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Battle For The Galaxy

Top 10 Best Mobile Turn Based RPG Strategy games

Battle for the Galaxy is a free to play strategy game where youll need to build your army and battle enemies in a mystical world. You can recruit space marines, battlecruisers, rocket troopers, and other units and construct more than 20 buildings as you build your ultimate fortress. You can also create corporations alongside other gamers and participate in leagues, tournaments, raids, and duels. Daily challenges are available where you can earn rewards and gather bonuses. A very recent update added a new 10-hour shield, improved mechanics, and more.

Best Android Strategy Games: Face New Challenges On Every Step

The best thing about strategy games is that you can play these games for a prolonged period. Also, there are no fixed difficulty levels while playing them. These games offer multiplayer functionality, and hence, the difficulty level is based on your opponents skill. On that note, lets look at the 26 best Android strategy games in various sub-genres.

European War : Napoleon

Hello, the great commander! Its time you started showing your skills!

As you know, Europe has always been a very active region throughout history. There have been a great number of bloody wars that led to various circumstances.

If you want to take part in such an important period of the worlds history, here you go.

In this app, you will be able to practice a huge number of functions:

  • Move from rank to rank, mastering your skills in every fight.
  • Choose the commander that appeals to you most. You can choose from Nelson, Kutuzov, Murat, Napoleon, Washington, Wellington, and many others.
  • Study the map and see where you can attack and where you should pick the defensive tactics. Be wise not to lose the fight. Remember, you can lose the fight but you can not lose the war!
  • Improve your troops to gain more power and be victorious.
  • Try to fight in 6 war zones. They are all different and unique, so make sure you are studying fast and use all the advantages of the location.
  • The scenario of the game depends on your actions only. Try various plots and correct your mistakes when you fail to win.
  • Gain coins and achievements. Dont ignore this function, it can help you upgrade your skills and your army.

The game saves your progress automatically so that you didnt have to worry about keeping your achievements.

The game is free of charge. It is available Google Play. The ads will keep the content free for you. There is an ad removal option that you will find in in-app purchases.

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Vega Conflict Intense Fighting In Space

Space, the final frontier, with endless conflicts! In strategy game Vega Conflict prevails not peace, joy and pancakes, but various factions fighting for supremacy in space. One of these warlords are of course your.In order to survive against some very clever acting AI enemies in this successful strategy game for Android, the player builds resources markets, establishes a growing space stations and are in the truest sense of the word by powerful warships in order.

This known strategy-mix works for Vega Conflict extremely well and thus strategy veterans will find your way, but even beginners will have with this strategy game for Android a lot of fun. What Vega Conflict is distinguished as a good level gameplay further the pretty graphics and the dedicated community. So if you prefer gambles with other space-commander, is right here!

Strategy Game For Alien Fans: Xcom: Enemy Within

Rubicon Announces Great Little War Game 2, a Streamlined, Single ...

XCOM: Enemy Within is an impressive title as it proves just how exciting turn-based strategy games can be. The story unfolds around an alien invasion on Earth. The reason why you are rooting for your soldiers is partly due to the challenging enemy AI, which often places you under a lot of pressure. One small mistake can be fatal.

On the other hand, the XCOM fighters grow on you in the course of the extremely very tactical battles, as they collect better equipment and hone their abilities. The gloomy atmosphere of XCOM: Enemy Within pulls you into the game’s universe. The multiplayer mode is also very well executed. Some moves trigger cutscenes – showcasing really excellent graphics on a mobile device.

  • 4.2 stars on Google Play / 4.5 stars on Apple App Store
  • Price: $4.99 , $4.99
  • In-App Purchases: No

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    Vampire: The Masquerade Night Road

    Going real old school, Vampire: The Masquerade Night Road is a text-based RPG set in the World of Darkness. You play as a vampire courier as you’re thrust into things well beyond your pay grade. The story is well-written and your choices have weight on the outcome of the game.

    Overall, the writing is great, especially if you like the World of Darkness or vampires in general. There’s a lot of player freedom and you can create a character who truly suits you .

    Reigns: Game Of Thrones

    Considered by many to be the best version of Reigns, this game adapts the classic game formula into the setting of George R.R. Martins ruthless fantasy world. Reigns: Game of Thrones is not only the best mobile Game of Thrones adaptation, it also brings a wonderful degree of complexity to what is, otherwise, a very simple game system. You may only be swiping left or right, but in Westeross atmosphere of betrayal and court intrigue, even these minor decisions can have massive consequences.

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    Z Origins The Cult Hit Returns

    What is old, does not have to be bad! Exactly meets the strategy classic Z Origins, or Z to. Although the game of 1996 never as popular as a Command & Conquer or the Games of the Age-of-Empires series was, in terms of gameplay, it could the sheet soldiers quite compete with the strategy sizes.its one of the best Strategy games for android.

