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How to Setup VPN shortcurt Android phone (Hindi)

Its impossible for us to provide instructions for every router here, and some Android devices particularly those running older versions of Android will look different to these instructions.

If you get stuck, your VPN service provider should be your first port of call.

Theyll be able to walk you through the process and get you up and running with your VPN on your Android phone.

Go To Your Android Phones Settings > Network Settings

The first step involves navigating to your smartphones Settings panel. There, you need to find the option for accessing your network settings. The exact name can vary by your device and Android version. It might be called Network and Internet, Network Settings, Connection & Sharing, or something along those lines.

Setup Vpn On Android Phone Using Tunnelbear App

TunnelBear VPN is another popular VPN App on Google Play Store.

TunnelBear provides a much bigger selection of Countries and allows you to try the App on free-trial basis, before making a decision to purchase the App.

1. Open Google Play Store and download TunnelBear VPN App on your Android Phone.

2. Once the App is downloaded, open the App> type your Email Address, Password and tap on Create a free account button.

3. The next step is to verify your Email Address by logging into your Email Account and acknowledging the Email received from TunnelBear.

4. After verifying your Email Address, open TunnelBear app and tap on the Continue button.

5. On the next screen, provide TunnelBear with permission to setup VPN connection on your Phone by moving the toggle to ON position.

6. On the conformation pop-up, tap on OK.

7. Once you tap on OK, TunnelBear App will connect to its VPN Network in the United States. You can change the location by tapping on the Up Arrow and select your desired Country from the list.

The free trail of TunnelBear VPN provides 500 MB, after which you can extend the free trial for 1 GB more by tweeting about TunnelBear, inviting a friend to TunnelBear or by installing TunnelBear on your computer.

If you like the service, you can go for Paid Plans, which start at an affordable $5 per month.

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Use A Standalone Vpn App

Here at How-To Geek we have a few favorite VPN services, all of which have dedicated Android apps that make setup a breeze.

ExpressVPN is definitely our top choice, as their clients are not only easy to use, but you can share an account across any kind of device Android, iPhone, Windows, Mac, Linux, or even your home router. We also like StrongVPN, which is great for more advanced users, and if you really need a free tier, TunnelBear has a free trial that gives you 500mb of data.

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Further Things To Consider

Setting up the VPN on your Android device (phone or tablet)

Depending on your chosen VPN provider and if you have opted for a free option, there may be some restrictions on your browsing. Most of the free offerings are limited in one way or another. This is usually a data limit or may limit throughput speed. You may also be restricted to which servers you can connect to with a free offering.

In practice, we found setting up and operating a very quick process, taking less than 5 minutes and something that everyone should consider to safeguard their internet presence. One small downside is that you may see a slight reduction in your phones battery life if you keep your VPN on all the time. This is due to it running full time in the background, so you may want to consider switching the VPN off when youre not accessing the internet with your device.

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Type In The Vpn Configuration Info

Now, youll need to type in the login and VPN configuration data youve obtained from the provider or your IT administrator. Heres the information youll need:

  • Type: This relates to the VPN protocol youre using. One major problem with connecting manually to VPNs on Android is that youre restricted to L2TP, IPSec, and IKEv2 protocols. All these VPN protocols are pretty much obsolete due to security vulnerabilities, slow speeds, or both. The better option is IKEv2, while you should definitely avoid PPTP, as its the most vulnerable of the bunch.
  • Server address: This is the address of the server youre connecting to and is represented in the form For example, SurfSharks US Atlanta server address is
  • Login credentials: Username and password designated by the commercial VPN provider or IT administrator
  • Name: You can name the VPN connection whatever you want, but keep in mind that its best to put recognizable denominators in the name, such as NordVPN London server, so you can tell them apart if you have multiple connections saved.
  • Advanced options: Here, you can find DNS-related settings like DNS search domains, servers, and forwarding routes.

Once youve typed everything in, save the VPN connection profile.

How To Set Up A Vpn On Android

Setting up a VPN is a simple process once you have settled on an appropriate VPN provider. Follow our step-by-step instructions below.

Heres how to setup a VPN on Android:

  • Settle on a VPN provider from the list above. We recommend NordVPN.
  • Choose an appropriate server .
  • You are now connected through a VPN. If youre still having trouble loading content from abroad try clearing your cookies and refreshing the webpage.
  • See also:How to set up a VPN on Nvidia Shield

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    How To Configure Vpn On Samsung Galaxy Note 5

    • Go to the menu of your phone and tap on Settings
    • Select Connections from the top bar
    • Click on Mobile networks
    • Tap on VPN
    • Tap on + from the top right corner of the screen to add a new VPN connection
    • Enter VPN connection name, select the desired tunneling protocol, enter server address as provided by VPN service and hit save
    • Now you will be able to see the new VPN connection in the list
    • Tap on the newly made connection to connect
    • If the connection is successful, the VPN connection status will turn to connected, and you will be able to access thousands of geo-restricted websites immediately. In addition to this, 100% anonymity and protection against every cyber threat will be an additional benefit of using a VPN. Enjoy!

