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Candy Crush Friends Saga

TOP 10 MATCH 3 GAMES for ANDROID 2020 – match-3!

Its the same ol Candy Crush, but this time its new avatar features lots of cool characters that make candy-matching a little bit easier. Your friends will provide certain power-ups from time-to-time to clear more candies. As you progress, there will be lots challenges ahead, but whats a match 3 puzzle game without any challenge?

Best Match 3 Games 2022 Last Updated: January 3 2022

Since the immediate mega success of Candy Crush, many people are looking for different games with similar gaming experience. For example, you can try some of the best match and merge games – they are challenging, exciting, and FUN! However, its not that easy to find the best match 3 games which would satisfy that craving for a quality mobile puzzle game. Stay tuned and youll find the best games like Candy Crush 2022 today!

We here at love match 3 games and the time has come to share with you our best picks of the category. People dont get addicted to this kind of mobile games for nothing and our team had a really hard time deciding on the best 8 match 3 games. We included screenshots from each game so you know exactly what the levels look like.

Ios Android Nintendo Switch

Puzzle And Dragons is not the first RPG/Match-3 hybrid. However, it has certainly set itself apart from its peers, like Puzzle Quest. While the latter emphasizes traditional one-on-one combat in an expanded world, Puzzle And Dragons test players with challenging dungeon battles against various monsters.

Like Homescapes and Candy Crush Saga, Puzzle And Dragons’ roots are in mobile gaming. The game was the highest-grossing app globally on iOS and Android in 2013. However, it has also received criticism for hiding pay-to-win elements while marketing itself as a skill-based game.

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Candy Crush Soda Saga

Games from the developer and publisher King are probably the best on the mobile market right now for match 3 games. There is no paywall, the difficulty curve does not get suddenly steep, and no matter what, the game will let you win in a way that makes you feel like it was up to you and not an algorithm.

In addition, Candy Crush games always have a clever mechanic that will help you breeze past those difficult levels when they come. The moment you win a level, the game will give you bonus items that appear at the start of each consecutive level.

Not only does this make the game from fun to play it gives you an advantage on more difficult levels. Of course, the microtransactions come at the moment you lose, but dont worry! The more you play, the more rewards youll get and eventually, you will win.

Download Candy Crush Soda Saga on Google Play.

The Ninja In The Dark

Cupcake Blast! New Match 3 Games Free with Bonuses for ...

The Ninja in the Dark is at its core not far removed from Fruit Ninja. Youre tasked with quickly slicing up a bunch of stuff on the screen, while avoiding getting all stabby with hero-obliterating bombs. Only in this game, you do this in the dark.

Its something of a memory test, then. You get a few seconds to study the screen layout then your finger becomes a virtual sword, zipping about and hopefully not scything through anything deadly.

The core gameplay is, perhaps inevitably, a little repetitive. But The Ninja in the Dark is fun in short sessions. Stick around for the long term and youll end up battling increasingly ferocious monsters, along with unlocking new worlds and power-ups.

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The Best New Android Games From January 2022

Android gaming is getting bigger and better every month it seems and there is always a slew of new titles coming to Google Play. Whether youre a casual gamer or you want something with a bit more meat on its bones, theres usually a game coming out to suit everyones taste. Some months are better than others, but there is usually at least one great new game on mobile every month. Lets take a look at the best new Android games from the last month! You can also check out our picks for the best new Android games released in all of 2021.

Match 3 Games For Windows

Matching games are the best way to relax after a tough day because even in timed mode they require almost no concentration. However memory match games, mahjong and solitaire puzzles are quite popular, match three is definitely the primary genre in this category. Best match 3 games like Bejewelled and Gem Slider have lots of clones and are sometimes even used to describe this type of games. Today many match 3 puzzles offer users to choose the game mode they prefer or combine different techniques and goals. For instance, a user is supposed to drop the token to the bottom of the play field, drag it along the marked path or engage in a battle.

Thus, the legendary Puzzle Quest gave birth to the genre of Match 3 RPG, featuring an incredible adventure behind the basic game mechanics. Other game hit series, Jewel Quest and Fishdom, display the trend to enrich the playing experience with an interactive storyline or by introducing simulation and hidden object elements to tile matching gameplay. Download free match 3 games, enjoy them during 1-hour trial and order the registration code to the title you wish to continue playing. Its that simple!

Help & Info

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Storyngton Hall: Match 3 Games 3 In A Row

Storyngton Hall: Match Three & Decorate a House is the right game for you if you love exciting challenges, Stories of gentlemen and ladies, casual games, and romances.

The game is absolutely free to play however having in-app purchases. The game also suits people who love interior design.

Play this game along with a storyline. Follow the Greens who recently moved and need to renovate ASAP! Mrs. Green, who loves to be the talk of the town, hosts the most lavish parties and balls to help her daughter find true love!

