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House Gosu Free Roof Calculator

Roof Estimator Mobile App – Demo

Gosu translates from Korean as a highly skilled person. Typically used to refer to pro gamers, can also refer to construction professionals and well as Pros in any field.

This free calculator is very simple. You enter roof dimensions, desired material, roof pitch and get a price on the same screen.

While this tool does not have much other functionality, its a good quick way to estimate roof costs.

Download House Gosu Free Roof Calc from .


Clinometer By Pixelprose Sarl

The most functional applications usually have a fairly simple design and functionality. Clinometer is the easiest and lightest visual application you get accurate measurements with no extra effort.

Clinometer can measure both the inclination of objects as well as deviations that you want to know. Two metrics roll and pitch are used to calculate the indicators, so you can refine all the data.

In addition to measuring angles, you can measure how flat the surface is, as well as the slope of the floor or objects. To measure the inclination on either side, you will first need to rotate the phone around an axis perpendicular to the screen.

So your smartphone with Clinometer will be able to measure the slope. However, if you want to measure the pitch of an angle, you can use a special measurement to get a pitch close to zero. This is a good measurement that allows you to get accurate data when measuring from height or with a camera.

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Cool Bubble Level Android

It is an angle and slope measure tool for android. It has an easy and quick calibration function and shows angle or inclination. It helps in level or plumb angle measurement. It uses two types of degrees and roof pitch. It has the option to lock the angle meter button. It has an X and Y-axis switch mode. It is easy to use the smart level tool. Download it now like millions of people to make your work easier.

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Good But 1 Thing Could Be Changed

This app gives you the pitch factor and angle which is something I have yet to find another app does. However unless you accept the location tracking while using the app youre prompted with the reminder to turn it on each time you open the app…Make this not show up after the first few times and the app would be perfect. When youre on a roof it would be great to just open the app and have it work. The less little tinkering I need to do while on the roof the better.

The Best Roofing Apps To Improve Your Roofing Business

Pitch Gauge

As a roofer, you have a lot of details to managethe square of shingles needed to complete the job, job expenses, and roof replacement estimates. Thanks to technology, messy and disorganized folders and files are things of the past.

From capabilities on smartphones to iPads, more and more industry professionals are relying on roofing apps to impress homeowners, provide more accurate estimates, track job progress, and manage their customer base.

After some intense research, weve put together a list of some of the best roofing apps available.

Devices: iPad, iPhone, Android, webPrice: Free, in-app purchases

Pitch Gauge is one of the best roofing apps on the market. This app not only saves you time by finding the area of a roof, but it also determines the pitch of the roof without you having to get out a level or measuring tape. In addition to finding the measurements of a roof, this app offers other features for managing your roofing business.

Just a few features included in Pitch Gauge:

Pitch Gauge even has an in-app Tutorials section that helps users navigate all its features to get the most out of the app.

Devices: iPads, iPhones, tablets, Android phonesPrice: $129 for up to 3 devices per month

iRoofing uses satellite and Clearoof images to determine the measurements of a roof, letting you spend more time with your customer and less taking and recording measurements. It can also integrate drone and blueprint measurements.

A few features of the EagleView app include:

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Tips To Choose Right Roofing Calculator App For Your Roofing Projects

  • Ask experienced roofing contractors to know which tools and apps they are using and why.
  • Before downloading an app, make sure you check the required features on Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Check for the application that offers you offline access. This will help to easy application access when you are in a remote area.
  • Check various groups, forums or communities to get a roof application. That is helpful for specific tasks, such as measuring pitch, lengths of valley builder, and hip rafter.

Pitch Gauge Free With In

App Logo

As the name of the apps suggests, the main function of the Pitch Gauge is to measure the pitch of your roof. Its really easy and intuitive to use, you only place the app on the roof and it automatically measures the angle. After that, you can customize the app to calculate the materials and costs of the roof to send to your contractors or suppliers.

Pitch Calculator

While the basic features of this app are free, if you want more you have 2 options: either monthly or annual subscriptions. The price will depend on the number of projects that you use this app for.

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Full Description About Roof Pitch Factor Mobile Application

Quickly and easily find the pitch to a roof just by looking through your camera. Get the pitch factor or degrees without remembering any complex equations or doing any calculating.

