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How To Sign Documents From An Android Explained

Signing a Document on Android

    Its official: businesses are making the transition to online paperwork, and for good reason. Electronic forms and documents are easily accessible on your device or on the cloud, theyre better for the environment, they are legally accepted, and theyre more convenient than an in-person meeting.

    Its great to see an eco-friendly, easily-accessible evolution in the business industry, but many companies still have questions about eSignatures: How easy are the documents to understand? How do you navigate them in a way that works for you? How do Android users find eSignature providers that are formatted for easy access on their device?

    Many people love customizable Android phones, but some apps arent formatted for Android devices. Luckily, you can easily and successfully sign any documents right from your Android phone.

    Fill And Sign Pdf Forms

    Fill and Sign PDF Forms is an Android PDF signing app developed by Binary. The app lacks many features but the straightforward interface.


    • It has Signature Capture capability.
    • You can attach photos to the PDF files and save the signed PDF files.
    • This app also enables you to view the signed PDF files, email and share signed PDF files.
    • It allows signing PDF files with AcroFields.


    • It supports only text form not all PDF forms.
    • It doesn’t allow independent signature entry.

    Viewing And Saving Scanned Documents In Google Drive

    When you’re all done, tap the Save button back on the main scan page. Here, you’ll have a chance to change the document title if you haven’t already, as well as pick which Google Drive account the file goes to . Pick a Folder, and it will upload to Drive when you tap Save.

    You can view the PDF in your Google Drive anytime. If you want to access it even without a network connection, tap the three-dot button on the file and choose Make available offline. You can also choose to save a local copy anywhere on your phone’s storage.

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    Scan Documents With Android Phone

    Used in conjunction with the Google Drive App, your Android Phone is quite capable of doubling up as an impressive document scanner.

    Scanning a document with an Android Phone is as simple as taking a snap with the back camera of your phone. Once the document has been scanned, you can crop, rotate, edit and enhance the document, before saving it to Google Drive.

    The scanned document will be saved as a PDF file on , from where you can Print, Share or Send the Scan to anyone using Gmail, WhatsApp, Skype and other sharing apps as available on your phone.

    How To Sign Pdfs And Documents On Android

    How to sign PDF documents from your Android device ...

    Posted by AndroidBeat Contributor on Aug 04, 2018 in Apps, How To

    I remember those days when signing a PDF form sent over email was such a hassle. I had to take a print out then sign on it, scan and then send it again. The other way was to have your signature scanned, paste it as an image in the PDF and then reconvert it into PDF or maybe take a photo and get the job done.

    All this works when you have to do this once a blue moon and for a single PDF file because theres no denying that this is a tedious and inefficient process. Plus, not everyone has a printer or scanner always at their disposal. Thankfully, you can now easily scan and sign PDF documents right from your Android smartphone in just a few simple steps. Heres how:

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    Download Adobe Reader And Open Your Pdf

    Make sure that the document you want to sign is stored somewhere Adobe Reader can find it you can save it on your phone’s internal storage from an email attachment, for example, or save it to Dropbox or Google Drive.

    Start Adobe Reader and open the PDF file. Tap the “Files” tab at the bottom of the screen and then locate the document on the phone or in a cloud storage location.

    Sign Pdf Files On Android Smartphone

    – You need to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader app from Google Play Store.

    – Next, you have to sign in with your Adobe account. For those new to Adobe ecosystem, they will need to create a new account. Spoiler alert, lots of advice involved in the process.

    – Once you are in, simply tap the Files icon at the bottom of the screen. You can access all your PDF files stored on your phone but you can also access them directly from Gmail, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and the likes.

    – Once you have chosen your file, it opens. Click on the Edit option.

    – You will see several options, out of which you need to choose Fill & Sign.

    – Next, you need to create you signature. Tap on the sign icon at bottom of the screen. You can either draw you own sign or just create digital initials.

    – If you choose to go for a custom sign, draw it in the box, or use the phones camera to capture the sign digitally. Hit done when you are good to go.

    – Now, go back to your PDF document and tap the spot where you want to put your sign. An adjustable box will appear to allow adjusting the sign. Once done, tap on the ok button .

    – Next time, you only need to open the PDF document, click on Edit, and the Fill & Sign to get going.

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    How To Electronically Sign Pdf Documents On Iphone Or Ipad

    One of the easiest ways to sign a PDF document on an iPhone or iPad is to use the Files app. Files is Apples default file management app for devices running iOS and iPadOS that lets you access all your files from local and cloud storage services all in one place.

