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Tip: Google Can Read Out Loud Almost Any Story On Your Android Phone

How to Turn On Text To Speech Read Aloud on Android Mobile | 2019

Just say ‘Hey Google, read it.’

The internet is filled with great written content, but sometimes, you just don’t have the time to read everything yourself. That’s where a handy but rather hidden Google Assistant feature comes in. When you invoke the Assistant while looking at an article and say something like “Read it,” “Read this page,” or “Read it to me,” it will give you an audiobook version of the content you’re seeing. You can even try that with the text right here.

While the voice command is all you need to know if you want to jump into the feature real quick, there are a few things you should be aware of if you’re interested in using Read It extensively.

Google Go Will Read Web Pages Aloud In 28 Languages Including Hindi

  • Google Go will now read web pages aloud, highlighting text along the way.
  • The service supports 28 languages, including prominent Indian languages like Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam, Marathi, and Tamil.
  • Google Gos webpage-reading ability works even on 2G connections.

At the end of July, coming to various apps in its suite of Android Go products. One of those products was Google Go, which Google revealed would eventually read web pages aloud.

That feature arrives today for Google Go users around the world. Remarkably, it already supports 28 languages out of the box, including prominent Indian languages like Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam, Marathi, and Tamil.

The Indian market is one of the largest in the world when it comes to the Android Go operating system. In India, a large portion of the population has never owned a smartphone before in fact, many have never even been on the internet. Cheap, reliable, and simple Android devices are going to be the first foray into connected technology for many Indians.

The Google Go feature that will read text aloud will greatly assist people who have trouble reading or are not skilled in the original language of the web page. As the app reads the text of a web page, it will highlight the words as it goes, creating a good audio/visual connection to help people through language barriers.

Google says that it hopes to bring website dictation to other products in the future, so be on the lookout for more uses of this technology.

Google Assistant On Your Android Can Now Read Webpages Aloud

Google Assistant on your Android smartphone can now read webpages aloud. The new Read it feature is rolling out globally to all Android users. Google had previewed this feature a couple of months back at CES 2020 in Las Vegas.

To use this feature, users will have to simply say Hey Google, read it or Hey Google, read this page after opening a web page. Google Assistant will then start reading the text on the screen. Itll automatically scroll the page as it reads. And to help you keep track of where the reading has gotten in a story, Assistant will highlight the text that it is currently reading.

Google Assistant also displays the estimated time taken to finish reading that particular page. If you want to skip to another paragraph of a story, you can tap on that section and move forward. You can also move back to a previous section in the exact same manner.

On the bottom of the screen is the controller through which you play/pause Google Assistant reading the page. You also get one-tap buttons to rewind the reading to ten seconds back or fast-forward it through 30 seconds. You can also adjust the speed at which Google Assistant will read the page.

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Ivona Nicole Au English Voice

I am Australian and so I prefer to listen to an Australian accent. IVONA have an Australian voice called Nicole in beta development. During the beta period, Nicole is free. .

Download Nicole AU English voice from Google Play.

Be warned: This is a big download so perform this task over wi-fi if your download credits are limited.

Google Assistant Can Read Pages Aloud On Android

Google Assistant now reads web pages aloud on Android devices

Google Assistant can now read entire web pages aloud on Android. According to their announcement,

…the web pages are read aloud in expressive and natural voices, aiming to use the same intonation and rhythm that you’d use if you were reading it aloud yourself.

If the original content isnt in the site visitor’s native language, the translation menu can be used to trigger the browser to read aloud in any one of 42 available languages.

  • Actionable Strategy So far, the feature works only on Android and you don’t need to do anything special to enable it. However, if you prefer to disable the feature on your site then you can use the nopagereadaloud tag. And, if youre a developer looking to add this function to your mobile app, you can learn more here

    This is an interesting way to review pages on your site. Give it a try on a few and chances are you’ll have some edits to make.

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How To Use Google Assistant To Read Web Pages Aloud

Every day, we browse through different websites on the internet. And as a result, we often have to read large volume of texts. Whether youre scanning through a new blog, reading up on a popular article, or catching up on the news, youre most likely reading text. Google introduced Read it in Google Assistant to make this experience much easier.

With Google Assistant, your browser can now read web articles out loud for you to listen. Hence, multi-tasking just got a boost as this makes it very easy to carry out other tasks while you listen to the web page being read out aloud.

