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Keepsafe Photo Vault: Hide Private Photos & Videos

Android and Amazon S3: Secure file storage in the cloud! A tutorial

Keepsafe Photo Vault has arrived with some excellent features, and you can entrust this software to keeping your privacy. Basically, it secures all your personal photos or videos with fingerprint authentication, Pin protection, and military-grade encryption. Besides, you can organize important documents and protect copies of your driving license, credit cards, and so on. Plus, you can delete any photos from the public gallery and watch them later in the Keepsafe photo vault.

Important Feature

  • You can have a backup for your photos and videos even if your phone is damaged or stolen.
  • The app has a facedown auto-lock feature, so it will be handy when your device faces downward.
  • Using this app, you can share your private photos and control the time of how long the recipient gets to watch the photos.
  • You can initially set individual pins or patterns for any particular photo album.
  • The app doesnt eventually show up on your lately used app list.

Pros: You can store at least 10,000 items with this software. Additionally, it compresses the photos and saves the original in Cloud.

Cons: While resetting the password, the software takes much time to add security.

Folder And File Locker

ZNP Labs brought a secure app to keep all your folders and files private. Basically, this folder lock app for your Android device works to set strong lock functions for particular folders and files so that no intruder can check them out. Eventually, it is the most protective way to secure a place on your personal data. You can simply store any of your personal pictures, videos, files, and documents.

Important Features

  • You can initially set either pin or pattern lock for any files and folders.
  • Creating a personal gallery is easy, and here, you can store all your private and memorable images.
  • None of your confidential files and documents will be available for anyone anymore. You can simply hide the folder and files as well.
  • With the multi-select function, you can instantly select multiple images and videos from the stock gallery at a time to send them in the personal and locked gallery.
  • This app indeed comes with no storage limit. Eventually, it will use your phone storage or SD card to store items.

Pros: You can also learn who is trying to check your personal folder. This app will instantly take a selfie when someone tries to unlock it with the wrong codes.

Cons: If you uninstall this app, all the content in the locked folders and files will be erased automatically.

How I Rated The Best Free Antivirus Apps For Android:

  • 100% free. Many antivirus companies try to trick users with a free trial. Users get comfortable using the app and then forget that they need to cancel before the trial is over, so they end up paying. If you know youre going to buy a mobile antivirus from a reputable company, a free trial is a great way to test out the service before you buy it. Otherwise, its just a marketing tactic to get you to download the app and hope that you forget to cancel before the trial period is over. All of my top 5 free antiviruses here are actually free.
  • Security. I downloaded hundreds of Android-specific malware files, sketchy apps, and even ransomware files to ensure that the antivirus apps I recommend are able to detect and remove all types of malware. I also tested internet security features like anti-phishing protection and Wi-Fi scanners to ensure these products can keep Androids safe from the latest web-based threats.
  • Performance. Nothing is worse than a security app that drains your battery and kills your Androids performance. I made sure all of the apps I recommend can increase your security without crashing your phone or tablet.
  • Ease of use. I tested each feature to ensure that these apps make their features easy to access and understand for all users. All of the apps on this list also provide good integration with Android OS and Chrome OS.

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The Description Of Shareit App

– Share files and data offline. Transfer files without corruption.

– Transfer apps, photos, movies, music and many other formats of data across different devices easily.

– Clean up your phone and free up more space with simple one click.

– Manage your files by exploring, modifying, moving or deleting files in one place.

Do You Need An Android File

Secure File Manager Beta

Now that smartphone companies have come up with a home-grown solution to the file-sharing problem, the need for a file-sharing Android app is gradually fading away.

Google now has an in-house file sharing feature that enables fast sharing of files between Android devices. As of August 2020, the Android feature called Nearby Share is still in the roll-out stage, but it will eventually be available to all supported Android devices this year. Androids Nearby Share works similarly to Apples AirDrop feature, and even allows file sharing while the device is offline.

Then, there is Xiaomis Inter-transfer alliance under which Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo users can easily share files. In May, Xiaomi announced that OnePlus, Realme, Meizu, and Black Shark joined the file-sharing alliance.

With Androids Nearby Share and Chinese smartphone manufacturers having their cross-band file transfer functionality, it wont be long before file-sharing apps become obsolete.

Abhilekh Das

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Best Folder Lock Apps You Can Use To Secure The Stuff In Your Device

It is for sure that you will get hundreds of high-quality security apps on PlayStore and AppStore. But all of them cannot possibly let you lock folders on your devices. There are even lots of applock apps that basically lock different apps but cannot lock a folder. However, if you dont want to download the wrong app to lock a folder, I suggest going through the below list. Here, we tried to list the most efficient folder lock apps that really work.

