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Reasons To Remote Desktop Between Phone And Pc

Best Way To Connect Remote Desktop Using Android Device

Using such a Windows Mobile phone to connect to the computer via mobile data is a new concept. That period is defined by a greater emphasis on novelty than on efficiency.

There are some reasons to remotely control a computer from an android phone. The reasons are following:

  • Taking possession of a mail or attach sent to the incorrect address
  • Getting to a long-forgotten file, possibly to send it to you or sync it with your cloud storage.
  • Allow a media player, like Plex, to run.
  • Playing a video game that is only available on a PC
  • Starting an Update on Windows or software upgrade is a simple process.
  • Provide some remote direct help to a family member or friend.
  • Turn off or restart your computer.

What Will You Need

Please refer to our email with the subject line Welcome Email. This email has important information for your easy access to Cloud Desktop. Please keep this information safe:

  • Desktop Name/RDP Host Name/IP
  • Username
  • Password

We have provided you the credentials to login to your cloud desktop. Now you have all the information that you need, lets get started.

There Are Two Ways To Access Content On Local Storage

Redirecting local storage using Microsoft Remote Desktop

  • After selecting the Desktop option in the Connection Center in the Microsoft Remote Desktop Services application, you will be asked for the credentials.
  • Expand Show additional options.
  • Select the Redirect local storage option & tap on the Save button.

Follow the steps below if you want to map the drive at a later stage.

  • Tap on the three vertical dots to expand More options for the Virtual Desktop.
  • Click on Edit and then Redirect local storage from the Show additional options menu shown in the steps above.
  • Save the changes.
  • Youll find the mapped drive in This PC under Devices and drives.

Congratulations! You have successfully configured your Virtual Desktop on your Android device. If you still have any questions, please mail us to or call 1-866-716-2040

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Airdroid Remote Access And File

AirDroid is an all-in-one file sharing and multi-screen sharing app and can be considered one of the best TeamViewer alternatives for your Android device. It lets you access your multiple devices simultaneously from a distance and supports the most popular operating systems for better support and convenience.

Important Features

  • Provides you secure and simple file sharing with multiple devices.
  • You can manage your desktop from an Android device, and similarly, you can pick up calls and send messages from your desktop using the app.
  • Includes phone screen recording and screen sharing from both sides with customizable settings.
  • Capable of making or receiving calls on your pc and notification sharing for all connected devices.
  • Provides highly secured backup and synchronization for your phones and desktop computers.

Trudesktop Remote Desktop Pro


TruDesktop remote desktop pro comes from the house of Truapp developers. It is one of the easiest ways for controlling a desktop remotely, and its also functional on Android TV. The app is compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac OS, or any other device which supports RDP. It also supports VNC servers like UltraVNC, TightVNC, RealVNC, and TigerVNC. There is also a trial version of the TruDesktop app freely available on PlayStore but, for all features support, you need to purchase the Pro version.

Impressive Features

  • It works on Android TV also, so users can enjoy streaming remote PCs content on a bigger screen.
  • Support of VNC servers like UltraVNC, TightVNC, RealVNC, and TigerVNC.
  • Compatible with all versions of Windows, including Vista and XP professional.
  • The Pinch zoom in and zoom out feature works well.
  • All basic laptops trackpad-like gestures are well integrated.

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Features You Need From Android

Optimized for remote control of Windows PCs, Servers, Mac computers, Tablets, Smartphones and other devices:

  • Remotely log on to attended or unattended Windows PCs, Servers, Mac, Tablets, Smartphones and other devices.
  • Fast real-time transfer of the remote screen to your Android Tablet or Android Smartphone.
  • Control the remote keyboard / mouse / touch screen.
  • Blank the screen on Windows PCs / Servers and Mac computers during remote control preventing bystanders from watching the desktop.
  • Chat feature.
  • Supports multiple simultaneous remote connections.
  • Quick buttons for executing hot-keys on remote desktop, Ctrl-Alt-Del, etc.
  • Quick buttons for remote re-boot, remote keyboard /mouse lock, remote marker mode, etc.

View part or full remote screen

Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop

Splashtop is one of the most advanced, fastest and comprehensive remote desktop applications, which allows you to take advantage of high speed and quality. You can enjoy 1080p videos, also known as Full HD. It not only works with your MAC , but also with Windows and Linux. All programs are supported by Splashtop that are installed in your computer. You can easily move around your computer screen due to efficient interpretation of Multitouch gestures of this App. It gives access to 5 computers via a single Splashtop account over local network. If you want to access via internet, you need to subscribe to Anywhere Access Pack via In-App Purchase.

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Connect Android To Pc With Vnc Viewer

VNC viewer transforms your smartphone to a remote desktop, where you can view your computer remotely and control it as if youre in front of it. With this app, you can remotely access any computer using your Android phone securely with its end-to-end encryption feature.

