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Device And Data Acquisition Tools

Mobile Device Investigator for Android & iOS Forensics

This process involves not only acquiring the data from the device but also ensuring that the forensic image you’ve collected matches the file signature of the original . Below is a list of tools that can be used to perform the device acquisition process, verify an image, and collect network traffic .

Common Mobile Forensics Tools And Techniques

Data acquisition is the process of gathering information from mobile devices and their associated media. This process reduces the chances of data loss due to damage or battery depletion during storage and transportation. Mobile device identification is necessary at the beginning of the forensic examination. The identification process includes understanding of the type of cell phone, its OS, and other essential characteristics to create a legal copy of the mobile devices content.

There are many tools and techniques available in mobile forensics. However, the selection of tools and techniques during an investigation depends on the type of mobile device and its associated media.

Section : Ios Forensics

This section will provide you with an overview of iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads, as well as an overview of the operating systems and filesystems they run. You will learn about the different types of forensic acquisition methods, including logical acquisition and filesystem acquisition, the process of jailbreaking, performing forensic analysis on the most common artifact sources, and how to work with popular mobile forensic software.

This section will consist of the following chapters:

  • Chapter 2, Understanding the Internals of iOS Devices
  • Chapter 3, Data Acquisition from iOS Devices
  • Chapter 4, Data Acquisition from iOS Backups
  • Chapter 5, iOS Data Analysis and Recovery

  • Rohit Tamma

  • Oleg Skulkin

  • Heather Mahalik

    Heather Mahalik is the senior director of digital intelligence at Cellebrite. She is a senior instructor and author for the SANS Institute, and she is also the course lead for the FOR585 Smartphone Forensic Analysis In-Depth course. With 18 years of experience in digital forensics, she continues to thrive on smartphone investigations, digital forensics, forensic course development and instruction, and research on application analysis and smartphone forensics.

  • Satish Bommisetty

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Unlock Through Chip Dump

One of the biggest barriers to smartphone forensics is the ability to bypass locks on the device. With increasing issues with firmware locks and protections, new methods need to be employed to be able to capture device data. The Chip Bypass method is the latest method with direct communication to the chip to bypass any protection on the device.

Need Computer Forensics Too

Mobile Device Investigator Field Tablet Mobile Phone ...

With our roots in computer forensics, ADF offers a suite of computer forensic software tools which can also be easily combined with Mobile Device Investigator software to give you a full suite of computer and mobile forensic capabilities for the lab or the field. We recommend you consider ADF’s flagship product, Digital Evidence InvestigatorĀ® PRO which combines the best of our computer forensic software with Mobile Device InvestigatorĀ® giving you everything you need to speed digital investigations of all types.

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Stage : Device Seizure

This stage pertains to the physical seizure of the device so it comes under the management and custody of the investigator/examiner. consideration should also be given to the legal authority or written consent to seize, extract, and search this information.

The physical condition of the device at the time of seizure ought to be noted, ideally through digital photographic documentation and written notes, such as:

  • Is the device damaged? If, yes, then document the type of damage.
  • Is the device switched on or off at the time of seizure?
  • What is the date and time on the device if the device is on?
  • If the device is on, what apps are running in background on the device?
  • If the device is on, is the device screen accessible to check for passcode andsecurity settings?

Several different aspects of device seizure are described in the following as theyre going to have an effect on post-seizure analysis: radio isolation, turning the device off if its on, remote wipe, and anti-forensics

What Data Types Can You Collect From A Mobile Device

Students should understand data types before the collection of data from a mobile device. The common data types include contacts list, call log, SMS, images, audio, video, GPS data, and apps data. Also, both current and deleted data types can be extracted from a mobile device.

Service providers frequently use CDRs to improve network performance. However, they can provide useful information to investigators, as well. CDRs can show:

  • The terminating and originating towers
  • Whether the call was outgoing or incoming
  • Who was called and who made the call

Almost all service providers retain these important records for a certain time. The forensic specialist can collect these records if he requires. However, the collection of this information depends on the policies of the concerned state. Every state has different laws in this regard.

Global Positioning System : GPS data is an excellent source of empirical evidence. If the suspect has an active mobile device at the crime scene, GPS can pinpoint his location as well as his criminal acts. GPS also locates the movements of the suspect from a crime scene to the hideout. Furthermore, it helps in finding phone call logs, images, and SMS messages. Presently, a GPS system includes 27 satellites in operation.

SMS: Text messaging is a widely used way of communication. Text messages leave electronic records of dialogue that can be presented in the court as evidence. They include the relevant information such as:

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Android Forensic Analysis With Autopsy

Nowadays, we have lots of commercial mobile forensics suites. Oxygen Forensic Analyst and Detective, Cellebrite UFED, MSAB XRY are just a few of them. Of course, these tools are very, even extremely, powerful and are able to extract huge datasets from lots of mobile devices including Android. But its always good to have an open source alternative to the commercial ones. And we have good news: there is an open -source tool called Autopsy, suitable for Android mobile forensic examinations.