Best Android Encryption Apps

Encryption scrambles your messages before they reach their destination. Without encryption, hackers can intercept your messages, the government can monitor you, and advertising companies can record your interests. With file encryption for Android, only the intended receiver has the key to decrypt your message.

Have you ever sent an email with your passport info, credit card number, or other personal information? Email encryption for Android is just as important as message encryption. Whether you want to encrypt files, email, or messages, find the best encryption app for Android here.

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How To Set Up Samsungs Secure Folder

Secure Folder is available on higher-end Samsung phones dating back to the S6youll know your phone doesnt support the feature if you dont see the option in Settings.

To activate this feature, open the Settings app, then select Biometrics and security. Then tap on Secure Folder.

After agreeing to the terms and logging in with a Samsung or Google account, a Creating Secure Folder screen will appear. A second screen will follow, asking you to choose a lock type for the folder. A password is most secure, followed by a PIN, then a pattern. You can also enable biometric unlocks.


You can now use the Secure Folder to not only move over sensitive photos and videos, but other file types as well. You can also add files directly to the Secure Folder, as well as install appsthe latter is handy if you, say, want to keep others from knowing where you bank. Youre essentially in a separate sandbox that keeps its data stored apart from the rest of the device.

By default, anything in the Secure Folder isnt backed up to the cloudyou have to set that up yourself. While in the Secure Folder, go to Settings > Backup and restore. Youll need a Samsung account to set up backups .

The view within the Secure Folder. It functions a bit like a separate phone within your phone.


Best File Managers For Android

How to Enable/Disable File Safe on Android

File Managers are important applications because they provide a reliable method for browsing files, finding downloads, sharing data, managing storage space, managing installed applications, and a lot more.

I personally like file managers because they enable me to organize almost everything in my storage spaces and even if youre not big on organization, you sure do need a file manager app to move things around from time to time.

While some Android devices come with a simple file manager app for sharing and managing files, file manager apps can do so much more.

In todays article, we provide you with a list of the best file manager applications available on the PlayStore.

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Threema Top Encrypted Messaging App

Threema with over a million downloads works on a guided principle of restraint on metadata. It has been considered as the most trusted open-source secure messaging apps for mobile and web apps.

Threemas server deletes a message permanently once delivered to the recipient. However, the information that is mostly managed on a server is automatically managed locally too on the users device. This implies protection against eavesdropping over any type of conversation.

With Threemas design, it allows only the intended recipients to read the messages. Since Threema is an open source, it permits the users to check for the correctness of the encryption, and for this you dont have to provide any email or phone number to do a sign up process for security purposes.


Compatible platforms: iOS, Android, and web app

Cost : $2.99

Number of users: 4.5 million

Add Files To Secure Folder

You can easily import or copy personal file in Secure Folder with the Add files menu option. This is provided on the top of Secure Folder main screen.

  • Tap Add files.
  • Choose a data type to add to Secure Folder.
  • You can share the following data: Image, Video, Audio, Document, My files.
  • Choose Copy or Move.
  • Copy: A duplicated file will be saved in Secure Folder.
  • Move: The original file will be moved in Secure Folder.
  • NOTE

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    Forget Malware Scanners Or Over

    Let’s get one thing out of the way right off the bat: If you’re looking for recommendations about Android security suites or other malware-scanning software, you’ve come to the wrong place.

    Why? Because, like most people who closely study Android, I don’t recommend using those types of apps at all. Android malware isn’t the massive real-world threat it’s frequently made out to be, and and other native Android features are more than enough to keep most devices safe.

    There are, however, some areas where third-party apps can add valuable layers onto your Android security picture. They’re less about fighting off theoretical boogeymen and more about proactively protecting your accounts and data.

    These are the actions that will actually boost privacy and security on your Android device, and the apps I’d suggest installing for each:

    Google: This Android Pin

    Secure File Manager Beta

    Android users can now create a PIN-protected folder to hide private files within the Files by Google app.

    Google is adding a new feature to its Files by Google app for Android phones to let users lock and hide private files in an encrypted folder.

    The new Safe folder feature is aimed at people who, for example, share a phone with other members of the family but need to keep some files private. It could come in handy when users need to hide files from kids or spouses and ensure those important private files don’t get shared or deleted.

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    Signal Private Messenger For Web

    Being listed among the most best secure messaging app of 2022, there are millions of trusted people who use Signal for its free, instant, and encrypted communication that is quite easy to use. Secure messaging is with privacy-preserving technology, thus it ensures avoiding the risk of leakage of sharing moments or sending messages to any non-intended recipients. It makes use of advanced end-to-end encryption to secure all the data.

