Setting Up An Android Tablet For A Child


Restricted Users On Android Phones

Setting up an Android child device

At this time, restricted users can only be created on tablets. But there are many parental control apps available through third parties. My recommendation would be to check the website of your phone’s manufacturer. For example, both HTC and Samsung offer a Kids Mode app that you can download for their smartphones.

Set Up Parental Controls

Parental controls on smartphones and tablets allow you to automatically limit the amount of time your child spends on their device, as well as to otherwise control and monitor their screen time. At Wirecutter, we reviewed seven top parental-control apps, and we found that the best apps for managing your kids phone are thankfully free. We like Apple Screen Time best for families with an iPhone, an iPod touch, or an iPad, and we like for anyone using an Android phone or tablet.

These tools allow you to review apps before theyre downloaded and to block inappropriate content such as pornography, violence, and explicit language. You can set limits on how many hours a day your child can play their favorite game, and you can lock the phone or tablet so that its inaccessible at bedtime or any other time you want.

Parental controls are not a fail-safe option. First, kids can hack them. Second, the content filters dont catch everything . Third, setting up controls is admittedly yet another task for busy parents. But its worth the effort: Experts caution that the risks of screen time remain, including concerns that it gets in the way of good sleep. And Ive found that parental controls can help mitigate screen-time battles and monitor use so Im not constantly looking over my kids shoulders.

Set Up Additional Security

Safe Kids provides comprehensive parental control, including protection against its own deletion, and the recent update has brought one more useful feature restricting access to smartphones own settings. Its worth doing to make sure your child will not be able to connect to unknown Wi-Fi networks, reset the system time, or mess with settings in some other way you didnt predict.

I personally used to recommend an app called Smart Applock for that purpose, but now that Safe Kids has this feature I suggest using it and not installing additional software to execute this task.

One last setting: the lock screen. Enable a lock screen to protect the smartphone from classmates and others who might find it. You can do that through Settings Security or Settings Lock screen. Work with your child to ensure he or she is comfortable entering the PIN or pattern that unlocks the phone. Also, set the lock screen to display a simple contact message or just your phone number in case it goes missing and a stranger finds it.

Software and settings arent a substitute for ongoing parental guidance. Get involved with your childs smartphone usage. Talk about surfing, gaming restrictions, and all that, but expect that your child will find ways around your smartphone usage plan and adapt as needed.

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Google Family Link App

The Family link app gives you an option for more complex parental controls. What’s more, the family link app is available on both IOS and Android. The app helps you set some digital rules for your child or children.

Once you have downloaded the app into your device, create a Google account for your child. Besides, this app is only for kids under the age of 13. After 13 years, the kid can take over the account if you wish.

Family link app enables you to block and allow or hide apps on your child’s mobile device. It also enables you to set the desired time limits for your child as well as bedtime. The family link app will notify you when your child tries to download an app from the play store. Thus, you can either go with or deny this request if the child cannot access the content.

The app also enables you to filter content on the YouTube kids’ app and manage safe searches on Google web. The app does not block all the offensive content, but it is a great tool to keep your kids safe.

Share Content With Family Library

Ainol Q88 Android Kids Tablet PC, 7"  Display Light Weight ...

Family Library is a service that lets all the users in your household maintain their own Google accounts while sharing paid Play Store apps and content with each other. You can also share a single payment method.

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This means that you don’t have to buy the same apps or movies more than once. Thankfully, you can do this selectively, allowing you to keep some of your own purchased content away from your kids. Using this also allows your children to use your credit card to buy items through the Play Store, though you get to approve every purchase.

To get started:

  • In the Play Store, go to Account > Family > Sign up now.
  • Choose the payment method you want to share with your family.
  • When prompted to share your content, select either Add all or One by one.
  • Finally, invite family members to your group by adding their Gmail addresses when prompted. They’ll each need to accept the invite.
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    Creating A New Account With Family Link

    You used to have to jump through hoops and sort of lie to Google about your kid’s age if you wanted someone under 13 to have their own Google account, but nowadays we have Family Link. Through this app, you can create a kid-focused account for your child with lots of protections and features for parents to keep an eye on how gadgets are being used.

    Step one for any kid having their own Android phone or tablet needs to be having a Family Link account, which you create by installing the Family Link app on your phone.

    Family Link accounts are different from normal Google accounts. You create them from an app on your phone, and then the Family Link app walks you through setting that account up on the phone or tablet you want your child to use. As you log in to this account, Family Link lets you choose which apps your child has access to, and lets you set up a service that tells you what apps your child uses most throughout the week.

