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Real Estate Android Application Part 1

Of course, you shouldnt just take our word for which apps are the best. While we constantly test new apps and write in-depth buyers guides for our readers, they say real estate apps are like CRMs. The best apps are the ones you actually use. Thats why we decided to reach out to some top-producing agents and brokers to take a peek into their phones and see which apps they use the most to stay at the top of their game.

The Secret To House Hunting Apps

So, heres the thing about house hunting apps. Most of the big ones like Zillow and Trulia have out-of-date information. The sites get listings from all over the place and many listings are out of date. Some listings can be out of date by years if the original poster never updates the listing or takes it down.

Thus, we recommend such services as reference guides. You can see the pricing trends in the area you want, get an idea of how much taxes are, and apps like Trulia can give you insights such as foot traffic and crime rates.

For actual house hunting, your best bet is finding a realtor. They have resources mainstream services dont have and their listing resources are a lot more accurate than Zillow or Trulia. Actual house buying is competitive and good properties often get multiple offers within just a few hours or days of being listed. Even if you find an open property on Zillow or similar apps, by the time you go through the proper channels to make an offer, the house is most likely already off of the market and you have to start over. Yes, it happens that quickly.

Real Estate Dictionary App

Real estate is full of jargon and terminology. Think you know it all? You likely don’t. You can use the real estate dictionary app to learn terms, legal jargon and buzzwords on the go.

The Real Estate Dictionary App is a great way to learn more and continue to push the envelope on your knowledge of real estate.

Search thousands of terms from real estate, mortgage, and financial dictionaries to obtain in-depth definitions on the following topics:

  • Mortgages

Use a dictionary to push your limits and become a better investor every day.

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Best For Home Values: Trulia


We awarded Trulia the best for home values because it provides more information about what goes into a home value than any other app. Fifty percent of Trulia home values were within 5% of the selling price, and more than eight out of 10 were within 20% of the selling price.

  • Local info on neighborhoods, schools, and shopping

  • Notifications about new homes on the market that fit your criteria

  • The platform provides pre-qualified financing and calculators

  • You can draw with your finger on the map to customize searches

  • Link to the listing agent in each property listing

  • Crime map is difficult to read

Trulia, which launched in 2005 and was acquired by Zillow Group in 2015, has high reviews in the two major app stores. Google Play has rated the app at 4.6 out of five stars with over 200,000 reviews. On the Apple Store, Trulia is rated at 4.8 stars with 800,000 reviews.

Trulia allows the user to view a property in multiple ways. For instance, you can view the property itself, localized crime information, shopping, eating establishments, schools, commute times, and neighborhood demographic stats. You can search for apartments as well as homes with two different apps, Find Homes and Trulia Renters, for more personalized searches.

The app is free for users, and Trulia earns its revenue mainly through advertising.

Our Android Real Estate App Development Process

Real Estate App Android  MaterialUp

We provide complete end-to-end Android app development services to our clients. We handle everything from the app idea to development to the app’s approval in the app store. Here’s the complete app development process that our team follows to create Android apps:

  • Get to know our client
  • Comprehending client’s requirement
  • Get final approval from the client
  • App available for users

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The 34 Best Landlord Apps For 2021

This year’s list of 34 best software apps for landlords will help you reduce your workload and even extend the level of service you provide to tenants. The world is going mobile via the cloud. These 34 apps are helping landlords in the US, Canada, UK, Germany and Australia with their specific challenges in property management, efficient IT management, and staff work processes.

Best Real Estate Apps For Android And Ios

Whether you are looking for a residence or a commercial property, to purchase it or to get it on lease/rent, there are a plethora of options. But when we decide to get tech-savvy, we would look for answers on our smartphones. There is indeed a solution as a smartphone app and we have listed them so you can select the best real estate app.

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Proofhub: Project Management & Collaboration App

ProofHub is an app that will help you cope with most of the problems related to project management. This app is actually a cloud service that will help you manage all your deals, reports, docs, tasks, client contacts, and all that. Frankly speaking, the main goal of this app is to help you gain success in your business.

Due to this, the app is bundled with multiple features of all kinds from notes, calendars, and reports to the integration with Google service. On top of that, you can make thematic listing folds with all info you need pics, links, contacts, and so on. You can also make tasks boards for your team and leave comments on it.

Besides, you can sort the data using filters and tags to keep everything in order. The app also syncs between the app and its desktop version so you can use it on any device.

Apart from its sister apps, this one actually has very fair pricing for its tools. Therewith, you get a month of free trial to decide if its effective for you or not. Besides, you wont need to pay for every member of your team individually which is extremely comfy.

