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The Little Secret To Synchronize Your Office 365 And Your Android Calendars

How do I sync my Office 365 or Google calendar with the desktop or browser versions of GoTo Connect?

If youre like me, your life is managed in Office 365. But when I use Android phones, I find this endless frustration of trying to sync the calendar from Office 365 into the Androids native calendar.

Why would you want to synchronize the calendar from Office 365 into Android, if Outlook has a great calendar built in?

I hear you. Outlooks calendar not only looks much better, its functionally so much easier to use than the built in Android calendar. And if you disagree with me, dont bother posting a comment because Ill delete it as this is MY BLOG and I say whatever I want here.

Anyways, back to why: The thing is a lot of integration scenarios in Android require your calendar to be synchronized there. For example, if you use a Wear OS watch, you will see that the notifications are a little useless without it. Almost everywhere else, you will have the same problem. Name the app: Do you drive a Tesla? Then your calendar wont show up in the car unless you sync Office 365 with the Android calendar. Thats life.

How hard can that be?

Well, in theory should be the simplest thing in the world, right? But if you search around the web, everybody and their dog complain that once they set the calendars to sync, eventually the Android calendar runs stale, as if something stopped the synchronization after a while. Then folks point to a variety of third party solutions and tools that are far from friendly.

I had the same problem Until I did this

3-Now tap the Add account

Sync Your Outlookcom Or Office 365 Content To An Android Phone

Here’s how you can get the best of the native apps on your Android Phone and sync your content without downloading the Outlook app.

  • Through Gmail App, add your Outlook as Exchange or Office 365 Account, and then choose “Use another Mail app instead” when prompted. Once added, press “allow” to sync.
  • Through the Samsung Email App, Add your account and sign in, but choose Microsoft Exchange, ActiveSync. Once Added, choose “Use another Mail app” to allow for syncing.
  • Check the native Calendar, Contacts apps on your phone to see if they’re syncing with Outlook.
  • You can also sync contacts with the Outlook app by choosing “Sync contents” from the settings, though it won’t sync Calendars and emails.
  • If you’ve finally moved on from Windows Phone or purchased an Android device, you’ll likely be wanting to port all the information from your 365 account over on your new phone. Though using the Outlook app may appear to be the best way to leverage your Microsoft information, you can also sync your Outlook emails, calendars, and contacts using the native dedicated apps on your Android device.

    Can You Sync Outlook Calendar With Samsung Calendar

    Go to Settings, Mail, Contacts, Calendars and tap Add Account. Use the options to add Google and accounts. Accept the offer to sync calendars and thats it. Events added to Google Calendar, Calendar or Outlook if its synced with, automatically appear in the iOS Calendar app.

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    How To Sync Your Outlook Calendar With Your Android Calendar

      Finding that inner balance between life and work can be a pretty challenging tight rope to go down if you’re not up to date on your daily tasks. With today’s “work anywhere, anytime” mantra, the chance of overbooking yourself is a dilemma you need to keep a close watch on. If you are one of those Outlook calendar aficionados, this Tech Tip can help you level up to “Time Management Mastery” status. It is also a common task that we help our managed IT clients in El Paso and San Antonio with on a pretty frequent basis.

      P.S. if you are looking for an IT service provider in San Antonio or IT support in El Paso give us a

      So let us bridge the gap between work and life and show you how to sync your Outlook calendar with your calendar on your Android device.

      Sharing Office 2016 Calendar To Android With No Exchange Server

      How to sync your emails, calendars, and contacts from ...

      I have a stand alone Office 2016 which I use for calendar functions and email. I would like to sync the calendar with my android phone. I also have a free account and the android app for it. I also have the default Android calendar app.I have been trying to find a way to either sync an calendar to Office 2016 or get the Office 2016 to sync with with calendar but I am finding no joy. Everything seems to rely on Exchange Server or Office 365. As my name suggests, I really do not want to switch from Office 2016 to Office 365. It is just overly convoluted and something I would prefer to avoid.In Outlook 2016 I went to calendar module then Open Calendar > From Internet and the gave the .isc link for the shared calendar that I created in That fails when attempting to use an .isc link or an HTML link. When attempting to add my credentials, I add my password three times and the calendar does not appear.I found this regarding the issue. I am happy for third party software to enable the sync if that is the only way. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to achieve what I want with my calendar?

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      How Do I Link My Outlook Calendar To My Samsung Phone

      Open the Calendar App on your android phone.

    • Tap on. to open the calendar menu.
    • Tap on. to open settings.
    • Tap on Add new account.
    • Select Microsoft Exchange
    • Enter your Outlook credentials and tap Sign in.
    • Your Outlook email will now show under Calendars to confirm you have successfully synced your calendar.
    • How Do I Sync My Samsung Calendar With Office 365 Calendar

      How to sync outlook with Android.

      • Select Email from the Applications menu
      • Enter your full email address and password
      • Select Exchange Account or Exchange ActiveSync from the list
      • Enter the required account information
      • After your phone verifies the server settings, the Account Options becomes available.