    Since it comes pre-installed on iOS and iPadOS, you can follow the steps below right away to electronically sign your PDF documents on your iPad or iPhone:

  • Open the Files app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Head over to the folder that contains the PDF file you want to sign.
  • Tap on the PDF to open it using Files built-in PDF reader/editor.
  • Once the PDF is open, tap on the markup tool icon on the top-right corner to bring up markup features. Fill out any form fields as required.
  • Hit the plus button and select Signature from the menu.
  • If youve never created a signature, the app will present you with a blank screen. Use your fingers to draw out your signature on this screen.
  • When youre done, click Done.
  • As soon as you do that, Files will save your signature and add it to your document. You can then click and drag it to move it to the signature field on the form or PDF. Similarly, you can also resize the signature by dragging the box around it outward or inward.

    Besides, you have the option to change the signature color as well. For this, click on the color picker icon and select a color from the color palette.

    Finally, when youre satisfied with your signature, hit Done on the top-left to save the signed PDF document.

    Forensically Identifiable Signatures On Smartphones

    How to Fill and Sign Documents on Phone For Free in JULY 2020 || Android & iOS
    • SIGNificant records the handwritten signature of a person using behavioral biometrical parameters, such as acceleration, speed, and rhythm. This makes the digitized signature forensically identifiable.
    • Supports high-quality signature capture with capacitive pens.
    • We also provide that authenticates a signature against a pre-enrolled signature profile database in real time.
    • Remotely sign documents using qualified remote certificates authenticated through biometric signature verification

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    How To Sign Word Documents On Your Iphone

    To sign a Word document, you’ll need to save it to your iPhone and then open it in the Microsoft Word app . When you receive a Word attachment, tap it to download the document and then tap to open the document. Select the share icon, choose “Save to Files,” and then select the Word folder. The open the Word app and you should see your document listed. If you don’t, select the folder icon at the bottom and then select “On My iPhone.”

    Some Word documents will have a special signature line, which means its set up for digital signatures. Signing is straightforward: just double tap the signature line and a Sign dialog box will pop up. Here, you can add a printed version of your signature by typing your name or adding a handwritten signature with a stylus or your finger.

    If you’re signing a document that hasn’t been set up for Word’s digital signature system, tapping on the signature line does nothingbut you can still insert your signature. Just place your cursor where you want to add your signature and choose Insert and then Picture. Select a picture file of your signature, preferably a PNG file and youll see your signature appear in the document. Dont worry if the picture has messed up the formatting of the document, youre about to fix that.

    How To Sign Documents On Android

    First off, you need an app that can handle signatures. There are a lot of these around, with some of the big ones including SignNow, DocuSign and Adobe Sign. These all do the job, and their paid subscriptions allow access to extra enterprise-focussed features if you plan to use the service a lot in your line of work.

    However, for the average person who just needs the ability to scribble a signature on a PDF and little else, we recommend either Adobe Acrobat Reader or Adobe Fill and Sign. While both apps prompt you to sign in or make an Adobe account, you can quit out of this menu and use them without an account. Handy if you need to add your signature to some documents ASAP, or don’t fancy handing over your details to Adobe.

    We’ll start with Acrobat Reader.

    How to sign documents on Android with Adobe Acrobat Reader

    1. Once you open the app and close the sign-up sheet , you’ll be on the home screen of the app. If your document doesn’t appear here, go to Items, then select the source. I downloaded my document onto my phone already for this how-to, but you can integrate various cloud storage platforms if you wish alongside your phone’s built-in storage.

    2.Select your document, which takes you to the screen on the left. It may also look like the screen on the right if the app has “Liquid Mode” reading enabled . This makes for a more immersive reading experience but doesn’t make a difference to adding a signature.

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    Use Google’s Markup Feature

    Although Android does have its own Markup feature, it’s not as thorough as Apple’s. It only allows you to use your finger to add text or your signature â there is no way to add typed text. However, if the form is extremely simple, or only really needs your name, date, and signature, this feature may work.

    Note: This method only works on Android 9.0 Pie and up, and it’s not available on all devices. Samsung removed Markup from their Galaxy line of devices â instead, they have the screenshot editor. Also, Markup only works for for PNGs and JPGs you cannot use Markup on a PDF. Although Google Drive is the default handler for anything PDF-related, it doesn’t let you sign or add text on mobile. If you really need to fill out a PDF on Android, use Adobe Fill & Sign.

    When you’re done, hit “Save” and the filled out form will be saved to your smartphone. You can then share it via email, text, and other applications like you would any other photo in your camera roll.

    This article was produced during Gadget Hacks’ special coverage on using your smartphone to boost productivity. Check out the whole Productivity series.

