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SQL Injection Tutorial For Beginners | What Is SQL Injection? | Cyber Security Course | Simplilearn

In this recipe, Ill talk about two kinds of SQL-injection vulnerabilities: one is when the select clause of a SQL statement is injectable and the other is when the projection is injectable. Using drozer, it is pretty easy to find select-clause-injectable content providers:

dz> run app.provider.query -selection 1=1

The previous will try to inject whats called a logical tautology into the SQL statement being parsed by the content provider and eventually the database query parser. Due to the nature of the module being used here, you can tell whether or not it actually worked, because it should return all the data from the database that is, the select-clause criteria is applied to every row and because it will always return true, every row will be returned!

You could also try any values that would always be true:

dz> run app.provider.query -selection 1-1=0dz> run app.provider.query -selection 0=0dz> run app.provider.query -selection )*10 > 1

The following is an example of using a purposely vulnerable content provider:

dz> run app.provider.query content://com.example.vulnerabledatabase.contentprovider/statements -selection 1=1

It returns the entire table being queried, which is shown in the following screenshot:

You can, of course, inject into the projection of the SELECT statement, that is, the part before FROM in the statement, that is, SELECT FROM WHERE .

Hack Website Via Sql Injection In Android Devices

What is Sql Injection?

SQL injection is a code injection technique,used to attack data-driven applications, in which nefarious SQLstatements are inserted into an entry field for execution .SQL injection must exploit a security vulnerability in an application’s software, for example, when user input is either incorrectly filtered for string literalescape characters embedded in SQL statements or user input is not strongly typed and unexpectedly executed. SQL injection is mostly known as an attack vector for websites but can be used to attack any type of SQL database.


1.At first you need to download All google dorks from below link.

2. Now chose a Drok and put it into Google search engine. check screenshot

3.Now chose a site and copy link url.

4.Download & install our sql attack app from below link.

5.Paste the site url ‘ Target url’ which we are get by google serch .

6.Finally….! click on inject and wait for 5-10 mintutes.

note-processing depend on your interconection, website security, & your mobile speed.

After the process is complete you will get the data of the site.




Select From Sqlite Database Using Join

Unfortunately, we cant use the SQLiteDatabases query method to query multiple tables. To query multiple tables, we must provide our own SQL query. In the sample, the query is defined in the SampleDBContract class.

public static final String SELECT_EMPLOYEE_WITH_EMPLOYER = "SELECT * " +            "FROM " + Employee.TABLE_NAME + " ee INNER JOIN " + Employer.TABLE_NAME + " er " +            "ON ee." + Employee.COLUMN_EMPLOYER_ID + " = er." + Employer._ID + " WHERE " +            "ee." + Employee.COLUMN_FIRSTNAME + " like ? AND ee." + Employee.COLUMN_LASTNAME + " like ?" 

Notice that we use the ? character in the WHERE clause in much the same way as described above for the query method. To execute the provided SQL, well need to define a selectionArgs String containing values that will replace the ?s in our provided SQL query.

private void readFromDB          Log.d         Cursor cursor = database.rawQuery         Log.d)         binding.recycleView.setAdapter)     }

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Top 10 Hacking Apps For Android

Hello, hackers if you are a hacking freak and loves doing penetration testing and came here searching for top 10 hacking apps for android, we have prepared a list of top hacking apps for android that you can use for rooted as well as non-rooted android phone.

In the list of top hacking apps, we have included top WiFi as well as other phone hacking apps like

From my own experience, I have created this list and listed some of the best apps with good industry reviews.

Disclaimer: This article is only for educational purpose and The Tech Infinite doesnt promote any illegal activities. Its only for education and to provide knowledge.

Here is a list of some of the top hacking apps for android :

Save Data Using Sqlite

SQL Injection

Saving data to a database is ideal for repeating or structured data,such as contact information. This page assumes that you arefamiliar with SQL databases in general and helps you get started withSQLite databases on Android. The APIs you’ll need to use a databaseon Android are available in the android.database.sqlite package.

Caution: Although these APIs are powerful, they are fairly low-level and require a great deal of time and effort to use:

  • There is no compile-time verification of raw SQL queries. As your data graph changes, you need to update the affected SQL queries manually. This process can be time consuming and error prone.
  • You need to use lots of boilerplate code to convert between SQL queries and data objects.

For these reasons, we highly recommended using theRoom Persistence Library as an abstraction layer for accessing information in your app’s SQLite databases.

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Case Studies And Consequences

Because of their simplicity, SQLi attacks are common. They can have devastating consequences for you and your users.

In 2016, an anonymous whistleblower leaked 11.5 million confidential documents from Mossack Fonseca, a Panamanian law firm. Attackers were able to exploit SQL statements in the firm’s content management system and other insecure network architecture to access the firm’s customer database and download confidential files. The release of these documents was not only embarrassing, but it had significant legal consequences for customers as well.