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      How Do I Setup Exchange Calendar On Android

      Open your Android devices Settings application, then tap Accounts & sync. Touch Add account, then tap Corporate to establish an Exchange account on your Android device. Type the email address and password associated with your Exchange calendar in the text fields on your screen, then tap Next.

      Choose Synchronization Options: One

      How to sync Office 365 Calendar with Google Calendar using Flow

      If you are syncing Office 365 and Android Calendar data with multiple users or devices the synchronization should be set up according to your priorities. SyncGene allows you to have bi-directional sync options. Set up two-way sync and get calendar updates from both sides such as Office 365 and Android Calendar. Or choose one-way sync to receive new Calendar entries from one source but not other way around.

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      Instant Sync After Changes Are Made In Microsoft Outlook

      Your data can now be synchronized instantly after any changes in Outlook. You can be sure that changes you make in Microsoft Outlook will appear on the other device or in your Google account immediately. Instant sync is turned on by default, but it can be disabled from the settings if you do not want it.

      Check The App Settings

      Go to Settings> Accounts> tap Exchange> tap your email address that is not syncing.

      Note: Different Android devices may look different than the screenshots here. Use these steps as a guideline.

      Make sure “Sync Calendar” is enabled. Wait and check your device’s calendar app.

      Note: If you see IMAP instead of Exchange or a sync error, your email account may have been added incorrectly. Remove it by tapping More> Remove account.

      Wait a few minutes and then check your device’s calendar.

      Note: We also recommend double-checking that your account was added as an Exchange account by going to Settings> Accounts.

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      How To Sync Outlook Calendar With Google Calendar On Iphone Or Ipad

      If youre using your calendar mainly on your iPhone, there are several options to consider if you plan to sync the two calendars. One option would be to create multiple accounts for emails, but that wont solve the problem overall.

      The best solution is to add both calendars to your iPhone or iPad Calendar app. There youll be able to see all your meetings in a clear and organized manner without syncing Google and Outlook accounts. Plus, the process is straightforward, and it wont take a lot of your time. Heres how to do it:

    • Open Settings on your iPhone or iPad.
    • ChooseCalendar from the list.
    • Tap on Accounts.
    • Add your Google and Outlook accounts to your iPhone or iPad.
    • Slide the Calendars toggle to the right to sync all calendars.
    • Once you complete the process, all data will automatically appear on your calendar app, and youll no longer experience problems such as double booking or overlapping meetings.

      How Do I Sync My Samsung Calendar

      How to sync your emails, calendars, and contacts from ...

      Method 2 Using Android

    • Open the Settings of your Android device.
    • Choose the Accounts option.
    • Tap the Add account button.
    • Tap Existing account and sign in with your Google account.
    • Select the Calendar option.
    • Open the Calendar option in the Settings menu.
    • Select the calendars to sync.
    • Repeat for additional accounts.
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      Microsoft Outlook For Android Now Supports 2

      The latest update for Microsoft Outlook on Android brings support for 2-way sync between Google Calendar and other calendars. As per a recent report from Android Police on the matter, the feature has already started rolling out to users via a Play Store update, and it supports popular calendar apps like and Samsung Calendar.

      Microsoft Outlooks new 2-way calendar sync feature essentially syncs all your events from various calendar apps to one place. The changelog on the Google Play Store states:

      Want to sync events between Outlook and other calendars on your Android device? Outlook for Android now supports 2-way calendar sync for Microsoft 365, Office 365, and accounts. Events created in other calendar apps can now be viewed/edited from Outlook mobile and vice versa!

      While the changelog only mentions Samsung Calendar and Google Calendar, the new feature in Microsoft Outlook should work with other calendar apps. Since syncing is bi-directional, the events you create on Outlook will also be saved on the other calendar app you use. Additionally, any changes you make to your saved events will be synced across all connected app, no matter which app you choose to make the edits on.

      Can I Sync Office 365 Calendar With Android

      How To Sync Your Office 365 Email, Contacts and Calendars On Your Android Phone or Tablet. Tap Accounts & Sync. Note: Some Android phones dont have this step so you can skip to step 3. You can also choose to set this email address as the default account when sending email from this device, and then tap Next.

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      Sync Office 365 Contacts To Android

      This method is compatible with the entire android phone having OS Gringerbed 2.3 to Android 10.1 effortlessly. Follow the upcoming steps one-by-one to get the best result.

      • Navigate to the Settings icon on your android phone
      • Choose Accounts & Sync option
      • Now, opt Add account then Corporate or Microsoft Exchange or Exchange option
      • Afterward, enter the Office 365 account details into the panel
      • Accept all the policies and hit the Activate button

      Once your account is activated on your android phone then your contacts are starting downloading on your device. You can successfully overcome the problem of Why Office 365 contacts are not syncing with Android.

