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How to Backup Your Text Messages on Android

Searching online for free texting apps is a pain in the rear end. There are free apps that work with your existing SMS service and then messenger apps that send messages but not real SMS. This is a problem we hope to rectify with this article.

Theyre still free in either case and its up to you to decide which model you can best live with. There is no service that just gives you SMS or MMS entirely free, unlimited, and forever because it costs money to run these services. Thus, apps need a way to generate revenue and its usually advertising. With that in mind, here are the best free texting apps for Android.

Please note, these are apps that send texts as a service, not a replacement for the stock SMS app on your phone like Textra or QKSMS. You can find our list for that here.

When To Send A Group Text

As I illustrated above, group text messages sent from your personal phone using apps like iMessage and Google Messages have limitations.

  • You can only send a group text to so many contacts.
  • You canât BCC or send group texts without reply all.
  • You can only send so many messages at a time.
  • Contacts canât opt-out of messaging.

So only send group texts to personal friends and family.

Group texts are really meant for small, personal groups of people. Theyâre not meant for business or larger-scale messaging blasts.

When To Send A Group Text And When To Send A Mass Text

Iâve covered the differences between group texts and mass texts. But which option is best for your messaging needs?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who are you sending messages to?
  • How many contacts do you need to message?
  • How often do you need to send a message?
  • Do you need to schedule messages?
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    Use It Everywhere: Handcent Next Sms

    Another app that has seen quite the transition over the years is Handcent. The app is now named Handcent Next, and includes major features such as desktop notification, cloud back-up, and much more. Handcent has continues to add more and more features and customization options in hopes to keep its user-base happy while attracting new users.

    How The Bridgefy Offline Messaging App Works

    Backup and Restore

    The Bridgefy Offline Messaging App Lets you Reach any other user around you

    Imagine youre the device in the center. Bridgefy sends your message to everyone around you, and then to everyone around them, covering a huge amount of users. Remember you can use the Bridgefy app by going into the Broadcast tab! Broadcasts are a great way to share information in large gatherings.

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    Quick Dialer Phone & Address Book

    The quick dialer is a useful but straightforward contact app for Android. It contains dark themes. It has a clean interface without unnecessary design, and that looks beautiful on your mobile screen. The colorful buttons of the dial pad on the black theme make it bright and perfect for the younger generation. The app is lightweight and easy to install and operate. As you get this app completely free, it will be good if anyone doesnt want to spend money on a contacts app.

    Important Features

    • It has its widget to make the dialing process faster and smoother.
    • You can backup your contacts list and call log to Google Drive, Dropbox, or external memories directly from this app.
    • If you have multiple sims, no worry, this app supports two operating sims at a time.
    • Search your contact more easily with its powerful T9 searching method.
    • With this app, you can easily export and import your contacts and email address.

    Templates Personalization Tags And Automation

    iMessage and Google Messages donât allow you to send personalized messages with tags. Nor can you pre-save text messages or MMS messages as reusable templates. You canât really schedule a text message or set up any automation either.

    This is where a business-grade mass text app comes in handy. Not only can you schedule individual messages, but you can also schedule large-scale, recurring, text message broadcasts.

    Hereâs an example of a personalized, recurring text message saved as a template in MessageDesk:

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    Create Your First Group

    Tap the green circle on the bottom right & name your group. You can now start adding contacts.

    Since you can add multiple groups of contacts in the Reach app, use a name that applies to the particular contacts you’re adding.

    You can also import spreadsheets directly into the Reach App. For more information on that please see Reach Import How-To:

    Carrier Approved For Sms Marketing Campaigns

    How to Send Automatic Replies to Text Messages on Android

    Group text messages arenât approved for use as text message marketing campaigns. In 2021, carriers began cracking down on illicit mass texts, leading to fines and penalties.

    But mass texting services undergo carrier vetting. Theyâre also normally approved through services like Campaign Registry. This allows them to send bulk text marketing messages using high-volume 10-digit long code numbers.

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    Messenger Sms Text Messages

    Messenger SMS for Text Messages, is free text messaging app for send and receive text messages.

    Here is what you can expect with Messenger SMS for Text Messages:

    • Messages are delivered quickly and reliably, even on slow mobile networks.
    • Communicate with all your friends, quickly, safely and in color.
    • Endless texting without SMS limits and barriers.

    How To Build A Contact List For Your Mass Text App

    Once youve downloaded your texting app and given it a try, youre ready to start building your contact list. After all, group text messaging requires, well, a group!

    Keyword Opt-InWe touched on keywords briefly above. Lets go over an example of how they work. Say, for example, youre a bakery that wants to use text message marketing. You could create the keyword FRESH. Now, anytime a customers text in FRESH to your number, theyll be signed up for your texts.