Features of Storyngton Hall one of the best Match 3 games for Android-

  • Solve an exciting 3 in a row puzzle!
  • Own your interior design skills: Build and design the house of your dream and make it home by surrounding it with stunning, lush gardens.
  • Build and discover: Discover new areas in your home and gardens to practice your landscaping and interior decorating skills.
  • Throw a lavish ball party: Become the host of an amazing ball as you organize a marvelous ball for your neighbors. You may even help your daughter find love.
  • A story like no other: be the leader of the most bittersweet story ever.
  • Play with friends: Invite your friends from Facebook and tackle 3 in row levels together.
  • Size: 135MB

    Compatibility: Requires Android 4.4 and up

    Price: It is a free app and offers in-app purchases. this can cost between $0.99 $99.99 per item.

    Google Play Store Ratings: 4.4 with more than 1 million downloads.

    Gemmy Lands Match 3 Games

    Lugaw Master Leni: Match 3 (New Game for Android) Gameplay

    If you are tired of playing the candy games, then Gemmy Lands is for you. Get ready to go on an adventure with Gemmy via the candy land countries. Find the gems and lost jewels on the mysterious islands.

    As this game is made for the best players of the Match 3 game, it has many different exciting levels where you can challenge both the masters and some new match 3 players.

    It has unique treasures and in-game events. You can also challenge your friends by connecting your game with your Facebook account.

    Gemmy Lands has over 10 million downloads on the Google play store with 4.6 stars rating.

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    Best Bubble Shooter Games For Android

    As a fan of casual games, you will admit the best is bubble shooter games for mobile devices, they are very addicting, and most of the time have endless levels. The lovely colors and popping bubbles are so cool and for this reason, both kids and adults are fans of such games. There are so many apps for iOS and Android devices, but this time, we have shared the best free bubble shooter games for Android in 2022.

    While playing bubble popping games, the aim is to hit the bubbles with the same color match in other to pop the bubble, if you run against time, the bubbles will come so close to you and by then you have failed the level. Such games are very adducting, you keep playing to beat your own high scores or other players in the online leaderboard. With each level getting harder and harder as you progress, you try to beat them to be the best, also the nice sound is made when you complete a level or pop a bubble is so cool.


    Rpg Dice: Heroes Of Whitestone

    Price: Free to play

    Dice: Heroes of Whitestone is a board game mixed with an RPG. You explore the game world by throwing some dice and moving where the game tells you to move. From there you do what the board says to do. The RPG elements are pretty typical. You level up your characters, fight battles, and explore. The board game movement is something different as well. There are also PvP battles, guilds, leaderboards, and various heroes to collect. Its actually not half bad and the fusion of board game and RPG works better than expected.

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    Peko Pop: Match 3 Puzzle

    This match 3 puzzle used to be featured at App Stores as Game of the Day and there was a good reason for that. Dont let its somewhat less appealing design mislead you – PEKO POP offers users fast-paced challenging fruit games like Candy Crush which would keep you up at night. There is no side plot in this game – only puzzle solving which is all some players crave. The satisfaction of a quality match 3 game is just awesome!

    Match the fruit tiles and eliminate the milky bars or icy cubes. There are more than 2,000 levels of the game and it becomes very challenging at quite the early stage. PEKO POP offers a more or less traditional fruity match 3 gameplay with candy bars and awesome match 3 combos.

    A must-play for everyone who craves a fast-paced match 3 game in 2022.

    Best Match 3 Games 2022

    Candy Craze 2021: Match 3 Games Free New No Wifi for ...

    The best games like Candy Crush will keep you busy for months! Which tile-matching video game is right for you? You will find your perfect match in this article for sure! Nowadays, most of the best match 3 games have a backstory or a secondary gaming experience to enjoy in between puzzles.

    However, you will find all sorts of games on our list – with or without a backstory, fast-paced and slower ones, match 3 games to play in one minute, match 3 RPG, suitable for adults and/or best for kids. Without further ado, lets see our first choice:

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    Best Match 3 Games For Android In 2022

    Playing games is one of the most interesting ways to have fun and experience joy. But how about relieving stress and anxiety by popping up the matches in the game on your android device? Want to know how? If you are calling for a yes, then we have got you the 5 best Match 3 Games for Android.

    At one end where the internet is fully packed with Match 3 games, the truth at the other end is that they are not up to the mark. Either they dont have good features or they are way too costly. Then how to choose the best one for yourself?

    What unique features do these games have? Why choose these? You will get to know about all these through this post. Below is the guide for the features, size, compatibility, and a lot more.

    In This Article

  • Features of Tropicats one of the best match 3 games for Android in 2022-
  • The Description Of Match 3 Games Free App

    Amazing “match 3 puzzle” adventure for Android! Dazzling graphics and sounds! Plenty of colorful buttons to crush and exciting levels to conquer! Hundreds of well-designed free levels in our match 3 games free for tablets”! Create and upgrade your inventory sewing kit items Unique abilities for every item! Connect buttons of the same color to create matches The longer the matching line the greater the attack on your enemy The faster you solve the board, the more points you get. Help Rosie buy sewing equipment for her boutique and make sure her customers are satisfied!

