Subaru Outback Android Head Unit


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Subaru Legacy Outback 2009-2014 Android Head Unit Carplay Autoradio
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  • Gps Car Screen Compatible With Android Auto And Carplay To Control Your Phone

    Main System:

    Map can be stored in the memory or on the SD card Supports Google Maps, Sygic, IGO, Papago, 3D maps, etc. Navigation software storage: SD / MMC / SDHC card support New support features for bluetooth / USB / SD playback radio or disc during navigation. The sound of the radio / disc / USB / SD will go down or mute during the voice navigation and returns to normal after the indications.

    Head Unit Upgrade To One With Android Auto/apple Carplay Recommendation

    raoufhakam said:Hi,Anyone with a 2015-2017 upgraded their head unit to one with Android Auto / Apple CarPlay thats reasonably priced?most of the ones i found on Google are Sony / Pioneer with prices close to $1,000 ! ideally I’d like to spend $300-500 but dont want a no-name chinese low quality unit.Thanks,

    I just bought a headunit from AliExpress. A Subaru outback owner from Europe purchased the same thing so I should have it installed by mid December and will let you knowSent from my SM-G998U using Tapatalk

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    Tesla Style Android Subaru Forester Head Unit

    Original Subaru Forester radio unit in the dashboard:

    This model is built-in with 10.4 inch vertical screen, some customers prefer larger screen, so here it is. It supports split screen, above can display navigation or multimedia information, below can display air conditioning system information.

    Specifications: Pure Android 9 system, PX3 Cortex-A9 Quad Core 1.6GHZ CPU, 32GB ROM, 4GB RAM, 1024*768 resolution.

    The 10.4 Tesla style Subaru Forester Android head unit also comes with GPS navigation system, Bluetooth phone, Bluetooth music, WiFi, USB, RCA audio and video outputs, steering wheel control, backup camera video input. For both models, Google maps app was already installed, we will also install IGO or Sygic maps for you for free. Besides, maps update is also free from us when available.

    Delivery All Around The World

    Android Car Radio for Subaru Outback Legacy Stereo GPS ...

    To buy Android Car Stereo DVD GPS Radio Head Unit in our officialSMARTY Trend store just add the product to the cart and follow the suggested steps or just contact us, we will be happy to assist you and answer all your questions! We offer the best service in the United States of America and Canada, different countries of Europe and worldwide: Andorra, Australia, Austria, Balearics, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Corsica, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Maderia, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, etc. This country list is not full, if you don’t see your country when placing an order please contact us to find out more information about delivery to your country.

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    Subaru Forester Android Head Unit

    The 9 Android head unit for Subaru Forester head unit is built-in Android 10 system, Octa-Core 1.5GHz CPU processor, 64GB internal memory and 4GB Samsung RAM. With the powerful configuration this Android Subaru Forester head unit runs fast and smoothly.

    Latest upgrade with Android 10 system, built-in DSP amplifier now. Support factory reverse camera, support Harman Kardon amplifier and speakers working.

    For Subaru WRX, the dashboard is similar to Subaru Forester, just a little different. You can check the Android head unit for Subaru WRX as follows:

    Its also with latest Android 10 system and the same price as the stereo upgrade for Subaru Forester.

    The main features include GPS navigation system, Bluetooth hands free phone calling function, Bluetooth streaming music function which supports both iPhone and Android phones connection.

    The 9 HD screen is very clear, high resolution, touch screen is also responsive. Subaru Forester Android head unit comes with mirror-link app installed, ready for use and mirror your phone on the screen, it also supports Apple Carplay and Android auto which is optional and costs extra US$35. Whats more, this Android unit supports steering wheel controls and rear view camera video input, so you can connect an aftermarket rear camera with it and display on the HD screen.

    Below is the second model, item# 1072

    Carplay And Android Auto Integrated To Manage Your Smartphone From Touch Screen

    Android 7.1 / Android 10 System

    Processor: Rockchip Cortex A9 / PX6 Cortex A72 + A53

    RAM: 2Gb / 4Gb DDR

    Internal memory: 32GB / 64GB iNAND

    4G SIM CARD / WIFI Connection for Internet

    Compatible with thousands of applications, Android Play

    GPS Navigation with 3D maps

    Compatible 720P and 1080P

    Interface only fresh, updated UI

    Bluetooth is compatible with all brands of cellphones, calendar feature, music playback, supports search by name AZ

    Integrated GPU, speeding with its powerful hardware helps improve 2D/3D navigation, supports OpenGL 2.0 and OpenVG 1.1, decodes 1080P

    Touchscreen digital direct drive RGB888, a definition and a clearer screen than other models.

