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Redstone Games Crossword Puzzle

Iphone/Android game ruzzle ! Most popular game ! word game

Price: Free / Up to $4.99

Redstone Games has another fairly decent crossword game. The says its free, but you can buy a lot of the content there so we wont tell you it is. Its a fairly typical, traditional crossword puzzle game. You get clues, fill out the boxes, and hope for the best. The game tells you when an answer is wrong and gives you hints if you need them. Its also playable offline and it gets a decent amount of fresh content fairly consistently. A lot of that fresh content is free, but not all of it. This should appease many crossword fans.

The Best Minimalist Word Games Available On Android In 2019

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As a fan of minimal word games, I thought it might be a good idea to round up a few of my favorites. I find that I often get annoyed by busy UIs, especially in word games, so I tend to lean more towards the titles that are built with a focus on gameplay instead of bright colors and shiny buttons. This is why I’ve hand-selected ten of the best Android word games that offer a minimalist theme. Instead of placing these games in order of my personal preference, I’ve listed them out by order of price, which should make it easy for everyone to find the titles that suit them best. So dig in and enjoy!

Best Word Game Apps For Android And Ios

Challenge yourself with word games, crossword puzzles, guess the word, scrabble, word search, letter stacking and quizzes with the word game apps on your smartphones and tablets. Whether you’re an anagram master, a spelling sensation, or a grammar wizard, you’ll find challenging word game apps in the App Store and Google Play. Find the best word game that is right for you and play now for free!

You will be able to shuffle the alphabets & rearrange the letters to spark recognition or use hints if you stump upon a word you can’t identify. These word/strategy apps are stimulating brain games and are highly entertaining & educational for everyone.

There are so many challenging word game apps to choose from iOS and Android devices to play. You can choose from lots of different topics and have fun playing games and learn English at the same time. You can improve your vocabulary, grammar and spelling skills in this collection of iOS and Android word game apps.

Here is the selection of the best word game apps that are all about letters, anagrams and crosswords.

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Scrabble Go Gameplay And Specs

Just like the board game Scrabble, you compete against another player by creating words on a game board with a set of seven letters. Each player takes a turn and points are earned based on the difficulty and length of the word. The winner is the first player to use up all of their letter tiles.

  • Available for: iOS devices 10.0 and up and Android devices 5.0 and up
  • Cost: Free with ads
  • Age range: Nine and up
  • Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish
  • File size: 244.7 MB and 60 MB

Alphabear: Words Across Time

Gaming: The 11 Best Free Word Games for iPhone &  Android ...

Alphabear: Words Across Time is the adorable sequel to the equally adorable and award-winning Alphabear. Developed by the studio behind Triple Town and Bushido Bear, this story-driven word-puzzler sees you collecting bears by finding words on a grid of letters. These bears increase the number of points you earn, and they also appear in cute like inter-stage animations.

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Wordathon: Classic Word Search

Wordathon is a very engaging app, which will keep you glued to your phone for a long time! The game is simple all you need is to form words by connecting the letters which are given in a square.

At first, you would be amazed at how difficult it can be to form so many words , but then you will get used to it and master the skill of finding words.

At the end of the game, you can look at the words that you missed, which is quite useful, especially if you want to enrich your vocabulary. Speaking of vocabulary, the game has an embedded one, which allows you to look for a words meaning without leaving the app.

There are also ratings of people who have found the greatest amounts of words and different challenging levels and types of puzzles for you to solve. They are waiting for you. Come on, get the app, and start doing them!

Sticky Terms Gameplay And Specs

In Sticky Terms you are presented with a series of pieces of letter combinations. You need to move the pieces around like jigsaw pieces to fit them into a word, which may not be an English word. Once the word is solved, you’ll see the word’s origin and definition.

  • Available for: Android devices 4.0.3 and up and iOS devices 12.0 and up
  • Cost: Free
  • Age range: 12 and up
  • Languages: Gameplay is in English, French, German, and Spanish words are in various languages
  • File size: 64 MB and 113.7 MB

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The Best Word Games For Ios And Android

    Brittany is a mobile gaming addict! Her favourite genres are simulation, casual, RPG, tycoon, fashion, adventure, puzzle, and city-builders.

    The Best Word Games for iOS and Android

    If you like challenging yourself with fun and stimulating word games, youve come to the right place.

    There are probably thousands of free word games in the Android and iOS app stores, but which are the best ones out there?

