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Shopify Tap & Chip Iphone Case

POS: How to connect Chip & Swipe card reader || Shopify Help Center


The Shopify Tap & Chip iPhone case is available only for merchants in the United States and Canada.

The case is designed to attach the Shopify Tap & Chip reader to the back of your iPhone. This gives you the mobility and ease to take payments without being restricted to a countertop checkout. It also offers protection for your iPhone and card reader.

The case is compatible with the iPhone X and iPhone XS models. It’s available from the Shopify Hardware Store in the United States and Canada..

How We Evaluated Credit Card Readers For Android

Most people think of iPads when they think of mobile POS systems, but many payment processors offer great options for Android as well. Some also have their own merchant accounts. We chose reputable payment processors that also have apps that rank highly in the Googles Play store. Then we looked at pricing, features, and how quickly you could get your payments to determine the best options.

As with the best card readers for iOS, Square ranked as our No. 1 for Android systems. It has great rates and a fantastic POS system for mobile, tablets, and the web that can grow with you.

Best Mobile Credit Card Processors Of 2022


The best mobile credit card processors make it simple and easy to take payments by credit and debit card in a store, at a trade fair, or on the go.

Taking card payments is increasingly essential for any modern business, but what happens if you want to sell at a trade fair, set up a market stall or pop-up shop, or swipe a credit card tableside in a restaurant?

This is where mobile card readers come into their own for credit card processing, allowing you to take card payments wirelessly and on the go. You don’t need a checkout till, you just need a smartphone or tablet that can run apps to connect with a mobile card reader.

They can even be great for small mom-and-pop shops that are looking to keep their initial costs down, and a tablet running apps on a stand can work in lieu of a till.

Credit card readers are the front end to your point of sale system, which can do much more than simply read cards. The best POS systems can manage your inventory, ensure you’re on top of compliance-related payment regulations, and help your business avoid fines and other administrative costs , all while offering advanced security features that protect from data theft and cyber breaches.

Even better, it’s not just the ability to take payments from credit/debit cards with an EMV aka chip-and-pin, but contactless payments can now also be taken, including Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay.

Reasons to avoid

Read our full Square Reader review.

Reasons to avoid
Reasons to avoid

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Square Pos Terminals And Ipad Stand Costs

To keep your Square POS costs down, you can use the software on an iPad. This can work out cheaper than paying for a Square terminal. However, for a professional look that will impress and reassure your customers, it’s a smart move to consider an iPad stand and card reader. Otherwise, a Square Stand is a neat all-in-one solution .

Square stand for iPads plus contactless card reader

  • $169 per unit

Square POS Stand with contactless card reader

  • $799 per unit

Square Pos Card Reader Costs

Android 5.1 Smart POS Device Wireless Card Reader Android ...

One of the most affordable ways of getting started with Square POS is to use a portable card reader, connected to an iPhone, iPad, or Android device. There are a few to choose from, though be warned that the very cheapest ones won’t work with contactless cards, or with NFC mobile phone payments such as Apple Pay.

Card reader to fit Android or iPhone

  • $10 per unit

Contactless card reader

  • $49 per unit

Square POS terminal

  • $299 per unit

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Card Reader Requirements And Supported Payment Types

To use the Tap, Chip, and Swipe card reader, you need to meet these requirements:

  • Your store needs to be based in the United States, United Kingdom, or Ireland.
  • You need to have Shopify Payments activated as your payment provider.
  • You need running Shopify POS 5.15 or higher.
  • You need to be using a compatible iOS device.

The Shopify POS app works with the following devices:

Devices that work with the Shopify POS app

Button located in the lower-left corner of the card reader and labeled with an X

Pair With Your Ipad Or Iphone

The first time you connect the card reader with the Shopify POS app, you must pair it with your iPad or iPhone using Bluetooth. After that, the two devices connect automatically if theyre within range.

You can press the cancel button on your card reader at any time to stop the pairing process.

If you accept credit cards and your card reader is not connected during a checkout, you are prompted to follow the instructions on the Shopify POS screen to connect it.


  • On the Set up hardware page, tap Card reader.

  • On the Select your card Reader page, tap Tap, Chip & Swipe.

  • Press and hold the Bluetooth button on your card reader for 5 seconds. When the blue LED and Bluetooth icon on the screen start blinking quickly, the card reader is ready to be paired.

  • Tap Next.

  • Tap Go to iPad Settings.

  • Tap Bluetooth> Under Other Devices, tap the name of your card reader . It might take a few seconds before your card reader appears in the list of available devices. The number in your card readers name matches the last three digits of serial number on the back of the card reader.

  • When the Bluetooth Pairing Request dialog appears, tap Pair to confirm.

  • When the confirmation code appears on your card readers screen, press the green button to accept the Bluetooth connection to your iPad or iPhone. When the blue LED stops blinking, your card reader is successfully paired.

