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How To Delete Android Files To Free Up Android Space

Manage All Cloud Storage Accounts from One Android App – Samsung Galaxy Note 2 [How-To]

There are many music, videos, photos and other files on your Android phone, and don’t know how to select and delete all unwanted files in batches. Don’t worry, Dr.Fone – Phone Manager is what you need.


To be specific, follow the easy steps below to delete Android files to free up Android space:

Step 1. Install and run the Dr.Fone toolkit. Then connect your Android Phone to the PC where Dr.Fone is running.

Step 2. In the main menu of Dr.Fone, you can see multiple options where you need to select “Phone Manager”.

Step 3. A new window is brought up. In this window, you need to select a tab on the top part. If you want to delete unwanted photos, click the “Photos” tab.

Step 4. Then you can see all the photos and albums instanly. Select all the photos that you no longer require, click the “Trash” icon. Or you can right-click a photo and choose “Delete”.

Note: It’s easy to delete music, videos, contacts and uninstall apps from devices to free up Android space. Operations are similar to deleting photos.

How To Fix The Common Android Storage Problem Insufficient Storage Available

First you need to know that a very slight proton of the entire space of the Android smartphone is devoted for the Android âSystem memory’. For that if you want to update or download any new app on the Android device then you get the message âinsufficient storage available’. This message will appear to you suddenly and you may become tired from that time.

Do not worry because you can fix the problem in the following ways:

Why Do You Need Cloud Storage Management Services

Cloud storage management tools allow you to manage multiple cloud storage accounts or multiple cloud drives with ease.

When you use different cloud storage providers or want to store data to different accounts of one cloud storage service, you can use these cloud storage manager apps to upload data to the cloud without switching different accounts. And, some cloud storage management services can help you manage your files with ease.

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Setup Cloudii To Manage Multiple Cloud Storage Services

Find Cloudii at the Google Play Store and download it onto your Android device. Make sure your device is running Android 4.0 or higher for the application to work properly. To get started, launch the application, and it will show you all the supported services. Select the one you want to use and authorize Cloudii to access it.

After authorization, it will show you the account details including your username and available space. You can add more services by clicking the + icon.

Option Five: Use Cloud

The Simplest Multiple Cloud Storage Manager for Android

It is really cool to save your photos by using the Cloud. Photos or images grab a huge amount of storage space of your Android device. So, if you save the images or photos to the Cloud then you will be able to save the storage space of your device. You just need to install the Cloud storage app, like Dropbox, G Cloud Backup, Google + on your smartphone. Now you can delete the images from your Android device because you already have the images on the Cloud storage.

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The Best Advanced Android File Manager

Solid Explorer File Manager

For anyone who needs a little more mobile file management oomph, Solid Explorer is the way to go.

Solid Explorer has all the same file manipulation basics as Google’s Files app but adds in advanced options like the ability to create new ZIP archives and even password-protected ZIP collections. It’s also able to integrate with a wide variety of internet-based storage services including Google Drive along with Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, and your own private servers and then serve as a streamlined interface for managing all of your stuff and transferring data between different locations with ease.

JR Raphael/IDG

Solid Explorer is overflowing with advanced options for manipulating files and working with cloud storage.

Solid Explorer has a clever two-panel interface for fuss-free dragging and dropping between locations, too be they two local folders or a combination of local and cloud-based folders from any connected service. All you have to do is flip your phone sideways for that setup to appear.

JR Raphael/IDG

Solid Explorer’s smart two-panel interface allows you to view two folders together and drag and drop files between them.

Solid Explorer costs $3 after a free 14-day trial.

How To Use Storage Manager For Android To Free Up Space

If there’s insufficient storage available on Android phone, your device may become slow and buggy. To get more space for your important files and make your Android deliver better performance, you can use the Android storage manager to manage and free up space.

Here are the instructions:

Note: The instructions may vary depending on your Android version and the phone’s manufacturer.

1. Open the Settings app on your Android phone, scroll down and find Storage, tap on it.

2. You can see how much your storage used/left from here. To check what’s using your storage, you can tap a category for more details.

3. To free up the storage, tap Clean Now to delete unnecessary data.

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Start Using Air Explorer For Android

Open Air Explorer for Android and add your cloud accounts or import your added accounts from Air Explorer for PC

You can import all your cloud accounts from Air Explorer for Windows or Mac to Air Explorer for Android, with the exception of Google Drive accounts which will be imported but you will have to enter your user and password again.

Transfer Files Between Clouds Or Your Computer

Android App for Cloud Storage | Dropbox: Cloud Storage, Photo Backup, File Manager

Dragân drop or copy/paste files between your computer and the clouds or between different clouds. For example, with Air Explorer you can transfer any file from Google Drive to Dropbox.It is possible to encrypt the files, so even if someone access your cloud it will not be possible to read the files without an additional password.

