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How To Transfer Text Messages From Android To Computer Via Android Message Backup

Top 2 Programs to Backup Android Phone to PC

Let’s see the Android Message BackupSamsung Messages Backup. It is an efficient and practical tool to help you transfer text messages to computer. More importantly, Android Message Backup is an overall mobile phone manager, you can import or export the contacts, call logs between Android phone and the PC, and you can back up all the data from your phone to the computer in 1 click.

Here are the major features and highlights of Android Message Backup:

– Transfer text message from Android to computer in 1 click.

Transfer photos, videos, music, books, apps, call history, contacts and more from Android to the PC in 1 click.

– Restore all the data from computer to Android phone with 1 click.

– Send and receive text messages, edit the contacts and add new contacts on the computer with Android Message Backup.

– You can choose to connect your Android phone to a computer or laptop via a USB cable or Wi-Fi.

– Android Message Backup owns high compatibility. It supports almost all kinds of Android operating systems, such as Samsung Galaxy S10/S9/S8/S7/S6/S5, Sony Xperia 5/1/XZ3/XZ2/10+/10/XA2, HTC U12+/U11+/U11/10, Huawei P30 Pro/P30/P30 Lite/P20/P20 Lite, Mate 30 Pro/Mate 30/ Mate 20 Pro/Mate 20/Mate X, OPPO R19/R17/R15/R13/R11/R11, ZTE, Vivo and etc.

1.2.1 Transfer Messages from Android to Computer in 1 Click

Tutorial on how to save text messages from Android to computer:

Step 1. Download and Install

Step 2. Connect Android to PC

Step 3. Transfer SMS to PC

Step 1. Launch the App

The Advantage Of Backing App Data

there are many advantages of backing up app data of your android phone. in this way your android phones data will be backed up. For example in Facebook App when you login and give your FB credentials then it backs up your credentials which is your app data so you don’t need to login again. And if you remove the data then you need to login again to access your Facebook ID. and if you backup that app data to your PC then you no need to give your FB credentials again and again. Similarly with other apps too. If you clear data then all your credentials for the particular app will be lost. yes, if you have baked up in your PC then you can restore it.

How To Backup Apps On Android Phone And Tablet

It is very easy for Android users to backup music, photos and videos via USB cable, backup contacts to Outlook or Google account. However, as for apps, there are some limitations for users to backup apps on Android phone or tablet, transfer apps from phone to phone without rooting.

Want to backup Apps on your Android device? Want to share your apps and mobile game with your friends and family? Just follow this article to backup user App and system App from phone to computer with few steps.

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Other Android Backup Software For Pc

Besides dr.fone, here we list some other tools to help you backup your Android device, let’s check them out!

1. Syncios iOS and Android Manager

Syncios iOS and Android Manager is a great free tool that can be used to not only create a backup of your device but also manage other aspects of the Android device.

Once the device is connected to the computer, the program will automatically recognize it and display a lot of information about it including its battery status, whether or not the device is rooted and even the estimated contract expiry data of the device. Once the device is connected, you can use Syncios to view the contacts on your device and even the messages including SMS.

It lacks a backup feature like the one we saw on the dr.fone – phone Transfer for Windows but you can use it to create a backup of the content on your device by simply transferring the data from the device to the PC. It will not however transfer apps and may therefore not be the ideal choice if you want to backup apps and their data.


  • It is completely free to use.
  • It comes with a nice layout and a great interface.
  • It displays vital information about your device.


  • It can’t be used to backup apps and their data.
  • Some of the contact transfer features didn’t work.

2. Veryandroid

Veryandroid is primarily an SMS backup and management software. It can be used to copy and backup the SMS messages on your device as well as restore the SMS to your android phone.



3. Mobilesyncpro


Select Data To Transfer To Computer

[Android Backup] Backup &  Restore Samsung Galaxy Phone on ...

As is shown on screen, you can choose to transfer all data including Camera Roll, Photo Library, Audio, Video, Contacts, Messages Chats, Call History, Apps and Calendar from Android to computer. Simply select desired contents and click “Next” to load these data. Then you have one more time to re-select contents to transfer. Once you made up your choice, click “Next” to transfer these Android data to computer.

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Other Ways To Backup Your Stuff

There are other ways to backup various parts of your device. You wont typically see the kind of depth that youd see with one of the applications listed above, but with a little housekeeping, you can have a device that restores pretty much everything within an hour without the help of a backup applications. Well cover these briefly but our own Jonathan Feist covers them more in depth in his Android customization series.

The New And The Best Android Backup Software For Pc

If you have no knowledge of some of the best Android backup software, then now you may need to know what the best software to choose and use. There is one that stands out. This is no other than the FoneDog Toolkit â Android Data Backup and Restore.