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    Pc Ios Android Ps4 Xbox One Nintendo Switch

    When it comes to Match-3 games, no series re-invigorated the genre like Puzzle Quest. This spin-off to the long-running Warlords series was the first RPG Match-3 game. Its inaugural installment combined elements from both gameplay genres seamlessly, developing a massive following of players. While the series has shifted towards the free-to-play model through the years, its original formula still holds up.

    In Puzzle Quest’s combat system, players match colorful orbs, called mana, to cast spells against their opponent. Additionally, if they can match three or more skulls, the player can directly damage the opponent.

    While this system sounds simple on paper, it is a complex and fulfilling experience in practice, requiring players to think strategically and anticipate their opponents’ moves. On top of its stellar combat, Puzzle Quest reaches beyond the casual Match-3 affair with an expansive world and storyline.

    Shoot Bubble Fruit Splash

    New Garden Match 3 Games Design Gameplay #1 All Levels (Android, IOS)

    This game does not have in-app purchases, so you get all gifts and awards in the game without payment. So unlike some games with ads and in-app purchases, Shoot Bubble Fruit Splash does not have that option. The game levels have different background changes depending on the level you are, for example, there is the day, night, and winter. It is a casual Bubble Shooter game that has the same playing style as bubble shooter games mentioned so far, so you need to match 3 bubbles together to earn a point and complete the level.

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    The Best Match 3 Games For Android

    Match 3 games are one of the most amusing genres for Android. Combines three or more identical elements, whether candies, bubbles, balls or pieces of fruit, and try to do combos to increase your score

    The most famous match 3 game

    A match 3 game to create the garden of your dreams

    The new Gardenscapes for Android

    A Match 3 full of sweets and candies from the Candy Crush series

    Fun puzzle game for Android similar to the match 3 genre

    Save all the pets in the puzzles

    Explore the bottom of the sea in this match 3 puzzle

    Match vegetables to save the harvest

    An Angry Birds based on ZooKeeper Battle

    Lovely bubble puzzle and problem solving game

    Destroy all the fruit on the panel before they reach the bottom

    Classic straightforward game about bursting bubbles

    Relax with this elegant match-3 puzzle game.

    A new Candy Crush adventure

    A new installment of Candy Crush

    A crazy turn-based multiplayer match-3

    Match 3 game with Doraemon and friends

    Match-3 game starring Ben Tennyson and his colleagues

    Make the frog throw colored marbles

    Merge trash to create treasure

    Match-3 game set in the brilliant world of jewels

    A match 3 game featuring SEGA’s characters

    The official match 3 of Frozen 2

    The ‘match 3’ where you pop bubbles with little squirrels

    Match 3 puzzle game based on Slugterra

    A sweet match-2 with candy and gummies

    Match 3 puzzler with RPG touches based on the Netflix series Stranger Things

    A nice match-3 in which we must decorate a castle

    A juicy and colorful match-3

    Sugar Smash: Book Of Life

    Another standard like Cookie Jam with a different skin. If you or your child enjoyed the movie, this is a great way to interact with favorite characters and pretend you are living in the Land of the Remembered. There are no unique gameplay mechanics and there is no paywall.

    There are nearly infinite levels at this point, with new worlds to explore. The most recent is Coco Loco themed and an addition to the Twilight Park, an area where children are collecting as many stones as possible before they are called back home.

    Download Sugar Smash: Boof Of Life on Google Play.

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    Best Match 3 Puzzle Games For Android

    There are tons of match 3 games available on the Google Play Store. With so many games, it becomes difficult to choose the best ones from hundreds of titles.

    Most players want games that go beyond the traditional match-3 puzzles. They yearn for a puzzle game that has additional gameplay elements, challenging levels, and features their favorite cartoon characters. No worries! We have done all the hard work and picked the best match 3 puzzle games for your Android device.

    Tropicats: Match 3 Games On A Tropical Island

    Cupcake Blast! New Match 3 Games Free with Bonuses for ...

    Tropicats is one of the most popular free match 3 games you can play online for real cat lovers!

    Enjoy an amazing adventure on a tropical island and matching games where you get to play match 3 free games and solve puzzles game online, while you BUILD AND DECORATE and literally create A TROPICAL ISLAND!

    Directly jump upon mysterious adventures in one of the most addicting match 3 free online games.

    Help the Tropicats rebuild and decorate their Home Island. While building a cat island, make sure to enjoy new fun-filled match-three puzzle games and quests on the tropical island with the cutest kittens and cats! Help the Little Tropicats to uncover the mysteries about the Great Totem.

    Test your matching 3 skills to save the cats home- the Tropical Island. Take part in exciting tournaments and get rewards and fantastic prizes!

    Features of Tropicats one of the best match 3 games for Android in 2022-

  • Enjoy the very very awesome match-3 games, unravel the new mysteries, rebuild and decorate the Tropical Island with and for all the cutest cat family the Tropicats!
  • Join the cutest little Tropicats for a fun mysterious adventure and help them in their victory!
  • The Tropicats are so cute, and they love playing fun match 3 games. So, no complexes there!
  • With hundreds of quests to complete, youll never run out of fun things to do on your tropical island.
  • Play matching games and win gifts to make the cats dreams come true!
  • Size: Varies with device

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