Of course, this tool is not a new one. Its used globally by thousands of digital forensic examiners for traditional computer forensics, especially file system forensics. This open-source tool was created as a graphical interface for the Sleuth Kit, but since version 3, it was completely rewritten and became Windows-based.

The most current version is 4.0. Its very important to note that it has the Android Analyzer Module, which makes it possible to extract the following artifacts:

  • Text messages
  • GPS from the browser and Google Maps
  • GPS from cache.wifi and cache.cell files

But this is not the only module suitable for Android forensics. There are also such important modules as EXIF Parser Module, Keyword Search Module, PhotoRec Carver Module and some others.

Lets create a case and add an Android physical image. Start the suite and youll see the Welcome window:

We need to create a new case, so choose the corresponding option.

Its time to start filling in our case information:

Mobile Forensics : An Overview Of Techniques In Mobile Forensics Investigation

Introducing Mobile Device Investigator (MDI) iOS & Android Forensic Software

Smartphone and tablet technology has changed dramatically and quickly within the last many years and continues to do so at an astounding pace. These smaller computing devices are so common, with the flexibility to replace their desktop counterparts in human-to-computer interactions. Sit in any restaurant, airport, or public place that provides Wi-Fi and you may see humans with their faces apparently glued to their device screens, interacting on their device with such focus, seemingly oblivious to their own physical surroundings.

Todays smartphones are used less for calling and a lot for socializing this has resulted in smartphones holding plenty of sensitive information about their users. Mobile devices keep the users contacts from a variety of sources , data about phone calls, sent and received text messages, and e-mails and attachments. There are also browser logs and cached geolocation information photos and videos taken with the phones camera passwords to cloud services, forums, social networks, online portals, and shopping websites stored payment data and plenty of other information that may be important for an investigation

With such massive audience engaging daily with their smartphones and other its accessories, Mobile forensics plays a major and huge role in determining how these so called Secure smartphones devices gets exploited and how users data is being used for many great attacks on Mobile infrastructure.

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Get Xry On Your Choice Of Hardware Platform

The all-in-one mobile forensic system, designed for digital forensic labs

Ideally suited for mobile units in demanding conditions who need rugged technology

A turnkey solution for easier extractions in a controlled environment

A frontline mobile solution designed to quickly and easily recover data on scene

Elcomsoft Ios Forensic Toolkit

Its tricky to extract data from a password-locked iOS phone. As the name suggests, this Forensic Toolkit by Elcomsoft is for complete user data extraction and acquisition of all iOS devices such as iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple Watch, and TV instantly. The toolkit performs both real-time physical and logical acquisition to recover more information from 64-bit iOS phones with or without jailbreak. It also uses an additional cloud acquisition experts collect more evidence than a single acquisition method alone.

It gives access to highly-sensitive data such as contacts, emails, call logs, location history, Wi-Fi usernames, websites, social networking accounts, instant messengers, and much more. Plus, it allows investigators to make a full copy of the device and analyze it in third-party software of their choice.

Although it works in a forensically sound way, this toolkit doesnt require any special training to use. Once the iPhone device connects, you can extract information, download location history, or access all pictures in the gallery to find clues. Furthermore, it can extract very crucial evidence like stored files on various apps without even a jailbreak.

Elcomsoft forensic toolkit proudly serves law enforcement customers, military, intelligence agencies, police, and governments worldwide.

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Why Do You Need Digital Forensic Software

You need digital forensics tool because it plays an important role in a comprehensive cybersecurity infrastructure. Digital forensics and cyber security work together to protect your online presence and private data information. Digital forensics software specializes in investigating IT systems, routers or servers in the context of security events.

Digital forensics can be useful to corporations as well as law firms to identify cyber threats. Your business needs digital forensic tools to increase cyber security by reducing the risk of identity theft, fraud, and other digital crimes. Digital forensics tool collect information using complex tools in order to bring a person to justice for exploiting or tampering with private information.

Ransomware Backup Strategy & Protection

Aparelho hacker para hackear celular e tablet iPhone e ...

We all know that digital investigations challenges grow as technology continues to progress. Investigators must prioritize, collect, and decrypt evidence from a large number of devices while maintaining integrity. This process needs to be efficient, quick, repeatable, and defensible with the ability to generate intuitive reports.

Mobile forensic tools solve these challenges. There are specialized tools that help investigators retrieve deleted information, analyze, and preserve evidence that may arise during an examination of criminal activity. Its not just investigators that use these programs either. The average person might find these tools useful for their own intents and forensic analysis purposes.

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E: Ds Makes Mobile Processing Easy And Efficient

E3:DS, is top-notch for every data-recovery lab when looking for a comprehensive cell phone forensics tools. It can obtain physical and logical data in single interfaces. The tool can extract data for evidence from multiple mobile devices and their accessories supporting all smartphone firmwares.