Zillow Launches Free Real Estate App For Android Tablet

Real Estate Android App Development Tutorial Introduction

Right on the heels of releasing an app optimized for Kindle Fire, Zillow is further expanding its collection of mobile real estate apps to include one for the Android Tablet. The Zillow Android Tablet Apps photo-driven home shopping experience was built specifically for the Android Tablet to take advantage of the high-resolution, touch-screen interface, allowing …

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Deal Machine For Real Estate Investing

Deal Machine is an app for realtors that eases the process of finding contacts of property owners.

This app can also be considered as a CRM and it empowers you to get everything set up in minutes instead of days. Plus, it helps you to figure out how to connect with the owners of properties as it has a huge base of contacts. The app can give you access to the owners names, phone numbers, and emails.

It needs to be said, all the data from the app has been given by the owners themselves so theres no illegal content there. Plus, the app empowers you to get all the data about the property you right need in one place. You can even trace the ROI for as long as you need it.

Therewith, the app covers most of the properties along the US so you wont have problems with that. Besides, you can use this app to systemize your client base both active and finished shed. The app even empowers you to chat with your clients and unite them into groups and send the same listings to several people at the same time.

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Real Property Resource Mobile

RPR Mobile is an app that is actually a subsidiary of the National Association of Realtors . RPR mobile allows realtors to gain the important data they need for property showings. They can also perform research such as comparative market analysis .

If you need to keep your clients in the loop while on the run, RPR mobile is one of the best apps for you going forward. You can use polygon search to find specific neighborhoods or zip codes no matter where you are or how much time you have.

Key Features:

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Loopnet Best For Commercial Real Estate

The LoopNet real estate app is the best app for commercial real estate investors. LoopNet is owned by the CoStar Group, who own and operate quite a few active internet marketplaces. This platform is a lot like Zillow but only for larger properties. You can filter searches not only by location or whether you want to buy or lease, but also by property type. There are 12 property types to choose from including, industrial, retail, office, health care and so on and then those have a quite a few sub-types as well.

You can also further filter searches by price, property size, Cap rate and year built. The platform will also list multi-family residential listings, with specifically the investor in mind. As with some of its residential counterparts, LoopNet will allow you to create a watchlist or favourite properties list. They will then send you updates as these listings are changed or updated. In addition to this, the app also features the ability to show virtual tours without having to leave the app. The platform earns its revenue through commission and listing fees. LoopNet is available on both iOS and Android.

Real Estate By Smarter Agent

Top 10 Best Real Estate Apps Across The Globe For Android ...

Real Estate by Smarter Agent collates house-hunting data in a single place. You can narrow down listings to recently-sold homes, homes within a given geographic area, and homes listed by third parties like Smart Agents GPS technology also pinpoints your location, city, and zip code, and lets you refine your search based on address, city, and zip code. Other searchable criteria includes price, the number of beds and baths, taxes, interior and exterior features, property type, and distance. Every listing is also accompanied by pictures, an interactive map, and a sharing feature that allows you to text and email listings to your friends and family. You can even save homes to the apps search function for access later.

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Best For Discounted Home Buying Fees: Redfin


Redfin is both an app and a brokerage firm. The app is excellent, offering estimated home values that are sometimes more accurate than Zillowâs algorithm. One of the best features of the mobile app for anyone in an active home search is the ability to filter on upcoming open houses. While it may not lead to your next home, it does give you an idea of what homes are like in the area and what you can expect to get for your money.

The standard real estate fees for Redfin are lower than traditional agents. When selling, most homes list for 1.5 percent (and in some markets for 1%, according to Redfin, and when buying, the average buyer gets a $1,500 refund back on the agent fees.

The 5 Best Real Estate Apps For 2021

One thing that all dedicated real estate agents have in common is that theyre always on the move. Theyre running from office trainings to client meetings to listing presentations to open housesfielding calls, texts and emails on their smartphone along the way. This little pocket computer is essentially a mobile office, but it obviously has the capability to do much more than standard call and email communications. Apps, of course, are what unlock that potential.

Below are the five the best real estate apps on the market. Not all of these are geared purely toward agents, but that doesnt stop them from being excellent tools for the job. Make your work life easier by downloading and becoming acquainted with these apps.

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Best Real Estate App For Signing Offers And Closing Documents

Prepare closing documents for eSignature with Dotloop.