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The 20 Best File Sync And Cloud Storage Apps For Android

  • Final Thought
  • Cloud storage is not only a term but also a prime requirement in todays tech world, where you can store and share files, photos, videos, and sync your contents among all of your devices. You can feel the effective use of cloud storage when you create a file in your desktop at the office, edit it while traveling with your cell phone and finish the same task with the laptop or tab in your drawing-room. Cloud storage provides adequate entrée like a digital file cabinet. The file sync or cloud storage apps on your Android devices will allow you to share and take all the required data files, videos, and photos with you on the go. In the meantime, you dont have to worry about space.

    To Manage Search And Play: Zeropc

    Plenty of web apps like Jolicloud let you manage all your cloud storage from one place, but no one does as good a job as ZeroPC. Not only is it easy and intuitive, but it also has Android and iOS apps to let you do this no matter which device you’re on.

    On the web, ZeroPC is technically an operating system as well. So in your browser window, you can manage all your files, transfer them from one to another, open them in photo editors and word processors, and so on. It’s tremendously useful.

    On mobile, ZeroPC acts more like a way to locate your files, but it won’t open all of them. More often than not, it’ll ask you to open the file in a third-party app of your choice.

    Still, given how well it works and the fact that it’s completely free, you can’t fault ZeroPC at all.

    ZeroPC for Android | iOS

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    Best Cloud Storage Apps For Android In 2020

    Cloud storage is not just a good idea, but also a necessity in todays day and age. Its so much more efficient and convenient than using other storage options, such as a hard drive.

    And the best thing is that we even have cloud storage apps for our Android phones. They dont take up a lot of internal storage and offer tons of space for free.

    Keep Two Cloud Services Synced

    Multcloud Review

    With MultCloud, you can easily sync two cloud services or two folders on different cloud accounts. You can also set up scheduled sync to sync your data between clouds at a certain interval automatically.


    Thanks to MultCloud, I don’t need to download data from my Google Drive and upload to Dropbox manually any more. I can choose 8 different modes to sync files from Google Drive to Dropbox automatically, it help me save a lot of time and more cloud space.
    Cloud Explorer

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    Is My Data Secure With A Cloud Computing Storage

    Since data is stored remotely rather than your premise, apprehensions about data theft and privacy are obvious. But most cloud computing storage companies encrypt data while in transit or at rest. Also, their employees only get logical access to your data. Most companies adopt very strict protocols to ensure data security, confidentiality, and privacy.

    If your data has peculiar security requirements, you could opt for a hybrid cloud where some data is stored with the cloud provider while some at your own premises.

    What Is An Android File Manager

    The Android File Managers are helpful for users to manage and transfer files between the smartphone’s storage and PC. Without connecting the phone to your PC, The Android operating system allows you to remove apps quickly if you no longer want to use them.

    Android File Manager isn’t the erotic subject surrounding smartphone ownership but if you use your device for any creative purposes, it’s an important area you should consider.

    Your phone shows your connection to the world. In this modern era, It’s the always-available PC which you have. Whether you’re working on presentations, PDFs, documents, or images, you will always find yourself fumbling around files. Hence, you have a perfect option to manage your files through Android File manager apps because it has many outstanding choices.

    You can find the best android file manager here. Continue reading.

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    How Do You Manage Multiple Cloud Storage

    I have three Google Drive accounts for storing different types of files, namely movies, photos, and video recordings. However, it is troublesome to manage these accounts by logging in and logging out each time. How do you manage multiple cloud storage accounts? Is there a simpler way?

    Nowadays, with the convenience of cloud storage, everyone may have used more than one kind of cloud storage service or could have multiple accounts of some storage service. How to manage these cloud storage service accounts easily and efficiently? We need to rely on cloud storage managers.

    Access Multiple Cloud Single Cloud File Explorer Android App

    Easily Manage All of Your Cloud Storage Data on Android [How To]

    Managing multiple clouds little bit harder. Normally we need to log in to all the accounts via a web browser or open use their app. Like many of them, you may have different free online storage services. Unclouded is a one of the free Android app which can manage popular cloud services. Its a cloud file explorer. With this app user can access Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, Box any many more services just a one app.

    Unlike other apps, this free Android cloud storage app can view your files and folders, check larger size folders and files , lastly modified files and duplicates and search for files in multiple accounts. Right now its not allowed files editing feature. Apart from that it can directly upload files to your accounts from your Android device.

