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How to create a mobile app without coding (Full Tutorial)

Android is used by more than 50% of all smartphone users. Android is likely to increase its market share in the near future. With Appy Pie, you can create Android apps by simply dragging and dropping the features you need into your app. Create your apps and be a part of the smartphone ecosystem today!

  • Appeal to your target market and customers
  • Increase your business revenues
  • Increase customer convenience and satisfaction

S To Build Your Android App

  • Just select âmobile appâ as a type of software from the list of available options â mobile app, desktop app, wearable app, web, or something else.ââ
  • Select a similar app to your idea: Choose the most similar one to your Android app idea. This is used to make spec’ing out your app much faster,whether you want to build an online retail app, a delivery app or something different.ââ
  • Choose the features you want: Based on your app idea, our AI brings you the most suitable features from the library of reusable features. Go with the auto-suggestion or add any custom ones you want. ââ
  • Pick the launch platform: Select Android as your launch platform from the list of available platforms â Android, iOS, Desktop OS or Web. Obviously you can add any others you like.ââ
  • Select your team and delivery time: Choose the team from the global time zone you prefer and your delivery time .ââ
  • Launch the app: You’re ready to launch the release version of your app onto Google Play Store. We’ll help you prepare for a successful launch.
  • App Creation Made Simple With Starter Kits

    Do you want to learn how to make a simple app? The easiest and most reliable way is with our Starter Kits. Weve already done the coding. You need only pick the functions and forms that you want. The process makes app development into something like building with Legos. You dont need to construct the pieces. You merely need to arrange them in the way that suits you.

    The Starter Kits are your key to learning how to make a smartphone app. The sheer variety available when you start today forms the power of Lumavate. These are just some of the tools you can use:

    • Wayfinding
    • Lead Registration
    • Internal Trade Show

    These kits, combined with many others, give you a virtually unlimited set of options. You can fully customize your app, and you wont be bogged down in syntax or algorithms for even a minute.

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    Change The Build Variant

    By default, Android Studio builds the debug version of your app, which isintended for use only during development, when you click Run.

    To change the build variant Android Studio uses, select Build> Select Build Variant in the menu bar.

    For projects without native/C++ code, the Build Variants panel has twocolumns: Module and Active Build Variant. The Active Build Variantvalue for the module determines which build variant the IDE deploys to yourconnected device and is visible in the editor.

    Figure 1. The BuildVariants panel has two columns for projects that do not have native/C++code

    To switch between variants, click the Active Build Variant cell for a moduleand choose the desired variant from the list field.

    For projects with native/C++ code, the Build Variants panel has threecolumns: Module, Active Build Variant, and Active ABI. The ActiveBuild Variant value for the module determines the build variant that the IDEdeploys to your device and is visible in the editor. For native modules, theActive ABI value determines theABI that the editor uses, butdoes not impact what is deployed.

    Figure 2. The BuildVariants panel adds the Active ABI column forprojects with native/C++ code

    By default, new projects are set up with two build variants: a debug and releasevariant. You need to build the release variant to prepare your app for publicrelease.

    To build other variations of your app, each with different features or devicerequirements, you can define additional build variants.

    Modify Your Apps Theme With Shoutems App Creator

    Make Android App Without Coding and Earn 100$ per Day ...

    Here you can change your apps colors! Yay! You can choose between four existing themes: Prime, Bleu, Noir, and Rose, but if you want to play around a bit, you have options:

    In the Basic Colors section, you can change

    • Featured color
    • Default overlay text and icon color
    • Image overlay text and icon color

    and much more.

    To understand these options better, here is a showcase and manual on how to change each. After you chose what colors and styles you want to have, its time to add extensions that your customers will enjoy.

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    Any Project Is Possible

    Academic Apps

    Develop an app to make a record of the academic progress of each student: grades, prizes, updates, etc.

    Food Apps

    Your clients can see the menu, add to the chart, and pay from your app. It also offers your users a home-delivery service.

    Driver Apps

    You can have your taxi service app, without intermediaries, and with all the functions you need, such as GPS, maps, geolocation, and payments with credit and debit cards.

    Apps for events

    With this app, the attendees of your event will be able to register, buy tickets, view the schedule, etc.

    Real Estate Apps

    With this app, you can offer your properties for rent or sell. Your users also can book appointments to see the property.

    Health apps

    With this app, you can carry the clinical monitoring of your patients, from their progress to their prescriptions and appointments for future consultations.