  • Return to the Shopify POS app, and tap Finish setup.

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    Power The Chip & Swipe Reader On And Off

    To turn on the Chip & Swipe Reader, press and release the power button on the side of the reader. The status light turns on. If you’ve already paired and connected the reader with your POS device, then the reader automatically connects to the device.

    After 30 seconds of inactivity, the Chip & Swipe Reader goes into standby mode, and the status light flashes every 5 seconds. While in standby mode, the card reader turns on automatically when you take a card payment at checkout.

    After 3 hours of inactivity, the Chip & Swipe Reader turns itself off fully. When you next want to take a card payment, you need to press and release the power button to turn on the card reader again. Typically you need to turn on the card reader only once a day. You can manually turn off the reader at any time by pressing and holding the power button until the status light turns off.

    Square For Retail And Restaurant Plus

    POS: How to connect Tap, Chip & Swipe card reader || Shopify Help Center

    Square does offer upgraded plans for retail and restaurant businesses, which can be used to augment the features you already get from your free POS software.

    Square for Retail Plus costs $60 per month, per location. Transaction fees are reduced to 2.5% + 10¢ for in-person sales and 2.9% + 30¢ for online sales. You get everything from the free plan, plus product exchanges, advanced inventory tools, advanced retail reports, and Square Team Management.

    Square for Restaurants Plus costs $60 per month, per location as well, but you get a 30-day free trial, and it costs just $40 per month per added POS device.

    In return, you get all the features from the regular free plan, plus more advanced features including advanced discounts, cash management, and the ability to open checks. You also get extra kitchen display features, including ticket routing and real-time order updates. Support also becomes 24/7.

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    Android Credit Card Processing Options Without A Card Swiper

    As it happens, new technology provides merchants with several ways to accept payments without even requiring a card swiper. Lets explore a few of these payment methods.

    • QR Codes: With QR code payments, your customer scans a two-dimensional barcode with their phones camera and is then prompted to open a website or app through which the payment is completed, using either a credit card or a mobile wallet, such as PayPal or Apple Pay.
    • Payment Links: With payment links, you can directly invoice your customers by sending them a URL via text, email, or messaging app. When clicked, the link launches the online transaction process.
    • Virtual Terminal: A virtual terminal allows you to manually enter your customers credit card information via an internet browser and submit the transaction for processing. A virtual terminal lets you accept payments remotely or in person from your computer.

    Paypal Zettle: Most Payment Options


    The PayPal Zettle and PayPal Here app are great for handling both online and in-person salesespecially if you need to take checks and want next-day funding.

    The PayPal Zettle is one of the best mobile credit card processing terminals. All PayPal mobile credit card processors are Bluetooth-enabled, which gives you the flexibility to accept payments anywhere within range of your mobile devices. And PayPals POS devices are some of the most affordable on the market.

    As a PayPal Here user, you can get the Chip and Swipe Reader for free when you set up a plan. Or you can upgrade to the Chip and Tap Bundle for contactless, chip, and magstripe transactions. It costs only $79.99one of the cheapest three-in-one devices we can find.

    PayPal Here also lets you accept checks through the mobile iPhone, Android, or Windows app. And of course, customers, vendors, and anyone else can use their own PayPal accounts to send and receive funds.

    Swipe transaction fees are 2.7% + $0.30 per transaction and PayPal doesnt charge any monthly subscription fees. Best of all, PayPals reader and mPOS system integrate seamlessly with PayPals popular merchant servicesmaking it easy to take both in-person and online payments from anywhere.

    Out of the gate, PayPal Here doesnt have next-day funding, but it does have an alternate solution you can choose. If you sign up for the PayPal Business Debit MasterCard®, you can get your payments as quickly as one business day.

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    Unpair The Chip & Swipe Reader From Your Pos Device

    You can use the Chip & Swipe Reader with only one device at a time. If you want to use the card reader with another device, then you need to first unpair it from its current device.


  • From Shopify POS, tap â¡> Settings.

  • On the Hardware screen, tap Manage connected hardware.

  • Tap the name of your connected card reader.

  • Tap Forget card reader.

  • Why Is My Card Reader Not Pairing Properly

    Android pos device TS 7003 system with NFC(Mifare) credit ...

    The card reader can be paired with only one iOS device at a time. If you’re pairing your card reader with a new device, make sure it’s not still trying to pair with another Bluetooth device. You might need to update your device settings to “forget” the card reader before pairing it reader with a new device.

    If the pairing process seems like it’s taking too long to complete, press the X button on your card reader, and then try the pairing process again.

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    Payanywhere: Cheap Mobile Alternative

    For a competitively priced option, consider Payanywheres low transaction fees, free reader, and lack of monthly fees.