Features:+ Displays both Pitch Factor and Degrees+ Use with or without the camera+ Location information, current address, on saved photos

Check out our other roofing apps: RoofSketchPro The Roofing Pitchbook

Find out even more:http://techtoolbelt.comLet me tell you that Roof Pitch Factor software has got 4 star rating on the Appls App Store till date and 34 review all around the World. The price of this App is 0 and the size of this Application is 4,668.00 KB. So if you want to download Roof Pitch Factor Mobile App Apk in your android or iOS device, Then follow the steps that i have mention below :-

Location And Camera Access Issues

Pitch Gauge App Intro Video

Ive been using this app for over a year as an adjuster. More recently, there has been a bug that doesnt allow camera or location services. The app gives instructions to go to settings and privacy to change the settings, but the bug doesnt allow you to alter the settings to get the app working properly. I have deleted the app and reinstalled it several times, but to no avail.Im still able to put the phone against a slope to get the pitch, but I cant snap photos to add to my reports. I have to write them down on a notepad and write them into my reports.Hopefully a developer sees this review and responds. Id happily change my two star rating to a five if they can get this fixed.

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Stair Tangent For Iphone

This iPhone app is for rough frame carpenters that don’t build stairs everyday, but could use an stair app calculator to check their stair building calculations.Build a set of stairs that you are gonna be proud of. With Stair Tangent you can elimenate cumulative math errors when building – constructing stairs.

Best Inclinometer Apps 2022

An inclinometer is a professional tool used for the most precise slope measurement for iOS and Android devices. An inclinometer app is used for measuring angles of the slope of the object , steeps, elevation, or depression of an object concerning gravitys direction. These tools are available with different names like Spirit level, bubble level, or just level, but it has similar uses. You can quickly check an objects inclination without buying additional equipment with these inclinometer apps available for Android and iPhone. Here is the list of the top inclinometer apps that you can use for this purpose. You can prefer this list and choose the perfect app.

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How To Measure Roof Pitch

A lot of good roofing contractors can judge the approximate pitch of a roof just by eyeballing it. If their estimate is off a degree or two, so what? Thats what a waste factor is for, right? No, not exactly.

Why, in this day and age, should any dimension of a roof measurement require guesswork? It shouldnt. Measuring roof pitch can be done precisely and in only a matter of seconds literally seconds using a roof pitch app! Roofing software replete with a roof pitch calculator app is all you need. You can determine all the precise dimensions, including the roof pitch measurement, from anywhere at anytime. No more needless visits to the job site with handheld gadgets to figure out pitch again.

Many roofing professionals will determine an accurate pitch by climbing atop a home or building and using a conventional roof pitch measurement tool, such as a pitch guide or a level and a tape measure. GAF and other roofing suppliers have a nifty little clear plastic card that you just hold up to a home or building while you stand fifty feet away. Match the lines on the see-through card to the roof angle and you can come close to approximating the pitch of the roof, but it wont reflect the accuracy of a smart roof pitch angle app. One of the how-to videos we found on youtube outlines a method involving a level, a framing square, a pencil, and a piece of wood. Hello? This isnt the 18th Century!

Best Roof Measuring Apps For Android

Pitch Gauge

Are you in the process of roofing constructing a roof? Wondering how you could use your Android smartphone to make your job easier? Well, youre in luck! Weve searched the Internet and found the best Android apps you could use to actually make roofing fun! Theres nothing your smartphone cant do, right? Lets see what this is all about!

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Protractor By Tue Nguyen Minh

We already mentioned that there are applications that just provide you with a virtual protractor. Protractor is exactly that kind of application but sometimes thats enough to get you the measurements you need right now.

With the help of the utility, all measurements will go quickly, and you can record the results in your notebook or anywhere else.

The Protractor interface isnt surprising youll see a protractor on the screen after launch and youll be able to take all measurements with it. Accordingly, visual control is intuitive especially if you have already used it in real life.

Measurements can be made both in degrees and in radians. The Protractor also has an integrated bubble level, which you may need for your design. For calculations, it is possible to use the built-in converter with a set of units of measurement.

App Review: Handy Tools For Roofing Estimates

Three recent app releases aim to raise the bar on roof-estimating tools. Two of them are free and modest in function, although one reaches for the stars. The other is pricey and complex by app standards.

At the modest end of the spectrum is a roof-pitch-measuring app called Pitch Gauge 2.0, which came out this month for Android smart phones. The app, also available for the iPhone, uses the smart phone’s gyroscope to read pitch at a distance. For example, using the phone’s camera, a user can align his or her smart phone with the rake of the roof the app then computes the pitch of the roof from the image.

A simple calculator then converts the roof’s length, width and pitch into an estimate of the roofing squares needed. Users that climb the roof and set the phone on the shingles for a more precise read are on their own: The developer doesn’t recommend it. Still, one reviewer on the Android market calls the app a roofer’s must-have.