    ImportIf you already have a list of contacts, and express consent to text them, then you can start sending messages right away! With SimpleTexting, you dont have to add contacts manually. Instead, just upload a CSV or Excel file with the names and numbers.

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    Bcc No Reply Text Messages

    Group texts donât support BCC no reply text messages, also known as group text without reply all. Thereâs no setting for BCC text messaging on iPhone either.

    In a group message, every member of the group sees all messages and contacts in the group. Thereâs no privacy and only limited ways for contacts in the group to manage their message notifications.

    But mass text messages are one-way text message blasts. If a contact gets a mass text message, they can reply. However, their response starts a new 1-on-1 text message conversation.

    Hereâs an example. Say you send a text message to a bunch of people from MessageDesk. Everyone gets the text message. But if a contact chooses to text back, their message starts a new thread in MessageDeskâs inbox.

    How To Use The Bridgefy Offline Messaging App

    Users sign in with a Facebook account to the messaging app to reach ...

    Bridgefy App 04/16/2021

    The Bridgefy offline messaging app works similarly to other messaging apps, except you can also use it without Internet and phone services ! Click to download for Android or for iOS.

    The Bridgefy app is incredibly easy to use: all you have to do is turn on Bluetooth, open it, and youre set! Youre then able to send text messages to all other Bridgefy users within a 330 feet or 100 meter range.

    Its important to note that you do need to be connected to the Internet, but only the very first time you open the app. We use this Internet connection to activate the magic software that makes the app work. You wont ever need to have an Internet connection after this first time! You can even place your phone on airplane mode, turn on Bluetooth, and start using the app.

    In summary, these are the quick steps to use the Bridgefy app:

  • Connect to the Internet
  • Turn Bluetooth on
  • Go to the Broadcast tab, and start sharing messages with people nearby
  • Remember to make sure your friends download the app too!

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    What Are Group Text Messages

    A group text message is a message thread involving a select group of contacts typically managed from an iPhone or Android device. Native messaging apps like iMessage, Google Messages all give you ways to organize contacts into groups and send group texts. Group texts have a limited size and messaging volume. Thereâs no privacy in the group and everyone can send and receive texts.

    Best Free Texting Apps For Android And Ios

    June 21, 2018 Shannon Flynn

    Are you someone who loves sending text messages to friends but dont have an unlimited texting plan? Use the next best thing by depending on free texting apps. Regardless of whether you have an iPhone or a smartphone running the Android operating system, its easy to stay in the loop with those you love with the following programs.

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    Eyecon: Caller Id Calls And Phone Contacts

    This is an all-in-one contacts app for Android. This app comes with tons of useful features for managing and syncing contacts, identifying unwanted calls, and protecting your contact list from prying eyes. The UI is eye-catchy but straightforward. This app gains popularity due to its visual orientation. Instead of text instruction, it expresses the command actions with icons that make it more understandable and helpful.

    Important Features

    • It auto-syncing with Facebook to match the contact number and save the name with an image from his/ her Facebook.
    • You can save unknown numbers by its automatic data fetching system and without typing anything.
    • There is an influential true caller that identifies unknown numbers and blocks unwanted phone calls.
    • You can manage all your social media dial and SMS activities through this app.
    • Before you call someone, check if he/she is available to talk with you by its built-in non-intrusive SMS action.

    Sent Or Canceled All Of Your Messages Will Be Saved In The Reach App

    Android: How to setup Android/Google Messages

    This means you can create drafts to send out at a later date or templates to use in the future. You can locate these by tapping the 3 lines on the top left of the page to access the menu.

    If you are using a Google Voice number for texting, Reach for Android currently does not integrate with this service.

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    True Phone Dialer & Contacts & Call Recorder

    This is another most popular contacts and dialer app for Android. It is a fantastic app that has the potentiality to replace your stock dialer app and enhance your call app experience. It has a dark grey interface that is easily matched with both the dark and light of your system mode. It has several beautiful themes to customize the outlook of your wish.

    Important Features

    • It shows the caller image in a large size that makes it easier to identify the caller.
    • It adopts many styles, Including Google, iPhone, Huawei, and some other famous brands styles to answer phone calls.
    • You can record your essential call without help from any other third-party call recording application.
    • This app will suggest you create groups, favorite contact lists, blacklist numbers, etc., based on your activities.
    • It contains the best T9 dialer that eases the searching contacts smoothly and quickly.

    Straight From Google: Google Messages

    Messages is Google’s official SMS app, and it features a simple interface and plenty of features for the average user without going overboard with bells and whistles. It also supports Google’s RCS features, which allow for iMessage or WhatsApp-like features like read receipts and larger file transfers as long as your carrier supports it.