The FoneDog Toolkit â Android Data Backup and Restore has totally a lot more features than those we have mentioned earlier. And with all its features, you will never worry about a single thing in the case that something bad happened to your phone.


By using the FoneDog Toolkit â Android Data Backup and Restore, you will be able to experience all its best features such as the following.

  • It can allow you to selectively backup your data from your Android device to your computer with One Click.
  • It can allow you to backup all of your Apps and Apps Data.
  • It can allow you to backup your Messages, Contacts, Call Logs, Videos, Music, and Documents.
  • It can allow you to preview and restore your backup file to other Android phones that you have.
  • It supports over 8000 Android devices such as Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Sony, Huawei, Google Pixel, Nexus, and more.
  • This software is very easy to use.
  • It will give your data 100% security.
  • You can selectively choose the data that you want to backup or restore using this software.

How to Backup and Restore Data Using FoneDog Toolkit â Android Data Backup and Restore

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Restore Android From Backup In 1 Click

Want to make an Android backup and restore to a new phone? Whenever you need to switch to a new Android phone or share data with the other Android device, this Android data backup & restore app is always at your services, helping with Android restore from backup with one click.

Customized Restore Process: It can quickly scan out and list all the backup files you’ve made on your computer, you can freely choose to restore any listed backup file and any target file types into any connected Android device.

Other Restore Utilities: Can’t find the backup file you’ve made from the list? No worries, you can add the previous backup file with the “Add Backup Folder” feature. Also, the exiting data on your Android phone won’t be deleted unless you’ve chosen to clear data before restoring as it supports.

Tunesgo Backup Ios And Migrate To Android

[3 Ways] How To Backup Android Phone To PC (Samsung Supported!)

TunesGo is all-in-one backup software that allows you to manage, transfer your photos, messages and contacts. You can transfer photos in between iPad, iPhone, iPod, and PC. You are allowed to view, add, and delete pictures without iTunes.

It allows you to export iPhone contacts to your PC or merge duplicate contacts. The Windows version alone supports the transfer of SMS and contact. It doesnt lead to any data loss.

Hence, these were 10 best android backup software for PC. Now you dont need to ask for what others are using, and you can pick one as per your understanding developed after reading this article.

The best software will not only allow you to make a backup of your files before you lose them and would allow you to restore the deleted files. If you think we have missed any prominent software to mention, dont hesitate and tell us so that we know what we have missed. So what are you waiting for, download one and enjoy having the backup of your important files.

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Back Up Android To Pc Using All

MobiKin Assistant for Android is an extremely popular and feature-rich Android file management software. Its user-interface is extremely easy and lets you back up files from your Android device to PC with a preview. You can also effectively manage all your Android files on your PC.

The Key Features of MobiKin Assistant for Android

Connect Android to PC/Mac.

Transfer files between Android and PC without limitation. Support contacts, call logs, text messages, photos, videos, music, apps, and documents.

Back Up/Restore Android Phone on a computer with 1 click.

Control an Android phone on PC/Mac. You can read/send SMS on a computer directly.

Add/delete/modify contacts on the desktop easily.

Install/uninstall Android apps on PC/Mac.

The software is developed for all of the Android users. It supports Samsung, LG, Huawei, OPPO, Xiaomi, Sony, HTC, OnePlus, Motorola, Google, and more Android brands on the market. No matter which Android phone are you using, you can download it and create a full backup from Android to PC easily.

To back up Android to PC within 5 mins, you need to:

  • Connect your Android phone to PC.
  • Make your device be detected.
  • Preview and select files.

Here are the details.

Step 1. Connect your Android phone to PC.

First, you need to download the software and then launch the MobiKin Assistant. Then connect your Android device to PC via a USB cable.

Step 2. Make your Android phone be detected.

Step 3. Preview & select files.

Copy Files From Android To Pc Via Drag & Drop

The simplest way to copy files from Android to PC is to drag and drop using a USB cable. It involves these few steps:

Step 1. Plug your Android device to PC via a USB cable.

Step 2. On your device, tap the Charging this device via USB to go to the Android notification screen.

Step 3. Select File Transfer mode on this screen.

Step 4. On the desktop, please to to This PC> tap on your device under the Devices and drives> open the Internal shared storage> find your wanted files from the folders and drag them over to your PC.

2) Do not reply on Wi-Fi or other software.


1) Hard to find the target files for green hands.

2) Do not support contacts, call logs, or SMS.

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Calendar Contacts And Email

Backing up these business-critical areas is actually quite easy because nowadays, almost all calendar, contact, and email data is inherently cloud-based . In other words, you don’t have to back up your phone’s email or calendar data because it’s already stored in the cloud you can simply open the email or calendar app from another device to retrieve it.

