Missed Call Auto Reply Android


More Automatic Reply Text Features

Auto-Reply to Missed Called & Texts on Android [How-To]
  • Response by Time, Weekdays, Dates
  • Report of Sent Text Messages
  • Turn default status on/off manually
  • Auto-reply to WhatsApp messages
  • Respond to Facebook messages

Smart Drive Mode, Smart Bike Mode for No-mobile-driving

Automatically turn Auto Reply ON, when your phone connects to your car via Bluetooth. Never forget to turn auto reply on! Drive Safe and Save Life!

Do not use your phone while driving Stop Distracted Driving

Our app allowing you to listen and reply to text messages hands-free! Respond to text messages without even touching your phone. Ensure minimum distraction while riding a bike or any other two-wheeler. Automatically replies to missed calls with pre-written text message. The Phone is silent and doesnt ring until you got an URGENT CALL from contact on Emergency List

SMS Auto Reply app helps you focus on driving manage your messages while driving.

Best Automatic Reply Apps For Android

There are many automatic reply Android apps that let you send custom replies to messages. These apps let you automatically reply from Android notifications. This will help to avoid the whole process of opening the app for giving a reply to that particular message. With Android auto reply apps, you dont need to focus on sending replies immediately to unimportant messages.

Here is the list of handpicked best automatic reply apps for Android that can reply for your messages automatically.

Best Sms Auto Reply App For Android

Tired of receiving Calls / Texts / SMS / Signal, Telegram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. messages while youre on vacation or out of the office for personal matters? Do you want to enjoy your holiday without getting disturbed all the time?

Set easily Auto SMS Reply messages on your cell phone for any occasion, Auto Reply Text and dont be disturbed any more when youre busy or away.

You can choose between an elaborated automatic text message or simply a short answer as text me later.

In addition to the general automatic text reply, you can auto reply with private automatic text messages or, on the contrary, block sms messages from certain contacts.

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How To Set Out Of Office Auto Reply In Android For Call And Sms

There are a few times you would not want to take a phone call. Driving a car, in a movie theatre or at an event – those are a few places you would not want to take a call. How would you set an “Out of Office” auto reply on your Android? let us check out a few options you would be able to do it.

There are times when you want to configure your Android to send an Auto reply that you are Out Of Office. You are aware of how to set it up for your Emails. There are several cases that you would not want to take a call. In a meeting, winding up for the day and taking rest, or in a library – there are several reasons you may not be willing to take a call. But, simply disconnecting the call may appear too offensive and you would not want to be branded that. Today, every one of your contacts would want to go for an instant gratification. If your contact happens to be belonging to one of these categories, you would want to gently let them know that you are Out of office and will get back to them shortly. How would you do that?

Setup Constraints To Avoid Untimely Response


While optional, it is useful if you are around the person during that time. So if your wife calls, and you are at home, you can walk to her. It would be best to use the period or location-based trigger for this.

Remember, you can add multiple triggers, actions, and constraints within one macro. It is useful when you want to combine numerous scenarios. Tap on the Tick button to complete the Macro, name it, and add it to a category.

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On The Iphone: Use Driving Focus As A Workaround

The iPhone doesnt allow third-party apps to send text messages on your behalf, so you cant achieve the same level of automation that you can on Android. There are, however, a few things you can do to make the auto-reply process easier.

The most hands-off solution is the Driving Focus feature. Since you can use it anytimenot just while drivingyou can use it with any kind of auto-reply message. Just head to your iPhones Settings app, tap on Focus, and look for a Driving option. If you dont see one, tap the plus button in the upper right and choose Driving from the list that appears. If youre setting it up for the first time, youll have the option to let your iPhone turn Driving Focus on when it detects driving-like motion. Deny it. Once Driving Focus is set up, you can tap Driving from the main Focus menu and choose Manually from the popup menu under Turn on automatically. Then tap Auto-Reply to set your text message to whatever is applicable at that moment . You can even choose to auto-reply to your favorite contacts or recent contacts only, rather than everyone who calls and texts. Whenever you want to enable this function, toggle on the switch at the top of the main Driving Focus menu.

Using these features in tandem is probably the best solution: Create your most common responses with Text Replacement, then re-populate the Do Not Disturb feature with just a few taps whenever you need to.

Reach Your Audience Through The Power Of Text Message Automation

Your customers and potential clients want information right away when its relevant to their current activity and texting is the preferred way to get that information. Because of the Relevance of Information that arrives exactly when the user is planning to buy a product or service, Conversion Rates Are Higher than with proactive sms marketing


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Give The What Next Option To Customers

Automated email messages generate a 70.5% higher open rate and a 152% higher click-through rate than standard marketing messages. Briefing what would be the next step of action gives customers transparent information.

