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Switch From Iphone To Android: How To Transfer Imessage Photos And More

How To Send Large Video Files Through Whatsapp – Android Edition

Google and Samsung made moving iPhone data to your new Android phone simple and easy. You can even transfer your iMessage history.

In the phone box, Google and sometimes Samsung include a USB-A to USB-C adapter that allows you to connect an iPhone to an Android phone.

Switching from an old phone to a new one can be stressful, especially if you’re going from an iPhone to one that runs on Android. You have to transfer your number, move your photos and videos and remember passwords to accounts and apps. Switching phones with different operating systems makes everything even more of a hassle. In recent years, companies like and Samsung have made it quite easy to go from your iPhone 8 with a cracked screen to a Galaxy Z Flip 3 with its sleek clamshell design and folding screen.

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The secret to an easy-peasy transfer process lies with the tiny plastic adapter that Google and Samsung include in the box. It’s like hiring professional movers to move your stuff, unpack it and decorate your new house just like your old one! The adapter has a USB-A connector on one end and a USB-C connector on the other that allows you to connect your new phone to your old iPhone. You can also use an USB-C to lighting cable for newer phones like the iPhone 11 and 12.

Send Large Files Using The Send Anywhere App

According to the name, Send Anywhere allows you to send files directly between two devices and platform without the need to sign up for an account.

To send using this app, both devices must have it installed on both ends. This app is available on all platforms including Chrome, macOS, Linux, Windows and Amazon Kindle.

How Can I Send Long Videos Through Text

Q: Long videos

How to send long videos to others over text? – from Apple Community

To send a video, the most common way is to make use of the iMessage or SMS. For most users, this could be the simplest method – they just need to select the wanted videos from “Photos” App and then share the selected files with “Message”. Hence, you can first select this way to transfer your iPhone videos.

Tutorial to share video from iPhone via messages:

Step 1. Unlock your iPhone 12 and then access to your “Photos” App.

Step 2. Enter the album that contains the videos you wish to transfer and check the wanted files.

Step 3. Click on the “Share” icon and then a window with different options will pop up.

Step 4. Choose “Message” from the listed options and then select a contact as your recipient.

Step 5. Tap on “Send” to share the videos from your iPhone.

There is a size limit to sending videos on “Message” App, so please pay attention to the size of your videos. In addition, please remember that you can only send iMessage to other iDevice users over Internet. As for SMS, you can send the message to any phone users without limitation.

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Ways To Send Videos From Iphone X/8/7/7 Plus/6s/6s Plus/6

Part 1. Send Videos from iPhone to Android with iMusic Step by Step guide to transfer Videos from iPhone to Android Phone using iMusic: · 1.

Sep 13, 2020 Not sure about iOS to android but for android to iOS, you can do it with an app called trebleshot. Using share through browser feature, you can

Step 3: Photos & Videos Connect your iPhone to TouchCopy, and hit the Photos tab. · Click Copy Photos. This will also copy any videos on your

How to send large videos from iPhone or iPad to Android Choose the large video file you need to share. Click the Android device avatar to

Mar 9, 2018 When it comes to using the Android or iOS platform, everybody seems to have chosen sides · SHAREit lets you share files offline between Android

Aug 27, 2019 Method 1: How to Send Video from Android to iPhone with 1 Click · Step 1: Connect your two phones to the computer. · Step 2: Choose your desired

Dec 3, 2020 Quickly transfer Android videos to iPhone or iPad with a free app. Just open CopyTrans Filey and use drag and drop to add videos to iPhone!

Aug 1, 2019 They are also extremely easy to use. All you need to do is install a cross-platform file transfer app on both the phones. Then select the video

Nov 6, 2015 Part 1. Transfer Videos from iPhone to Android · Step 1. Choose Videos on iPhone · Step 2. Click to Receive on Android · Step 3. Send Videos from

How To Transfer Videos From Iphone To Android By Google Drive

How to Send Large Video Files from Android to iPhone ...

Actually, if you want to find an app which offers more cloud space to you, Google Drive will meet your expectation probably. As we all know, every user has 15 GB free space to preserve your data with Google account. That is, if don’t run out of the space, it will be suitable to send video from iPhone to Android.