    Ive been playing word games since a child , and Ive also found what I think are some of the best word games for mobile devices. Heres a list of my top picks:

    Word Crush: Hidden Words

    6 Best Word Games for Android of 2017

    Word Crush is one more simple game for finding words, however, this one is a little bit different. You are given a table of letters in which a few words are encoded. Your mission is to find these words and you should use all the letters.

    The fewer attempts you use to do it, the better. The first levels seem to be too easy in fact, it gets quite annoying when every level turns out to be a piece of cake. However, slowly but surely the complexity grows and the game becomes more exciting.

    The advantages of this word game app are its appealing looks and animation and unusual gameplay. The disadvantages are ads that tend to pop up when you are not waiting for them and too many easy levels. Apart from these two tiny nuisances, the app is awesome. Get it now and have fun!

    That is it for the most awesome word game apps. We hope, you have enjoyed the article. Let us know if it was helpful for you and, if you wish, check out our site for more articles about cool apps. Have a good time playing, enrich your vocabulary, and, as usual, be smart in choosing apps!

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    Letterpress Gameplay And Specs

    Letterpress is similar to Boggle in that you have to create words from a grid of letters. However, you also need to use strategy to place the words on the grid to block the other player. You win the game by having the most tiles in your color at the end. Tiles can be stolen by the other player if they’re not surrounded by other tiles in your color.

    • Available for: iOS devices 9.0 and up and Android devices 4.4 and up
    • Cost: Free
    • In-app purchases: $4.99 per purchase
    • Multi-player: Single player against the computer or play with friends or other live players group play is also an option
    • Age range: All ages
    • File size: 40.3 MB and 12 MB

    Endless Word Search Puzzles

    The last one in the list is a rather simple and classic word search.

    The app version of the game lets you play the game in two modes- self paced or against time. You can choose to relax or challenge yourself.

    Moreover, there are thousands of levels for you to cross and categories for you to choose from. All the levels are for free and you can even unlock special categories by watching a video ad or paying to remove ads.

    Overall, this one also offers a safe space for vocabulary enthusiasts to polish their skills and also work on their observational areas of the brain.

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    Kitty Letter Is A Game Like Wordle By Exploding Kittens Inc For Android

    Fans of the card game Exploding Kittens might recognize the art style of Kitty Letter, and fans of mobile games might recognize the gameplay. This team behind The Oatmeal has created a free single-player campaign as well as a multi-player mode that integrates the classic Wordscapes and Text Twist gameplay into a wacky story premise that has players fighting their zany cat neighbor. Most importantly, the game is ad-free unlike a lot of its free-to-play contemporaries on the Play Store.

    Word games are tough but are always rewarding and even simple score-based romps can test vocabulary and reaction times. Wordle is great as it shows digital word games can be more than the simple Scrabble clones. Following these games for Android, hopefully, more competitive and creative word games get designed that capture the bite-sized fun of wordplay that Wordle has been able to harness.

    Letterpress Is A Strategic & Competitive Word Game Like Wordle On Android

    Bible Word Cross Puzzle

    Letterpress takes place on a 5×5 grid, drawing easy comparisons to Boggle, but theres much more strategy at play. Letterpress takes competitive Words with Friends-style gameplay and integrates it into a Risk-style territory-taking game that rewards clever uses of long words. Two players go back and forth making words out of any letters on the board, trying to use letters close to each other to gain control of the most tiles. Letterpress is free but there is a $5 upgrade to go ad-free. The ads are rarely in video format, so the free version wont blast players ears, and the bots are competent and challenging.

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    The 10 Best Word Game Apps

    A lot can be done with smartphones, aside from the purpose of communication. The smartphone has become an essential tool for most of us, and we use it for business and entertainment purposes. When it comes to entertainment, there is so much that smartphones can offer that other forms of offline entertainment cannot. Games are one such that we can enjoy with our smartphones.

    Word games are popular on App Stores, played by many people, from the geeks to the fun lovers. Nowadays, you can find different types of word games on android and iOS platforms. However, players should note that not all games are compatible with all operating systems. Below a list of some of the top word games for smartphone users on Android and iOS platforms:

    1. Wordscapes

    This is a quick word game that can keep you busy while waiting or just to have a quick brain teaser. It is relatively easy at the initial stages but gets difficult as you progress through each round. The platform is user-friendly, easy for the least game enthusiasts to play, and each round does not take time to complete as you can learn new words from playing this game. For those who do not want a game that will take their time, this is the perfect word for a quick one.

    Compatible OS: iOS, Android, and windows and comes with in-app ads.