If your auto reply messages give customers the what next picture it will make customers feel that you as a brand can visualize their problem by putting in their shoes.

Acknowledging the customer support messages with well-designed auto responders helps them to know what will be your next step for the request they have raised. They become sure that you as a business are looking into the issue and they will get the resolution soon.

What Are The Benefits Of Having Instant Response

How to Auto Reply Missed Called & Texts on Android
  • Immediately respond to new customers even when you’re busy.
  • Eliminate risk of losing prospects to competitors by responding promptly.
  • Showcase your company and brand by including images, custom text, and hyperlinks.
  • Save time by having a standard text response to new missed calls.
  • Theres no need to write out multiple texts to multiple missed callers.
  • Provide new callers important information about your business such as business hours, physical address and your company website so you dont have to answer every call.
  • Let your callers know that theyve reached the right number.

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No More Missed Opportunities

It could be a customer complaining about their order, a client asking about an invoice, or a potential partner enquiring about your rates. When you miss that call, youre also missing an opportunity.

It could be an opportunity to address a complaint, share crucial information or introduce your business to a prospect. The caller may not wait around for you to call back. If its a customer, they may go online and leave a negative review. If its a client, theyd question your reliability.

When you set up an auto-text reply, they can get an immediate answer. Theyll know when you can get back to them and what they can do in the meantime.

What Is An Automated Reply Message

Automated reply messages are predefined responses used to communicate with customers across specific scenarios and keep information transparent. It helps customers to understand what is actually happening whether your agents are busy, out of the office, or on holidays.

Automatic replies help to stay connected to customers even if the particular channel is not available at that moment. When you are out of the office or busy, it is extremely helpful to provide personalized messages as it gives satisfaction and positive brand experience.

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Out Of Office Automated Reply Messages

Out of office , messages can be an incredible tool to fuel your success. A good away message allows you to tell your customers that youre away and encourages them to move within the sales funnel with more ease. Using automated messages during holidays or conferences can create social connections with recipients.

Some examples of out of office auto responders:

  • Hello! Im going to be out of the office until . If you need something before then, please contact at or to receive assistance.
  • Hello! Thank you for your email. I am out of the office right now but get back to you ASAP. You can expect a reply by latest. For anything you need right away, you can contact .

Setting up out of office messages removes the guesswork done by customers when a response doesnt come back right away.

Benefits of using personalized out of office automated messages:

  • Sharing specific business information gives you the opportunity to deepen your relationship with your clients.
  • Offering precise messages offers transparent information and reduces the risk of confusion.
  • A good autoresponder can send visitors to your companys website if they need immediate help.

Auto Answer Call By Foru Naveen

Funny Missed Call Texts

Sometimes its much more convenient to answer calls without the help of your hands for example, youre busy or doing dirty work. Auto Answer Call helps you answer any incoming call without touching your smartphone screen.

It automatically puts you on speakerphone so you can hear your caller. This application works easily without a Bluetooth headset and is designed for self-use. You can turn it on and off for as long as you need it.

Auto Answer Call has a convenient feature before you make a call, you hear the callers name . You can disable the Auto Answer function on certain numbers and call them back later by yourself.

You can also block automatic answering to unknown numbers especially if you never receive such calls in real life. Once you have finished talking, the duration of the call will appear on the screen. In Auto Answer Call you can set the duration of receiving a call from 5 to 30 seconds.

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Reviews For Calls / Sms Auto Reply Android App

  • 5 out of 5

    This app is great and works wonderfully for automatic text responses. You guys have brought me peace in my life with your app. This is such a convenience for letting clients know youre unavailable. Sometimes we need to disconnect but allow people to know that we dont live by our notifications as notification zombies!!! I love your app!!!!

    Helena GinzburgJanuary 20, 2021

  • 5 out of 5

    I purchased the pro app instead of the free app. It works very well. You can put in different items for different times. I use it during working times, and when i have a break. I am very happy with the app and credits for the designers.

    Jos Nijenhuis

  • Focus On The Language Tone

    The language tone is a crucial component of your brand messaging. It includes various aspects of communication, such as the words used, the level of formality. Implementing a good language tone enables businesses to unify the way it communicates.

    While creating auto responding emails it is vital to focus on the tone and language. It means:

    • You should avoid technical jargons
    • Avoid complex vocabulary that creates confusion
    • Maintain a friendly tone

    Just imagine the ease your customers feel when they receive a warm and friendly automated message that sounds human. Hence when you craft autoresponders, keeping your brands voice and style is very important to give a human touch.