    Playfully Shape Your Individual App

    Zappter’s unique system and comprehensive set of features allow you to create your customized unique app & web-app hassle-free. Customize the content of your app at any time and in real time. Based on a modular system, you can assemble your app by drag & drop without coding or special IT knowledge.

    Create app with drag & drop? Zappter was made to do just that simple, intuitive, yet 100% customizable. You can easily create and maintain your app without any IT knowledge. Choose from a wide range of app designs, features and settings and get online with your own app now.

    As dynamic as your business Zappter allows you to change the design, content and features at any time with just a few clicks. Everything you see in your app can be rearranged, moved, hidden and highlighted.

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    Adding A Launcher Icon

    When a new Flutter app is created, it has a default launcher icon.To customize this icon, you might want to check out theflutter_launcher_icons package.

    Alternatively, you can do it manually using the following steps:

  • Review the Material Design producticons guidelines for icon design.

  • In the /android/app/src/main/res/ directory,place your icon files in folders named usingconfiguration qualifiers.The default mipmap- folders demonstrate the correctnaming convention.

  • In AndroidManifest.xml, update theapplication tags android:iconattribute to reference icons from the previousstep .

  • To verify that the icon has been replaced,run your app and inspect the app icon in the Launcher.

  • Resilience Is The Key To Creating Apps

    Make an App for Free Without Coding (Android or iOS)

    As you may have realized from the information in this article, creating an Android app is not easy if you dont already know how to do so.

    Understanding Java will be a big help, but even then youll still have a lot to get to grips with. If you have never coded before, your journey to create an app will be even longer.

    Depending on how long you can dedicate to study, you can learn the basics of Android app creation in a few weeks and create your own app within a few months.

    Even if you have a full-time job or other commitments, by sticking at it you can learn all you need to know to get started with the app creation process in a relatively short period of time.

    The key is that you need to keep going. Coursera estimates that you can complete its Android App Development Specialization course in around five months by putting in just four hours per week. This is a manageable amount of time for many people.

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    Pros And Cons Of Appy Pie


    *Additional Downloads are charged either on the basis of the number of Installs or on the number of registered users whichever is more.

    Please note that the Apple App Store charges a $99 annual developer fee and charges a one-time fee of $25. .

    You can use Appy Pies App Builder by availing 14 days free trial to develop and test your application for your personal, non-commercial use. Whether you are working on the next big app or on a breakthrough solution for your business, it will give you all the tools you need to succeed.

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    Why Every Business Needs A Mobile App Today

    Having a mobile application is the need of the hour for every business that hopes to achieve any measure of success. However, creating a mobile application today is not as complicated as you think especially with Appy Pies easy to use, affordable application maker. With this unique app builder, you can make an application without writing even a single line of code. Its really simple to turn your application idea into reality, go ahead and start making your application now!

    Use Appy Pies application maker to create professional and powerful, native mobile applications. Anyone, irrespective of their coding skills can customize the layouts and add stunning features like chatbot, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, internet of things, hyperlocal. This means that anyone can build an application and make money with just a few simple steps.

    Our app builder platform additionally provides a new training course designed for beginners. With this course, you can train yourself on our app makers signature drag n drop interface and become an accomplished app creator. The app builder course is free for everyone who wants to become an app creator. You can find it on our learning platform Academy.

    Appy Pie App Maker allows you to develop Android, iPhone and PWA app in one go and connect with all your customers. You can choose all the features that are relevant to your customers. Appy Pie App Builder software lets you create your mobile app without any coding.

    Publish Apps To Mobile Web Tablet Tv Desktop

    How to Build an App Without Programming Skills Part 1 ...

    Once you’re done building your application, it’s time to ship it. You don’t need to have a specific operating system to build apps for certain devices. You don’t need any software to compile your code. With our free-to-use cloud build service, you can just request a binary version of your native application in a few simple steps, and it’s delivered to you automatically. It’s never been easier. And if you want to deploy your web app, it’s as easy. Just click and release.

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    Build Native Apps For Both Android And Ios

    The pre-coded elements of most no-code application builders are coded with HTML5, making their apps instantly accessible from any mobile web browser. However, not many offer native apps out of the box. Andromo is a no-code app builder that helps users succeed across both iOS and Android app marketplaces. It allows users to design, build and publish no-code apps for both platforms.

    Build And Release An Android App

  • How do I build a release from within Android Studio?
  • During a typical development cycle,you test an app using flutter run at the command line,or by using the Run and Debugoptions in your IDE. By default,Flutter builds a debug version of your app.