    If you choose to allow it, this Family Link account has access to all of the basic Google apps and services. You can set up Gmail, messenger, Chrome, Google Drive, and more. There’s a lot of flexibility here, but it can take up to 25 minutes to go from creating the account to fully setting up your child’s device to suit your needs.

    Child Lock Apps In The Play Store

    There is a number of child lock apps in the play store that can restrict access to apps, monitor and/or restrict play time and provide some educational and fun applications. One we liked for a long time was Zoodles. It is currently being upgraded but the free version gave us all that we felt we needed at the time. When looking for a child lock app, read the reviews, especially the negative ones to make sure its the right one for you.

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    Parental Controls For Android Tablet

    It is essential to know the parental controls available and their effectiveness. Every mobile device now comes with settings you can use to filter what your child can see online. What’s more, parental controls are available in whatever device your child has access to at the moment. Besides, it protects your child from the risk of adult content as well as online predators.

    Learn how to keep your child safe from content that will ruin their innocence below.

    Why Choose An Android Phone

    how to set up android phone kids tablet iphone ipad kiddibuzz Tutorial step by step

    The immediate advantage that Android offers is price. Let’s be honest, while many children will want the latest iPhone, sending them into the wild with a £900 phone is asking for trouble.

    In reality, there’s very little meaningful difference in functionality between iPhone and Android: they both offer almost exactly the same apps and services with only a few Apple services you won’t get – like iMessage or FaceTime.

    What you can do, however, is give your child a powerful new phone that’s perhaps a third of the price. There are lots of options for affordable phones, but we highly rate the Moto G family, the Moto G9 Power has some distinct advantages over flagship phones, like the 2-day battery life.


    Of course, you can use an old handset , but the major downside there is that the battery is likely to be poor and there’s the chance if it’s over 3 years old that it won’t be getting the latest security updates from Google.

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    Play Thing: What Do We Want To Achieve

    Always be aware of the research and NHS advice that indicates restricting toddler and young-children’s access to TV and computers is a good thing in terms of activity and developmental capabilities.

    So what do we want to achieve here? The first level is a basic sandbox lock, that turns any Android phone or tablet into a simple play thing, locked until you can recover it from your darling offspring.

    These are great for toddlers who want to play with mum or dad’s device. A step up from these are sandboxes that provide interactive games, learning apps and story books, again in a safe locked-down environment.

    We’re still fans of the utterly basic and free Toddler Lock that fires up shapes, lines and sounds, as your toddler hammers away on the screen. For a little more graphical flare and annoying noises try Baby Rattle Toy that works in a very similar way but is far more colourful! Annoyingly, neither works in landscape mode.

    For older children where you want to give them more access to a device, you can install something more comprehensive. Such sandboxes enable you to restrict access to specific apps, lock profiles, wireless networks and system settings.

    For a totally DIY option follow the walkthrough below were we pick out apps and how to use these to create an Android device that’s flexible enough to grow with your child. We’ll customise, lock-down and create a safe way to browse the internet.

    • 1

    What Can Google Family Link Control

    Google family link gives you controls over:

    • Google Play purchases, content restrictions, approval for app installs
    • Filters on Chrome, including custom black and whitelisting for websites
    • SafeSearch to remove sexually explicit and violet results in Google Search
    • Google Assistant app access and voice matching
    • Android app activity and limits
    • Location tracking to find your child’s device
    • Account info
    • Google account sign in controls across new devices
    • Activity control such as web and YouTube history
    • Usage limits, including individual app limits

    Once setup, you’ll be able to use the app on the parent phone to oversee those areas you want to protect, granting permissions for apps, as well as being able to set time limits – for the whole device or for particular apps. You can enforce bedtimes when the device can’t be used too and location tracking means you can easily find your child – as long as they have a data connection.

    Reading the reviews of Family Link on Google Play shows that a lot of children aren’t happy with the restrictions it imposes – but these are governed by the parents. Some children claim it causes lag or battery drain, but this doesn’t appear to be true from our own experience.

    One of the most useful features is being able to exclude apps from daily use limits, meaning you can limit social media apps, but allow homework apps, for example.

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    Create A User Profile On The Samsung Galaxy Tab

    Especially when sharing a device, you probably dont want Kids Mode enabled on your user profile. For this reason, it is important to set up a user profile that your child can call their own. Of course, if they own the device, it is advisable to create a profile that includes the parental control settings you need for your peace of mind.

    To create a user profile on the Samsung tablet, do the following.

