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How to Send Automatic Replies to Text Messages on Android

This application is not just a regular app that responds to text automatically, it is much more than that. With this app, you can set up multiple text auto-replies depending on the activities you perform, like sleeping, driving, etc.

You can respond to a single or group of contacts with personalized messages. You can even add unwanted contacts to the block list to avoid replying to them. Furthermore, instead of plain and boring replies, you can use this app to send pictures, emojis, audio, and your GPS location.

The PRO version of this application allows you to send automatic replies on applications, like WhatsApp, Signal, etc. Further, with its text-to-speech feature, you can read out incoming messages, adjust reading speed, and read without replying.

What’s A Tasker Profile

A Tasker action is something that you want your phone to do: send a text message, change an audio level, turn Bluetooth on and so on. Tasks group those actions together, such as setting different audio levels to 0 in order to mute the phone.

But actions themselves don’t automate your phone — you’d have to launch them manually unless your device knows when to launch them for you. A single triggering event, such as “my phone has received a text message,” is called a context in Tasker-speak. A profile links triggering events with actions — it’s the instruction sheet telling your phone what to do when.

Tap on the Profiles tab in the top nav and create a new profile. You’ll be asked to pick your first context. From the menu of categories, choose Event / Phone / Received Text . There will be a dropdown under Type. You can choose an SMS text message, an MMS message or Any. In most cases, Any should work fine but there are some situations where you’ll want to exclude MMS and select SMS .

Leave the other fields for Sender and Content blank, unless you only want this to apply to certain people or texts with certain words. Save by tapping on Event Edit in the top nav bar.

You’ll then be asked to enter a task. Select the task Meeting Autorespond Msg . Your profile will be created and switched on. Switch it off, unless you want the auto responses to go out now.

Change Autocorrect Status Via The Keyboard On Android

If you already have the keyboard open in front of you, you dont need to go all the way from the Settings menu to change the autocorrect status. You can jump directly into the keyboard settings from it. Just look for the gear icon on top of the keyboard and tap on it to enter the keyboard settings. Once youre in the keyboard settings, follow step 5 from the previous method to enable or disable autocorrect.

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How To Set Up Android To Read Your Texts Aloud

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Its not always convenient to read text messages on your Android phone, especially if youre driving. Rather than risk trouble with the law, you can use Androids built-in features that read texts aloud.

These features can also benefit people with poor eyesight, or those who want to reduce their screen time. There are also third-party apps that read your texts to you.

Lets look at all the options, and how you can get set up.

Setting A Schedule For Auto

How to backup and restore text messages on Android

Next, you’ll want to set up a schedule for the auto-responder to run on. Choose Set Time on the home page, or the button with the same name at the bottom of the previous editing screen, to configure this.

Make sure you have the right reply template selected from the dropdown bar at the top. Then you have four options for the SMS auto-reply schedule:

  • Run by Time lets you pick a time period when the auto-responder should be active. Simply set a start time with From and and ending time with To.
  • Run by Date will respond to messages in the time period you select, during a period of dates that you choose. This is useful for setting “out of office” text replies when you know you’ll be away for a set amount of days.
  • Run by Week Days will activate the auto-responder for the time period you choose on the specified days of the week. Check the Repeat Weekly box if you want it to run the same way in the coming weeks.
  • Run when your car Bluetooth connects lets you activate the profile when your phone connects to one or more Bluetooth devices of your choosing. Make sure that you have Bluetooth enabled and the device paired before selecting this.

Tap Save and you’ll go to the On/Off screen. There, the app will let you know that due to Android limitations, it only works with incoming SMS text messages. Make sure you have notifications turned on for your SMS app, or the auto-reply won’t work.

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How To Forward A Text Message On Mac/pc From Android Device Via Coolmuster Android Assistant:

Notes: Ensure that your device remain connected to the computer throughout the forwarding process.

Here’s how to forward text messages to another phone from Android:

Step 1: Connect Android phone to computer.

* Download and launch the Coolmuster Android Assistant on your Mac or PC.* Connect your Android phone to the PC/Mac via USB cable or Wi-Fi.

Step 2: Choose the SMS you want and start to forward it.

* From the left panel, select the ‘SMS‘ option. All SMSs in your device will be displayed on the right panel.* Locate the SMS thread and choose the message you want to forward.* Click the Arrow icon to forward to any other contacts you want right away.

So, this is how to forward a text on Android, how to forward entire text conversation on Android, and also how to forward multiple text messages on Android. It is similar and very easy to make it.

