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5 Most Unique Useful Android Apps For 2017 – NO ROOT

As evident from the impressive growth of the fitness tracker and smartwatch segment, health and fitness have become key aspects in the lives of most smartphone owners. This has led to the proliferation of several fitness-themed apps that promise a lot. Which of these is the best for your needs? Lets find out in the list below!

Live Wallpapers Hd & Backgrounds 4k/3d Walloop

It is one of the most eye-catchy wallpaper apps for android. Those are made from patterns, abstract, AMOLED, vapor waves, nature, love-romance, and other things with a gorgeous black background. You can adjust light, color, space, animation speed, and so on.

The lots of customization options and unique wallpapers make your home screen and lock screen dazzling and outstanding. Along with live wallpapers, you can set 4k videos, animation, gif, and movie clips as your live wallpaper.

Important Features

  • There are neon glow wallpapers that give your phone a gorgeous aesthetic look.
  • You can customize and create your style with available fonts, colors, patterns, and motion for home screen and lock screen wallpaper.
  • It has a powerful search option that uses multiple filtering options for finding desired wallpapers.
  • All the wallpapers of this app are designed not to burn your screen and save the mobile battery life.
  • The app interface is simple, intuitive, modern, and loaded with thousands of still life and live animated wallpapers.

K Wallpapers Hd Live Backgrounds Auto Changer

It is another best live wallpaper app that has gained popularity over recent times. This app loads a lot of eye-catchy wallpaper with natural subjects. The high-quality graphics and smooth transition make the wallpaper more elegant and user friendly. It updates its wallpaper frequently. The apps wallpapers support all types of android devices with different screen sizes. The installation of wallpapers is super comfortable and hustle free.

Important Features

  • The live wallpapers are super smooth, and the animation and speed are easily customizable.
  • Its live wallpapers contain a cool panorama effect that allows you to see things on different sides while moving around the mobile.
  • Another attractive feature is it provides wallpaper with border light smooth light transmission that brings your mobile a high aesthetic look.
  • It supports two different wallpapers in two different screens of the home and lock screen.
  • To avoid your boredness, it will auto change the wallpaper at your pre-setted time.

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Just Use Google: Google Meet

Although Allo has kicked the bucket, Google Meet is still hanging around and is a fantastic way to have video meetings at work or chats with your friends and family. With Meet, there is support for groups of up to 250 people, and you can record your meetings and have the recording saved directly to your Google Drive.

Top 10 Best Android Apps For Your Pixel 6

most unique apps for android

So, you just pre-ordered your new Pixel 6, and youre wondering what apps to pre-installed when it arrives. Well, most of you probably have a standard set of apps that you use on every phone, but if youre looking for some suggestions, maybe we can help. In the list below, youll find our list of top 10 best apps, well, app suggestions for you to install on your Pixel 6 handset. We did our best to include some really well-known apps here, alongside some you may not have heard of.

Youll find a lot of different types of apps here. We did that on purpose, to mix things up. For example, one of the apps allows you to bring double-tap to lock functionality to the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. That is something the Pixel Launcher does not offer, unfortunately, at least not at the time of writing this article. You can easily bring it back with the app in question. Thats just an example, youll find all sorts of different apps below.

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Watch Or Read: Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports is one of the few sports apps that not only lets you read the latest headlines for your favorite team but lets you watch the games as well. If you missed the game, catch all the highlights in a central hub or play some fantasy “pick-em” games if you want to have some fun. With Yahoo Sports, you’ll be able to follow all of your favorite teams, along with the likes of MMA, boxing, or racing.

Leave Your Phone Alone: Airdroid: Remote Access & File

AirDroid does everything one could want to do when syncing a phone to a computer. After it has been set up, users can transfer files, manage SMS and contacts, and even make or answer calls from the computer. There are even remote access capabilities so that you can leave your phone in the other room but check for something.

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Unusual Apps: 11 Strange Applications To Simplify Your Life

Smartphones certainly have their pros and their cons. Most people couldnt live without their phone while others are desperately trying to go back in time and live without the latest technology. However with a constant access to internet and the wealth of apps on offer, it is exceedingly difficult to escape the world of smartphones. Here are 11 strange apps that could really help to simplify your life.

Nowadays, there is no need to wait in line at the cinema to buy your tickets, wake up extra early to check in for an early flight or struggle to find your hotel in an unknown city These are just some of the positive aspects of smartphones and their multitude of apps. Lets take a look at 11 strange but practical apps that can help you get through daily life. Watch out you might be downloading some after you have read this article!