    The strategy game is graphically not very well aged, but the mix of real-time strategy battles and the growth of its base can even nowadays convinced it is well known, especially in the inner values at!

    Awesome Things You Can Do In Dominations:

    Top 10 Best Real Tiime strategy games for Android and iOS
    • Play as one of 8 glorious nations you will lead through the ages.
    • Advance through the ages by discovering brand new technologies.
    • Lead your armies on conquests all across the world, battling other rulers for dominance.
    • Raid other rulers kingdoms for loot to grow your own settlement even further.
    • Join an alliance and fight in epic 50-on-50 battles in a massive world war mode.

    Build up your army and send it to raid and pillage the towns of your enemies.

    Build up your own town and prepare your defenses to defend against threats.

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    Top 10 Best Strategy Games For Android

    You may be thinking that theres no way a mobile game can reflect the complexity and ingenuity of strategy games. Luckily for you, many developers have found ways to bring console-level experiences to your phone. Here are some of our favorite strategy titles that you can currently play on Android devices.

    Bounty Hunter Space Lizard

    Free Android game Bounty Hunter Space Lizard is the tale of a despondent lizard living in a van, whose lover left, and whose spacesuit sprang a leak. Obviously, said reptile then had an epiphany: the only way to feel alive is to be a bounty hunter!

    Its not a recommendation TechRadar would make , but it does provide the backstory for a fun and surprisingly deep turn-based strategy title.

    Across 20 levels you carefully move your lizard, mercilessly cutting down targets, and try to avoid getting horribly killed yourself. The game keeps shaking things up, shifting from clockwork stealth to a chess take on Bomberman. Reaching the ending is a rewarding experience albeit one you likely wont have for quite some time. It turns out being a bounty hunter is tough!

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    Sandbox Strategy & Tacticsww2 Strategy War Games

    This is a game based on the time of World Wars. You have to play as a leader leading the biggest army to defeat your opponent. However, this game requires critical strategy-making to control the European army. Playing this game enhances your skills and lets you showcase or presence of mind on the battlefield.

    From the start of this game, you will achieve an accurate map of Asia and Europe, following which you have to make moves. There are more than 950 regions and 39 nations that the user can explore and evade using the map.

    Can You Enjoy Playing Strategy Games On Android

    Free single player strategy games. 25 Best Single Player PC Games On ...

      But what’s interesting about the Android strategy scene is the sheer variety that’s on offer. You’ll find all manner of genre hybrids that serve to add an extra dose of excitement and immediacy into this deeply cerebral form of a game.

      Think we’ve missed something from our list? Share your own Android strategy games favourites in the comments below.

      Original List by Jon Mundy, updated by Cristina Mesesan

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      Awesome Things You Can Do In Kards:

      • Play as one of the great powers and fight intense battles against the rest.
      • Use real weapons, equipment and more, each with their own tricks and mechanics.
      • Utilize naval support and aerial bombardment to gain the edge.
      • Collect cards and build a deck full of iconic equipment, leaders and more.
      • Play the entire game from the get-go, with all gameplay features unlocked and no payment needed.

      Collect new cards and customize your deck to suit your needs.

      Battle against other players online to gain supremacy over every theater of war.

      Awesome Things You Can Do In Gwent:

      • Do battle by placing your cards in two distinct rows – melee and ranged, both with their own quirks.
      • Utilize spells, potions, equipment and more to either grant your units buffs or take out your enemys cards.
      • Choose exactly how you play and strategize – whether you play your strongest units first or leave them for last is up to you.
      • Go through a thrilling single-player campaign and build your deck how you see fit.
      • Progress through the game, create a competitive deck and fight other players across the world.

      Build your deck and adapt your playstyle to best match your opponents moves.

      Use special abilities and spells to gain an edge in battle.

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      World Of Warships Blitz

      Developer: WargamingPlay Store Rating: 3.9Size: 1.48 GB

      Enough battles on the ground now lets move to the sea! World Of Warships Blitz is based on the award-winning PC version of the same name It brings the naval World War II battles to life with stunning graphics and immersive action. This game is regarded as one of the best Android strategy games.

      You can play epic 7vs7 multiplayer battles in this game along with your friends. Destroy enemy bays, sink enemy vessels, and capture as many ports as possible. You can command your ships in the high sea or on a marine battlefield as well.

      There are 90 unique classes of ships to choose from, with Battleships, Cruisers, and Destroyers being the most prominent ones. World Of Warships Blitz isnt a cakewalk after all, a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor!

      Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic Ii

      Stick War 3 – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 2 Single Player (Android,iOS)

      The sequel to the original KOTOR, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II was developed by Obsidian and took a much more nuanced approach to the Star Wars formula. Characters are more morally grey and your decisions feel like they have more weight than in the first KOTOR.

      This port is very well done with a mobile-optimized UI. It retains the look of the original, which just adds to its charm. This is one of the best RPGs ever made, which is no surprise considering that it came from Obsidian.

