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The Best App to Help Pay off Debt

When knocking down debt , student debt, car loans, outstanding medical bills theres a lot to stay on top of: your total debt load, the payment terms and interest rates, monthly payment amounts, the loan servicer, and so forth. And some days, those numbers and figures might be swirling around your head in a befuddling jumble.

In our modern age, you can lean on financial technology to assist. Enter debt repayment apps. In a nutshell, these apps can help you get a handle on your payments, keep track of your debt load, and assist in figuring out how much youll be paying in interest based on different timeframes.

The good news is theres a bounty of options. Here are our top picks for debt repayment apps:

Plus It Might Even Help You Feel Great Too

Speaking as someone whos paid off over $147,000, I can tell you that paying off debt feels awesome! And Im not the only one who feels that way. As one user said:

I just paid off my first debt thanks to this app! I swear being able to watch my % increase and my amount due decrease really helped me stick to the snowball plan. Just mailing monthly checks, and reading the statements isnt as rewarding as this plan. Now paying off my debt feels better than shopping!

Did you catch that last part? Paying off debt feels better than shopping. That really is awesome.

  • Start your journey to debt freedom today! Click to get Pay Off Debt in the iTunes store today!

There Will Always Be Money Making Apps That Pay You

There you have it. If youve finished the list, you now have a solid idea of which apps pay you real money. One category that we didnt include in this list is apps that pay you to walk, but you can check a great round-up of apps here.

We wish you the best of luck on your journey to making money on your phone!

Just remember, with most of these services, consistency is key, so be diligent about completing your daily check-in and continue to use the service if you want to earn more lucrative amounts of cash or gift cards.

Its always better to use these opportunities as additional cash for smaller purchases, rather than to rely on them for a steady income.

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What others are saying about Pay Off Debt

“This is by far the best Debt App manager in the app store” – Maurice Butler, customer

“Pay Off Debt is a simple and useful app if you are struggling to decide between different debt repayment methods or want to take a customized approach” – Richer by the Day

“Unique way of knowing exactly what you owe and how much is left to pay. No other app does this as smooth and perfect as this one. Lots of different features and customer service is great!” – J_019, customer

“After trying a different app to manage my finances, I switched to this one and love it. It shows your starting amount owed on each bill and the remaining amount after payments. It’s great to get motivated to pay off debt! “ -Msgirl2001, customer

“I have tried a few debt apps and this by far is the best. Simple and easy. It’s perfect for anyone to help pay off debt.” -Angelia Hopkins, customer

“I’ve had this app for about 6 months now and it’s great – well worth the money. easy to use and beautiful.” -Reillypupe, customer

“If youre struggling to repay your loans, you need to get this app to make the process of debt repayment a lot easier and manageable.”

Payactiv Loan App: Best For Paycheck Advancements

Tally: Manage Pay Off Credit Card Debt Faster for Android

This payday loan app allows you to get access up to $500 between paychecks. It also offers everything you need to break the payday loan cycles cycle.

How PayActiv works:
  • You choose when to use it, or when not to. Youre in the drivers seat.
  • Its simple, download the app, use the services, and any money you access is paid back out of your next paycheck.
  • No interest charged because it isnt a loan, its your money available when you need it.
  • If you are interested you can download it for Android or iOS.

    Where to get it?

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    Dave Loan App: Best Option For Small Amounts

    This friendly bear allows you to get up $100 as an advance with no interest or credit check. With Dave, you can budget your upcoming expenses and be protected from bank fees for only $1/month. Dave can help you budget your personal expenses and avoid overdrafts with friendly announcements. Automatic payments for things like Netflix and insurance can make budgeting tricky, but he can help there too!

    How Dave works:
  • Instantly advance up to $100 from your next paycheck.
  • No interest. No credit checks. Just pay your advance back on payday.
  • Connect directly to your bank account to borrow money fast.
  • Dave saves the average American an average of $500 a year.
  • Whether youre hit by sudden expenses or need a little extra to make it to the next paycheck, Dave is here to help. Download Dave now for iOS or Android and to stay ahead of overdrafts and get a payday advance when you need it.

    Where to get it?

    Past Recommended Debt Payoff Apps

    These apps to help you get out of debt were previously recommended. However, for various reasons, we determined there are better options available today.

    If the app developers decide to update their apps and address some of the bugs, then they would be great apps to help with debt.

    This app focuses on the debt snowball strategy. It will calculate the debt avalanche or a custom debt payoff method if preferred.