Key features:

Before we start, remember to have these things ready to ensure a fast and quick setup:

    VNC Viewer Remote Desktop app

      But Wait Accessing Windows Remote Desktop Can Be Frustrating Sometimes

      The Best Remote Desktop Apps For Android!

      Having the capability to remotely access your desktop computers from your phone is a great tool. However, the steps above can be frustrating sometimes.

    • Since we are talking about remote access, it means it depends heavily on connectivity. And when we say connectivity, were talking about Internet connectivity. Having said, you need to make sure that your Internet connection is stable and fast. Otherwise, you will get tired of the sluggish response on your remote computer
    • Smaller screen. You might not be able to do things remotely as efficiently as you wish if youre using an Android phone with a small screen. Especially, when you have bigger fingers. It is advisable to use an Android device with a bigger screen display or even a tablet will do. Or you can use a pen if it is compatible with your Android device
    • Remote desktop with multiple screens. Yes, if your remote computer has an extended display meaning you are using 2 monitors, then this can be a problem too. When you access your Windows 10 remote desktop, on your screen you will see 1 whole screen with half the screen of the other monitor. Weird, isnt it? You can remotely configure your computer to use only one main display from the Settings.
    • Thats it, folks! We do hope this article can help you to access Windows 10 remote desktop from your Android phone. Actually, if Google Chrome remote desktop is working on the lower Windows OS version, then it should also work on your Android device!

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      How To Remotely Control Your Android Phone From A Pc

      Here are the best ways to control your Android phone from a computer for more convenient access.

      You’ve probably wished you could control your Android device from your PC at times. Maybe your phone is at the bottom of your bag, or you’re in class and want a subtle way to message someone. Or perhaps you need to type a lot of text or look at something on a bigger screen.

      Fortunately, it’s easy to access your Android phone from a computer. Here are the best options, from one that’s already built into Windows to a full-screen mirroring app.

      Add A Remote Desktop Connection

      Now that you have the client on your device, you can add Remote Desktop connections to access your remote resources.

      Before you add a connection, if you haven’t done so already, set up your PC to accept remote connections.

      To add a Remote Desktop connection:

    • In the Connection Center, tap +, and then tap Desktop.

    • Enter the name of the remote PC into PC name. This name can be a Windows computer name, an Internet domain name, or an IP address. You can also append port information to the PC name . This field is the only required field.

    • Select the User name you use to access the Remote PC.

    • Select Enter every time for the client to ask for your credentials every time you connect to the remote PC.
    • Select Add user account to save an account that you use frequently so you don’t have to enter credentials every time you sign in. To learn more about user accounts, see Manage your user accounts.
    • You can also tap on Show additional options to set the following optional parameters:

    • In Friendly name, you can enter an easy-to-remember name for the PC you’re connecting to. If you don’t specify a friendly name, the PC name is displayed instead.
    • The Gateway is the Remote Desktop gateway you’ll use to connect to a computer from an external network. Contact your system administrator for more information.
    • Sound selects the device your remote session uses for audio. You can choose to play sound on your local device, the remote device, or not at all.
    • When you’re done, tap Save.

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      Use The Session Selection Bar

      You can have multiple connections open to different PCs at the same time. Tap the connection bar to display the session selection bar on the left side of the screen. The session selection bar lets you view your open connections and switch between them.

      When you’re connected to remote resources, you can switch between apps within that session by tapping the expander menu and choosing from the list of available items.

      To start a new session within your current connection, tap Start New, then choose from the list of available items.

      To disconnect a session, tap X in the left side of the session tile.

      Included In Beyondtrust Remote Support

      How to access pc from android phone

      All the remote Android support features shown here are included as core components of BeyondTrust Remote Support. There are no additional charges or licensing fees for supporting mobile devices.

      With BeyondTrust Remote Support, you can offer remote assistance to users on Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, iPhone, or Android devies. We include all platforms because part of our vision is to help you consolidate remote support. We address with one secure, appliance-based solution what many vendors attempt to address with ten or more tools.

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      Awesome Software To Update And Fix Issues Remotely With Android Devices

      âThe speed and ease of updating android media boxes. I use this app on a daily basis and would be lost without it. I recommend if you are planning to remotely access and update android boxes get this service”

      Bryan G. | President

      “AirDroid Business allows us to have full access to all our device despite distance – The Teamviewer for Android ! And our main clients and partners love it too.”

      Stephane Valcauda, CEO

      Aji Digital, France

      “Aura manages a Global fleet of Android Media players for our customers. Have the ability to centrally manage the fleet remotely including pushing application updates and remote controlling devices, speeds up the support time for our customers and keeps their devices up to date all of the time, saving hours, and the costs of travelling to site.”