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      Nova Empire: Space Commander

      Developer: GameBear TechPlay Store Rating: 4.1Size: 706 MB

      In Nova Empire: Space Commander, you have to raise your fleet and try to own the galaxy. It is a multiplayer game, and hence you can collaborate and battle against players from all over the globe.

      Its rather difficult to attack your enemies single-handedly in this game, meaning you have to form up alliances and strategize your attacks wisely. You can design your fleets according to your requirements and in a way that counters the weaknesses of the opponent ships.

      Players also have to recruit enough admirals to oversee the war progress in the game. You can also build and customize your space station. The HD graphics of Nova Empire: Space Commander further adds to the visual appeal and excitement while playing the game.

      Tiny Troopers : Special Ops

      Lastly, say hello to Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops if you love a play an animation war game. However, Tiny Troopers is also considered one of the most amusing war games for Android. The strategies are perceivable and easy, and the game is addictive. I am sure you will love enjoying this game.

      Important Features

      Let you build up your own force with numerous troops. You can easily customize your force troops with new uniforms and ranks. Let you use lots of stunning defenses like grenades, rockets, and airstrikes. You have to help the troops and save them from endless waves of zombies. Let you be a premium member by providing lots of optional in-app purchases. You will get lots of upgrades to improve your troops so that you can survive longer on the battlefield.

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      Battle Of Polytopia A Civilization Strategy Game

      It is another best turn-based strategy game. Although this game is not as immersive as XCOM, the playing levels indulge you in making powerful strategies. The player here has to play as a king who is on a quest to win and expand the empire.

      There would be evil tribes with whom you need to combat and win to claim your throne. Every strategy that you create in this game involves critical thinking, as situations in this game are unique. Moreover, it is a decent game with a good balance, secure handling, and monotonous strategies.

      The Best Online Strategy Games You Can Play For Free

      Best free Android games of 2017

      Strategy gaming is always exciting – trying to figure out the best moves, playing around your opponent and claiming victory is intensely satisfying.

      Its even more satisfying when you know that youre playing against a real person – and you can do that without spending a penny!

      Here are 15 awesome online strategy games to play if you want to show off your strategic skills to the world!

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      Pirates Of The Caribbean Tow

      Players who are enthusiasts about pirates can find this game interesting. This is a strategy game where you have to play and use strategy just like captain Jack Sparrow. Using your efficiency, you have to make every pirates dream come true. You will lead from the front and create your own clan in this game. You can recruit more pirates to expand your forces. There are times when you have to battle with several monsters to win a stage. This game has a sole objective: keeping the dominance in the sea. So, you will play as a pirate to keep the dominance consistent.

      Awesome Things You Can Do In Vega Conflict:

      • Command impressive fleets and send them to battle your online opponents in real time.
      • Form and join alliances with your fellow players to improve your chances of victory.
      • Customize your fleets and individual ships to best suit your needs.
      • Take part in massive battles with several other players.
      • Play the game from anywhere, whether its your computer, tablet or phone.

      Build up your base and construct massive fleets.

      Send out your fleets to battle in real time across space.

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      The Battle Of Polytopia

      The battle of Polytopia is one of the best turn-based strategy games. Here you have to build an empire and train your warriors to fight with evil tribes. As you win, your empire will chronologically increase. It is a good strategy game where you have to think twice before you move because you will experience a unique situation.

      Important Features:

      • Enjoy the Excellent balance of secure handling but complicated strategic situation while playing.
      • You can easily understand the gameplay without difficulty.
      • This game is one of the best online strategy games, providing you with the perfect control system displayed on the screen.
      • Get a splendid design that is very suitable for mobile devices. So you can play from anywhere.
      • You can choose your tribe from several tribes and race your empire with new technologies unlocked from the beginning.
      • You can take your troops from land to sea and upgrade your boats for a real sea-fight.

      Play Store

      Strategy Game For Aoe Fans: Forge Of Empires

      Top 10 SINGLE PLAYER RPG Games with GOOD STORY games for Android & iOS (OFFLINE & ONLINE) Open world

      The goal of Forge of Empires is a classic one: build your own city from ground up, starting with the technologically backward Stone Age all the way to the Modern Age – and beyond. By constantly expanding your building area, you can transform a few small huts into a sprawling city complete with pubs, churches, gardens, and of course, the classic industrial buildings like the mill, sawmill, etc.

      In the course of the game, you will unlock more and more goods with which you can trade for and further unlock additional technologies. You can also expand or speed up your advancement by going to battle with your units in a turn-based chessboard battle to obtain new resources and bonuses.

      It should be said that Forge of Empires, just like other strategy games, is not meant to be played for long stretches at a time. You will have to wait until a certain time is elapsed to gain new resources or have existing ones replenished.

      • 4.3 stars on Google Play / 4.6 stars on Apple App Store
      • Price: Free

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