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Send Anywhere Apps On Google Play

Send Anywhere: Easy, quick, and unlimited file sharing Features Transfer any file type without altering the original Rating: 4.8 · 275,105 votes · Free · Android · Business/Productivity

Jun 7, 2021 This article explains how to send large videos from an iPhone using AirDrop and iCloud. Instructions apply to devices running iOS 7 or later

Now say, Ive to send a video file from my iPhone to Android TV. So, open the download folder and zoom in again. And under the upload box on the bottom right

Alternative Ways To Transfer Videos From Iphone To Android

We know transferring videos from one phone to another, especially when your goal is to transfer files from iPhone to an Android phone, is troublesome. The difficulties occur mostly because the phones are run by different Operating Systems and security measures for both of the systems are very different. But just because your iPhone won’t send video to Android now that does not mean that you won’t be able to do it forever. There are a few ways you can achieve that task, some of the fast and alternative ways are mentioned below:

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How To Send Large Videos Via File Explorer

Whether you are looking to send large videos from an iPhone or Android device, you can use Windows File Explorer to directly copy the video files from your mobile device to the computer. However, when you send videos from iPhone using File Explorer, you should know that you can only copy the items from the DCIM folder, namely the videos taken by your iPhone camera.

If you attempt to transfer videos like movies or TV shows, you will need a tool like EaseUS MobiMover:

To send a large video from iPhone to PC:

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable.

Step 2. Unlock your iOS device and click “Trust” in the prompt to trust the computer.

Step 3. If required, enter your device password to continue.

Step 4. On your computer, go to “This PC” > > “Internal Storage” > “DCIM” > “100APPLE” and you will see all the photos and videos from your iPhone’s Photos app.

Step 5. Copy the large video files you want to transfer and paste them to a folder on your computer.

Transfer All Files With Xender

How To Send Videos From iPhone To Android! (2021)

Xender allows you to transfer various files between various platforms – be it Android, Windows or iOS. And if you’re looking for how to send files from iPhone to Android, Xender is probably the easiest way to do it without burning your mobile data.

Though supported with ads, Xender does its job just right via a local Wi-Fi network. Maybe you want to share videos from iPhone to Android or just any file, you can do it with Xender.

To get started, you need to download Xender on both devices from the App Store and Play Store respectively. After installing Xender on both devices, follow these steps to send your files from iPhone to Android

  • Download and launch Xender on both devices.
  • On your Android phone, tap the green share button below the screen then select Xender will create a Mobile Hotspot now.
  • Over to the iPhone tap the Receive button and select Scan connect to scan the QR code on your Android.
  • Point the iPhone to your Android screen to scan the code and wait for a successful connection.
  • Finally, go through the iPhone to send whatever you want to send.

Note: if you don’t get the steps right, you can always tap the Apple icon WA on the left side of the Android screen after tapping Send in Xender.

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Send Videos From Android To Iphone Via Wi

Besides message app and email, there are several Wi-Fi transfers on the market compatible with both iPhone and Android. A Wi-Fi transferring application is able to send videos from Android to iPhone in real time, but the prerequisite is that the two devices must connect to the same Wi-Fi network. We use Zapya as the example to show you how to transfer videos from Android to iPhone.

Step 1 Open the Wi-Fi transferring app on both your Android phone and iPhone, when you want to transfer videos. Make sure that your Android phone and iPhone connect to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 2On Android phone, tap the “Create Group” option on the pop-up dialog and then hit the menu icon with three horizontal lines at the top right corner of the screen. Then choose “Connect to iOS Device” on the menu list.

Step 3Turn to your iPhone, tap on “Search and Join” on the pop-up dialog. Then select the Android phone on the list to connect two devices.

Step 4After the connection is successful, back to the Android phone, choose video as the data type on bottom. To send a video, tap on it and hit “Send“. If you want to send multiple videos, tap “Multi” and touch each desired video, tap “Send” to transfer them to iPhone.


How To Send Large Video Files With Fonetrans

Hook up your iPhone to your computer with the Lightning cable and launch the program to let it detect your iOS device.

Go to the Videos tab from the left hand column and you can view various video files stored on your iPhone including Movies, TV Shows, and more. Select All Videos to view all video files.

Select the large video files to send from iPhone and they will be checked. To transfer them to your computer, click the PC icon and select your machine or your iTunes library. If you intend to move them to another iPhone, plug it into your computer, click the Device icon and select the target iPhone.

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Top 7 Ways To Send Large Video Files From Iphone

Yesterday I recorded this funny video when I was hanging out inthe park. I wanted to send the video to my friends today. However, this provedto be a problem. Whenever I try to send the video, my iPhone keeps prompting meto trim it. This is not an option since my goal is to send the full video. Doesanyone know how to send a large video from iPhone? I would appreciate it ifsomeone can show me how to send large video files. Henry, Quora

While iPhones are capable of capturing great footage,sharing/sending the footage is often a problem. If you are planning to sendvideo footage whose duration exceeds a couple of minutes, your iPhone mayprompt you to downsize it. This can be frustrating if you do not know how tosend long videos. Fortunately, there are various ways you can use to get aroundthe numerous issues which arise when you are sending long videos.