Image source:

The Read it feature uses Text-To-Speech technology to read aloud digital text. Google hopes that this feature improves access to information for many people. Theyre looking to remove barriers and help people get the information they need, in the way that they need it.

Read It is available in 42 languages. It also allows you to translate a web page to your preferred language before you listen. The feature, which uses Google Assistant, is only available on Android smartphones running Lollipop v5.0 and above.

Read Your First Web Pages

The @Voice Aloud Reader software will require some customisation. To enable this and to demonstrate how to get the @Voice Aloud Reader to work, I will select an article that I recently wrote on my personal blog about the National Library of Australia.

Open Firefox for Mobile, and enter the following URL into the address bar:

When the website has fully loaded , click on the menu dots at the top right of the screen so that a menu drops down. Click on but do not click on the icon to the right of Share.

A list of recipients for your shared item will be displayed. Choose . Do not choose @Voice aloud reader.

When you have completed this task and compiled a list of sites to read, return to @Voice Aloud Reader. You should be able to see your articles listed in the Default Reading List.

If you press the Play arrow at the bottom, they should start being read aloud, in order. A bell will ring between each article.

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How Do I Make Web Pages Read Aloud

Whenever a web article is displayed on your browser in your Android phone, you can say, Hey Google, read it or Hey Google, read this page it will immediately read aloud the content of the web page. To help you follow along, your browser will automatically scroll the page and highlight words as theyre read aloud.

Use Android’s Text To Speech Feature

@Voice Aloud Reader Tutorial recorded on Android 4 ICS

If you don’t want to use Google Assistant to read text out loud, you can use your phone’s native text-to-speech function. This is relatively easy to set up and use by navigating a menu or two. It’s actually an accessibility feature designed for those with little or no sight. However, it also comes in handy for getting Android to read text aloud to you.

To get text-to-speech working, here’s what you need to do:

  • Go to Settings > Accessibility> Text-to-Speech.
  • This path and the options available may vary depending on your Android version or manufacturer. For example, Samsung users can choose between Google’s text-to-speech function or Samsung’s.
  • Take a look at the options and change them as you see fit. Tap the Settings gear to change options for it. On the main page, you can adjust the speech rate and pitch, plus play an example to hear how it sounds.
  • Go back to the main Accessibility screen, tap Select to Speak, and toggle it on.
  • Image Gallery

    Now, navigate back to your home screen, and you should notice an extra icon in the bottom right-hand corner. This looks like a little person inside a circle. That’s your text-to-speech assistant, which can read any on-screen text out loud. Operating text-to-speech is simple here’s how to use it:

  • Navigate to the app or page you want Android to read out loud.
  • Tap the new icon .
  • Select the text you want Android to read out loud.
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    Google Assistant For Android Will Let Users Select Different Speeds And Voices For The Read Aloud Feature

    Google Assistant: The read aloud feature will let users select from 42 different languages

    • Users can engage the feature by saying Hey Google, read this page
    • Google says read aloud will remove language barriers
    • Websites will not require to do anything extra to enable read aloud

    A new Google Assistant feature has made it easier for users to read online content. The voice-based virtual assistant will now read Web articles out loud, the company announced in a blog post on Wednesday. Android users can now ask Google Assistant to read out the articles on their Web browser, by just saying, “Hey Google, read it,” or “Hey Google, read this page. It is a useful feature for those who consume most of their content online.

    The blog post further says that the browser will automatically scroll the page and highlight words as they are being read aloud to help you follow along. Further, users will be allowed to choose between different reading speeds and voices.

    Google Assistant Read Aloud speed interface

    Google Assistant Voice Interface

    also said that the Assistant will read articles in expressive and natural voices, with an aim to use the same intonation and rhythm that you would use if you were read it out loud yourself.

    can also trigger the browser to read aloud in 42 languages if the original content is not available in the reader’s native language. One can use a translation menu to select which language they want the article to be read to them.

    Command Google Assistant To Read Webpage Aloud

    As is the case with any voice assistant, once youve launched it, you have to say something. In this case, there are two commands you can use to get it to read a webpage aloud.

    • Say Read it
    • Or say Read this page

    You can combine the two steps above into a single step as well. You dont need to launch the assistant and then waiting for it to listen to you. Instead, you can do both at the same time. Just say, Hey Google, read it or OK Google, read this page or any other variation of it.