The Best Apps To Download On Your New Smartphone

Top 5 most unique Photo-Editing Apps for your iPhone and Android (2021 Edition)

All products recommended by Engadget are selected by our editorial team, independent of our parent company. Some of our stories include affiliate links. If you buy something through one of these links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

You just got your hands on a new phone. Naturally, your first inclination is to head to the App Store or the Google Play Store to download your favorite apps to your shiny new device. While the Engadget team tries to keep our phones relatively unencumbered, there are some apps we can’t live without because they make our work and daily lives easier. Below you’ll find a dozen of the best we think you should try.

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More Than Just Dating: Bumble

Bumble is unique as it’s not just designed to help users get a date but can also be a great source to meet some friends in a new city. On the dating side of things, users create a profile and can just swipe through. After a match is made, the conversation can start, or the match will expire within 24 hours if nothing is said.

/ Fidme Way To Have All Your Loyalty Cards In One Place

This is a virtual card purse that allows you to store all your loyalty cards in one place. All you need to do is scan your card, whether it is for Tesco, Sainsburys or Subway. This way you no longer need to whip out a hundred and one cards. All you need is your smartphone! Your purse will feel a great deal lighter now that it is all stored on your phone!

FidMe, is a free application for smartphones and tablets.

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Algorithmic Analysis: Sleep Time

Sleep Time combines the benefits of a sleep journal, alarm clock, and sleep analysis, all in a beautifully designed application. Different background algorithms will help you get the best night’s sleep that you’ve had in years. Then you can wake up the next day to see how well you slept and for how long.

Cloud Presentationstartup Ideas Startup Ideas

 Top 5 Most Powerful Android Apps

Its always a difficult task to prepare for a team presentation. Cloud app will eliminate the traditional methods of making presentations and collaborate with all the team members using a cloud API to make the presentation online so that all of them can give their ideas and feedback for its quality.

Distributed cloud storage can be another good app idea if your business wants to take advantage of blockchain development technology. Hence, every small business should keep an eye on this app idea.

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Eat Together App Idea

This app will allow you to invite new people to eat together. So, you will never eat alone from now onwards. You tell them about your whereabouts, your schedule, and with whom you like to eat. Then, each day the application pairs it with someone who meets their criteria finds a nearby restaurant/cafeteria and a convenient schedule for their agenda, and sends you an invitation to eat together, which you can accept or reject.

Pros And Casuals: Slack

Android Central has Slacked for years because Slack is one of the best chat apps on the market today, for either business or personal purposes. Threads allow us to get into minutiae without spamming the main chat, and everyone can upload custom slackmoji for added flair. All it needs now is a dark theme, so I don’t blind my bosses when I ping them at 2 a.m.

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Tasker Best Paid Android App

Tasker is a powerful app that can be used to automate tasks on your mobile device. It can be used for nearly any task that a person could do on their phone, such as taking pictures from the camera roll and uploading them to Dropbox, finding and playing music, or turning off your phone when its in your pocket.

Tasker is one of the most powerful automation tools available. It has the ability to do many things such as change settings, send texts and emails, invoke music playback, and much more. This allows you to use your Android device for anything you want without ever having to touch it.

Tasker Total Automation for Android is a revolutionary app that allows you to automate many different aspects of your life. It has an intuitive user interface that enables you to create tasks, which can be as simple or complex as you want. You can even use it to make your phone speak what you type!

Best Android Apps In 2021 Fun Useful & Unique Apps Youre Not Using


Today, we have rounded up a list of the most useful apps that every Android user would love to have. There are quite a few Android apps available on the Play Store that gets more press and attention than the rest. So, here we have shared a list of best-hidden gem apps that every Android user would love to have.

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Transparent Screen & Live Wallpaper

This is an excellent live wallpaper app for android. This is more unique as it transforms your phone into a transparent sheet. You can see the other side of your phone clearly as you look into a translucent mirror. It uses a device camera to create this effect. Also, there are live wallpapers along with transparent wallpapers. Its unique features have already gained millions of peoples hearts.

Important Features

Check It Off: Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict may not be as aesthetically pleasing as PocketCasts, but it makes up for that with its feature set. In addition to listening to podcasts, Podcast Addict can be used to manage audiobooks, live radio streams, and even RSS feeds. It’s the all-in-one podcast app that you’ve been looking for.