      Andy Smith, Product Specialist

      Aura Futures, United Kingdom

      “We have over 1,000 devices across the country, that are used by field workers who are constantly moving around. Using AirDroid Business we’re able to closely monitor the devices and manage the deployment of our application from our central office. This enhances makes our deployment of applications easier and quicker.”

      Tiledi Kekana, Director

      Apps To Remote Control Android Phone From Pc

      I, like countless others, use my Android phone to make calls, send and receive messages, manage my daily tasks, check the calendar, do banking, send emails, check my schedule, and phew, got tired! Android phones are a powerhouse but I also use my PC a lot.

      This presents a situation. How to manage two devices with very different OS and mechanism together? While there are ways to control desktop from your Android, I will be talking about some apps that you can use to control your Android phone from Windows computer.

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      Setting Up Remote Desktop Connection

      • Start the Remote Desktop Services for Android application. You can get the application in Google Play Store.
      • Type Remote Desktop Services in the search bar and press enter.
      • Launch the application after installation.
      • Click on the + symbol in the Connection Center.
      • Select Desktop from the menu.
      • Type in the PC name and Use the Add user account option to save the credentials on the device if you plan to access the Virtual Machine frequently from the device.
      • Type in the User name and Password.
      • You will now be able to access your Remote Desktop on your phone.

      Control Your Android Phone From Windows 10

      How to Use Windows 8 Remote Desktop on Your Android Device

      If you’re using Windows, then you’ve already got a basic way to access your phone from your computer. This works through the Your Phone app in Windows 10.

      Your Phone is a built-in app that enables you to see your 25 most recent photos, send and receive text messages, and manage calls on your PC. Microsoft also provides a screen-mirroring feature, which supports a limited number of devices.

      To set up Your Phone:

    • Update the Your Phone app in Windows, and install Your Phone Companion on Android.
    • Log into your Microsoft account on both devices.
    • Launch the app on your phone and PC, then follow the on-screen instructions to link the two.
    • The setup process can be a little temperamental, but once it’s going it works pretty well. If you just need a quick way to answer texts on your laptop, it’s worth trying.

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      Recommend: Use Mirrorgo To Access Android Phone From Pc

      In the past, one would have only dreamt of managing another platformâs device from their computer. However, it is now very much possible, thanks to Wondershare MirrorGo. The reliable application offers you remote access to the Android phoneâs contents through the Windows PC. In addition to Android, the app is capable of accessing an iOS device.

      Here are some of the top features of MirrorGo:

      Mirror your android device to your computer!

      • Allow full control of the Android phone from a PC.
      • Drag and drop files between the phone and the computer.
      • Record the screen of the Android device.
      • View multiple notifications simultaneously without picking up your phone.
      • Use android apps on your PC for a full-screen experience.


      Step 1: Run MirrorGo and connect the phone with the PC

      After installing the app, launch it on your computer. Simultaneously, connect your Android device with the PC using a USB cable.

      Enable the USB settings from the phone, primarily when you intend to transfer files from one device to another.

      Step 2: Enable Developer Mode and USB Debugging

      Make sure that the Developer Mode is enabled on the device. If not, head to the Android deviceâs Settings menu and access the Build Number from the About Phone option. Tap it 7 times. Enter the Debugging Mode from the Developer Option available from the Settings menu. Please enable it and tap on OK.

      Step 3: Access the Android phone remotely

      How Do I Remotely Control An Android Phone

      • 1. Install the Zoho Assist Technician app on your android device
      • 2. Install and start the Zoho Assist Customer app on the Android phone you wish to remotely control
      • 3. Initiate a support session from your device and enter the session-key on the Android phone you wish to remotely control
      • 4. Click Start Session , you can now remotely control your Android phone screens

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      Apps For Android Remote Access

      The ability to gain remote access to your personal computer can be extremely important in many situations. Business demands may require you to be away from the office and your computer. At the same time, you may need to retrieve information that resides on the machine while you are with a client or at a customer site. This is a rather trivial issue if you have a laptop on hand, but that may not always be the case.

      Based on your business or personal needs, your smartphone may be the only tool available to you when you have to access a remote computer. You might need to check on a process that is currently running or quickly grab some important data for an upcoming meeting.

      Choosing the right Android remote management app can be problematic. Using the limited screen space of a smartphone can pose challenges when you are attempting to manage a remote desktop. You may also desire to control an Android phone from your PC.

      All of these solutions are free for personal use, although TeamViewer requires a license if used to provide support. They all run on the Android platform and some of the apps also have iOS versions available.

      Teamviewer For Remote Control

      Best Android Remote Desktop Apps Compared: Which Is Right ...

      Meet TeamViewer, one of the popular Android remote desktop apps to control your other devices remotely. It offers a wide range of access to other computers, tablets, or phone devices from your current device, whether it is a smartphone or a personal computer. It is a great app for group works and a large team of colleagues for any kind of computer-based workplace.

      Important Features

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