    If youve received the update, Google Assistant will begin to read the web page. It will also show you the controls the way you see on the Google Podcasts app. These will let you play/pause, skip 30 seconds forward or 10 seconds backward. Google Assistant will also let you change the reading speed.

    You can skip to a different section of the webpage by tapping on the screen. The screen will also highlight the text that the Assistant is currently reading. This allows users to follow along on the page as it is being read aloud.

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    Read Out A Webpage On Phone

    The best and easiest way to listen to a webpage on the go is via your phone, which is always with you, wherever you go. This can be done with the help of Google, as they are the best in business when it comes to software.

    • Open the webpage, article, or recipe on your phone
    • Activate Google Assistant while on the same screen
    • Ask Assistant to read the page by either of the commands Hey Google, read it, or Hey Google, read this page
    • Now we get an audio player-like UI, where we can change the speech rate, select different languages, auto-scroll to sync text with audio, read the selection, and more. You can also minimize the window or lock your phone, and it will still keep reading the page.

    Make sure you have the latest version of or . Theres a way to read out the pages on iPhone as well, which is a bit different. You can check out the article about it here.

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    Can My Phone Read A Webpage To Me

    Google Assistant can now translate and read web pages ...

    It can enable apps to speak to you or read content aloud, which opens up lots of different possibilities. For example, it powers Google Play Books ability to read and the accessibility features of Google TalkBack. In order to enable Googles text to speech, go to settings > accessibility > text-to-speech output.

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    Microsoft Edge Can Now Read Web Pages To You In Several Languages

    Microsoft Edge got an update this week and along with several cool improvements and a new fullscreen mode, the internet browser also gained a new feature that allows it to read a page’s content to users in a variety of languages.

    To get the browser to read a web page, simply highlight the chosen text, right-click on the mouse, and click on Read aloud. Alternatively, users can also highlight the text and then choose the Read aloud option from the main Edge menu in the top-right corner of the app.

    To have the entire web page’s content read to you, simply select Read aloud without highlighting anything.

    Once the feature is activated, a special toolbar will drop down from the top of the open browser tab. The narration can be paused from this menu and, by clicking on the person icon, the reading speed can be adjusted and the voice itself can be changed.

    Have you used this new Edge feature yet? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

    Easier Access To Web Pages: Ask Google Assistant To Read It Aloud

    Think about how much you read on your phone every day: catching up on the news, scanning a new blog, finally reading the article that everyone is talking about. This may require reading a lot of text, which can be a barrier for people with visual or reading difficulties, or who simply need a little help getting through meatier articles.

    With Google Assistant, your browser can now read web articles out loud. Whenever a web article is displayed on your browser in your Android phone, you can say, Hey Google, read it or Hey Google, read this page it will immediately read aloud the content of the web page. To help you follow along, your browser will automatically scroll the page and highlight words as they’re read aloud. You can also alter the reading speed and choose from multiple voices. Speaking of which, the web pages are read aloud in expressive and natural voices, aiming to use the same intonation and rhythm that you’d use if you were reading it aloud yourself.

    If the original content isnt in your native language, Google Assistant can trigger your browser to read aloud in 42 languages. You can use the translation menu to select the desired language, and all pages will be automatically translated and read out in that language.

    With this new experience, we hope to remove language barriers and help a wide variety of people access information from the web more easily.

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    Read Aloud With Google Assistant

    Until fairly recently, Google Assistant wasn’t the best at reading text out loud. It could only read your text messages and, even then, was limited to the five most recent messages. However, in March 2020, Google implemented an upgrade that allows Android to read web pages out loud.

    If you don’t already have Google Assistant ready to go, find out first. From there, getting Google Assistant to read text out loud is super easy. Simply launch Google Assistant and you’re ready to hear text read aloud.

    To have Google Assistant read out a web page, first navigate to the page you want it to read. Then, launch the text to speech function with the Read It command. The assistant will confirm that it plans to read the text to you, then it will then start reading. That’s all it takes—the Assistant will highlight words in blue as it reads them.

    Image Gallery

    This also works with text messages, as previously mentioned. To have text messages read aloud, simply ask Google Assistant to do so by saying Hey Google, read my text messages. If you have any new, unread messages, Google Assistant will read them for you.

    You can even respond using your voice, if you want. This is still fairly restrictive in what it can do, though, as it won’t read older messages.

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