Can’t find your desired messages? Here are 2 ways to recover deleted text messages from SIM card on Android phone.

How To Schedule Text Messages On Android Using Google Messages

  • Start Messages and create a text message, but don’t send it.
  • Tap and hold the Send button. After a moment, the “Schedule send” pop-up window will appear. Tap and hold the Send button to see your scheduling options. Dave Johnson/Insider
  • Choose the time you want to send the message. You can choose from among several preset times or tap “Pick date and time” and choose the exact time you like.
  • Tap the Send button, which now has a small clock icon to indicate this is a scheduled text. A scheduled text will show the clock in the Send button. Dave Johnson/Insider If you don’t have this feature in Google Messages, it hasn’t rolled out to you yet. If you want it right away, you can open the Google Play Store app, find , and opt into the beta program on the product page. The beta version of the Messages app should include this feature.
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    Enable Automatic Text Replies In Your Sms App

    Finally, for one more option, don’t forget that some Android texting apps have auto-response functionality built in. One of our favorites, Pulse SMS, includes this in its vast feature set. Give it a look if your current SMS doesn’t support auto-responses.

    Open Pulse and slide out the left sidebar, then scroll down to the bottom and tap Advanced Features. On this menu, find the Messaging Features section near the bottom and tap Auto Reply Configuration to start using it.

    Enable Driving Mode or Vacation Mode to automatically respond to every text you receive. Choose Message text for each of them to set up your response message.

    You can toggle driving mode easily by adding a tile to the Quick Settings shade. Just swipe down from the top of your screen twice to open it, then tap the Pencil icon in that panel. Find Driving Mode and drag it into your list of quick setting tiles. There’s no way to activate this when connecting to a Bluetooth device, so this is the fastest way.

    For more flexibility, choose Create a New Auto Reply. There, you can choose either Contact or Keyword. Contact-based replies will send an automatic response when a particular contact texts you. Keyword-based replies will automatically reply when you get any text messages containing the word or phrase you specify.

    As the app mentions, driving and vacation modes take precedence over any rules you set here.

    Automatically Respond To Texts While Driving With Android Auto

    Auto-reply to Text Messages and Phone Calls on Android

    If you’re primarily interested in automatic responses while driving, Android Auto lets you auto-reply to incoming texts with one tap. This works whether your car has an Android Auto-compatible head unit or you use the Android Auto app on your phone display.

    To make sure you’re ready to use automated text responses in Android Auto, first open the Android Auto app. Note that on Android 10 and above, Android Auto functionality is built into your device if you use it with your car’s screen. Thus, you’ll need to install the Android Auto for phone screens app to make this change.

    In the Android Auto app, slide out the left sidebar and choose Settings. Under the Notifications section, you’ll see some options related to incoming alerts for texts and other messages.

    Make sure you have Show message notifications selected here. Otherwise, you won’t know when a message comes in and can’t auto-respond quickly. You may also want to enable Silent notifications to avoid your SMS tone blasting through your car’s speakers.

    Older versions of Android Auto had an Auto reply field, where you could customize the response that you sent while driving. However, this isn’t available anymore. You’ll have to stick with the default I’m driving right now response.

    Be sure to check out the best Android Auto apps to get more out of the service.

    Android Auto | Android Auto for phone screens

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    How To Send Text Messages From Google Voice Number

    To start sending messages from your Google Voice number:

    STEP 1

    Open the app on the smartphone and sign in if not already. If you use a Google account on your phone, you can select an existing account to get started.

    If you dont have a Google Voice account, you can create one by following the instructions on the screen.

    STEP 2

    Once you have logged in, click on the grey speech bubble icon at the bottom-left of the screen. On an Android phone, you can find this icon on the upper-left side.

    STEP 3

    Next, you will see a + icon at the center of a blue circle at the bottom right corner. Clicking this will open a pop-up menu.

    STEP 4

    On this menu, select the Send a message option to open a window for a new conversation that lets you send a text message.

    STEP 5

    Then, you can enter the number to which you want to send a text and the name of the contact appears below if you have it saved on the phone. If you already have contacts enabled for Google Voice, you can enter the contact name in the search bar.

    STEP 6

    Above the keyboard, you see the Type a message field where you can type the message you want to send to the contact. There is also a mountain-shaped icon that lets you add a picture or video from the camera on your phone.

    STEP 7

    Once you have done creating the message, you can click on the Send icon in paper-plane shape at the right of the message. This will send out the message like any other text message.

