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Riders on Metro and 25 other transit systems in Los Angeles County can now add TAP cards to their Android smartphones, in addition to their iPhones, beginning today. The TAP app is a great contactless way to pay for essential rides during the pandemic.

Metro is excited to bring you innovations that help keep our transit system as safe as possible and make riding as easy as possible. Using your phone as a TAP card means you no longer have to dig a TAP card out of your pocket, purse or knapsack.

Putting your TAP card on your phone also means not having to go to a rail station to purchase a TAP card or load fares from a TAP vending machine or a vendor. The TAP app also allows customers to manage their TAP accounts, plan trips and view real time bus and train arrivals with an in-app trip planner.

Download the TAP app to get started at the store for Android phones or Apple Store for iPhones or Apple Watch.

The details:

Adding a new TAP card to your phone is free!

  • In the TAP app, sign in or create a TAP account.
  • In the Cards section, press the add card icon at the top left.
  • Press Add a TAP Card on Your Phone.
  • Follow the prompts to add a virtual TAP card to your phone to use it to tap and pay.
  • Once your virtual TAP card is added, it will be displayed in the Cards section.

Reduced Fare and LIFE customers can also add their existing TAP cards to use their phone to tap and pay.

  • It would help if I knew that the app was called TAP LA


  • Palun Kasuta Google Chromei Mozilla Firefoxi Vi Microsoft Edgei

    Alates 23. märtsist ei ole võimalik Internet Exploreri veebibrauseri kaudu Swedbanki internetipanka avada.

    Internet Exploreri kaudu ei saa teha ega kinnitada Swedbanki makseid ka teistel veebilehtedel.

    Soovitame kasutada Internet Exploreri asemel Google Chromei, Mozilla Firefoxi või Microsoft Edgei uusimat versiooni. Nende seadistamise juhendid leiad siit.

    23.03.2021 – Swedbank Internet Explorer.

    Internet Explorer Swedbank -.

    Internet Explorer Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox Microsoft Edge. .

    From 23.03.2021 Swedbank Internet Bank and Banklink is no longer available using Internet Explorer browser.

    It is not possible to authorize or make payments from Swedbank on other web pages using Internet Explorer.

    Instead, we suggest using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or the newest version of Microsoft Edge. To find out how to install the suggested browsers, please click here.

    Klienditugi – – Customer service: +372 6 310 310

    Similar But Not Entirely The Same

    Similarities between Venmo and Cash App:

    • Both Cash App and Venmo maintain separate balances from your bank account, and you can transfer the money back to your bank.
    • Both have physical and virtual debit cards as an option
    • Both of these systems have transaction fees for “cashing out” to your bank if you want funds to be available instantly.
    • With Cash App, Standard speed transfers, which take from one to three business days, are free. For instant transfers, funds are available immediately, and you pay a fee of 1.5% of the total deposit amount, with a minimum fee of 25 cents.
    • Standard Venmo transfers are free and the money will usually be available in one to three business days. Instant Venmo transfers, which typically hit your account within minutes, cost 1%, with a minimum fee of 25 cents and a maximum charge of $10.

    Differences between Venmo and Cash App:

    • Venmo has a distinct social networking aspect to its user experience
    • Cash App is more anonymous in how it functions with user aliases
    • Cash App can transact in BitCoin
    • If you are primarily interested in an app that will allow you to quickly pay friends and family, and you make frequent ATM withdrawals, Venmo may be your best choice. Because Venmo’s debit card is part of the MoneyPass network, you won’t have to ever pay ATM fees if you stay in-network.

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    Get Some Rewards For Shopping

    You want to take advantage of all the sweet deals Google Pay has to offer, right? Luckily, the Search Giant has partnered with plenty of retailers. And some of these deals are very generous!