    At this moment it supports a limited number of services, though it will support other major services soon. Unlike the mover, this tiny app doesnt support remote file transferring. Unclouded has free and the premium versions. Premium users can add unlimited multiple accounts, so if you have two or more Google Drive accounts you can all all of them without any issue. Apart from that premium version has dark and light color themes with app locking features.

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    The Last 5 Free Apps You Need To Manage All Your Cloud Data

    From transferring files between cloud storage sites to searching for files across all of them, we need to perform some basic cloud tasks. These five apps are all free and get the job done.

    So much of your life is now stored in the cloud. Dropbox and Drive have those important documents, Instagram and Google Photos manage your pictures, and other cloud-connected services are full of your data.

    These different services make it a problem for the regular user. It’s impossible to quickly find that particular file or photo when you need to, or to make sure whenever a file is updated in work’s Dropbox that it also gets updated in your personal Google Drive.

    There are five basic activities you’re looking to do, and we’re here to help with the apps you need for that. They’re all free and get the job done.

    Quick List: The Best Cloud Managers For Android

  • Otixo Compatible with over 30 cloud storage services great Android app great for collaboration
  • CloudFuze Supports public, private and hybrid cloud services unlimited cloud access with a subscription
  • MultCloud Very fast cloud management software supports cloud-to-cloud sync and data migrations
  • CloudHQ Designed for Google Workspace applications AWS backup enabled syncs all Google Workspace documents
  • Koofr Offers its own storage connects to multiple cloud storage providers fast to use with good security
  • There are a number of factors that can have an impact on our scoring, from the usability of the app or web portal to the number of links between services. Its also important to take a look at how well the cloud manager is designed, and how many of each cloud storage platforms features are integrated and available for users.

    As cloud managers have a strong user base among professional users, were also interested in cloud-to-cloud syncing, with a look at integration between IaaS services, like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services . You can take a look at our earlier Microsoft Azure review for more details.

    Finally, were going to look at how affordable these cloud managers are. If the price and barrier to entry are high, that could mean a lower score if the service isnt worth the cost, that is.

    More Details About Otixo:

    • Pricing: Free , Standard , Plus
    • No two-factor authentication
    • Limited features on the free plan


    • Expensive plans
    • No mobile app


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    Solid Explorer File Manager

    Solid Explorer is the best file explorer for android for you. Using this file manager app, we can easily manage files in dual-pane, manage files on your cloud storage and protect files with strong encryption.

    Solid Explorer allows you to operate files stored on your device and organizes them into collections. You can view, delete, move, rename or share any files with these android file managers. Using indexed search with filters also allows you to find the files you need quickly.

    Enter The Cloud Manager

    How to Manage Files on Multiple Cloud Storage Services on ...

    In the event that you have to move a file from one service to another, the task becomes an even bigger challenge. Now, you have to re-download the information to your system in order to login to a different site and re-upload it.

    Moving around several files in this way can take hours at a time. In order to solve the problem, several different companies have emerged to handle the task. They are a portal to all your accounts which can be accessed through only one log in. From there, you can see everything and reorganize data without struggling with multiple log ins and outs.

    Cloud storage managers work by allowing users to setup logins multiple accounts. You just need to set up an account with one of these managers, then add your various storage accounts. Please note that not all providers are supported by all managers.

    If you have service with one of the lesser known cloud companies, you may not be able to use a manager effectively. Once all the services are synced, you can then use the manager as a one stop login to play around with everything. It is a fairly simple process, however, you must remember that each provider is slightly different, so some may not be as straightforward as others.

    In order to help you best manage your cloud accounts, we have taken the time to test a few different management software providers. All have the ability to add multiple accounts, however, they offer different levels of service.

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    Other Cloud Storage Managers

    Cloud storage managers are not something new. These services have been around almost as long as the cloud itself. There are several to choose from apart from the two that we spent most of our time testing. This list includes:

    • Otixo: works with over 25 service providers and support for OAuth. Allows for drag and drop moving and includes file sharing features. Only has a limited time free trial, after which you have to pay for a lifetime membership. It does not have online editing abilities.
    • CloudHQ: works with Basecamp, Evernote and Gmail in addition to several other cloud storage providers. Unfortunately, to use this system with Evernote and Basecamp, you will need to have the subscription version of this platform.
    • Cloudii: is an Android alternative which works well at managing and syncing cloud accounts. You can set up multiple accounts with the same service provider if needed. There is no need for an application on your mobile device for each of the cloud services added. This service is completely free.
    • OwnCloud: For the highly technical minded people, there is an option to download the open source cloud, OwnCloud. This service can be set up to access each of your cloud accounts seamlessly. However, it is not for the novice as it must be coded a certain way to work with multiple cloud accounts.

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