      This is the method one simpler to use but has some complications that we explained after the working of glitch-free solution i.e Automated Tool

      How To Sync Outlook Calendar With Google Calendar On Chromebook

      Syncing Microsoft Outlook Calendar with Android

      Syncing Outlook and Google Calendar on Chromebook is not a particularly simple process. Heres how you can connect your Outlook calendar with Googles using a Chromebook:

    • Open your Google Calendar.
    • Click on the gear icon, then tap on Settings.
    • Select Import & export, then choose Export to download the .ics files.
    • Open Microsoft Outlook and tap on File.
    • In the left sidebar, click on Open & Export.
    • In the Open menu , choose Import/Export.
    • When you see the pop-up window, select Import an iCalender or vCalendar option from the list and click on Next.
    • Find your .ics file you downloaded/exported from Google Calendar and tap on OK.
    • In the popup confirmation, click Import to add the exported Google calendar to Outlook or Open as New to make a new one. All your Google items will show up on your Outlook Calendar with the Import option.
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      Customers Love Automated Shared Calendar Sync

      It solves a very pressing issue / task for us and our customers, to replicate data into different mailboxes and calendars in Office 365. Additionally, after having configured the tenant properly, it is working just flawlessly, it is a highly reliable solution!

      Managing Director,be-solutions GmbH

      In my experience of using CiraSync for 9 months, I have yet to experience anything I dislike. It accomplishes everything that we need to sync our contacts and calendars.

      Help Desk Supervisor,IT Landes

      Corporate syncing of Exchange Server contents to our users iPhone and iPad devices for calendar and contacts. It has saved a lot of hassle to manage what should be an easy solution for Microsoft, but they dont handle it at all.

      How To Import A Google Calendar Into Outlook

      Sometimes, users find it easier to use Google Calendar directly through Outlook. However, it requires a lengthy synchronization process between the two accounts.

    • The first thing is to have your Google Calendar ready for the merge. Open Google Calendar.
    • Hover over the calendar you want to share and click on the vertical ellipsis .
    • Click on Settings and Sharing, then scroll down and select Integrate Calendar.
    • Look for and copy the Secret Address in iCal Format URL.
    • Now, its time to transfer the data to Outlook. Visit and select Outlook Calendar.
    • Select Add Calendar -> From Internet.
    • Paste the address youve copied, and tap on OK.
    • Now, you can access all your Google Calendar meetings on Outlook and have everything in one place.

      In closing, having just one calendar that incorporates all your meetings, appointments, and calls helps keep you organized without confusion. Synchronizing both Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar prevents missed events for home or work and enables you to avoid duplicate bookings if you run a customer-based business. Also, since you may have multiple accounts, you can now connect all of them regardless of whether youre using each one on a phone or computer.

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      Manually Add Office 365 Account To Android

      If youre running the latest version of Gmail app, you can add the Office 365 account in there, no need to download a whole other app. The problem is that this process is in no way simple.

      You can add an account in two ways from the Gmail app or from Android Settings. Ill take the Settings route.

      Go to Settings on your phone and select Accounts. Scroll down and tap Add Account. From the list, select Exchange.

      Youll now be asked to enter your email and password in the next two screens.

      The screen after that is the problem. Here youll see stuff like ports and servers. Things you dont understand, and shouldnt need to understand. If you just hit Next, youll probably get an error but wont know what exactly is the problem.

      I had to go to my schools IT guy to get him to type in the correct server address . You might also need to do that.

      But once youre logged in, youll get some options to integrate the calendar, contacts and notifications. If you enable Calendar, all calendar invites and events will show up directly in .

      This way is a little long and complicated but if you just want to use Gmail and Google Calendar to access Office 365 accounts, its worth the trouble.

      In the Gmail app, tap the Hamburger menu and tap on the active email address to switch to your secondary account. In the Calendar app you can decide which Calendars to show from the sidebar.

      How To Sync Outlook Calendar With Google Calendar

      How to sync your emails, calendars, and contacts from ...

      Typically, every day starts and ends with a look at your Google Calendar. However, if youre using Google and Outlook calendars simultaneously, you can get confused, and it can increase your chances of doing something wrong at some point.

      The solution might be obvioussynchronization of your Google and Outlook accounts. If youre interested in finding out how to sync both calendar apps and do it right, keep reading. This article explains the Google/Outlook calendar sync process on various devices and tells you how to do it successfully.

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      Add Office 365 Calendar Without Importing Files

      Viewing Office 365 Calendar from different devices is not always easy. Usually, to add Office 365 Calendar to Android you will need to create a ICS link, compatible with Android. Save your time with SyncGene. Connect several sources to one device in a click, without installing or importing anything.

      How To Sync Outlook Calendar With Google Calendar On Windows 10

      If youre using Windows 10 on your computer and youre eager to link your Outlook calendar with Googles, heres what you should do:

    • Open your Google Calendar.
    • Click on the gear icon and tap on Settings.
    • Tap on Import & export, then choose Export to download the .ics files.
    • Open Microsoft Outlook and tap on File.
    • In the left sidebar, click on Open & Export.
    • In the Open screen to the right of the navigation bar on the left, select Import/Export.
    • When you see the pop-up window, choose Import an iCalendar or vCalendar option, then click Next to upload your .ics file.
    • Browse for your downloaded/exported .ics file, select it, then click OK.
    • Click on Import and all your Google items will show up in your Outlook Calendar. You can also select Open as Newto create a seperate one, but importing meshes it with Google Calendar.
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