  • Open the Google Pay app.
  • Go into the Explore tab on the bottom-left corner of the screen.
  • Scroll down and take a look at all available offers.
  • Select the one you want to take advantage of and follow the steps to redeem.
  • Fees For Mobile Payments

    Android Pay launches shop.tap.reward program in the UK

    Most person-to-person payments are free with these apps, unless you use a credit card rather than a bank account or debit card. A fee of about 3 percent comes from the credit card provider when you use that as your payment source. But keep in mind that you still get cash-back points with some cardsâand you may even get bonus points for using mobile paymentsâso you’ll want to do the math to see which payment method benefits you most.

    Some services charge yet another fee when you want to transfer received money to your bank account. Square Cash charges 1 percent for this if you enable its auto-deposit feature, and Venmo charges 25 cents per expedited deposit. Zelle is the best deal here: Because it’s connected to the banks, sent money goes straight into your bank account, rather than into the payment service account. Google Pay doesn’t charge to dump money into your bank account.

    Another situation in which you’ll pay even higher fees is international transfers. For details, see the International Support section below.

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    Even Paying Friends Can Be A Social Experience

    Venmo is tied into your bank account through an enrollment process for debiting funds, and similar to the way Apple or Google Pay cash balances work, it maintains its own cash balance separate from your bank account. The payment is made directly to other Venmo users, and user authentication is performed using Facebook or email accounts. Venmo also has a physical debit card option, like Cash App. There is a distinct social networking aspect to the app, which shows you a feed of your friends’ payment activities. You may or may not find this desirable. Fund exfiltration is done directly to the bank account. It offers a virtual ATM function to debit the cash out of the bank account, as part of the MoneyPass network. Venmo is set up primarily as an IOU payment system, whereas PayPal itself is set up for transacting with small businesses.

    Application Not Visible In Tap And Pay

    What is the key thing to adjust in NFC HCE application to get it visible under settings NFC Tap and Pay

    Following code returns true for the app, so it’s capable of payment:

    boolean isDefault = CardEmulation                .getInstance)                .isDefaultServiceForCategory,                        CardEmulation.CATEGORY_PAYMENT) 

    Service declaration in manifest:


    I’m missing something but not sure what and where to put it.


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    Pay On The Go Without Fiddling With Cash Or Checks

    • University of Mumbai
    • Western Governors University

    While cash, credit, and debit cards still dominate the payment landscape, the latest trend among retailers is the mobile payment app. A mobile payment app lets you send money from your phone to other people or to a payment terminal to buy something in a store.

    We gathered eight of the most popular mobile payment apps to help you decide which are best for you.

    • Compatible with a range of major banks and credit cards.

    • No fees for use.

    • Can be used only with recent iPhone and iPad models.

    • Peer-to-peer transfers only available for iOS devices.

    Apple’s iOS platform integrates with Apple Pay, a service that stores credit cards, debit cards, coupons, and online passes. Add a card to Apple Pay and tap-to-pay at millions of retail locations internationally.

    Also included with Apple Pay is Apple Pay Cash, which is a way to store money on your phone on a virtual card. You can spend it through Apple Pay in stores or use it in the Messages app to pay or receive money through a text message.

    The Apple Pay service is secured with a PIN or with Apple’s TouchID or FaceID biometric systems.

    • Supported on many websites, physical stores, and other apps.

    • Works with Android and iOS devices.

    • User base is smaller than its competitors.

    • Receipt of sent money varies from seconds to days.

    • Uses older magnetic stripe technology.

    • Busy user interface.

    • Installed automatically on some Samsung phones.

    Manage Apps That Use Contactless Payments

    Tap Tap an android app act as google playstore & how to download it || Cyber & programming boy
  • Make sure Contactless payments is turned on.
  • Open the app you want to use for Contactless payments.
  • Open your phone’s Settings app.
  • Tap Connected devices
  • Payment default.
  • Pick your default payment app.
  • Tip: To show in Settings, your payment apps must work with contactless payments. Money transfer apps don’t work with contactless payments. You can find payment apps on or in the Play Store app .