    Alphabear Words Across Time

    In Alphabear, you spell words by selecting letters on a grid. When you use letters that are adjacent to each other, bears appear! The more letters you use, the bigger the bear gets, and the more points you earn! When your score is high enough, youll also win a bear for your permanent collection. These bears can be used as power-ups in future games! They increase the points you earn, extend your timer, increase or decrease the frequency with which letters appear on the game board, and more.

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    Second Best No Longer

    The openness and accessibility of the Android platform has bought it a lot of love from developers. Game developers in particular, and word game devs in very particular, have gone in for Android in a big way. At this point, we’re willing to call Android the better word game platform of the two phone giants. The iPhone has beautiful apps available, but some of the most interesting, innovative game design happening on phones is Android-specific. Your move, Apple.

    Zac Pricener has been a content creator for the past eight years. Hes a bit of an all-around nerd, and he has a bad habit of working movie and TV show references into conversations whenever possible.

    Bonza Word Puzzle Gameplay And Specs

    Top 10 Best MMORPG Games on Android & iOS 2021 | Top 10 MMORPGs to Play in 2021

    Bonza is a cross between a jigsaw and a crossword puzzle. You are provided with pre-filled sections of a crossword puzzle that you must arrange on the board to create a completed crossword.

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    Best Word Games On Ios And Android

    Honestly, I love playing first-person shooter games, racing games, and sometimes, I even try to pass time gaming while I take a dump. I often end up thinking what did I learn from the time I spent playing these mobile games? Two good ways to learn and improve from gaming are by playing math games or word games. So, if youre looking to learn something new and improve your vocabulary, here are the best word games for iOS and Android you should try right away!

    Games Like Wordle For Android

    For Wordle fans, there are many options for Android phone and tablet users to fix their word puzzle itch, like with Wordforward and Letterpress.

    Wordle is somewhat of a viral phenomenon – a simple two-minute browser word game that people have already noted is similar to the game show Lingo and PC game Super Text Twist has still managed to find a large audience on social media. Most of its popularity comes from the sharing aspect – using blank square emojis, anyone can share their score on the daily puzzle on any social platform. The fact that it can be played anywhere using any device has made it a great mobile game and a viral sensation.

    Of course, Wordles daily puzzles make for probably the shortest check-in time of any browser game and while its fun to discuss the game with friends, its not out of the question to look for something more substantial. That being said, Scrabble, Boggle, and even Words With Friends feel slightly time-consuming and not as arcadey for people looking to solve quick, bite-sized Wordle-style brain teasers. For those looking for new and exciting word games, there are plenty of options that feel unique and have great gameplay.

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    Letter Quest: Grimms Journey

    Like Spellspire, Letter Quest: Grimms Journey artfully combines word game and action-RPG. On the bottom of the screen is a selection of letters out of which you need to make words. The bigger the word, the more damage you do to the hapless goons importuning you at the top of the screen. There are different weapons, a decent variety of monsters, bosses, and more.

    Words With Friends Classic

    Word Ways: Best Words game para Android

    Type of game: Scrabble, but a different brand

    Devices: Android | iOS

    Price: Free, with in-app purchases

    Why youll love it: Theres a Twilight fanfic that starts with this game. You think Im joking Im not. Its pretty much Scrabble GO but its a longer lived game and so you might have a smoother experience.

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    The 11 Best Free Word Game Apps To Play On Android And Iphone

    Looking for a unique mobile word game? Here are the best free word game apps to get your brain going!

    When you are in the mood to play a new game on your smartphone, the options can be overwhelming. Both the Android and iOS app stores are packed full of fun and challenging games.

    This is especially true when it comes to word games. So, if you’re looking for something enjoyable to play when you’re bored, here are the best free word games to play on your phone.

    Istg Crossword Puzzle Free

    Price: Free

    ISTG Crossword Puzzle Free is a decent crossword puzzle game for those on a budget. Its entirely free with no in-app purchases, although it does have ads. The game features over 400 puzzles and all of them are available offline. Additionally, it has over 100 puzzles in Spanish and 50 in Portuguese. Most of the complaints we found were for its U.S. centric clues and word spellings. The app also has a few bugs. There isnt much else about it. Its decent, it has a ton of puzzles, and its free with tolerable ads.

    Price: Free / $6.95 per month / $39.95 per year

    The New York Times Crossword is easily one of the most expensive crossword games on the list. However, its also one of the most famous. It boasts over 20 years worth of crossword puzzles for subscribers along with fresh puzzles every week. There is also a mini crossword mode that you can access for free without a subscription. There are enough crosswords here to last you for a very long time although you do have to pay every month to access them. However, there is a healthy amount of free content as well. The app definitely needs some work, but the content is solid.

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