    Since its an open source it freely inspect the apps code for its security. But there are some other features including group chats, encrypted voice calls, archive functionality, and media transfer, which does not require any PIN codes or other credentials.


  • Media services
  • Compatible Platforms: Android, iOS, iPasOS, Linux, Windows, macOS

    Number of Users: Signal mostly does not publish their users listing, but as per Androids Google play store Signal has been downloaded by about 1 to 5 million people.

    Ask For Credentials Before Showing Sensitive Information

    When requesting credentials from users so that they can access sensitiveinformation or premium content in your app, ask for either aPIN/password/pattern or a biometric credential, such as using face recognitionor fingerprint recognition.

    To learn more about how to request biometric credentials, see theguide about biometricauthentication.

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    Security Apps To Protect Your Android Devices

    Geekflare is supported by our audience. We may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this site.

    Android Security Apps

  • Get application security done the right way! Detect, Protect, Monitor, Accelerate, and more
  • A recent study has found that almost 87% of all Android devices are insecure.

    These vulnerabilities arise due to a lack of security updates. The Internet is never safe when they are connected to the web. Safety is a primary concern these days, and many third-party applications have strived to enhance it.

    The following apps will help you to protect your Android devices from online identity & security threats.

    Calculator Lock Video Lock & Photo Vault Hidex

    Android: File Encryption Tutorial

    Flatfish Studio brought a very exclusive security app that will keep your private documents hidden in a safe place. Basically, it is a folder locking app, and you will think of it as a simple calculator app from the outside. Only when you press the accurate passcode will it let you enter it into the folder. Sounds innovative, right? Yes, it is. This fake calculator vault initially lets you lock the photo gallery to protect it from intruders.

    Important Features

    • An automatic gallery lock will secure all the photos and videos taken by your stock camera.
    • The built-in private photo viewer will ask your permission every time you open it.
    • As this app will be disguised as a simple calculator app, no one can initially find it or doubt the existence of this app.
    • This app eventually supports multiple photos and file formats as well.
    • You can also sort files, photos, and video files by name to find them instantly.

    Pros: You can use the private browser of this app to visit the sites without having any growing history. Besides, you can use this app as a modern calculator app as well.

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    Safe Folder Vault App Lock

    The app is relatively new, at least compared to all others listed in the article. Safe Folder Vault is a vault app for Android. It offers a password-protected vault that can be used to store important files and folders. The app can also be used to password protect apps.

    If you are searching for the easiest way to create a secure location on your device to store and protect your most important files and folders, then a File locker might be the best pick for you.

    With File locker, you can password-protect your files, including photos, videos, documents, contacts, notes, and audio recordings.

    Best File Sharing Apps For Android Smartphones In 2020

    File-sharing has always been a massive issue for Android users. As far as I can remember, users never had a single best way to share files between Android devices.

    Sure, you can use Bluetooth for file sharing. But unless the files are small in size, Bluetooth can take from a few minutes to hours for the file-sharing process to complete. As for Wi-Fi direct, no one ever seems to know how it works. Moreover, users are oblivious if such a feature exists on their device or not, thanks to the smartphone vendors hiding it depths of Android settings.

    Not having the single best file sharing method puts Android at a significant disadvantage against Apples iconic AirDrop instant file-sharing feature. But all is not lost as some Android file-sharing apps can share large files at high speeds, without any hassle.

    Note: This list isnt in order of preference. You are advised to choose the file-sharing app as per your needs.


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    Silence Best Secure Messaging Platform

    Silence is the best secure chat program that eases and ensures secure SMS/MMS features. This is so you can use these two features even when you are not connected via the internet. Silence is monitored on a regular basis mainly with regards to security wherein the codes are locked and have been made unavailable to any other third party or government agency.

    Moreover, here with Silence you need not have to sign up with login credentials concerning security. Since its an open source, anybody can have a check over the codes for errors and other related issues.


    • Messages can be encrypted locally
    • No need of internet connection
    • Avoid access to screen-shot of conversation

    Compatible Platforms : Web and Mobile App

    Cost : Free

    Number of Users : NIL

    Secure Folder Pro For Android

    Secure File Manager Beta

    – REQUIRES ANDROID | Category:

    Secure Folder Pro can hide and protect all types of private data without locking your device! Easily secure private photos, videos, documents, notes, contacts, passwords, PIN codes, IDs and credit cards. Privately browse the web, download photos and videos. Secure Folder PRO is a Utilities app by iDevMobile Tec.. It has an average of 4 stars on the appstore and has been rated by over 69 people over it’s lifetime. The latest version of the app is version 3.0 and it was updated on the Android Play Store about 5 months ago.

  • Is the Secure Folder PRO app free? The cost of the app is $1.99
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