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    App 3 Zosearch Your Personal Reverse Phone Look

    ZoSearch lands on spot three because of its highly secured operations. The website is backed up with Nortons security and comes with top-security encryption. Hence, you can use it for personal and professional usages without being worried about data stealing.

    It offers you a 100% discreet reverse phone number and address look-up facility. It is also a good option to do reliable email reverse look-up. You can find details about people staying in a particular area and get to know whether the locality is safe or not.

    Key Features

    • It offers a detailed information look-up facility.
    • Can start instant white pages searches.
    • Trusted by millions all across the world.
    • Safeguard your personal data during the process.

    Where it lacks?

    Top 4 Best Nfc Payment Apps For Android Phones

    Online payment is always easy and reliable for smartphone users but how about contactless payment? Todays technology is getting more modern to provide secure and easy methods for customers who want to avail online or physical products or services. The most recent contactless payment method introduced to smartphone users is the NFC or Near Field Communication.

    NFC works like a credit card where you can use your smartphone when paying at physical stores. NFCs edge among other payment methods is that you dont have to pass a card or confirm your PIN on external devices. You just have to bring your smartphone near the terminal and you can process everything on your smartphone.

    A smartphone needs an application to be able to use NFC for contactless payment. Here are the best NFC payment apps for Android phones:

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    How To Set Up Android Pay On Your Mobile Device

    The much-anticipated Android Pay is finally ready to play. Jack Wallen shows you how to easily set this app up on your Android device.

    You might have noticed that a new app has been pushed to your device. That app, which takes the place of Google Wallet, is the long-anticipated Android Pay. If you don’t happen to find it on your device , you can easily get it from the .

    This new payment app requires Android 4.4 or higher, works with NFC , and makes it very easy to use your credit or debit card.

    Here are the steps to install Android Pay:

  • Open the Google Play Store on your device
  • Search for Android Pay
  • Locate and tap the entry by Google
  • Tap Install
  • If the permissions listing is acceptable, tap Accept
  • Allow the installation to complete
  • If the app is already on your device, you simply need to locate and tap the launcher in the app drawer. When it runs for the first time, it will immediately prompt you to enter a card .

    Figure A

    Setting up Android Pay on a Verizon-branded Nexus 6.

    If you’ve already entered a card in Google Wallet, Android Pay will automatically have access to that information. When you tap the plus sign to add a card, the card from Google Wallet will appear . If that’s the card you want to associate with Android Pay, just tap it, and you’re ready to go.

    Figure B

    Migrating a card from Google Wallet to Android Pay.

    To pay with Android Pay, just unlock your device and hold your phone up to the POS terminal. That’s it!

    The Preferred Payment Method Of The Infinite Loop

    Android Pay rewards program

    Apple Pay is an NFC technology that is supported by iPhones beginning with the iPhone 6 and the first-generation iPhone SE. Retail POS terminals that support Apple Pay require the use of Apple Wallet, which is a built-in iOS application used to store your credit/debit account numbers. Credit cards are added to the Apple Wallet using an enrollment process, and users can select the credit/debit account of choice during the time of the credit card transaction. In addition to the iPhone, NFC is also supported by Apple Watch and can use cards added within Apple Wallet.

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    What Are Nfc Payment Apps

    The Near Field Communication technology is a simple means of establishing contactless communication between two devices within 20cm proximity.

    Nowadays the technology has been implemented in iPhone, Android, and Windows phones that have made NFC even more applicable. People and businesses around the world are appreciating Near Field Communication Payment apps.

    How To Use Nfc

    There is a range of effectual NFC Payment apps you will encounter on the app store.