Quick-Draw Roofing Estimates

The iPhone version of Roofing Calculator PRO was released on June 9 and is also available for the Android. Users can input many variables, including local labor and materials costs as well as measurements and details, such as counts of chimneys, skylights and floors. It delivers an estimate with materials, labor and project cost totals, but it also parses materials into squares of shingle, rolls of underlayment, runs of drip edge, ridge vent, ridge cap, plywood and miscellaneous supplies.

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Punch List & Site Audit Report

Create quick and simple punch lists on the fly with this app that will help you audit even more professionally. Its perfect for audits, walkthroughs, safety inspections, insurance claims, site walks and checklists.

Easily list all the work that needs to be done, such as incorrect installations or damage to materials, finishes or structures. Create PDF reports, add photos and notes while in the field and annotate images too. In short, the app is the perfect tool to help you meet contract specifications so you can finish the job and get paid.

Punch List is free to download on iTunes and has in-app purchases. Fieldwire has a similar free app for Android.

Best Level Utility Tool Apps For Android/level App For Android

Android – Measuring a Roof on a Galaxy S5 – RoofSnap

Utility tools help us with small tasks at home or away, and the best Level Utility Tool Apps comes in handy. While its handy to carry tools to your workplace, there are ways you can achieve these without requiring any physical tools. This is true even with a commodity like the spirit level tool, which is used to measure the level of a surface.

While its most common use is in construction, it can also be used for photography and even carpentry. Thanks to accelerometers on your phones, these tasks can now be performed even on your cellphone by downloading a simple app from the Play Store.

Were going to show you seven of the best level utility tool apps for Android in this list, in the hopes to provide you with the best app to check the tilt or level of a flat surface. The best bubble level app for Android tool can cleverly help you adjust any flat surface that is otherwise tilted.

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Small Business Transaction Apps For Roofers

Investing in a point of sale machine isnt necessary anymore. Many apps work as phone-based POSs that can allow you to collect payment from your clients in various forms as soon as youre done their roof.

  • Payzer
  • OS: Android and iOS

    Sean uses Payzer as his POS because it conveniently allows him to both receive money from his customers and send payments to his employees. While he doesnt use this feature, Payzer also allows you to schedule your employees and reach out to your customers. Also, the app has a built-in credit tool that you can use to offer your customers financing for their roof replacement or repair.

  • Contractor Estimate & Invoice
  • Cost: Monthly subscription to the publisher or QuickBooks Sync

    OS: Android and iOS

    We also mentioned this app in the invoicing list above, but it is worth mentioning that you can collect payments through this app and send the information about it to your other accounting software.

  • QuickBooks
  • OS: Android and iOS

    We covered it twice above, but it is worth noting that the QuickBooks app can also accept payments. Youll need the mobile card reader, but once you have it, your payment and accounting process will be more efficient. After the payment, QuickBooks will automatically record the payment in your books.

  • Square® Point of Sale
  • Cost: App is free, $299 for Square terminal, 2.65% for credit cards, 10 cents per Interac and 3.4% + 15 cents for every time you manually enter a card number.

    OS: Android and iOS

    Apps For General Contractors

    Here are some useful apps for general contractors:

    • SmartBidNet: track your bid process
    • GoBIM: navigate 3D BIM models
    • Truckast: make ready-mix concrete orders and track delivery time
    • FingerCAD: make technical drawings with your fingers on your mobile device
    • Roofing Calculator: calculate roofing shingles, bundles and squares needed


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    Bubble Level And Clinometer Iphone

    It is the best inclinometer app, iPhone 2022. It also has the best rating and satisfying millions of people.It is a limited but, therefore, free version of clinometers. It has all features but cannot be calibrated. It is the most precise slope measurement tool for iPhone, iPad and iPod. It can be used for a simple application like aligning a frame and more sophisticated fields of application. With this tool, a slope can be measure by all the edges of the device in every direction. The device can display the slope in degree, percentage, and rise sun level. You can smoothly rotate the background dial and thus define which side of the device represents 0° and 90°.Besides the common instant simple tap hold mechanism, you can activate the motion-sensitive lock.

    Star Product 5 Star Customer Service

    Pitch Gauge

    Ive been measuring roofs a long time, from the tape measure to the apps. When I started using apps I found myself just going back to the tape measure until I found pitch gauge. It really has made things easy for me. Once you learn how to use pitch gauge it does make things a breeze. I suggest getting a tablet and a stylus. And I must say the few times Ive had a problem, they were there to help promptly and efficiently. This app really sets the guidelines on how customer service should be for all apps. I cant thank you enough pitch gauge.

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