    When youre ready to prepare a release version of your app,for example to ,this page can help. Before publishing,you might want to put some finishing touches on your app.This page covers the following topics:

    Note: Throughout this page, refers to the directory that your application is in. While following these instructions, substitute with your apps directory.

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    Why You Should Build Android Mobile Apps

    If you are clear about what you need and are planning to build and launch your own applications, going the Android way will certainly turn your fortune around. Not only are Android users high, compared to Apple, it is also quite cost-effective than iOS, when it comes to publishing app on app stores. Here are some top reasons why you should build Android mobile app:

    Open Source

    Being an open source platform, Android has comparatively low entry barriers, thus allowing you to develop apps easily at lower prices.

    Multi-Network Distribution

    Apart from Google Play Store, Android apps can also be distributed through third-party app stores, helping you create a great impact and reach out to a wider audience.

    Easy App Approval Process

    Publishing a mobile app on Google Play is a simple undertaking. With flexible submission policies, and quick approval process, you can make your Android app available to the world with great ease.

    Multi-Device Functionality

    Android apps work well on a range of devices including smart TVs, tablets, portable media players, cameras, car systems, smartwatches and much more.

    Customizable User Interface

    User interface plays a major role in the success of an app, and when it comes to Android apps, their highly customizable user interface makes it easy for app owners to manage them and deliver enhanced user experience.

    Low Barriers to Entry
    Secure platform

    Impressive Features For Your App

    How to Create Your Own Android Apps | Without Any Coding

    Create apps without distraction

    You don’t have to wait for the build and run the app on a device to see the changes. In our builder, your app looks and behaves exactly the way it looks and behaves on the device.

    Beyond templates

    In Flipabit, you can create absolutely any mobile app from scratch, or take a template and change any of its details or functions.

    Native app, native performance

    In Flipabit, you create a native app, which means you get maximum performance and access to all device functions, even without an Internet connection.

    True cross-platform functionality

    You do not need to create separate Android or iOS apps. In Flipabit, you create one app and publish to all stores at once. The mobile app is compiled in native ARM code for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows.

    The fast cloud build delivers a publishing-ready app in just 3 minutes.

    Freedom to choose

    Integrate your app with any of over 1,500 other services and platforms, such as Firebase, Google Sheets, Sendgrid, Twilio, Airtable.

    Work where you want

    Get everything you need in one place. On any platform. Edit on Mac or Windows, run on any mobile device or desktop.

    Figma Integration

    Thousands of Figma, Sketch or Adobe XD resources for creating professional-looking apps in minutes. You can import finished designs from Figma and add interactivity to Flipabit. Obtain all changes by synchronization at any time.

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    Defining App Functionality Before Using The Mobile App Builder

    We know we already mentioned this, but it deserves its separate step. When you audit your competitors apps, write down what functionalities they have, and determine how important each one is for your application.

    Each application has its own import. It is necessary to understand what value your application would contribute to the market and its purpose: what problem does it solve for users?

    To execute this step correctly, answer these questions:

  • What is the main purpose of the application?
  • What functionality is at the core of the application?
  • What value does an application give to your business that a website doesnt?
  • What functionality will users have with your app that isnt in other apps or on your website?
  • Also, dont forget to check what would be the best mobile app maker online!

    Create Any Logic Visually

    Imagine you had the most powerful programming language available to you, with every logic function you can think of. Sensors, file operations, data functions, permissions, user input, animations â everything. And then, instead of writing code and learning the syntax, you could just drag-and-drop the functions on a canvas. And that’s it. It just works. Every single parameter or variable you may want to use in your functions is automatically available. Welcome to magic. Welcome to Composer Pro.

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    Google Play Store App Optimization

    An apps success in either app store depends upon knowing the differences in each markets algorithms.

    The first crucial thing for the optimization of your app for the Google Play Store is to provide the apps metadata. Setting this helps your apps visibility and helps your app get .

    The main ranking factors for Google Play and the App Store are:

  • App icon: Focus on creating something eye-catching and well-suited to other industry standards within your apps genre.
  • App name/title: Your apps title is one of the strongest ranking factors in either app store, so its best to include the most relevant keywords as your ASO starting point.
  • Visuals and video: Screenshots and videos placed in both stores should represent the apps main features. Best practices dictate that your screenshots must tell a story.
  • Short and long description: Write what your mobile app is about to help both search engines and users understand your apps functionality and purpose.
  • There is also a Long Description that matters. If youre thinking about creating both an iOS and Android app, read about the .

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