    You must pay close attention to signs of negative language or tendencies to sound monotonous. Instead, you can use simple, everyday vocabulary to convey your message.

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    How To Set Up An Auto

      Hello Guys, I thought I’d do a quick post for you guys. I’m going to show you “How to set up an auto-reply to missed calls, and texts on an android phone? When you are busy, and can’t answer a phone call or reply to an SMS right away.

      Android can send an automated message to let your callers know you saw their call and will be in touch. Android has a built-in feature that allows you to send a quick message when you are busy, and not able to answer a phone call.

      Respond to Incoming Phone Calls with Automatic Message Replies on Android. Auto Message is designed for responding to SMS texts or missed calls when you’re away or busy.

      This is the best SMS auto-reply and missed call auto reply app for Android. This is a perfect solution if youre busy in a meeting, classroom, driving, or in any other situation where you cant answer a phone call or reply to a text message.

      READ MORE:

      The Default Method To Set Auto Reply On Your Android

      Automatic reply to missed calls and sms on android
      • Fire up the Phone icon on your Android
      • Go to Settings for the Phone app
      • You will need to tap on the three dots at the top right corner.
      • Tap on Quick responses
      • You should now find a few default quick responses.
      • You can set the one that would seem more suitable.
      • tap on one of the responses.
      • You will now be able to edit the response and set an “Out of office” response.
      • Change the response and tap on OK

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      Lets You Get Ahead Of Missed Responses

      As a small business or startup owner, youll likely be responsible for handling incoming calls from customers, investors, friends, and vendors. You wont be able to answer every single call, so auto-replies can let the people calling you know that you cant get to them right now and that youll call them back when youre available.

      How Do I Turn On Quick Response On Android

      A quick response is a short text message that you can send to the caller immediately when you cant attend the call on your Android smartphone.

      Android further provides you the option to customize quick responses, so you can send a text message other than the default ones to the caller.

      To enable quick response on your Android device, you can follow the below steps:

    • Open the dialer app.
    • Tap on the Settings icon at the top.
    • Navigate to Advanced settings > Quick Responses and turn the Quick Responses toggle on.
    • You can see the 4 default quick response messages. To edit one, tap on it and enter the text you wish to set as a quick response.
    • Tap OK.
    • When you receive a call, you tap Reply With Message and select the quick response you wish to send the caller. While in the call screen, you can also send a custom text to the caller.

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      Flash Blink Alert For All Notification Call Sms

      If you no longer want to miss calls and messages, then you should download this app. It will notify you of all calls using flash. You can also select flash alerts for specific apps. Open the list of apps and check the box next to those that are important to you.

      The flashlight on your smartphone will blink when someone calls you. You will notice any call even if your smartphone is in silent mode. You can customize the blinking speed when the phone rings. You can use the test version to check how to flash notifications work. Choose a back or front flash.

      The app has several types of flash blinking. Choose the one you like the most. You can also select the number of blinks. The app will show you important information while charging your smartphone.

      If you miss a call or message, this call assistant will immediately notify you of this. The app is easy to use. It has been downloaded over 100 thousand times.

      How To Add Auto Reply Text

      How to Auto Reply Missed Called &  Texts on Android

      5 Simple Steps to set Automatic Text Reply

    • Add your own Auto Reply message or Edit an existing automatic text reply.
    • Add your automatic reply message
    • Add contacts or phone numbers to Emergency List , Do not reply and Personalized lists.
      • Emergency List: A list of people whose phone calls you want to receive any way.
      • Personalized List: a list of people whom you want to reply with personal automatic reply text.
      • Dont Reply List: a list of phone numbers you dont want to auto reply to
    • Chose auto reply channel
    • How to Set Time for Automatic Reply Text

      Choose an appropriate Auto Reply from the list.

      • Run automatic text message by Time, once you need it today
      • Run auto Reply by Time + Week Days, once you need it at the certain period on the workdays or on weekend.
      • Run auto Reply by Time + Date, once you on vacation. Holidays etc.

      On the Auto Replies Screen, you can also run auto reply manually without defining time.

      Turning Auto Reply ON

      Choose the appropriate Auto Reply from the list and TURN it ON, using the button to the right of auto reply

      A button changes to dark blue once automatic text message is turned on. Now, it is waiting to the set time, in order to start running

      Once Text Auto Reply is start running, background changes to dark blue


    • Sent only one automatic text message to the same phone number, when sms autoresponder is ON
    • Set delay for Auto Reply Text to second message from the same phone number.
    • Reply ONLY to your CONTACTS, NON-CONTACTS, or both
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