In this article, we intend to show you how to get videos fromiPhone to computer. We will also show you how to send a large video fromiPhone. Before we show you how to send large video files, lets see why youriPhone may be making it impossible for you to send long videos.

How To Compress Video Before Sending Large Video On Android

How to Send Large Video Files from Android to iPhone ...

To send a short video clip via a text on Android is a success after a few clicks. Starting by opening the messaging app and go to compose message area. In there, click the Attach icon and follow the on-screen instructions to share the file. Also, the procedure of how to send large videos on Android is very same as that of posting a video clip. But instead, you are required to compress them first.

So, to compress video for Android, UniConverteris a tool perfect for that task. It is a user-oriented designed which comes with a lot of must-have in-built capabilities including edit features from basic video trim, crop, rotate to advance adding music background, video compress, add subtitle and Watermarks. Note that, videos imported to the program has no limit and any format restrictions.

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Guide On How To Transfer Video From Iphone To Android With Google Drive:

Step 1. Download Google Drive on both Devices

In the beginning, you are required to download and install app on the iPhone and Android phone. Then launch Google Drive on iPhone.

Step 2. Upload Video to Google Drive

Next, tap on “Add” icon on the interface to choose “Upload” option on the screen. Click “”. You need to find and select your videos that you want to upload. Wait for several minutes to finish.

Step 3. Download Videos on Android Phone

– After you upload the videos on Google Drive on iPhone, please turn to your Android phone. Open the Drive app, then login the same Google account.

– Search for your videos you uploaded just now. Then tap on “More” icon which is similar three dots next to the file’s name. Choose “” at the end. You will finish the video transfer from iPhone to Android phone after a while.

Bonus:Need to transfer data from iPhone to Android? That’s easy to solve!

Transfer Big Android Files With Apps

As we all know, reducing size would more or less damage the quality of videos. Hence, some users may wish to get an App that allows them to directly transfer large files from Android. This is also a solution to send large video from Android.

#1 SuperBeam

This is one of the simplest and fastest Apps to use. It makes file sharing very easy and is compatible with multiple operating systems. It eliminates the need to remember passwords by giving the option of connecting two devices using other tools such as QR codes or near field communication. The fact that this App also removes the need for manual connection between devices is also an advantage that increases its convenience.

#2 Xender

One of the features that make this application a great choice is the ability to allow file sharing of any type. You can exchange files between different devices using Xender, such as mobile phones and computers. It is easy to understand and use, and comes with a great interface that is easily navigable. All these together with its other features allow you to send large files with a few simple clicks.

#3 Send Anywhere

If you want to get a free application with maximum usability, then Send Anywhere is the right option for you. It gives you several file sharing options which are suitable for different people with different preferences. You can choose the suitable way based on your need and then send the big files on your device without limitation.

Some of you might want to know:

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Transfer Files From Android To Iphone By Mobiletrans Phone Transfer

MobileTrans â Phone Transfer by Wondershare is helping millions of its users in transferring any type of data from one mobile phone to another. The sleek and easy to use interface can save your time and do everything in a few mouse clicks. This professional tool allows you to transfer contacts, photos, videos, music, and virtually any type of file from Android to Android, or Android to iPhone, Android to Windows phone, and every other possible combination.

Follow the steps below to transfer files from Android to iPhone using the MobileTrans â Phone Transfer.

  • Download the MobileTrans â Phone Transfer tool on your computer system. Youâll be presented with several options on the tool window.
  • Now connect both Android and iPhone to your PC with a USB cable. The tool will automatically detect the devices.
  • From the given options you need to select the âPhone Transferâ mode to transfer your data between distinctive devices.
  • Both the connected devices will be shown on the next screen automatically. You have the privilege of switching or âFlipâ to change the places of your connected phones. This feature enables you to ensure the intended source and destination are in the right place.
  • How Do I Send A Large Video File From My Iphone

    How to Send Large Videos on Android,iPhone & Email?

    Although there are so many ways for you to send videos from your iPhone, not all of them are helpful when it comes to sending large video files. That’s because some of the services or tools impose limits on either the video file size or video file length.

    Thus, If you want to send large videos from your iPhone, you will need to find the ways that allow you to transfer videos from your iPhone without file size limit. There are some of them:

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