E3:DS supports all the associated mobile data from SIM cards, media cards, call records, cloud keys, etc. Further, this mobile forensic software analyzes data acquired by processing App data, searching & indexing, OCR of data, image carving, and data recovery.

Recover Data From Android Phones

MSAB provides the worlds leadingAndroid forensic software tools

If you work in law enforcement, the military, corrections, border security or a related field getting access to the contents of Android phones can be critical to your investigations and operations. Our products enable you to extract, decode and analyze data from Android phones, including files, text messages, apps, images, videos, calls, geographic data and more.

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What Are Mobile Forensic Tools

While a lot of forensic tools are used to gather lost data from laptops, since billions of people use their phones daily, there is a ton of data that can be gathered from mobile phones for forensic analysis. The complexity of mobile devices and their operating systems is continuously rising. When criminals use smartphones, law enforcement agencies, investigators, and attorneys require robust tools to perform evidence extraction.

Deleted content, complicated phone lock systems, encryption barriers, and similar complications to view phone data prevent a lot of digital evidence from coming to light. Examiners sometimes require encrypted information for investigation use.

Mobile forensic tools help unlock and perform full data extraction from a phone, whether its an Android or iPhone device. These mobile forensics tools provide access to the valuable information stored in a wide range of smartphones. You can acquire data such as call records, chats, text messages, documents, graphics, pictures, emails, app data, and much more from a suspect’s device.

Down below, we cover the most trusted and reliable mobile forensic tools and software to conduct digital forensic investigations efficiently.

Stages Of Mobile Forensics


This section will briefly discuss the overall stages of mobile forensics and isnt meant to provide an in depth clarification of every stage. There are more-than-sufficient documentation that can be simply accessed on the internet that has an intimate level of detail regardingthe stages of mobile forensics.

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Analyze And Report On The Contents Of Android Phones With Xamn

With every XRY license, you also receive an XAMN software license, enabling fast and effective searching, filtering and analysis of mobile data. Whether your mission is to gather and report intelligence, prevent crime or quickly produce solid evidence XAMN enables the fastest possible route from having raw data to finding and reporting vital insights.

Accessdata’s Forensic Toolkit Ftk

AccessData’s FTK combines power, technology, speed, fast searching, and stability. It’s an advanced mobile forensic tool with a single standalone software. FTK allows access to investigators to extract and analyze mobile devices via e-discovery technology. FTK has indexes and data processes upfront that eliminate the need to wait to complete searches, duplicate files, and recreate. You can use the shared index file for fast searching and filtering.

No matter what amount of data its dealing with, this toolkit utilizes 100% of its hardware resources to find the relevant evidence quicker. FTK uses a one-shared case database that securely saves all data. This prevents several data sets’ complexity and cost. Database-driven FTK supports teamwork without any interruption and prevents lost work during GUI crashes.

Maximum data extraction and recovery, the data processing via wizard makes sure all critical data is archived. With three engines, you can even distribute processing for faster evidence results. The data carving engine offers criteria specifications like data type, file size, pixel size, and more to trim down irreverent data.

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How Do You Gather Data From Mobile Devices

The data can be gathered from mobile devices in two ways, namely, physical acquisition and logical acquisition.

Physical Acquisition, also known as a physical memory dump, is a technique for capturing all the data from flash memory chips on the mobile device. It allows the forensic tool to collect remnants of deleted data. Initially, the received data is in raw format and cannot be read. Later on, some methods are applied to convert that data into a human readable form.

Logical Acquisition, or logical extraction, is a technique for extracting the files and folders without any of the deleted data from a mobile device. However, some vendors describe logical extraction narrowly as the ability to gather a particular data type, such as pictures, call history, text messages, calendar, videos, and ringtones. A software tool is used to make a copy of the files. For example, iTunes backup is used to make a logical image of an iPhone or iPad.

Android Forensic Training And Tutorials

DataPilot 10

MSAB offers a full range of mobile forensic training courses across the globe. Our XRY Certification and XRY Intermediate courses will give you the knowledge and skills to extract and analyze mobile devices, including Android phones.

When you become an MSAB customer you get access to free tutorial videos and a customer forum where you can ask questions and share knowledge with your peers. MSAB also includes free support with all products.

Learn how our products have been put to use through our case studies.

MSAB is a world leader in forensic technology for extracting and analyzing data in seized mobile devices.

The company serves customers in more than 100 countries worldwide, through its own sales offices and through distributors.

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Stage 2 Data Acquisition

This stage refers to various methods of extracting information from the device. The ways of data extraction that may be used are influenced by the following:

  • Type of mobile device: The make, model, hardware, software, and vendor configuration.
  • Availability of a various set of hardware and code extraction/analysis tools at the examiners disposal: theres no tool that does it all an examiner has to have access to variety of tools which will assist with data extraction.
  • Physical state of device: Has the device been exposed to damage, such as physical, water, or biological fluids like blood? Usually the sort of injury will dictate the information extraction measures employed on the device.

There are many differing kinds of data extraction that determine how much data is obtained from the device:

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