    Touch screen control with dynamic graphic user interface

    Support video format: WMV , AVI , MP4 , MPG … m4v Main system:

    Rockchip Cortex A9 / PX6 Cortex A72 + A53

    2GB / 4GB DDR RAM

    Support EQ pop, jazz, dance, classical, rock, normal, custom mode, treble / fade / bass / balance, volume

    Max Audio Output 50W x 4 Excellent sound effect

    Signal to Noise Ratio> 85dBTV:Digital TV DVB-T , ATSC, ISDB-T optional.Radio: FM / AM Radio with RDS

    Frequency Range 522-1620 , 530-1710 ,522-1620 , 12 preset stations

    FM Tuning Range 87.5 to 108 , from 87.5 to 107.9 ,65.0 0.0-108

    RDS YesBluetooth: Supported formats HFP, A2DP, AVRCP

    Key Features Handsfree, Dial , response, calendar, phone music playback, volume control, touch pad, mute function …

    Steering wheel control 20 configurable keys

    USB Input x 2 Connection:

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    The Newest In Car Multimedia With Android 10 Specially Designed For Your Subaru Outback


    Customizable EQ, pop, jazz, dance, classical, rock, normal, custom mode, treble / fader / bass / balance / volume Audio output max 50W x 4 Excellent sound effect. Signal to noise ratio > 55dB.

    Digital TV DVB-T , ATSC, optional ISDB-T. Can select double tuner, can viewed while care are in movement


    NXP6686 radio processor, great reception quality. FM / AM radio with RDS. Frequency range of 522-1620 , 530-1710 , 522-1620 , 12 preset stations. FM tuning range 87.5 to 108 , 87.5 to 107.9 , 65.0-108 0.0 . RDS Yes. DAB + compatible

    BC8 bluetooth processor, compatible Android or IOS Compatible with HFP, A2DP, AVRCP formats Main hands-free functions, Dial , answer, calendar function, phone music playback, volume control, touch keyboard, mute Find Address Book Search Support by name of A-Z

    Additional characteristics:

    Rear parking camera connection, automatically switch Compatible with camera recording driving DVR Control of the steering wheel 20 configurable keys It can show original features of the car, such as temperature, climate, safety belt, opening doors, parking sensor and a long etc. .


    USB input x 2 USB1.0 / USB2.0, Support Samsung, Blackberry, HTC, Motorola read through USB


    Carplay / Android Auto

    For 2009-2014 Subaru Legacy Outback Android 10 Head Unit Replacement
    • Carplay (Support both wireless Carplay and Wired Carplayï¼

    Itâs safer, easier and more convenient to remove the urge to take a quick look at your iPhone behind the takes the apps of your iPhone, and puts them on the big touch screen display of your car

    • Android Auto (Support Wired Android Autoï¼

    connected with USB,let’s get it and have a try.

    • Steering Wheel Controls in CarPlay modeï¼

    Please map the keys in ZLINK/Settings/KeycodeLearn once again.

    Built-in Radio with RDS receiver

    • Radio ICï¼ST7708S
    • 30 preset radio stations, FMand AM channels.
    • Radio Regions: ChinaãEuropeãEasternãEuropeãRussiaãUSA1ãUSA2ãJapan.


    • Pre-installed Offline map, you can use the GPS function directly.
    • Also support online Google map, Waze, etc.

    Built-in BT

    • Built-in Microphone in the control panel and with external microphone for Hands free phone call.
    • Sync your phone book.
    • A2DP stream music from your cellphone.
    • Connect to OBD2 equipment and monitor the vehicle status via Torque app in real-time.

    Support Steering Wheel Controls

    • More convenient to switch songs and channels.
    • Adjust volume without taking your hands off the steering wheel.

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    Subaru Forester Android Head Unit Stereo Upgrade With Navigation Carplay

    For Subaru forester owners who are interested in upgrading the original car stereo with aftermarket Android head unit, here are 2 replacements for you. One Subaru Forester Android head unit is with 9 inch HD screen, the other unit is with 10.4 inch Tesla style vertical screen. Both are with Android system.

    The first model: item# 9817

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