Enterprise Mobility Management Console: Hexnode provides a Web Console from which the IT admins can efficiently manage the devices and apps remotely.
  • Android Device Policy: During setup, the policies configured in the EMM console are applied to the device.
  • Managed Google Play: It is an enterprise version of Google Play. The users are only able to install the apps approved by the organization.
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    Advantages Of Using An Android Kiosk Lockdown Software

    • Data and device security: The Android Kiosk Lockdown Software restricts the user from accessing any inessential apps and web pages. It prevents the user from accidentally tampering with the device settings or accessing malicious sites thereby increasing the security against a cyber-attack or data breach.
    • Specific-purpose: The devices are converted to specific-purpose devices that can be used in various business usecases.
    • Efficient usage of employee/customers time: The numerous features of Android devices can prove to be a hindrance for employees and confusing for customers. Locking down the devices using an Android Kiosk Lockdown Software would save precious time for the users.
    • Cost-efficient: Employee access is limited to the work apps and hence it eliminates the data costs incurred by non-work activities. The Android devices are also priced lower compared to the kiosk alternatives in the market.

    Key Features Lockdown Android Tablets For Business Purpose:

    • Bulk enrollment of devices and centralized management and supervision of android gadgets over the cloud.
    • Configure, install, update and troubleshoot apps and websites remotely through a user-friendly dashboard.
    • Lockdown of android tablets and mobile devices using single app mode or multi-app mode according to the needs of the business.
    • Password protection of applications on gadgets for secured use by the end-user.
    • Enable applications and websites which are utilized by businesses for productiveness and disable applications and websites that hinder the same with the whitelisting/blacklisting feature.
    • Block users from browsing distractive online platforms and accessing unauthorized applications.
    • Analyze, track and report work performance of employees and improve device usability.
    • Enroll a fleet of gadgets at once using Android Zero-touch enrollment, QR code, Email, and OTP. Delete all data and files in a device in case of a data breach, device theft, or loss.
    • Real-time location tracking of all gadgets using GPS technology.
    • Lockdown device peripherals such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, Screen Orientation, Airplane mode, Audio, GPS, etc. to remove unnecessary use.
    • Custom company brand logo and wallpaper branding on all gadgets that gives an overall professional interface.

    Thus, all these key features offered by CubiLock no doubt boost the productivity of any business through:

    1. Improved work performance

    2. Reduced additional costs

    3. Improve device functionality

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    Best Way To Lock Down Android Tablet

    We’re deploying a number of Android tablets into the field next year. Ideally, we’d like them locked down somewhat so that the users can only access certain apps and settings. Configuring a restricted user seems to work, but in the event the device is shut off or rebooted, with newer versions of Android , a full user has to be the first to sign in before a restricted user can access the device.

    What is currently the best way to work around this? My first preference would be something directly supported by the OS, but I also see a number of “kiosk” apps out there.

    I’m currently working with a Samsung Galaxy Tab A7, if that matters.

    • 1Some kiosk like apps make use of the Device Administration API which works similar to an MDM solution just on-device. Unfortunately the API is deprecated since Android 9 which means it is now still available but may be removed or slimmed down regarding its features in future versions.

    Lockdown Android Devices Into Kiosk Mode

    ESET Mobile Security protects your Android phone or tablet wherever you go.

    Control the apps enabled or disabled on the devices. Lock devices into single or multi-app kiosk mode for dedicated business use.

    • Single App Mode: Single App Mode locks the device to a single application. Block hardware keys, navigation and make the device run exclusively for your business.
    • Multi App Mode: Multi App mode enables you to allow two or more apps on the Android device, blocking the rest. Ideal for customer-facing and front line use-cases.
    • Custom Branding: Make an impression by reflecting your company branding on your kiosk devices. Customize wallpapers, color schemes and app icon sizes.

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    Locking Android Tablets To Kiosk Mode: Pros Cons & Use Cases

    A tablet is generally a better option than a full-sized kiosk in any use case that depends greatly on device portability.

    In addition, an Android tablet may be a better option when its used in conjunction with either fixed or flexible mounting in use cases where traditional kiosk hardware is too large or heavy.

    Digital Signage Display Kiosk Mode Features

    • Add images from the device or the Hexnode File Manager to be played in a loop or statically.
    • Play the images in shuffle.
    • Configure the screen orientation and screen brightness remotely.
    • Schedule the device to sleep after a specific number of loops.

    Amazon Fire tablets are an excellent choice for low-budget business use cases. Since Fire OS is forked off from Android, these devices also enjoy a wealth of features at a lower price. The budgetary attraction compensates for the comparatively lesser features as compared to Android devices. Moreover, with an MDM solution, locking down the tablets down into kiosk mode and rendering them useful for a specific purpose is a cakewalk.

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    Our Kiosk Lockdown Software Is Perfect For Diverse Industry Verticals

    Make the most of your mobile devices and endpoints across industries with Kiosk Lockdown Solution. Transform business operations, improve workforce productivity and take control of remote operations with Scalefusion.


    Prevent students from playing games or watching videos on school-owned devices in the classroom to make the learning experience more exciting & engaging.


    Manage your tablets, smartphones & point of sales devices with Scalefusion by giving control to the admin to remotely enable/disable the app on the device.


    Restrict access to unwanted apps& videos streaming on company-owned devices using Kiosk Lockdown App, track the device location in real-time.

    Benefits Of Android Kiosk Mode Software

    Lockdown of Android Tablets for Business Purpose

    In addition to a more secure Kiosk, Android Kiosk Mode app/software provides a few other benefits over Android’s built in Screen Pinning feature:

    • Support for multi-app Kiosk Mode: With Screen Pinning, it’s possible only to lock devices into Android Single App Kiosk Mode, whereas with an Android Kiosk Mode app/software, devices can be locked into a single app or a set of multiple apps.
    • Auto-distribution of Kiosk apps: While provisioning devices into Android Kiosk Mode, admins can ensure the apps are automatically installed on the devices if they are not already present on the devices
    • Custom settings app: By default when Android devices are provisioned as Android Kiosks, the access to settings and other device functionalities is disabled. When Android Kiosk Mode is enabled using an Android Kiosk software, admins can distribute a custom settings app which will give the users control on basic device settings such as Wi-Fi, brightness and volume control.

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