    The app has all of the basic information to help pay off debt.

    It is very basic, but if you dont need the bells and whistles it would suit your needs.

    The biggest benefit of Debt Snowball Pro is they will help you select the best payoff method. Thus, taking out some of the guessing games.

    This app allows you to update your balances as needed plus add and remove debts.

    It also shows your debt payoff dates and interest saved. One of the best features is the progress bar, which is encouraging while paying off debt.

    If you choose, you can also share your progress updates on Facebook and Twitter!

    This app can be gifted neat gift idea!

    Cost: $2.99

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    How To Pick The Best Debt Payoff App For You

    To pick the best app for debt, think about what you need help with the most. After you answer that, you’ll know which type of app to look for. Here are the most common examples:

    • Are you looking for the fastest or cheapest way to pay off debt? A debt payoff app that lets you compare different payoff methods, such as Debt Payoff Planner, is exactly what you need.
    • Do you have trouble paying more than the minimum each month? You should go with a debt payoff app that automatically saves money for you, such as Qoins or Digit. These apps do the work for you — all you need to do is set them up.
    • Would you like to take a hands-on approach with your debt and be as involved as possible? Payment planning would still work well as a guide. Still, you decide how much to put toward your debt each month.
    • Are you interested in an app to manage all your accounts and cut your spending? Try an all-purpose money management app, such as Mint. These apps typically let you set financial goals, like decreasing debt, and then make suggestions to help you reach them. In addition to debt payoff, they also give you one handy place where you can see all your financial accounts.

    Best Debt Management Apps For Android And Ios

    Paying off Debt with help from 22Seven App


    If you have debt and let’s be honest, who would say no? You can feel overwhelmed by it and you may even think it’s impossible to pay it off. Via debt management app You can take advantage of some help in controlling your money and coming up with a plan that works for you to pay off your debts smarter and faster.

    Here are seven of the best debt management apps for Android and iOS that you can download right now to get you back on the right track.

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    Debt Planner & Calculator

    This app can be a good option for you if youre not sure about the payments youll make every month towards paying back debts. This app allows both fixed and variable payments. It is offered by KickingLettuce Studios. To use this app, you need an Android 6.0 and up version. The current version is 8.2.01. It is updated in March 2020.

    You can use this app to calculate various aspects of your current debt. For example, you get to know how long itll take to repay the debt, the current APR on which youre paying back, the total interest payments on the loans, and so on. Apart from unsecured debts like credit cards and payday loans, you can use this app to calculate even your auto loan. So, it becomes easier for you to calculate and repay your debts.

    This app also provides some great features like auto back and restore, monthly payment reminders in the status bar of your device, exporting the monthly planner to the .csv, and so on.

    This app is user-friendly through which you can organize and pay back your debts. It gives you reminders about upcoming payments so that you dont miss out on one.

    This app suggests some tips and notifications that help you to make adjustments if needed. You can use this app to make credit card payments, use for settling payday loan debts, along with managing and paying back other debts.

    The 8 Best Debt Reduction Software Programs Of 2022

    While most debt reduction software programs focus solely on helping you create a debt payoff plan, Quicken is a comprehensive personal finance software that can also help you extract more money from your monthly budget to pay off debt faster. You can use it to create a budget and track your spending so you can design a debt reduction plan based on your goals.

    Quicken lets you create a debt payoff plan that prioritizes debts with the highest interest rates so you save money in the long run. You can link your accounts and allow Quicken to automatically pull your minimum payment and current interest rate, or you can manually enter the information from your monthly billing statements. As a bonus, you can also access your credit score to see how paying off your debt is helping to improve your credit, but this feature is not available for Mac users.

    Quicken Deluxe is $31.19 per year through September, 2022. It is available for both Windows and MacOS.

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    Make Sure You Have A Strong Budget Too

    All of these apps will help you pay down your debts faster. It’s just a matter of which one works best for you based on the kinds of debts you have.

    And in addition to keeping track of your debt and making sure you’re paying regularly and smartly on it, make sure you have strong budgeting skills too. Excel and Google Sheets are both great tools for keeping budgets and keeping track of expenses.

    Debt Payoff Planner Apps No Longer Ranked In 2020 Or 2021

    How To Take Credit Card Off Android / SalonSwipe Offers Pay

    NIMBL by Nationwide was ranked #5 in 2020 after launching on . Unfortunately, Scott Sanchez who was responsible for NIMBL left Nationwide in May, 2020, so it seemed only likely that NIMBL may also shut down, which it did. I received the following email on August 30th, 2020 that NIMBL was indeed shutting down.