    Check out below steps to know how exactly these payment apps works:

    • Install an NFC Payment app on your Smartphone. Secondly tap the phone on the credit card terminal to establish a connection with NFC.
    • At this stage, you have to enter a passcode or scan your finger to approve the transaction.
    • Now the transaction will be authenticated with a special chip named the secure element . As a result, it will transmit the validation back to the NFC modem.
    • At last, the payment process will be completed by the same means that it would in a conventional credit card swipe operation.

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    How To Set Up Tap And Pay On Your Android Phone

    Top Deals On Great Products

    Picked by Techconnect’s Editors

    lets you leave your credit cards or cash in your pocket and pay with your phone. Making tap-to-pay work, however, requires turning on Near Field Communication , which enables your phone to talk to the payment terminal.

    To ensure that you dont get a blank stare from the clerk because your phone payment isnt working, follow these steps to ensure that youll find mobile payment success.

    Make sure you turn on NFC in order to start making payments with your phone.

    Youll need to head to Settings> NFC. Then, make sure you turn NFC on. The exact path will look slightly different depending upon your device, but all the same options should be there.

    Most modern devices put an icon up in the status bar indicating that NFC is on. It doesn’t really drain the battery on most modern phones, but if you’re worried about your security or have an older phone where NFC might cause shorter battery life, you may want to turn it off.

    Then, select Tap and pay. This option lets you select your preferred payment app. Since and Samsung bought Loop Pay, Google Wallet is the only game in town until Samsung Pay rolls out.

    You should jump back into Google Wallet, where youll see a tap and pay is ready notification. If youve never checked it out, youll need to and create a PIN in order to start paying for items.

    How To Tap A Cell Phone Without Touching It

    How To Get Paid Apps For FREE on iOS & Android âï¸? Get Paid Apps For FREE (Working 2022)

    If the targeted person is using an iPhone then you must be thinking that tapping it must be a tough nut. Yes, of course, it is unless you use Spyier.

    The point to ponder here is that you do not need to jailbreak or root the iPhone.

    Spyier uses a web-based interface to tap the iPhone. All you need to have is the iPhone credentials of the targeted device. Get them at their best and leave the rest on Spyier.

    The best thing about Spyiers iOS solution is that it is 100% download free.

    You do not need to physically access or touch the targeted device. You can log in to the software from any device and any browser.

    It works wonderfully on all the leading browsers like Safari, Chrome, Opera, and Microsoft Edge. Live iPhone tapping was never as easy as it is with Spyier.

    Here is how you can tap an iPhone using Spyier

    Step 1: Get a Spyier subscription plan for iPhones. Enter your email address when it is required. Once you have finished the purchase, you will see a purchase successful message along with your login credentials.

    Step 2: using the username and password that you get during the purchase process. For the first time login, you will have to configure Spyier. For tapping an iPhone, enter the iCloud credentials of the iPhone during the setup process.

    Step 3: Once the configuration is finished, you will see the setup successful screen. Click on the Start button to go to your dashboard and use the features of Spyier.

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    Best Nfc Payment Apps For Android And Ios

    Android Pay one of NFC payment apps is a digital wallet platform and online payment system developed by Google to power in-app and tap-to-pay purchases on mobile devices, enabling users to make payments with Android phones, tablets or watches. to add your card in it follow these steps.

    • Launch Android Pay.
    • Tap the + icon in the app.
    • Select Credit or debit card.
    • Enter the required details.

    Apple Pay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service by Apple Inc. that allows users to make payments in person, in iOS apps, and on the web. It is supported on the iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and Mac. it uses the near-field communication chips embedded in your iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch to pay for goods and services by holding the device near a card reader, as you would a contactless debit card. You can also use Apple Pay to make single touch purchases within apps.

    Samsung Pay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service by Samsung Electronics that lets users make payments using compatible phones and other Samsung-produced devices. Samsung Pay uses near-field communication technology to process payments at tap-to-pay terminals. The system also works with almost all other magnetic stripe terminals as well. The phone emits a magnetic signal that simulates the magnetic strip found on the back of a credit or debit card.

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