In 2009, Russian and U.S. nationals used SQLi attacks to gain access to 160 million credit card numbers from Heartland Payment Systems in what was at the time the largest breach of financial information. The attackers sold the stolen card numbers on the black market, and other criminals quickly ran up bills in the hundreds of millions of dollars, harming corporations and individuals alike.

Even MySQL, a popular SQL provider, suffered from an SQLi attack to its website in 2011 that released hundreds of usernames and password hashes. The fact that an SQL provider can fall victim to SQLi attacks shows that no one is immune, and attackers will do their best to take advantage of insecure code.

Defending Against The Sql

The previous chapter covered some of the common attacks against content providers, one of them being the infamous SQL-injection attack. This attack leverages the fact that adversaries are capable of supplying SQL statements or SQL-related syntax as part of their selection arguments, projections, or any component of a valid SQL statement. This allows them to extract more information from a content provider than they are not authorized.

The best way to make sure adversaries will not be able to inject unsolicited SQL syntax into your queries is to avoid using SQLiteDatabase.rawQuery instead opting for a parameterized statement. Using a compiled statement, such as SQLiteStatement, offers both binding and escaping of arguments to defend against SQL-injection attacks. Also, there is a performance benefit due to the fact the database does not need to parse the statement for each execution. An alternative to SQLiteStatement is to use the query, insert, update, and delete methods on SQLiteDatabase as they offer parameterized statements via their use of string arrays.

When we describe parameterized statement, we are describing an SQL statement with a question mark where values will be inserted or binded. Heres an example of parameterized SQL insert statement:


Here would be the name of the relevant table in which values have to be inserted.

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Create Database With Sqliteopenhelper

The easiest way to manage database creation and versioning, is to create a subclass of SQLiteOpenHelper. SQLiteOpenHelper will ease the management of your SQLite database tremendously, by opening databases when needed, creating databases if they do not exist as well as upgrading or downgrading as necessary. You only have to override the onCreate and onUpgrade methods, to specify the actions you need performed to create and/or update the database.

It is that easy. The database version starts at 1, and we give our SQLite database a name . The constructor simply calls the super class constructor, with the database name and version. In onCreate, we tell the SQLiteDatabase object to execute the Employer CREATE_TABLE SQL statement. Finally, onUpgrade, we drop the Employer table and re create it. In your case, you may wish to run ALTER statements or whatever complex steps your app requires to move add/remove the necessary columns and tables.

How To Prevent Sql Injection Attacks

Learning Python Web Penetration Testing: SQL Injection Vulnerability | packtpub.com

Web developers can prevent SQL injection attacks with good coding hygiene. But theres also plenty that you can do to protect your sensitive data against SQLi attacks.

  • Check if a website is safe before you enter your info, and monitor tech security news so you can change your password in case a website you use is breached. AVG BreachGuard can help prevent your data from getting leaked in a breach.

  • Practice strong password habits, such as using unique passwords with at least 12 characters, and store them securely with a good password manager.

  • Check if any of your accounts have been leaked as a result of an SQLi attack or another breach with Avast Hack Check. If youve been compromised, change your password immediately.

Web developers and business owners can secure their databases against SQLi attacks with the tips below.

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Researchers Speak On Belkin And 1995 Iot Security

Tenaglia and Tanen told CSO Online that Belkin has been very responsive to their report, even earmarking them as one of the better IoT vendors for security.

On IoT security, the researchers are worried about the possibility for such vulnerabilities to lead onto second and third factor attacks, such as credit card details being stolen from connected devices.

People think about the first problem some guy runs code on my system what do I care? said Tenaglia. These second and third factors, thats where were trying to get to. What are the real consequences of this?

People want to integrate IoT devices into everything nowThe more stuff is gets integrated into, the more real-world consequences youre going to have when someone else gains control, added Tanen.

Tenaglia drew a parallel with Android security, saying that while there have been efforts to sandbox apps and develop good security practice, such as not run Telnet from boot, IoT remains in a 1995 era. Everything weve learned since then people arent doing.

He said that IoT devices are susceptible to low hanging fruit attacks like XML injection attacks.

Tanen urges vendors to ensure they restrict privileges with their IoT devices, while Tenaglia says adopting businesses should build security design stack with third-parties and get help with security assessment.

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Faqs About Hacking Apps

Q. Is hacking an app illegal?

A. It depends on the app. Some hacking apps are used for penetration testing and are not legal because they are used on a network or a device with proper permission. So, it depends on how you are using an app.

Q. Can Android be used for hacking?

A. Yes, you can. There are several apps that let you perform different hacking tricks using your Android phone. I have already made a long list of the best hacking apps for Android.

Q. Can I learn hacking on Mobile?

A. Yes, there are several mobile apps that bring good hacking tutorials. But this article was about the best hacking apps.