    Setting Up A Vpn On Android With The Openvpn Protocol

    How To Setup VPN On Android

    As weve mentioned previously, when youre manually connecting to a VPN on Android, youre stuck with several outdated protocols. Most modern VPNs rely either on WireGuard or OpenVPN protocols to operate, and these are the best you can get.

    Luckily, you can also create OpenVPN connections on Android with just a few extra steps. Almost every reputable VPN provider has a tutorial for using OpenVPN on mobile on their site. While different providers tend to have different steps, the thing youll certainly need is an OpenVPN Android app. You can get these from the Google Play store for free, but make sure you pick one thats been vetted as safe.

    Just follow the instructions from your provider, and youll be using OpenVPN on Android in no time. We definitely recommend going the extra mile to enable OpenVPN connections, as theyre both speedier and more secure than older protocols.

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    How To Create A Vpn Server On Android

    Since the built-in features of android do not support the latest technology, it is best that you use an OpenVPN protocol as it is up to date with the latest security measures.

    OpenVPN is another powerful protocol, the only difference between third party VPNs and OpenVPN is that OpenVPN will allow you to control and manage the data by yourself, that way you will have the assurance that your info is in safe hands. Heres how to connect:

    • Enter the necessary details which your administrator should have provided you with.
    • The settings will let you select a protocol, enable the Kill Switch and select battery saver mode.
    • Your VPN server is set.

    How Does Vpn Help Web Users

    Before moving to set up VPN on Android, iPhone, or other devices, you should know how a VPN service helps web users. While accessing the web on a computer, tablet, or smartphone using VPN services, the VPN connects your device to another computer located in the internet world. After connecting to the server whatever you browse on your device, your device uses the server’s internet connection. So if the connected server is located in a different country , it will show that you are present in that country and access from there. People are mainly using VPN services for the following reason:

    • VPN allows bypassing geographic restrictions for accessing websites or other web services.
    • It protects users from spying on untrusted Wi-Fi hotspots.
    • It facilitates watching streaming media like Netflix and Hulu if they are unavailable in your country.
    • It protects you from being logged in while torrenting.
    • It helps you to hide your true location online.

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    Setting Up A Vpn On Android

    The process is very similar if youre on an Android device. Again, most providers will have an app that you can download and it will do the configuration for you, but if not, heres how.

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Under the Wireless & networks section, select More.
  • Select VPN.
  • On the top-right corner you will find a + sign, tap it.
  • Your chosen VPN provider will supply you with all your VPN information. Simply select your desired protocol and enter all the information.
  • Hit Save.
  • You can connect by going back to the VPN settings and selecting your VPN of choice. You will be asked to enter your username and password. Or can also hit the 3-dot menu button to set your VPN to always be on.
  • Setup Vpn Using Turbo Vpn App

    How to setup VPN connection in Android Phone [Easy Steps]

    One of the best free VPN Apps that you can find on Google Play Store is Turbo VPN, which offers unlimited Free VPN service.

    Although, Turbo VPN App covers only a limited number of Countries, it covers the most popular Countries that most users would be interested in.

    1. Open Google Play Store on your Android Phone and download Turbo VPN App.

    2. Once the App is downloaded, open the app and tap on the World icon located at the top-right corner.

    3. On the next screen, select the Country in which you want to use Turbo VPN.

    4. Wait for the App to connect to your selected Countrys VPN network. If you get an error message, select the Country again.

    Once you are connected to the VPN network, you are all setup and ready to use the VPN service on your Android Phone.

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    What You Need To Get Started

    To get started, you must first choose the VPN service that you want to use. You should also have a good understanding of what you ultimately want out of your VPN before selecting one to ensure it can support your goals. Before starting your research on VPN solutions, know the exact operating system version your phone is currently on as well as the model of your phone. This will help you eliminate any compatibility issues from the start. Lastly, it is a good practice to configure your Android VPN setup on a trusted network, if possible, to avoid any unwanted errors or unexpected troubleshooting.

    If this seems overwhelming, dont worry. We will walk you through all steps required to set up your VPN. If you are struggling to decide on a VPN service, we have a list of recommended VPNs for you to consider as a starting point.

    How To Connect To A Vpn On Android

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    If you want to download an app not available in your country, connect to a company network on the road, or just stay safe on public Wi-Fi, youll need a VPN. Heres how to connect to a VPN on your Android phone.