    With Payanywhere, you get a free credit card reader, and you pay no monthly subscription feesjust 2.69% per transaction with the Pay As You Go package.

    Yes, thats a bit higher than QuickBooks Chip and Magstripe Card Readers 2.4% transaction fee, but GoPayment also charges an additional $0.25 per transaction. If your business will be taking a large volume of small mobile payments, those per-transaction fees could add up.

    For example, if you did a thousand $5 transactions in one month, youd pay $134.50 in Payanywhere transaction fees. GoPayment would leave you with $420 in fees. Thats quite the difference!

    The Payanywhere apps mPOS services also include personalized receipts, inventory management, customer purchase reporting, online resources, and multilingual customer supportall at no extra cost.

    Accept A Tap Payment With The Tap & Chip Reader

    You can use the Tap & Chip Reader to accept contactless tap payments.

    Contactless payments can be limited to purchases under a specified amount, depending on the payment type or the country where your business is based. To make purchases for larger amounts, or if your customer has exceeded their tap limit, your customer can insert the card and enter their PIN.


    Customers enter their PIN directly on an iPad or iPhone device in Canada, or an iPad, iPhone or Android device in the United States. To avoid unwanted contact with the screen, consider providing a Stylus pen for your customers to use when interacting with your POS device.


  • From the Shopify POS, tap Checkout. If the Tap & Chip Reader is connected and ready, then a Tap or insert card option becomes available.

  • Tap the contactless payment card or device on the face of the card reader and hold it in place until the four blue notification lights appear. When Shopify POS displays a Payment received message, the transaction is complete.

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    Square Pos Plans And Pricing

    Anyone can download Square’s POS software and begin selling immediately, though they’ll likely need to grab a card reader as well . However, the main cost of the POS system kicks in when its users make a sale.

    • Square POS software is free to install
    • You can get a free Square card reader for iPhone or Android
    • Square charges 2.6% of each card-based sale, plus 10 cents.
    • If card payments are manually keyed in rather than processed via card reader, the charge is a little more: 3.5% of the transaction’s cost, plus another 15 cents per transaction.
    • Online sales are charged at $2.9% + 30 cents per transaction.
    • There are additional hardware costs depending on the setup

    Some software add-ons also cost an additional percentage or a small monthly fee, but the core features we’ve listed above are available with the basic Square POS system for free.

    As a result, using Square POS will mean that most businesses will see a small percentage of their total monthly revenue go towards paying their POS costs, but that’s it.

    For small operations, such as market stalls, food trucks, and small coffee shops, it’s a great deal and the secret to Square’s market dominance. Most POS vendors bill for their service annually, which can be tough for a business on a budget.

    For a huge operation or a business with many sales, the costs for using Square POS will scale up at a rate faster than most other POS services

    Whats The Difference Between Mobile Card Readers And Mobile Pos Systems

    POS: How to connect Tap & Chip card reader || Shopify Help Center

    A mobile point-of-sale system, or mPOS system, is a program that runs on a smartphone or tablet and uses software to process business transactions like a traditional POS terminal. The advantage of an mPOS system is that it can function without the need for expensive electronic cash registers or merchant servicesand it can be used just about anywhere.

    A mobile card reader is an electronic device that connects to an mPOS system to accept credit and debit cards. Basic readers let you swipe cards to take payments. Higher-functioning devices can accept EMV and NFC payments too.

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    What Is Card Reader For Android

    The card reader is a device that helps businesses to accept credit or debit card payments. It can be powered by a USB cord, or by batteries. A card reader can be used for paying for things and for reading other information on the magnetic strip, like credit card numbers, PINs, and more. With cashless and card payments becoming popular, offering these payment options help businesses retain customers and boost sales. Card readers, also known as credit card terminals can accept transactions via magstripe, Chip, and PIN, or contactless NFC payments.
    How To Use A Card Reader for Android- A Guide For Users

    Payment Depot Android Reader Costs

    Contact Payment Depot sales for priceContact Payment Depot sales for price
    Connects via Bluetooth and accepts payments via magstripe , EMV , and NFC contactless payments . It can also be used with a Windows computer using Authorize.Nets vPOS solution.Connects via Bluetooth and accepts payments via magstripe , EMV , and NFC contactless payments .

    Payment Depot also has standalone payment terminals, cash drawers, and receipt printers.

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    Shopify Dock For The Tap & Chip Reader


    The Shopify Dock for Tap & Chip is available for merchants in the United States and Canada.

    The dock for the Tap & Chip Reader provides the following benefits:

    • keeps the reader powered on

    • elevates the reader

    • secures the reader to a countertop

    The dock is available from the Shopify Hardware Store in the United States and Canada.


    Using the Shopify Dock for the Tap & Chip Reader with the incorrect adapter can cause the dock to overheat. To avoid overheating, use the Shopify Retail Stand or USB chargers supplying 6 Watts only.

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