    So, what have you decided? Which app can be your best friend in paying back debts? Analyze the features and take the help of one which helps and motivates you to become debt-free at the earliest!

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    There Are No Hidden Charges Or Locked Features With The Pay Off Debt App

    You can use it forever with no hidden fees once youve bought it. I also wont try to sell you loans or credit scores in the guise of helping you. I dont sell your data. In fact, I cant see what you put in the app at all. Your get out of debt plan is yours, not something for someone else to profit from.

    How To Get A Debt Management App To Work

    All in all, any of these debt management apps help you pay off debt! Many of the apps also have a web version available too thus doubling as debt management software!

    The critical part of success is to actually use the debt app or debt management software.

    I know. I know. That sounds really really simple. And it is.

    However, it takes time to load all of your debt and figure out what scenario will work for you, and making a plan of attack.

    These apps help with debt. As hard as it may be, it is better to know your overall debt situation.

    As part of my comprehensive debt coaching, my favorite debt app to use and recommend the most is this one.

    Dont delay! Pick which apps to help with your debt situation.

    Figure out your payoff date now. Then, you can live debt-free!

    No more guessing when your debt will be paid off.

    Learn how college graduates with options that can help lower monthly payments or maximize lifetime savings to pay loans back faster.

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    How We Chose The Best Debt Reduction Software Programs

    To find the best debt reduction software programs, we looked for services that offer a wide range of functionality for a reasonable cost . We included some programs that sync with your bank accounts and provide oversight of your complete financial picture, but we also wanted to include free tools that can help you create a path out of debt without having to link your bank accounts.

    Overall, we looked for programs that have solid reviews, a history of helping people out of debt, and security features that can keep your information safe.

    How Do You Calculate A Credit Card Payment

    Pay Off Debt App Review | Pay Off Debt with Jackie Beck

    Your credit card issuer will require you to make the minimum payment each month. Whileeach issuer may have a slightly different policy, the common practice is to charge the greater of a certain amount , or

    • 1% of your current balance, plus
    • Any new interest charges, plus
    • Any late fees or past due amounts if you previously missed a payment

    You may also choose to pay your statement balance or current balance. The statement balance is your entire balance as measured at the end of your last billing period. After you receive your credit card bill, you usually have a few weeks to pay before its due. During this time, any additional purchases you make will be added to your current outstanding balance, which is the total amount you owe right now.

    You can avoid interest charges by paying off either the statement balance or current balance by the due date.

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    Your Information Is Organized And Easy To Access

    You can see frequently viewed information right on the Debts screen, but you can also dive deeper to view more details about each debt, and you can tap the Summary icon to get the summary of how youre doing on your overall debt snowball.

    That includes your planned debt-free date, a chart of your entire snowball, and the estimated time left before you can scream Im debt free!.

    Youll can also share your information across devices if youre using the same Apple ID or Google account. And youll be able to re-downloaded the info you last uploaded if you need to reinstall the app for any reason.

    One Touch Expenser Expense Management App

    Best For: Best app for daily finances

    This personal online money management app is popular among Android users for tracking their money in their own style. You can choose the language and currency of your choice and start tracking your expenses like house, health, transport, communication, eating out, shopping, etc.

    Its used to track your day-wise expenses and get a monthlyreport to analyse your major expense areas. If you feel that you are spendingmore, you can set the budget mode to keep a tab on unnecessary spending.

    Special Features

    • Data security through face ID, touch ID and passcode protection
    • Provides default expense categories, and you can also categorise the expenses
    • Provides transactions list to give you an idea about your expenses
    • Can be synchronized with Google Drive and Dropbox

    Pricing: One Touch Expense Android app is free toinstall with in-app purchases.

    Contains Ads: Yes

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    Tools To Plan Your Debt Strategy

    The two most successful strategies to pay off debt are the snowball and the avalanche. Use the tools below to help you set priorities either way.

    • and These are simple straightforward calculators that can help chart a way forward to regaining financial soundness. You enter your debt information, then compare methods to determine the best option. Tweaking your monthly payments will update the remaining principal and interest payments, and your final payment date. Feel free to look at all the debt you own, then create a payment plan prioritizing the debt by lowest debt balance or highest interest rate.
    • Debt Payoff Planner A free app available for both IOS and Android which allows the user to review each strategy. You can see the interest saved and the payoff time for each option, and track payments made.

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