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    Its worth noting that Nexus devices have a built-in VPN for staying safe on public Wi-Fi, and you can read more about that here. But for any other uses, you have a few options for connecting to a VPN on your Android phone.

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    How To Manually Set Up A Vpn On An Ios Device

    iOS devices natively support the L2TP, IPSec, and IKEv2 protocols. To configure a VPN on your iPhone or iPad, go to: Settings > General > VPN > Add VPN Configuration > Type. Here you can select IKEv2, IPSec , or L2TP .

    Then you need to fill in the required fields, which includes the server address you want to use from your VPN provider, your account name and password, and a remote ID or pre-shared key . If your VPN provider supports these protocols, you should be able to locate your remote ID or key in your account/customer profile. Then hit Done to connect. You will need to repeat these steps for every server you want to set up.

    How to manually set up a VPN on an Android device

    Android devices natively support L2TP/IPSec but not IKEv2. To set up L2TP/IPSec, go to: Settings > Wireless & networks > More > VPN

    If you wish to use the IKEv2 protocol on an Android device, you will need to download a third-party software app like strongSwan VPN Client.

    How To Setup A Vpn Manually On Android Phone

    How To Setup Free VPN in Android Phone Bangla Tutorial | Create default VPN Connection

    A more complex way to setup VPN on an Android phone is to manually configure the VPN in Android settings. If you are using a private VPN provided by your company, you may need to go through these steps. Just remember to obtain the VPN configuration information from your company’s network administrator and follow the steps below.

  • Unlock your Android phone.
  • Launch the Settings app.
  • 3. Under âWireless & networksâ section, select âMoreâ, followed by “VPN“.

    4. Tap on “Add VPN profile“. If you are on another version of Android, there is a plus “+” sign at the top right hand corner, tap on it.

    5. Key in all VPN settings information including description, server, and IP addresses. Your network administrator should have provided you with all your VPN information.

    6. Select your desired protocol and fill up the required information.

    7.Hit âSaveâ.

    8. You can connect by going back to the VPN settings and selecting your VPN of choice. You will be asked to enter a username and password.

    9. You can also hit the 3-dot menu button to set your VPN to always be on.

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    Set Up A Vpn On Android Smartphones

    VPN support is baked into Android, so you can easily set it up via the phones Settings menu without downloading an app.

    How to manually set up a VPN on Android

  • Open the Settings menu of the phone. Keep in mind that the instructions below may vary depending on what device you have.
  • Tap on Wi-Fi & Internet or Wireless & networks. Basically, you need to go to the network settings page.
  • Tap on VPN. On some devices, you may need to expand the options by first tapping on More.
  • Tap on the plus sign at the top right corner. If you dont see one, you will need to open the advanced options menu .
  • Enter the necessary information like the server address, username, and password. This info will be provided to you by the network administrator.
  • How to manually connect to OpenVPN networks on Android

    The built-in VPN feature on an Android phone comes with support for PPTP, L2TP, and IPSec. None are the most secure, and PPTP, in particular, is quite outdated. Use this method if you absolutely have to or if the OpenVPN protocol isnt available for the private network you want to connect to.

    To connect to OpenVPN, youll have to rely on a third-party app like OpenVPN Connect instead. OpenVPNs official app runs on any device running Android 4.1 and above.

  • Download the app from the .
  • Your network administrator should provide the necessary information. The app lets you import a profile using an URL or select a .ovpn file on your phone.
  • You can also manually add a proxy connection.
  • Some Best Free Vpn Companies Recommendations

    There are a number of Free VPN Providers in the market in todays world. It is very difficult to find out the best amongst all of them. So here in this article, I am going to give you a list of some of the best Free VPN Providers that will help you to be safe over the browser. Below is some of the Free VPN Providers For Android that you must know:

    • ProtonVPN

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    Setting Up Your Vpn On Your Iphone Or Android

    Once youve chosen a provider, its time to set up the VPN on your phone. There are a couple of ways to do this. The first and most straightforward option is to:

    • Purchase a VPN app in the Apple store or the Google Play store and download the app
    • Follow the setup instructions. Generally, these applications are easy to set up, even for the novices. And, theyre easy to maintain, since you can set up and save preferences.Avast SecureLine VPN offers apps for both Android and iOS mobile devices. And, it has 256-bit bank grade encryption and is built on the strong OpenVPN and OpenSSL protocols.

    Technophiles keep reading: Want more control over your VPN?

    The second option is to manually set up the VPN on your mobile device, which obviously requires a bit more time, effort, and knowledge. This approach is best suited for someone who wants more control over the VPN experience, including the ability to choose a specific protocol and customize settings.

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