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The Best Android Apps For December 2021

The latest smartphones come packed with a bevy of features right out of the box, but to reach their true potential, youll want to dive into the vast marketplace of apps. Since the launch of the Google Play Store at the start of Android, apps have been steadily improving the experience. From the apps that help with daily tasks like balancing a checkbook or calculating a tip, to integrated apps with business communication platforms, or all of the top names in social media, theres an app out there for every purpose.

With nearly 3 million apps on the Google Play Store, the choices can be a bit overwhelming. Weve done the work of putting together a list of the best Android apps across several categories to help you pick the best apps for your daily life. And if youre looking for games, check out our list of the best Android games.

If you have an Apple iPhone, too, check out these helpful guides: Best iPhone apps and best iPhone games.

Interior Designerstartup Ideas Startup Ideas

Most Amazing #Secret Powerful Android App For All Mobile ...

Decorating your home with the right items is not easy. This app will take a picture of the users room and allow to visualize it with different available interior designing options, like, carpets, curtains, wall paint, etc. Itll also show the chosen products dealer in the nearby area and will ease the interior designing process. Hence, you can design such an app by hiring top designers in India.

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Mubert: Ai Music Streaming App

Mubert is an AI music streaming app considered in Best paid Android Apps that offers a personalized listening experience to users. Mubert is considered one of the best-paid music apps for android. The app has three main features, according to which the user can listen to personalized music:

Moods: Depending on the mood that you are in, you can choose from a variety of moods such as relaxing, happy, and intense.

Genres: You can also choose your preferred genres such as Blues, Classic Rock, Jazz, and many more.

Songs: If you are looking for specific songs or albums then you can explore them by using the search bar at the top of your screen.

Best Paid Android Apps 2021 Reviews

  • Bouncer-Temporary App Permissions
  • Google One Apps on Google Play
  • Nord VPN-Online security starts with a click
  • Netflix Watch TV Shows Online, Watch Movies Online
  • Tiny Scanner Pro: PDF Doc Scan Apps on Google Play
  • Delta Icon Packs: The best android Paid app 2021
  • Tasker Best paid Android App
  • Medium- Best paid Android App
  • Todoist: The to-do list to organize work & life
  • Mubert: AI Music Streaming App
  • Bitdefender
  • Weather Forecast Pro for Android 2021
  • Solid Explorer File Manager
  • KineMaster Photo Editor
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    What’s Around You: Smartnews: Local Breaking News

    If you want to keep track of what’s going on in your area, and not necessarily the rest of the world, then SmartNews is perfect. The app provides a section that shows your local news while giving you the necessary notifications and even a widget you can throw on your home screen. Plus, you’ll get access to some of the best news sources aggregated in one location for quick access.

    The 20 Best Wallpaper Apps For Android Devices To Improve Looks

    Most unique apps for android | Paper Draw App 2021
  • Final Words
  • Mobile phones are the only thing that is almost always in our hands. After waking up from sleep, the first thing we take is the phone, and that is the last thing we put before bedtime at night. A lovely wallpaper can refresh your mind whenever you look at the screen. Also, your phones wallpaper reflects your personality. There are more than hundreds of wallpaper apps for android.

    Some people like to put their photos on the screen, while others prefer to select lovely aesthetic images for their lock and home screen. You can get wallpaper photos either by downloading from google one by one, or you can get dozens of pictures at a time from wallpaper apps. Wallpaper apps are the most popular items that people are likely to download most.

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    Alexa By Your Side: Amazon Alexa

    Amazon is no longer the top place to go for just your online shopping needs, as the company continues to expand its grasp on the world. With Alexa, you get a personalized assistant in your pocket, along with integration with Echo devices and the ability to stay connected wherever you go. You can even make calls or send messages to other Alexa-enabled devices without paying a dime.

    These Are The Best Android Apps: Tasker Spark Feedly Weather Underground And More

    So you just got a new Android phone. You unbox it, take the plastic film off, and turn it on for the very first time. Then you add your Google account and finish setting it up. Now its time to download some apps! But if youre new to the Android ecosystem, you might not be quite settled on which apps youre going to download. You might be overwhelmed by the vast amount of choices on Google Play, or you might just be undecided between several choices. Dont worry though, were here to help.

    Today, were going to highlight some must-have apps every Android user should have in 2021. Some are newer apps while others are older and popular. Weve classified this list with at least three picks for each category.

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