    Go to the Home screen and tap on the Settings icon. From there, tap Users and go to Add user or profile. From here, choose restricted profile and create a password that your child wont be able to guess. Then tap Finish. Job done! Well, almost. You then need to download the Kids Mode app.

    Make A Screen Time Plan


    Whether this is the first tablet in your home, or an additional gadget in a sea of devices, youll want to make a screen time plan that works for your family. First and foremost, when will they be able to use their tablet and for how long? Setting this up in advance will be important for teaching them screen life balance.

    And dont be afraid to continually revisit your screen time policies. Weve found that these types of things need to be fluid, and that the conversation about screen time is ongoing, as kids grow and mature.

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    Choose Google Or Apple

    The two most popular mobile platforms, Apples iOS and Googles Android, both have built-in parental control tools, but Android lets users adjust more settings than iOS does. Android phones have another attractive quality: Theyre less expensive and therefore easier to replace.

    Some people prefer iOS, which may be better for households that have other Apple devices and for parents who arent concerned about the price. You can read here about how to set up iOS for kids, although its in the context of tablets and for younger children.

    Add A New User Account

    An easy way to allow your kids access to your Android device is by adding a user account to your Android. While restricted accounts can be added to tablets only, primary users will be able to access the content of other users and make necessary changes which include deleting apps that you find unwanted. Keeping separate accounts will ensure that your kids do not have access to your apps. So if you use banking apps or you have your work email account setup on your Android then there is no reason to worry if your phone is with your kid.

    While makes this available for all devices that are running on Android 4.2 and above, many devices usually exclude this feature. Follow these steps to add a new user but if you do not see any of the below-mentioned options on your device then you cannot set up additional users on your phone.

    • Go to the Settings menu of your device
    • Tap on Users
    • Tap on Add user or profile and set it up by entering your Google Account details.

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    How To Set Parental Controls For Android

    May 02, 2017

    Virtually every mobile device now comes with a native set of controls to filter and protect children online, and Android devices are no exception. However, setting the controls on an Android tablet or phone can be a bit tricky. From restricting apps to content filtering, well take you through setting parental controls on Android phone or tablet.

    Holding the master account to a device, and designating user accounts for your children, is definitely not foolproof, which is why having a dedicated parental control software — like Net Nanny — is advised. Todays parents are busier than ever, which is why Net Nanny simplifies the process of monitoring and keeping your children safe online.

    Best Practices Tips To Using Screen Time

    Set up Samsung Kids App on your Galaxy Phone or Tablet | How To Tutorial
    Android Limit Screen Time feature is an adaptable feature that you can use as it fits your needs. Here are some the useful tips to make the most of this useful feature:
    • Define separate rules for homework time, dinner time and bed time and only enable the apps that help them during those hours. For instance, you can enable apps like Safari during their homework time but block it during their bed time. Blocking distracting apps will help them better concentrate and get things done quicker.
    • Alter rules on weekdays and weekends. You can relax the rules over the weekends and allow them to use apps a little later than the weekday nights. You can even relax the rules as their exam season ends or summer holidays begin. After all, its all about flexibility!
    • You can define rules according to your childrens age and their phone usage necessities. This way you can set bed time earlier for younger kids and change accordingly. Homework time can be prolonged during the exams for each child individually.


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    Buy Parental Controls Through Amazon Free Time Unlimited

    It is a subscription service for Amazon customers. The subscription has some extra parental control options. What’s more, these extra options limit the content your child can access. It shuts down at the designated curfew.

    You can use the free time app to set daily goals and time limits. Set a turn-off time to turn it off automatically at a specific time. Set the age limit to restrict the child from accessing adult content.

    Keeping Your Child Safe With Family Link

    After your account and your childs account is set up, you can start to use the apps features to keep your child safe, this includes setting device usage time and employing app restrictions.

    Accessing these features is very simple. Log into your Family Link account, choose the child whose settings you want to amend and then click on manage settings at the very top.

    From here you can also add a list of internet sites that you do not want to allow your child access to and set up a type of safe search if you are allowing your child access to the internet. The settings are not just restricted to apps, they also cover content from within Google Play such as movies.

    Screen Time Parental Control

    One feature of Family Link which gives you a great amount of control is screen time. The screen time setting allows you to specify how much time your child can use the device for. You can choose to automatically have the device shut down on certain days or at certain times.

    This is a great feature if your child has unsupervised access to their tablet, especially if they have a habit of using it outside of the agreed time limits.

    If you need to go further than that you can instantly shut down the tablet from within your Family Link account and the only way to unlock it is with a pin.

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