Real estate deals don’t always happen in an office, with pen and paper readily available. With Dotloop, created by the industry giant Zillow Group, you can go paperless and get electronic signatures on disclosures, forms, and closing paperwork, regardless of where youand the buyers and sellersare.

To get started, create a “Loop,” an online workspace to manage your real estate transaction and share documents. Once you add the property address and add a photo, you can then upload documents directly to your Loop. For each document, you can add a note or “prepare” for signature by indicating the fields that need to be completed on the form .

Once the document is ready to be signed, send it directly to the necessary parties and customize the message. The recipient simply clicks the link in the email, clicks the fields assigned to them, and inserts their signature.

In addition to eSignatures, Dotloop also offers features like reporting , task management, and the ability to create templates from documents that you often need signed, so you don’t have to prepare the same forms over and over again.

Dotloop Price: Free to sign up and complete 10 transactions with unlimited eSignatures $29/month for the Premium plan which includes unlimited transactions, a robust document editor, secured backup, and real-time notifications.

Best Mobile Apps For Real Estate Agents In 2020

Top 5 Real Estate Agent Apps for Productivity

Disclaimer: This article was updated in February 2020 to reflect new Mobile APPs useful to Realtors when running their day-to-day activity.

As a real estate agent, youre always on the go meeting new clients, viewing the property and signing contracts.

Time is of the essence, and having the right information available when you need it can mean the difference between signing a contract and losing a valuable customer.

Most of the mobile apps below relate to customer relationship management or CRM, schedule planning, customizable reports, but also marketing, time tracking, and others, same as desktop versions of CRM solutions.

The basic idea behind all of these apps is to save realtors time and offer a more straightforward way to manage their day to day tasks time means money, even more so for realtors. Here is our list of the best mobile apps for real estate agents in 2020.

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The 8 Best Real Estate Apps For Agents

  • for centralizing communication

  • for building real estate-specific landing pages

  • for real estate marketing automation

  • for recording and embedding videos into emails and texts to bring properties to life

  • for digitizing open house sign-in forms

  • for estimating closing costs

  • for organizing and sharing disclosures

  • for signing offers and closing documents

Android Real Estate Apps

Android devices have become a market-leading alternative to the iPhone in recent years and offer another route to marketing for real estate businesses looking to reach prospects on the move.

Now hosting over 600,000 apps available for download and 1.3 million Android devices being activated per day has lead to Android’s 75% market share of Smartphones.

Our property apps are user friendly, fast to load and benefit from professional graphics with high quality features and functionality.

Give your property business maximum exposure by offering this app download in addition to the popular iPhone and iPad apps to ensure your business is reaching the widest possible audience.

Android powers hundreds of millions of mobile devices in more than 190 countries around the world. It’s the largest installed base of any mobile platform and growing fastevery day another million users power up their Android devices for the first time.


  • Spain: +34 966 260 870

  • UK: +44 203 598 3448

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Ushud Foreclosure Home Search

Looking to find foreclosed homes without a realtor? Use the USHUD app to find a full listing and database of luxury, middle class, condos, etc. that are foreclosed on or bank-owned.

If you are on a desktop or mobile browser, another great option is the ViewHUDForeclosures database. It’s super easy to sign up and start viewing foreclosed homes in whatever area you are looking for.

Like, you can use USHUD to find properties that are in foreclosure. This is more of an accurate search as it comes directly from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.

You’ll be able to find new opportunities to buy and sell for a profit in a matter of minutes.

Are Real Estate Apps Accurate

? ? ?  @Behance: «Real Estate Search ...

Real estate apps have faced accuracy issues from the start. One of the reasons real estate apps are so powerful and have overtaken older forms of property searching, such as newspapers and realtor-led home visits, is also the same reason the apps have fought accuracy challenges. Apps deliver exponentially more properties to buyers, renters, and investors because they scrape established databases on the internet for this information. If there is inaccurate information in one of those databases, it will translate that inaccuracy to the app as well.

The process is not foolproof, but app users can minimize this by cross-checking information across other apps and with actual human realtors. The real estate app companies are also trying to make up for the inaccuracies in their databases by employing researchers to verify information in their property records.

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Lab Coat Agents Marketing Center

Pricing: Individual agents $59 per month teams $249 per month

The first marketing platform designed just for real estate agents, the Lab Coat Agents Marketing Center app lets agents quickly create gorgeous social media posts on the fly. It also allows them to one-stop shop create or edit tons of other marketing templates for business cards, flyers, door hangers, and more.

Feel inspired to create an Instagram story in line at Starbucks? You can do that with the LCA Marketing center app.

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