The one asterisk worth mentioning is contacts, as some manufacturers and even carriers provide their own interfaces for organizing contact information and those interfaces don’t always sync with Google’s Contacts system by default. Suffice it to say, this isn’t ideal: If your data is set to sync with, say, Verizon’s system instead of Google’s, you’ll be in a pickle if you ever try to sign into a non-Verizon phone in the future. Similarly, if your contact data is being stored only on the device’s local storage or SIM card by default, you’re asking for trouble down the line.

Go into your phone’s Contacts app and look in its settings to see if there’s any option for where your contacts are being synced or stored. The specifics vary from one device to the next, depending on the manufacturer and carrier but often, when a company puts its own solution in place of Google’s, it’ll give you the ability to switch to Google’s Contacts system if you want.

JR Raphael/IDG

The Contacts app on many Samsung phones asks where you want to save a new contact every time you create one.

What Can Be Backed Up

6 Best Backup And Restore App From Android To Desktop PC

Here is Googles official list of what is backed up to the cloud:

  • Apps
  • Settings and data for apps not made by Google
  • SMS text messages
  • Wallpapers
  • Wi-Fi networks and passwords

Keep in mind that your Google Account only offers 15GB of cloud storage for free. If you need more, especially if youre backing up photos and videos, youll need a subscription.

As the list shows, photos, videos, and files are not backed up using this tool. You will need the Google Drive or Google One app to upload any files. You should also verify that automatic backups are turned on in Google Photos. Read on to find out how.

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How To Use Plex Camera Upload To Back Up Android Phone

Another great option is the camera upload functionality built into Plex. This is particularly handy if you already use Plex as a media server. An advantage over other backup solutions is that the solution works remotely and even lets you browse your entire photo library.

How to set Plex camera sync:

  • Head over to the Plex app, tap the gear icon to enter Settings, and then the Camera upload option.
  • The next step is to select a library. You can choose to have a single library for all your phones or create separate ones for family members.
  • Next, select or create an album. If you are backing up multiple phones, you can create separate albums for each device or sync to a shared library.
  • Finally, you can allow Plex to back up images over mobile data. This is a good idea if you have a generous data allowance.
  • Thats it. Sit back and watch as Plex copies over all your images to your computer. You can also pop over to the newly created photos tab to take a look at all your pictures. Since Plex has apps for nearly every platform out there, you can now beam up your photos to the big screen, or any other phone or tablet with Plex signed in.

    Here’s 3 Efficient Ways To Backup Android Phone Data On Windows 10 Pc

    Here’s three easy and effective solutions to backup Android smartphone data on Windows 10 PC.Kunal Chowdhury | | WhatsApp | Telegram |

    Losing or dropping your Android phone is unfortunate, but if you have the possibility to regain your Android phone data, things wont become worst. Therefore, you need to be aware that to back up the Android phone data on the PC is vital.

    Joyfully, you can learn how to back up Android phone data on Windows PC in this post, including the following 3 easy and effective solutions.

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    Top 3 Samsung Messages Backup

    Samsung Messages Backup is another recommended best Android backup software for PC. It supports to back up and restore all Android data on computer in one click by folders, or selectively back up the desired single file to computer, giving you the full freedom to sync flexibly. Apart from that, it also lets you add, delete or edit contacts, send or reply text messages, install and uninstall apps, export contacts to Outlook, import contacts from Outlook and manage other Android files on computer.

    Moreover, various formats and data types are supported, such as user apps, documents, eBooks, audio, videos, photos, call logs, messages, contacts, etc. And this program is also powerful, fast, easy to use and highly secure.

    Supported devices:

    * Android 4.0 or higher versions.

    * Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP .

    * macOS X 10.9 or later.


    * Highly secure without collecting and disclosing user data or privacy.

    * Automatic scanning.

    * Two ways of connection: USB or Wi-Fi.

    * Back up all Android data in one click or selectively back up desired files with original data quality.

    * Support all data types and various formats.

    * Preview data before selective backup.

    * Easy to operate.

    * The interface color is a bit flat.

    How To Android Backup With Tunesgo

    How to take backup of android phone to pc using developer option?

    Now to backup you follow few steps which are much easy to follow. Just follow the below step and your android phone is backed up to your PC.

    Step 1 Launch Wondershare TunesGo

    Step 2 Wondershare TunesGo supports to on click backup android photo to your PC. Click Backup Photos to PC funtion on the interface.

    Step 3 Export your android music to you computer and make a backup

    Step 4 Export android video to PC and backup.

    Step 5 Also supports to transfer you android phone contacts and SIM message to your comnputer and backup.

    Now in this way you can backup your entire android phone using Wondershare TunesGo.

    So in this way we can backup your entire android. Iam leaving the download link. and if you try this then you will never search for another one. Wondershare TunesGo

    In conclusion, backing up your filesand other applications is made simpler using the free softwares above. Thissoftwares support backup of your android phones to ensure they are safe andthat you can restore them any time you want to.

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