    Schedule Sms Auto Reply On Android

    When youre ready tap on the Save button at the bottom to save your newly configured rule. You will then be asked for a time, date, or the days when you want the auto-reply to be on.

    Select your desired configuration and tap on the Save button again. This will take you to the Turn ON/Off Replies screen. You can access this screen manually any time from the side menu drawer.

    When you try to turn on your newly created rule for auto-reply to messages, youll be asked to grant a few permissions.

    Once the required permissions are granted, you can see the rule will be toggled on in the app. You can go ahead and create multiple rules for different occasions.

    You can also access Settings from the side menu drawer. There are some options here you might want to play with. For instance, the option to only send one message to a contact instead of replying to every single message.

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    On Android: Use The Sms Auto Reply App

    Android may not have a lot of auto-reply features built in, and it technically doesnt allow apps to send messages for you, but third-party apps like SMS Auto Reply have found ways to work around the system.

    When you first launch the app, tap the Add/Edit button to create a new rule. Give it a name, like At Work or Sleeping, and write your message in the text box. You can then go to Set Time to set the time, date, or days of the week you want that rule to be active. If you want, you can even put certain contacts on the Dont Reply List, or create a list of personalized messages for certain people . It doesnt do everything Id like it to doit cant respond to voice calls, and changing profiles based on location would be nicebut its pretty powerful, especially compared to what the iPhone offers.

    Once youve done these three things, your auto-reply rule should turn on, and you can test it by asking someone to send you a text message.

    You can see how this isnt necessarily the ideal solutionits a little janky to set up, and cant auto-respond to incoming calls thanks to Androids permission systembut its better than nothing, and calms your friends paranoia by given them an idea of why you arent texting them back.

    How Come Replies In The Group Message Come Back As An Individual Text

    How to Set Vacation Auto Reply Text Message on Android ...

    When replies in the group message come back as an individual text, your group messaging protocol could be mass text instead of group MMS. When you send a group message that is a mass text, your phone uses the SMS protocol, and so replies will come to you only, and they come as individual text messages.

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    Apps You Can Choose From

    Many apps can forward messages from your phone to your email. For example, a simple “Forward SMS to Email” search returns hundreds, if not thousands, of results. You can also use smart apps, like IFTTT and its alternatives, to set up an automatic forward command.

    Arguably, the best app specifically designed for SMS forwarding is SMS Forwarder – Auto forward SMS to PC or Phone. It’s simple to use, allows for multiple filters, and can forward messages to another number. Best of all, it’s free to use!

    : SMS Forwarder

    How To Modify Or Disable Auto

    I hope you had the chance to optimize your web experience by changing your Chrome flags through last weeks Android customization post. This week, we want to head back to a fairly beginners task, changing the settings, or completely disabling, auto-correct functionality on your Android devices.

    Auto-correct, or auto-cucumber, or arto-monkey as it is sometimes referred to, is responsible for many humorous and disastrous exchanges between friends, loved ones and co-workers. Usually auto-correct works wonderfully, changing misspellings like freind into friend, but other times, words like things turn into thongs and confusion or worse is the result.

    If you, more often than not, spell your words correctly, and find that your auto-correct settings do you more harm than good, this is the guide you are looking for. You know what, if that is not you, if you find that far too few of your words are adjusted, that spelling mistakes are still the norm in your text, well cover some settings below for you as well.

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    Automatic Replies To Android Text Messages Made Easy

    We’ve looked at a few ways to send auto-response texts on Android. Whether you just need an easy and safe way to let people know you’re driving, or want to dive into a full setup with multiple auto-response profiles, you won’t have to leave anyone waiting for a reply again.

    Don’t think that SMS is useless these days, either. There are services that still make good use of it.

    Set Exceptions For Text Auto

    Android Auto – Text Messaging

    The next step in tweaking a template, or making your own, is the Personalized List section. Here, you can optionally choose to send a personalized message to particular contacts. This allows you to leave a more personal note for people you know well or are expecting a message from. Everyone else will get the general message you entered above.

    Tap the Pencil icon next to Personalized List to select contacts, or contact groups, that the personalized message should go to. Once you choose the contacts, type out the message for them.

    You’ll also see a Don’t Reply List field. This allows you to specify numbers that you don’t want to auto-respond to. For instance, you can exclude people you expect to text while out of office.

    When you’re done, tap Save to keep your changes to the current template.

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