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    Sign Documents And Collect Signatures From Mobile Devices

    DocuSign Ink Android App Review and Demo

    Get Your Work Done Faster with the signNow Mobile App:

    • Draw your signature with your finger or use a camera to capture it.
    • Sign documents on iPad, iPhone or Android device without an internet connection.
    • Collect in-person signatures using kiosk mode.
    • Build complex eSignature workflows with multiple parties, assign roles and set a specific signing order
    • Create signing links for templates to collect signatures on the spot.
    • Get real-time notifications as soon as your document has been signed.

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    Sign A Document With Iphone/ipad/ipod Touch

    1. Open Notes, then tap the document in the note

    2. Tap the Share button, then tap Markup

    3. Tap the Add button, then tap Signature and add a saved signature or create a new signature. Then you can adjust the size of the signature box and place it wherever you want on the document

    4. Tap Done

    *** Notes: For forms/documents that request a parent signature, the signature must be provided by the parent. Proof of signatures may be required.

    TIPS: To manually sign your document, follow steps 1-2, then select a tool to use and sign the document with your finger or an Apple Pencil with a compatible iPad.

    Use Adobe Fill & Sign

    The first and honestly best way to fill out important documents on your smartphone is with a third-party app called Adobe Fill & Sign, and lucky for you, it’s available on both the App Store and the Play Store.

    After downloading Adobe Fill & Sign, you can easily upload existing documents, or scan documents in real life using your phone’s camera. Once you’re ready to fill it out, you can enter text and numbers, as well as other characters, to fill out your name, address, phone number, and other information. You can even check boxes and enter other characters if the document requires it.

    Finally, you can use your finger to enter your initials and signature, and complete the document.

    One of the best things about Adobe Fill & Sign is the ability to create a profile, which means you enter your information once, and from then on, it can auto-fill that same information into your important documents much faster than before.

    Once your documents are filled out, you can share them in several ways, depending on your operating system. Either way, you’ve got an easy way to fill out your most important forms for both iOS and Android.

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    Print Share Or Send Scanned Documents

    Once you scan the document, it will be stored on Google Drive in Scanned Documents Folder or any other folder that you made the scan to.

    The best part of storing Scanned documents on Google Drive is that you will be able to search the document by its name, Print, Share or Send the document to any one at any time.

    1. Simply open the Google Drive App on your Android Phone.

    2. Once you are in Google Drive, Open the scanned document that you want to print or send to someone.

    3. Once the document is open, tap on the 3-dot menu icon, located at the top right corner of your screen.

    4. On the menu that appears, tap on Print in case you want to print the PDF file or tap on Send File, in case you want to send the scan to anyone.

    5. Once you tap on send, you will see a slide-up menu, providing you with Gmail, WhatsApp, Outlook and various other options to send the file .

    Tip: Instead of taking pictures of Receipts, Flyers, Notes and others, you can save a ton of Storage space on your Android device by scanning such items and saving them as PDF files on Google Drive.

    Stay Secure And Compliant

    How to Sign PDF on Phone (Android & IPhone)
    • Enable advanced threat protection and two-factor authentication
    • Authenticate signers via password, phone call or SMS
    • Keep track of all changes in documents with a complete Audit Trail and downloadable history
    • All eSignatures created with signNow are legally-binding and recognized world-wide
    • Medical documentation is kept in compliance with HIPAA standards

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    Capturing And Editing Using Microsoft Lens

    No matter which mode you’re using, scanning the document is the same: just point your camera at it and snap a picture as usual. For best results, use a background that contrasts with the document you’re scanning, and hold your phone right above the media for the cleanest capture.

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    After capturing with Lens, you can adjust the borders in case the app doesn’t detect them properly. Once you hit Confirm, you’ll see a page with all sort of options.

    Add opens the scanner so you can add more images to the document. Use Filters to modify the look of the image, then Crop and Rotate if it doesn’t look right.

    Under More, you can select Ink to draw on the document, Text to overlay typed text, or Reorder to rearrange the items in a scan. When you’re happy, tap Done to move on.

    Image Gallery

    How To Scan Documents On Android Using Microsoft Lens

    While scanning documents on Android with Google Drive is easy, you might not like the app for whatever reason. Maybe you don’t want to use a Google account, or perhaps you don’t like the idea of every scan you make uploading to the cloud.

    In that case, there are tons of mobile document scanner apps worth using. We’ll highlight one of the best: Microsoft Lens. It’s a simple Android document scanner that lets you easily save your scans as local files, which fixes the biggest hangup with Google Drive.

    Install Microsoft Lens, then open it to start. During the brief intro, you’ll see some basic info about the app and will be asked to grant permission to your photos and camera. Once you’ve done this, Lens lets you jump right into scanning.

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