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    App : Nextplus Free Sms Texts + Calls

    The NextPlus, free talk and text App for Android provides complete phone service packed into an app that is free to download and fun to use. The program does not have contracts, commitments, phone purchase and hidden fees. The limitation is that you cannot receive any cellular service when you are outside of Wi-Fi.


    • Enjoy unlimited calling and sending text with a free number within the free text and call App.
    • Supports free 4G LTE SIM card and don’t have any contract and hidden fees.
    • Send emojis, stickers, animated GIFs, voice notes and other files for free.


    • It costs some small fees to deliver texts and calls charged from your friend’s phone company.
    • It exists a few banner ads and some quick video.
    • Removing advertising needs to pay some money.

    Hd Phone 6 I Call Screen Os9 & Dialer Os 14 Style


    Do you want to see your android phone like an iPhone? Then this dialer app for Android is for you. Its UI is the same as iPhone contacts and dial app. Youll even get the same dial functionality in your Android that iPhone users enjoy. The app becomes popular as it always brings the latest caller outlook and functions through regular updates. Doesnt it feel good to have a replica version of the ios app on your Android?

    Important Features

    • This has a broader dial pad, which is super convenient for users as ample space between two keys prevents incorrect dialing.
    • It shows a full-screen caller image when you are going to call or receive someone and has a powerful T9 searcher.
    • Even though you are using this app, you can always go back to your android look by Breakpress to Exit without uninstalling it.
    • The option International number settings always show you the country code of your callers.
    • The app provides you with lots of customization options for themes, caller id animation, call receive styles, and so on.

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    Who Can Use A Mass Text Message App

    Many users just need an app for personal group texting. However, business text messaging is for more than just sending and receiving SMS texts. Heres how texting brings value to several industries.

    RestaurantsLeaders in the food industry use mass text message apps to take reservations, send coupons, and inform customers about weekly specials.

    Real Estate AgentsTop-performing real estate agents use SMS messages for lead generation. All they have to do is create a keyword and place it on their riders. Interested buyers can text in this keyword to request more information!

    Retailers and E-Commerce StoresRetailers who need to drive more sales rely on texts to engage customers and move product. They do this by creating customer loyalty programs and offering exclusive discounts by SMS.

    SchoolsText messages facilitate communication between schools, parents, and students. The best mass texting services make it easy to send important school alerts or host fundraisers.

    ChurchesSuccessful churches find inspiring ways to connect with their congregations. Texts allow ministries to send inspiration devotional texts as well as send information about upcoming events.

    These are just a few of the industries that use text messaging. Read our in-depth industry guides and handbooks to find out how you can use a mass text app to make your message heard.

    See Which Texting Apps Give You Options You Want And Need

    • University of Colorado at Denver
    • Colorado State University
    • Western Governors University

    If you’re still using the default messaging app that came with your Android phone, it’s time to branch out. These seven apps go beyond the basics with features such as customization, message prioritization, quick reply, beautiful designs, and compatibility with related apps. Many of them also boast responsive developers, so if you run into problems, you’re likely to get help fast.

    The information below should apply regardless of phone manufacturer.

    • Dark mode for low-light environments.

    • Ability to send audio messages to contacts.

    • Search feature.

    • Star important messages to find them again easily.

    • Some carriers don’t allow RCS functionality.

    The official Google SMS app is widely recognized as being a good, basic option for Android users. Handy features include the ability to set custom notification tones for each conversation, and RCS functionality for chat features such as read receipts and file sharing. You can even text via your computer through the app’s website.

    Have an important message you want to be able to find easily later? Tap and hold, then “star” the message. Access it anytime in your starred messages category.

    Messages also has a fun Emoji Kitchen where you can access emoji combinations and save your recently used stickers so you can get back to them easily. There are even contextual Emoji Kitchen suggestions to help you express yourself.

    Price: Free

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    Automatic Organization: Sms Organizer

    SMS Organizer arose from a Microsoft Garage project and has turned into quite a popular SMS replacement. The app automatically organizes your inbox, while offering smart assistant options. These include creating tasks if you need to pay your friend back, for example. Microsoft has also included auto-backup to Google Drive in order to keep your messages safe and secure.

    What Is A Group Text Without Reply All

    Hide Android Calls & Messages in a Calculator App [How-To]

    A group text without reply all is a no-reply or âBCCâ text message. Unlike standard group texts on iPhone and Android, a group text without reply all is a mass text sent individually to multiple people. When a person responds to the text, their reply starts a separate text thread. Each person only sees their individual message.

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