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Using A Simple Sqlite Database In Your Android App

I recently published a tutorial describing the different available methods to store data locally in an Android app. However, due to article length constraints, I could not adequately cover creating and using an SQLite database for data persistence. In this tutorial, I delve into how to use an SQLite database in more detail.

Sql Injection Cheat Sheet For Developers

SQL Injection

In this cheat sheet, we will assume that:

  • You are a developer or you know programming
  • You have limited web application security knowledge
  • You need to know how SQL injection attacks happen
  • You need to know how to fix SQL injection issues in your code

In this cheat sheet, you will learn:

  • How do malicious hackers conduct SQL injection attacks
  • How to fix your code that has SQL injection vulnerabilities
  • How to avoid SQL injection vulnerabilities for the future

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What Is Dependency Injection

Classes often require references to other classes. For example, a Car classmight need a reference to an Engine class. These required classes are calleddependencies, and in this example the Car class is dependent onhaving an instance of the Engine class to run.

There are three ways for a class to get an object it needs:

  • The class constructs the dependency it needs. In the example above,Car would create and initialize its own instance ofEngine.
  • Grab it from somewhere else. Some Android APIs, such asContext getters and getSystemService, work this way.
  • Have it supplied as a parameter. The app can provide these dependencies when the class is constructed or pass them in to the functions that need each dependency. In the example above, the Car constructor would receive Engine as a parameter.
  • The third option is dependency injection! With this approach you take thedependencies of a class and provide them rather than having the classinstance obtain them itself.

    Here’s an example. Without dependency injection, representing a Car thatcreates its own Engine dependency in code looks like this:

    How Does A Sql Injection Work

    Developed in the early 70s, SQL is one of the oldest programming languages still in use today for managing online databases. These databases contain things like prices and inventory levels for online shopping sites. When a user needs to access database information, SQL is used to access and present that data to the user. But these databases can also contain more sensitive and valuable data like usernames and passwords, credit card information, and social security numbers. This is where SQL injections come into play.

    Put simply, a SQL injection is when criminal hackers enter malicious commands into web forms, like the search field, login field, or URL, of an unsecure website to gain unauthorized access to sensitive and valuable data.

    One SQLI attack can net cybercriminals personal information, emails, logins, credit card numbers, and social security numbers for millions of consumers. Cybercriminals can then turnaround and sell this personal info on the gloomiest corners of the dark web, to be used for all kinds of illegal purposes. Stolen emails can be used for phishing and malspam attacks. Malspam attacks, in turn, can be used to infect victims with all kinds of destructive malware like ransomware, adware, cryptojackers, and Trojans , to name a few. Stolen phone numbers for Android and iOS mobile devices can be targeted with robocalls and text message spam.

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    Define A Schema And Contract

    One of the main principles of SQL databases is the schema: a formaldeclaration of how the database is organized. The schema is reflected in the SQLstatements that you use to create your database. You may find it helpful tocreate a companion class, known as a contract class, which explicitly specifiesthe layout of your schema in a systematic and self-documenting way.

    A contract class is a container for constants that define names for URIs,tables, and columns. The contract class allows you to use the same constantsacross all the other classes in the same package. This lets you change a columnname in one place and have it propagate throughout your code.

    A good way to organize a contract class is to put definitions that areglobal to your whole database in the root level of the class. Then create an innerclass for each table. Each inner class enumerates the corresponding table’s columns.

    Note: By implementing the BaseColumnsinterface, your inner class can inherit a primarykey field called _ID that some Android classes such as CursorAdapter expect it to have. It’s not required, but this can help your databasework harmoniously with the Android framework.

    For example, the following contract defines the table name and column names for asingle table representing an RSS feed:

    Sql Injection Techniques Supported By Droidsqli

    Kali Linux Web App Testing: Basic SQL Injection | packtpub.com

    Now we are going to discuss the Injection Techniques supported by the Doidsqli. By using these techniques we can attack the Website we want to attack. These techniques are named below:

    • Time-based SQL injection.
    • Error Based SQL Injection.
    • Normal SQL Injection.

    All these techniques work within a unique manner and perform the same task that is to hack a targeted website and take out all of its information.

    Now I am going to explain all of these Injection techniques which are listed above.

    • Time-Based SQL Injection:

    Time-Based SQL Injection is generally used to attain tests while you cannot find any other way to fetch data from the database server. This type of attack inserts a SQL Statement that contains a definite DBMS function or query that can cause a time delay. It completely relies upon the time in which it gets the server response, it may possibly subtract some information. This type of interference path is especially useful for Blind SQL Injection attacks. A very basic test Determining if the vulnerability is present can be achieved by the use of Time-based attacks. This is a very good option when the attacker is covering a blind SQL injection. In such a position, only interruption functions or procedures are essential.

    • Blind SQL Injection:
    • Error Based SQL Injection:
    • Normal SQL Injection:

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